Giant 27.5 Mountain Bike

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What Is It Made From

2021 Giant Trance 27.5 – The Best Mountain Bike… for some riders

Aluminum, through and through, this is a bike that will deliver for years to come. In fact, the components will wear out long before youre able to mangle this frame. Internal routing keeps the shifter cables out of sight and cleans up the lines of the frame, though we wish the cables exited the frame closer to the head tube. The frame also includes an integrated chainstay protector, two bottle-cage attachment points and a 135×5-millimeter rear axle that utilizes an integrated quick-release.

Wide Bars Make All The Difference

When riding on technical singletrack though, the high front end and narrow bars make it difficult to properly weight the front tyre. As well as feeling less stable overall, I was struggling to negotiate my way around sharper corners.

To remedy the situation, I tried out a 760mm wide handlebar. This widened my footprint over the front of the bike to improve stability, and it also brought my chest further down over the stem, increasing the effective reach while also lowering my centre of gravity. While it might not sound like much, the extra width completely changed the Stance 29s personality.

Providing more leverage over the front wheel, the wider bars made the Stance 29 significantly easier to lean over to initiate a turn. It also gave me a more solid anchor point for moving around the cockpit. This bike has quite a light feel to its steering, which leads to great agility and lively handling on the trail. Along with the active suspension, its terrific fun pumping through undulations to build speed on modern machine-built flow trails. Despite the near-14kg weight, its plenty sporty.

Mountain Biking Industry Leader Giant Bicycles Doubles Down On 275 Inch Wheels

Giant Bicycles tossed all personal doubt about the 650b / 27.5 tire phenomenon away back in 2014 when they re-shod their entire MTB bicycle line with the relatively new tire size. This wholesale change in tire & wheel sizing essentially phases out all their traditional 26 MTB sized bikes in favor of the newer tech.

If you havent made the shift to 27.5 for yourself yet, either because you cant decipher the benefits, havent read Pinkbikes review, or you are still skeptical of the benefitswell wonder no more. Giant has thankfully broken it all out for our thoughtful consumption via the infographics included below.

Ultimately, it all comes down to a personal sense of bike-feel but not all of these mysterious factors needlessly remain unquantifiedenter Giant. They have put together the following report, broken out into 3 categories in their attempt to do define the benefits of the 650b.

  • Weight differences between 26, 27.5 and 29 inchers,
  • Efficiency differences, and
  • Read below for the full transcript :

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    What Are Giant Mountain Bikes Famous For

    Giant is renowned for staying at the forefront of innovation and performance in mountain biking. The brand helped popularize technological changes that have shaped mountain bikes as we know them today. Its proprietary adaptable rear suspension system revolutionized off-road ridingimproving traction, acceleration, cornering, and braking. Giant is also the first major bicycle company to mass-produce carbon bikes.

    Giant bikes are undoubtedly among the best on the market. Order one of our Giant MTB cycles now!

    Do I Need A Fat Bike With Suspension

    Giant Fathom 1 2021 27.5 Plus Hardtail Mountain Bike

    For many riders, fat tires that run at low tire pressure eliminate the need for extra suspension. If you plan to ride in arctic temperatures, keeping your bike as simple as possible will enhance your riding experience. Fat bike-specific suspension forks are designed to work in cold temps.

    If you plan to ride your fat bike with mountain bike wheels, a front suspension will make riding easier on your arms, shoulders, and back. A suspension fork can be added aftermarket to most fat bikes.

    If youre riding in technical terrain, you might also consider buying a fat bike with a dropper post or adding a dropper to your new or existing fat bike. A dropper lowers your center of gravity and lets you move the bike underneath you when the riding gets steep or spicy. It also lets you change your position in any terrain.

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    Giant Bets Big On 275

    The brand overhauls its mountain bike line around the new wheel size

    In case anyone doubted Giants commitment to 27.5-inch wheels, company spokesmen offered a few choice quotes during the recent launch of the brands 2014 line, which features 29 new 27.5 models.

    Perhaps the most telling was this memorable line from Andrew Juskaitis, Giants global product marketing manager: 27.5 is the future of off-road. He wasnt talking about just long-travel bikes, or womens bikes he was referring to all mountain bikes.

    Giant was one of the last companies to embrace 29-inch wheels and its obvious that the company doesnt want to miss the boat this time around. The worlds largest bike manufacturer has become a 27.5 evangelist. In doing so it is moving away from 26-inch and 29er models. This is the boldest decision in the companys history, Juskaitis said.

    More From Bicycling

    The 100mm-travel Anthem Advanced features a carbon front triangle and aluminum rear.

    Giants bold move to 27.5 wheels comes after three years of testing and research, which led the company to believe that the wheel size is offers the best performance for most riders.

    The Case for 27.5

    At the launch of its 2014 bikes in Deer Valley, Utah, Giant provided some results of those studies:

    With 140mm of travel, the Trance is so fast and nimble that at times it felt like a cross-country bike.

    Meet the New Bikes

    Giants top-flight XC race bike, the XTC Advanced can weigh as little as 19 pounds.

    Compelling Details

    Giant Trance X 29 2 Review

    Review by Marissa Krawczak

    Year after year Giant Bicycles have proven their Trance is the brands reliable and predictable trail bike and they continue making tweaks to the platform to keep it relevant to the changing demands of mountain bikers. They didnt get to this point without a little trial and error, and wed be lying if we didnt say that early versions were definitely more XC-focused and slightly behind the aggressive trail riding curve. Sure it worked, but it lacked the shreddy fun factor that modern and aggressive trail riders crave. As we all know, it can be a hard endeavor finding the right balance between practical workhorse and effortless play bike, and sometimes you just need a break to gather some inspiration and come back with a fresh perspective.

    We recently reviewed the more expensive and higher specd Trance X 29 Advanced Pro and are happy to now be testing the more realistically priced Trance X 29 2. Retailing for $3,200, the Trance X 29 2 model comes with a capable, mid-entry level spec. Giant offers a Trance X 3 model, which retails for $2,400 but we believe that the increase in price is well worth the investment for riders who truly believe theyre going to evolve and grow into the sport. Youll save yourself money in the long run and have a better time if you just spend a bit more on this one and go for the X 2, should your budget allow it.

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    Should I Use Clipless Or Flat Pedals For Fat Biking

    Both clipless pedals and flat pedals have advantages and disadvantages. Clipless pedals can be more efficient, but if youre riding in soft conditions like sand and snow, they can get clogged and be hard to clip in.

    With flat pedals, you can wear standard footwear, including well-insulated winter boots instead of clipless-compatible shoes. While theyre not quite as efficient, they also allow for quick dismounts, which can be key for slippery conditions.

    Drews Pick Just Plain Fun

    Best 27.5 Mountain Bike – Giant Trance 3 27.5 2020

    ZOIC Clothing& USWE Sports

    Giant has long been known as a budget-friendly brand that also makes some highly capable, high-end bicycles for world-class athletes. The Giant Stance 29-1 is a prime example of a bike originally designed for top-tier racers that has evolved into an attainable, $1,800 performance mountain bike. Over the course of our test period all of our testers grew to love the Giant Stance and found it one of the most fun bikes in our Sub-$2,000 Shootout. In fact Drew liked this bike so much that it if he had $2,000 to spend on a bike, hed pick the Giant and use the leftover cash for a pair of burlier tires. Read on to see why we liked this bike so much.

    THE LABThe Giant Stance 29-1 has a 120mm ALUXX-grade aluminum frame coated in a stealthy olive green paint job. Giant specd the Stance 29 1 with an almost complete package from SRAM. SRAMs SX Eagle makes up the drivetrain with an 11×50 cassette driven by a 30t chainring and SRAM SX Eagle cranks.

    We all gave the Giant Stance 29 1 major kudos for suspension spec, feel, and climbing performance. The Giant climbs quite well, offering a lot of traction and support for riders who like to climb rough and bumpy trails. The 75-degree seat tube angle puts riders in an efficient climbing position while the steepish 67.5-degree head tube angle keeps the handling precise and snappy while navigating the terrain.

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    What Upgrades Can You Do On Your Giant Talon 3

    After riding your bike for some time, you might feel that you are already a pro and desire to upgrade. You will have two options.

    One is selling your Talon 3, and the other option is upgrading the parts. Another option is purchasing a $1000+ bike and hanging your Talon in the store, but its not worth it.

    Selling your Giant Talon 3 to another rider may take long to happen, and thats why we will introduce the second option and show you how to go about it.

    Some pro cyclists buy frames and build their own bikes. But you can also upgrade the components and sell the previous ones to the highest bidder.

    What can you upgrade on the Giant Talon 3? We are about to find out.

    Giant Trance X Adjustable Geometry Details

    The adjustable geometry was the big news last time around when Giant launched the Trance X 29 and its definitely worth a mention here, too.

    Thanks to flip chips located in the rocker link/seatstay pivot, you can easily tweak the new Trance Xs geometry.

    Flipping these oval inserts allows you to adjust the head and seat tube angles by 0.7 degrees as well as raise or lower the bottom bracket by a significant 10mm.

    Whats really noteworthy though, is just how relaxed Giant has made the head angle. In the low setting, Giant claims the new Trance X sits at a super-slack 63.8 degrees , which is close to downhill bike territory.

    This can be changed to 64.5 degrees in the high setting if youre looking for a slightly more agile feel up front.


    Compared to the big-wheeler version, the new Trance Xs seat tube angle isnt quite as steep at 76.3 degrees in the low setting but can be steepened to 77 degrees in the high setting.

    Giant is offering four frame sizes with reach measurements varying from 427 to 497mm in the low setting or 435 to 505mm in the high setting.

    For reference, a medium frame has a reach of 447mm , which is roughly in line with many other brands out there.

    Ryan Cleek Photo

    Unlike a lot of bikes that have launched more recently, the Trance Xs rear centre/effective chainstay length remains at 430mm across all frame sizes.

    Giving a clear nod to the Trance X intentions, a 160mm-travel fork with a 37mm offset sits up front ready to do battle.


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    Component Highs & Lows

    But Ive otherwise been impressed by the Suntour suspension. No, the damping isnt as refined as what youll find on a $4K bike. And both the fork and shock can become sticky at lower temperatures something we noticed on early morning winter rides. But they still work well for the type of riding the Stance 29 is likely to encounter, and the fact that you can adjust both air pressure and rebound is brilliant. That makes it far easier to get the suspension setup correctly for your weight, and that will make a big difference to your overall experience with any full suspension bike.

    I will say that the Raidon 34 is particularly smooth for a budget air-sprung fork. It offers a level of sensitivity that rivals a RockShox Revelation, and it is lightyears ahead of the horrible Suntour XCR 32 fork that comes on the Polygon Siskiu D6.

    Unfortunately our test fork did develop some bushing play towards the end of the test period. This occurs when the fit between the upper tubes and the bushings inside the lowers becomes slightly too loose, resulting in a light knocking sensation that you can both feel and hear. In speaking with Bicycle Parts Wholesale, the Aussie distributor and service centre for Suntour, that is considered a manufacturing issue that would be rectified under warranty. Given weve experienced the same issue on high-end Fox and RockShox forks in the past, its certainly not a problem unique to Suntour.

    Who Is It Made For

    Giant 2014 Anthem Advanced 27.5 0 Team MTB Bike

    The Giant XtC 27.5 2 is an excellent bike for a wide range of users, but the combination of a solid build spec, affordability, simple hardtail maintenance and smaller 27.5-inch wheels make the XtC 27.5 2 a great entry-level bike for racers in a high-school league. Until the rotational benefits of a 29-inch bike feel proportionally correct, we suggest young riders not fight it and ride something more appropriately sized that will allow them to perfect their technical riding skills. The Giant XtC 27.5 offers high-school students solid race performance without the additional size and weight of a 29-inch hardtail.

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    How Does It Perform

    Moving Out:

    One of the beauties of riding hardtails is their simplicity, and this was apparent heading out to the first trail loop. Were picky when it comes to the consistency of brake feel, and we were happy that both brake levers engaged the rotors at the same point on the lever pull range. We set the Recon Gold fork to 25-percent sag, pumped the tires up to 30 psi, and headed towards the hills.


    We began our first ride heading up a steep grinder, and the XtC 27.5 2 felt right at home. Initially we thought the 27.5-inch format would have us chasing the back tires of our 29er friends on any climb, but the natural feel of the geometry allowed us to put every bit of our power to the dirt. On short, steep climbs, it was a breeze to keep the tires moving and traction solid. We very rarely found ourselves in the granny gear and quickly learned that this is a bike that likes to be cranked uphill.



    The Rockshox Recon Gold allowed the XtC 27.5 2 to excel on the descents. Not only did it suck up anything youd find on any moderate-to-aggressive, cross-country trail, but it held a line through it all with ease. It inspired the confidence we rely upon when pushing a hardtail to its limits. The cables made quite the racket on our first few descents, but we quickly remedied this with a bit of electric tape to keep them all together.


    Giant Launches New Trance X With 275in Wheels And Adjustable Geometry For 2022

    Giants new Trance X offers trail bike amounts of travel with radical enduro geometry that can be adjusted

    It was just over a year ago that Giant launched the new Trance X 29er, which was followed shortly by the pricier carbon-framed Giant Trance X Advanced 29.

    While both the alloy and carbon Trance X 29 models were aimed at being the ultimate do-it-all trail bikes, it seems, according to Giants marketing material at least, that the new Trance X is here to shake things up a bit.

    The new bike rolls on 27.5in wheels, offers more travel than its 29er counterparts and boasts the kind of numbers youd expect to see on the geometry chart of a full-blown enduro racer.

    Although the numbers might suggest otherwise, Giant still classes the new Trance X as a trail bike, stating: Its not a race bike, but it can help you ride faster. Its not a pure DH or enduro bike, but it can give you the confidence to charge harder. Its smooth, its quick, and most of all, its fun.

    That certainly gives you some indication of what Giant had in mind when creating the new Trance X.

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    Giant Trance X Range Overview And Spec Details

    The new Giany Trance X range consists of three different builds, all of which use the same ALUXX SL aluminium frame, complete with geometry adjusting flip-chips.

    Scan the spec sheet in detail and youll notice some nice touches from Giant as you move up the frame sizes.

    Ryan Cleek Photo

    Giant offers different length grips depending on what size Trance X you opt for as well as different length stems .

    Giant doesnt spec its own dropper post, though, instead opting to use the TranzX dropper which can be altered to change how much drop is available.

    Cleverly, Giant also offers different posts across the different frame sizes , which should allow riders to better tailor the bike to their specific needs.

    Ryan Cleek Photo

    All Trance X models use the same wide Maxxis tyres, front and rear.

    Up front sits a Maxxis Assegai 3C MaxxTerra EXO 27.5×2.6in, while at the back theres a Maxxis Minion DHR II 3C MaxxTerra EXO 27.5×2.6in tyre, both of which will be set up tubeless by Giant.

    Heres how the 2022 Giant Trance X range looks:

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