Giant Carbon Fiber Road Bike

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Giant Tcr Advanced Pro 0 Disc

2013 Giant Avail Composite Carbon Fiber Endurance Road Bike Review


Giant’s TCR has long been a no-nonsense performer, and the brand as a whole demonstrates top value for money. Designed around the brand’s compact road geometry, the frame is built using Giant’s Advanced Composite Technology, and moulded in a modified monocoque construction â meaning the front and rear triangles are moulded separately and then bonded together.

The TCR has always been known for its snappy ride quality and that’s due in large part to its compact rear end. At the front, the TCR gets Giant’s chunky Overdrive steerer which combine with the front and rear thru-axles and stiff carbon fork mean no steering input is lost to flex.

Depending on where you live, the Advanced Pro Disc comes with either a Shimano Ultegra or SRAM Force eTap AXS drivetrain, but, regardless of your region, the wheels and tyres are tubeless-ready out of the box, meaning they come with valves and rim strips installed and Giant even gives you enough sealant to get rolling.

The Giant TCR has recently been updated, so the current model TCR is soon to be deemed ‘old-hat’, but that should mean discounts are readily available on what is still an excellent bike.

Raced by: CCC Team, CCC-Liv

Why Did I Choose This Bike

Having ridden a 2009 Giant TCR Advanced SL for around six years, I thought it would be interesting to see how much 11 years of industry progress has changed things.

Despite the explosion of interest in gravel and adventure cycling, Im a roadie at heart. I would have chosen a full-on aero road bike such as the Propel if I still raced, but an all-round bike such as the TCR is a little more versatile and easier to live with.

While my old TCR is a size M, I went for a ML this time because the M was always a little too small for me . The difference in size isnt enormous, but it makes the saddle to bar drop a little less aggressive, which should make for a more sustainable crouch position on the bike.

Its also my first foray into using hydraulic disc brakes on a long-term basis, and Im looking forward to trying out some chunkier race tyres now that the clearances have been increased to 32mm.

Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

Its also an interesting build at a key price point. £3,000 is a lot of money to spend on a bike, but you could easily spend a lot more.

Given the 2021 TCR Advanced SL Disc frameset has an RRP of £2,399, getting a full bike with an outwardly very similar frame and carbon wheels for only £600 more looks like great value on paper.

Is A Solution In Sight

At some point in the future, when standardised hookless rims and tubeless tyres become the norm for performance oriented road and gravel wheels, this issue will likely be solved. But there isnt a timeline for this, so if youre buying now its impossible to know how long you might have to wait for it all to be sorted out.

Many are pointing to apparently incoming new ETRTO and ISO standards for road tubeless, but as weve seen with bottom brackets over the past decade or so, manufacturers love to create new standards at the merest hint of a potential performance gain, so it might not be the panacea were all hoping for.

As you might be able to infer then, Im not convinced the marginal benefits of this particular rim design currently outweigh the downsides of such significantly reduced tyre choice.

Its an evolving situation and Ill happily revise my opinion on it when things change, but thats where I currently stand.

Consumers also need to be aware that this is not just a performance issue, but also one of safety. Giant is explicitly saying that tyres not on its approved list are unsafe to use on its hookless road rims.

This is not something you want to experiment with, and Id also question if this is something consumers and bike shops will be sufficiently aware of to prevent the use of unsafe wheel and tyre combinations.

Jack Luke / Immediate Media

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Things To Avoid While Purchasing A Carbon Fiber Road Bike For Beginners:

Just as considering various aspects becomes essential to purchase a product, one should avoid a few things in order to make the best purchase. These things that could be avoided and would rather better the purchase are outlined as follows:-

  • BRAND:-One should not be too rigid and fussy when considering the brand of a bicycle. It is very much obvious that all brands do not ensure all great features, we should not go for a brand that has a greater reputation but for one that suits us the most in all aspects. Hence, choosing the brand should be flexible or rather must be avoided.
  • ACCESSORIES:-A bicycle usually comes with a variety of accessories. This may include anything, from free pedals to spare tubes. If the bike is a value for money, fulfills the riding goals, and has every component that helps it bag the tag of being the best vehicle, the accessories must be avoided.
  • ENGAGING THE SALESPERSON:- One must not engage the salesperson all the time because every question and doubt can be answered through various sources. Reading reviews of people, researching through various modes can enlighten one on making the best purchase. The salesperson and their behavior and attention must not be a criterion in the selection of the bike.

Thus, taking lightly and avoiding these factors would help one in making the correct decision.

Is Giant Better Than Trek

FULL carbon fiber road bike giant TCR advanced SL Great condition

The best way to know if you think that Giant is better than Trek is to find out for yourself. Look at both, ride both and feel both. It will come down to personal preference, riding style and affordability.

They both offer a variety of quality bikes to choose from, and with Giants motto of Ride it. Race it. Dont worry about it, as well as Treks motto of Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good, you really cant go wrong with either brand.

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Giant Tcr Advanced Pro 2 Disc Long

Its been just over a year since Giants TCR Advanced Pro 2 Disc arrived for testing, and that means its time to wrap up this epic and give you my final conclusions.

On the whole, my experience with the TCR has been very positive. As expected, its a fantastic all-round road bike that hits almost all of the right notes.

Though it no longer represents the absolute leading edge of road bike design, the TCR retains a wonderful balance of characteristics that make it a joy to own and ride most of the time.

Everyday Bikes For Everyone

From the sporty and nimble Giant Fastroad to the Giant LaFree E+ urban pedal assist commuter, Giant has a range of bikes designed to make living, and getting around, in the city a lot more fun.

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The Giant Fastroad, with its electric pedal assist siblings, is a flat-bar road bike with all the speedy attitude and capabilities of a true road bike, but the city friendly handling and management that comes with the flat handlebars.

Getting from Point A to Point B can, and should, be fun. The Giant Escape offers classic bike experience with an exceptional price. Able to be mounted up with racks, fenders and more, the range of Escape bikes are a blast to ride.

Additional pedal assist bikes such as the Giant Roam E+ and Giant Explore E+ have opened the door for more people to enjoy riding bikes and are making the world a little healthier and the air cleaner in the process.

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Giant Tcr Road Bike Range Explained

The Giant TCR Advanced is designed to be an all-round race bike, with good rigidity coupled to low overall weight.

Previously the weapon of choice of Team Sunweb, for 2019 it will be CCC Team that aims to shine aboard Giant’s TCR.

But the range comprises no less than six sub-families of bikes, so itâs easy to get lost in the Taiwanese superbrandâs offering. Let us explain.

First up, although weâve said above that there are six TCR Advanced sub-families, three of them are disc versions of framesets which are also available as rim braked bikes. So there are really only three different levels of the TCR Advanced: the TCR Advanced, the TCR Advanced Pro and the TCR Advanced SL.

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What you can expect across the TCR Advanced range

Giant sells the TCR Advanced in five sizes from S up to XL. This means that thereâs a frame to fit riders from 167cm right up to 194cm tall.

TCR stands for Total Compact Road. A Giant first, the top tube slopes downward. This leads to smaller, stiffer and lighter frames than the horizontal top tube which used to be the norm on road bikes.

Giant uses its OverDrive steerer through the range. OverDrive is just Giant’s name for a standard tapered steerer – it was the first bike company to use one. Giant also has an OverDrive 2 system, which has larger top and bottom bearings and is used in its higher spec machines.

Giant Tcr Advanced Pro 2 Disc Upgrades

New Giant TCR SL Disc | An Updated Iconic Road Bike

One of the first things Ill always look to add to any bike is a power meter, and since this model doesnt come with Giants own Power Pro power meter pre-installed, Ill be doing the same here.

As the TCR Advanced Pro 2 Disc has a Shimano BB86 press-fit bottom bracket, I can use the SRM from my 2009 TCR Advanced SL, but I could also use a recently acquired Verve Infocrank Classic 24mm because it fits a Shimano bottom bracket too.

These cranks both have larger 130BCD chainrings though, meaning they would increase the gear ratios slightly.

A more elegant solution could be a set of power meter pedals. Im currently testing Faveros Assioma Duo pedals, and these would fit seamlessly onto the original 105 R7000 cranks.

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Giant Defy Advanced 3


Giant, the worlds largest bike manufacturer, offers excellent value with a full carbon frame bike at just over $2,000. This bike is made from Giants proprietary high performance-grade raw carbon fiber. This means it is lightweight, stiff and absorbs shocks very well. The Defy Advanced line is also engineered with tube shapes that are optimized to absorb road shocks and vibrations, allowing for a very comfortable ride.

The Defy 3 comes with a more upright rider position, with the handlebars slightly higher and closer to the saddle than performance focused racing bikes. Great for riders who want to rack up miles without the discomfort of a racing position for hours.

This comes in a reflective black or metallic blue colorway.


Giant Tcr Advanced Pro 1 Road Bike

As youâd expect, your extra cash buys you an upgrade to a full Shimano Ultegra groupset, with the other components remaining as for the Advanced Pro 2.

There’s also a Team Sunweb version of the same, marked out as a 2019 bike – something we find a little odd, as for 2019 Subweb will ride Cervelo bikes whilst Giant sponsors CCC Team.

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Trek Vs Giant: Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are designed to perform on gravel paths and tarmac, a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure bike.

Trek again has a broader range of models for gravel bikes, and their new model Checkpoint SLR 9 eTap has taken the gravel bike scene by storm.

Giants Revolt Advanced Pro is a cheaper option, with less technology involved, but still a fantastic ride.

When you cant afford the top-of-the-range models, you will always find a model from either company that gives you value for money. Finding the right bike for you is all about personal riding preference, your budget, and what you expect to get out of the bike.

This Is Where You Go To Get Away From It All


Giants off-road bikes cover the range and the mountain ranges. An in-house suspension system dubbed Maestro is designed to deliver efficient power transfer to the rear suspension. Maestro utilizes four pivot points and two linkages to create a floating pivot point that reduces pedal bob and enables the rear wheel to travel vertically.

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If youre into speed and cross country riding, Giant offers the full suspension Trance and Anthem bikes. Hardtail options like the Fathom and XTC open the door to novices as well as season racers who want to throw it down for podium appearances or simply pedal away the stress from a long week.

Giant is far from exclusive the high-end mountain biker. With an excellent entry-level hardtail in the Talon and the full-suspension Stance, riders on a budget can easily hop on a quality bicycle and enjoy hours of ripping it hard on trails knowing theyre pedaling a dependable bike that is made to go the distance.

Enduro and downhill riders will be pleased with the Giant Reign and its 170mm travel suspension system designed to put you in full send mode.

If youre into dirt and bikes, Giant has a ride for you, regardless of the style of riding you prefer.

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Bmc Teammachine Slr02 Disc One


The BMC Teammachine is one of our favourite race bikes , and the latest iteration exemplifies the brand’s prowess for engineering. As one of the first brands to adopt the dropped chainstays, the Teammachine finds a stellar balance, offering snappy power transfer, seemingly laser-guided handling while dampening a large portion of the vibration before they make it through to your touchpoints.

The big issue we have is the price tag for the range-topping SLR01 version. However SLR02 is about half the price, but still maintains the same geometry and the majority of BMC’s hallmark ride characteristics. The frame itself is made with the brand’s second-tier carbon, which adds a bit of weight, and doesn’t absorb quite the same level of vibration.

Even at the second level of the frame, there are four specs, but it’s hard to pass up the Teammachine SLR02 Disc One, complete with SRAM’s shiny new Force AXS eTap wireless groupset. The bike is specced with BMC’s Integrated Cockpit System, which uses a BMC stem, but standard bars, allowing for a bit of added adjustability, customisation and ease of servicing.

The Helium SLX might not be the stiffest frame out there but it’s still robust were it needs to be. Made with a mix of 60/40/30-ton high modulus carbon, Ridley subtlety transitions from round to boxy tubing in areas like the down tube and BB and even the strongest sprinters will struggle to bend the tubing under pedalling.

How Giant Bicycles Compare To Trek Bikes

Comparing Giant Bicycles and Trek Bikes is a little like comparing Ford and Chevrolet vehicles. They are both respected brands with great reputations. But you will still have thousands of people voting for one brand over the other, and visa versa. There are some slight differences between the bikes that could help you decide whether you prefer a Giant bike over a Trek bike.

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Giant Tcr Advanced Sl Road Bike

Top of the TCR tree is the Advanced SL range. Itâs the bike ridden to Giro dâItalia victory by Team Sunweb’s Tom Dumoulin in 2017 and comes with the spec options and price tag youâd expect for a grand tour winning machine.

Itâs made with Giantâs Advanced SL carbon composite, which includes carbon nanotubes in the resin, which Giant says increases strength and adds impact resistance. It also has the OverDrive 2 steerer sizing.

Unlike the other TCR frames, thereâs an integrated seatmast. This saves weight, but may need to be cut down to suit the bikeâs rider, although thereâs some adjustability in the saddle clamp.

As with the Advanced Pro, you get Giantâs built in RideSense speed and cadence sensor and tubeless ready carbon Giant SLR 1 wheels. Tyres get an upgrade to Giant Gavia AC 0 25mm tubeless ready.

There are three rim brake specs alongside one disc brake options. The TCR Advanced SL is also available as a frameset, priced at £1999.

Best Value Cyclocross Bike

Review Giant TCR Advanced 0 Carbon Road Bike
  • D-Fuse seatpost helps smooth out the bumps
  • Fit may be too aggressive for some riders.

The Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2 uses stability-inducing geometry and vibration-damping technology to make even the roughest courses feel fast. A slightly shorter reach and long chainstays help the bike feel planted in sloppy conditions, and Giants proprietary D-Fuse seatpost improves ride quality while youre in the saddle. Shifts from the 11-speed SRAM Rival 1 drivetrain are immediate, and the flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes have 140mm rotors for race-level stopping power. At less than $3,000, the TCX Advanced Pro 2 is a great value for a smooth-handling cross bike.

  • Some riders may want tires wider than 2.3 inches
  • Modulation on Tektro brakes isn’t as good as Shimano or SRAM
  • No dropper post

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Tcr Advanced Sl 0 Disc

Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc
  • Lighter and more aero than previous TCR Advanced
  • Tubeless-ready carbon wheels
  • Integrated seat mast means you need to use a hacksaw to lower your saddle
  • Cockpit isn’t as cleanly integrated as other top models

At first glance, the 2021 Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc might not appear much different than its predecessor. But a closer look reveals that this ninth-generation TCR has been completely redesigned to be both lighter, stiffer, and more aerodynamic. This new version is one of the best all-around bikes currently available. Its insanely light and has a beautiful balance of stiffness for superb pedaling efficiency with just the right amount of lateral flexion for hard cornering. SRAMs wireless RED eTap groupset aids a clean look, although the cockpit isnt as aero or fully integrated as other similar bikes. The Cadex carbon rims are tubeless ready, and laced with carbon spokes, and the SRAM RED crank is fitted with a Quarq powermeter.


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