George Bush Park Bike Trail

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Energy Corridor: George Bush Park Hershey Park Bear Creek Pioneers Park

George Bush Park – Hiking & Exploring Off Trail

The Energy Corridor, in west Houston, hosts numerous energy industry-related companies, and thus might be the destination for business travelers. The area features over 50 miles of running trails in George Bush Park, Bear Creek Pioneers Park, and along Buffalo Bayou Trail, which is a good anchor point. Some recommended options:

Terry Hershey Park. Scenic views along the Buffalo Bayou. Its just north of the main Buffalo Bayou trail, after crossing Eldridge Parkway.

Bear Creek Pioneers Park. More wooded options and some trail running. Just north of I-10, use N. Eldridge Parkway. Trail Map.

George Bush Park. Wikimedia

George Bush Park. 7,800 park with extensive system of jogging trails and a bike trail, surrounded by swamps, bayous, and woodlands. Theres a multi-use bike trail and a cool wooden boardwalk crossing the bayou. This Trail Map has excellent information on loop & segment options. Park Information

Buffalo Bayou Trail Section. Weve mapped an 8.5 run out and back along the Buffalo Bayou Trail, from George Bush Park at Beltway 6 east Kirkwood Rd. Can continue for another 2 from Kirkwood miles to Beltway 8.

West White Oak Bayou Trail

The West White Oak Bayou Trail extends between north of Antoine Drive and the Buffalo Bayou Greenway Trail, running parallel with the bayou and T. C. Jester Boulevard. From the trail you can connect to the Central Business District Access On-street Bikeway at 11th Street and at Ella Boulevard on the south and to the West Houston On-street Bikeway at 34th Street, Dubarry , 43rd Street, Carleen , and Pinemont on the north. The trail is paved, has several pocket parks which are perfect for a picnic or to rest and read a book. Suitable for all age groups.

Memorial Park Red Trail

Memorial Park is a heavily trafficked loop but there are some lesser known paths that should be explored. The paths are all paved and suitable for all age groups.

George Bush Park

The trail stretches for almost 11 miles from the heart of Katy toward Highway 6, George Bush Park. Featuring a wide asphalt trail, you wont have to worry about feeling cramped or having to weave around other cyclists or runners. If youre in the mood for a long ride you can connect with the Anthills Trail in Terry Hershey Park. The trail is most suited for older children.

Huntsville State Park

Huntsville State Park offers over 20 miles of rugged mountain biking trails immersed in nature. The entrance fee is $5 per person and is worth the short drive and cost but is more suited for older children.

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George Bush Park Hike And Bike Trail

The George Bush Park Hike and Bike Trail, in western Houston, starts at the west end of the Terry Hershey Park Hike and Bike Trail and, together, they offer a continuous 22-mile ride.

The park itself sprawls 7,800 acres and has a number of recreational amenities, including ballfields, picnic areas, a shooting range, and wildlife habitat. There isnt much elevation and the trail is mostly concrete which offers a perfect ride for smaller children.

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George Bush Hike And Bike Trail

Explore this 17.1-km out-and-back trail near Katy, Texas. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 3 h 2 min to complete. This is a very popular area for birding, road biking, and running, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash.

Parking And Trail Access

George Bush Hike and Bike Trail

Exit I-10W at Highway 6 and go south. There is trail parking at Buffalo Bayou and just beyond at Briar Forrest Drive. If you want enter George Bush Park , continue south on Highway 6 to Westheimer Road, then veer right on Westheimer Parkway. Turn right on Barker Cypress heading toward the equestrian center. This will dead end into a parking lot.

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Rails To Trails & Heights Hike And Bike Trail

The MKT/SP Rails to Trails forms a dogleg through urban Houston, with one leg running northsouth between W 26th Street and W 7th Street and the eastwest leg running between Shepherd Drive and Hogan Street . From the I-45 end, the trail continues along the Heritage Corridor Bayou Trail, which carries on toward downtown.

The MKT/SP Rails to Trails is named for the old Missouri, Kansas, Texas Southern Pacific Railroad, and the trail follows part of the abandoned rail bed. Youll also find links to city parks, historical neighborhoods, the White Oak Bayou, and city attractions such as art galleries and museums. This trail is perfect for all age groups but is very segmented. Depending on the segment you choose there are lots of pocket parks along the way to enjoy a picnic or just get off your wheels for a bit.

Jogging & Biking Trails

The park has a system of jogging trails, many surrounded by swamps, forest, and bayous. Many of the trails follow the Buffalo Bayou, and biking is popular year-round. The trail is well known for its flexibility in biking many speed bikers ride the trails. It is very similar to the nearby Terry Hershey Park in that both feature paved trails. A critical shortcoming of the trail system is that the sole paved trail does not form a loop, requiring cyclists to either ride in the traffic lanes of high-speed thoroughfares or retrace their route.

In addition to the biking trail, there is a large wooden bridge that crosses the Buffalo Bayou, dubbed “the Boardwalk” officially. Capable of holding 5 tons , the Boardwalk was a recent addition, built in 2004, mainly to cross the swampy, meandering Buffalo Bayou. The bayou flows slowly and unsteadily in the area, spilling some of its water into swamps as it conjunctions with a second bayou. The Boardwalk provides easy access across the bayou, seating, but no access to the Buffalo Bayou shoreline.

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George Bush Park Hike And Bike Trail Facts

States: Trail end points: Trail surfaces:

The George Bush Park Hike and Bike Trail, in western Houston, starts at the west end of the Terry Hershey Park Hike and Bike Trail and, together, they offer a continuous 22-mile ride.

The park itself sprawls 7,800 acres and has a number of recreational amenities, including ballfields, picnic areas, a shooting range, and wildlife habitat. Note that the park’s paved trail is largely unshaded.

George Bush Park Noble Trail

George Bush Park Hike & Bike Trail in 7 Minutes

Canyon Gate – George Bush Park – Noble Trail – Return via loop

Katy, TX – USA

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