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Giant E+ Class 3 Commuter Style Ebike *Full Review*

If you decide to purchase your Giant bike online, there’s a couple of options available. Choose from a free click and collect service to your nearest Giant retailer, or free delivery to your home, depending on location. Every bike is fully built and assembled by a Giant authorised mechanic before you ride away, so you can be confident from the first pedal stroke that your new purchase is ready to roll.

Life In Motion Ride The Electric Bike To Have More Fun

  • 60Nm torque, 250W Mid Drive Motor, power by YAMAHA, SyncDrive Life motor
  • ControllerRideControl One ANT+, 5 power level plus auto mode
  • 500Wh capacity Integrated Panasonic cell, partner with Panasonic, EnergyPak 500
  • Color A: Indigo, Color B: Happy Mint
  • TR49A-00S1, aluminium 20D sweep back, rise 50 mm, width: 720mm
  • Selle Royal Essenza Relax A0A7
  • Tektro HD-M275, hydraulic disc, 160mm
  • Brake Levers
  • Steel 38T chain ring, 160mm
  • RimsMomentum, 26 aluminum, e-bike optimized
  • HubsShimano TX505 Nexus 7
  • CST Metropolitan Palm Bay 26×2.35″
  • Optional front and/or rear
  • WeightThe most accurate way to determine any bikes weight is to have your local dealer weigh it for you. Many brands strive to list the lowest possible weight, but in reality weight can vary based on size, finish, hardware and accessories. All our bikes are designed for best-in-class weight and ride quality.

Best Electric Mountain Bikes

Ian Linton / Immediate Media

For some mountain bikers, the allure of that extra push up hills is hard to beat.

An electric mountain bike will get you to the top quicker, particularly on technical, steeper climbs, and with more energy to enjoy the descents. Plus, getting up the ups more easily will give you extra range to explore further.

Ian Linton

Recent improvements in e-MTB performance mean handling is approaching that of the best mountain bikes without a motor for flat-out riding fun.

But, nevertheless, the extra weight can make handling more tricky on particularly technical sections, so its a good idea to ease off a bit until youve got the feel of the bike.

Pros: Getting to the top is a lot easier

Cons: Extra weight can affect handling

Andy Lloyd / Marin Bikes

  • £5,695 / 6,199 / $5,999 as tested

The Marin Alpine Trail E2 is a classy, comfortable full-suspension electric mountain bike boosted by the Shimano EP8 motor. Additional Shimano parts, such as the drivetrain, round off a quality build for the money. The alloy frame has 150mm of travel.

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Giant Electric Mountain Bike Series

A few years ago, few people could imagine that electric mountain bikes would wiggle their way onto trails. Today, the electric mountain bike market is the fastest growing one in the e-bike industry.

Giant electric mountain bikes let you enhance your singletrack adventures, climb steep hills, and conquer high peaks. More climbs equals more descents, which comes without a recovery penalty if you do it on an e-bike.

Lets see which models Giant offers at the moment and find out what they are good for.

Review Of Giant Electric Bike Lineups

Giant Electric Bikes for sale in UK

When it comes to e-bikes, Giants selection is not huge at the moment, but it is pretty decent nonetheless. The company manufactures electric bicycles in several categories, including Road, Gravel, Mountain, and Lifestyle.

No matter if you are a regular rider who spins the pedals every day or if you havent sat on a bike saddle in decades, youre likely to find a model that you like in Giants lineup.

Lets take a quick look at each of the categories, learn about the individual model lineups, and find the best Giant electric bike for your personal needs.

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What Stands It Out

You can feel relaxed with thesee-bikes since their batteries last for a significant distance without constantly worrying about the battery draining. As the frames are more pronounced than conventional battery frames, the batteries can sit more profound within the bike frame. Integrating them into your bike’s frame helps your bike be lighter and faster by taking away weight from the edge.

Theseelectric hunting bikes range from 600$ to 8000$, providing people with a range of choices to select the best e-bike as per their budget. You don’t have to go hard in your pocket when buying these electric bikes. Therefore, hunting for electric bikes is a perfect choice for all those looking for a quality product with all the features that one could have in a very expensive e-bike.

In the e-bike collection, you will find everything you need to enjoy a thrilling hunt and add the e-bike to your routine. These e-bikes have been compared to several other bikes on the market and have proven significantly superior and faster.

Many bikers vouch for the quality and durability of hunting electric bikes because of their high resistance. Customers are 100% satisfied with these e-bikes. Without getting stuck on the side of the road, you can enjoy the rides too. Electric bikes are the perfect combination of speed, convenience, and style.

Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Best Electric Hybrid Bikes

Russell Burton / Immediate Media

Electric hybrid bikes will have flat bars and stable handling. Theyre often the least expensive ebikes and provide a good entry point if you want to go electric.

With their upright position, electric hybrids are great if youre planning to commute to work by bike, ride around town or want to go for leisurely rides on bike trails or through parks.

Russell Burton / Immediate Media

But theyre often at the heavier end of the ebike spectrum because motor systems tend to be less sophisticated and the bikes are built strongly for robustness. So, if you need to carry them up stairs or over obstacles, it might be an effort and they can be awkward to store.

As well as general-use hybrid ebikes, there are specialist models designed for carrying cargo or for shopping.

Pros: Easy riding position and versatility

Cons: Often heavy and cumbersome for storage

Canyon Pathlite:ON 5

Dave Caudery / Our Media

  • £2,499 as tested

The Canyon Pathlite:ON 5 is powerful, and heavy with it, yet handles and rides commendably. Range matches Canyons claimed 100km. Where the Pathlite:ON 5 truly stands out is off tarmac, where it rivals electric mountain bikes.

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Santa Cruz Heckler C R 29

Power: 85Nm | Weight: 49 lb. | Top speed: 15.5 mph

  • 29-inch wheels
  • Longer range battery

From suspension to geometry, to assist system, the newly updated Santa Cruz Heckler is a masterpiece of an e-trail bike. Updates for 2022 include a longer range 720Wh battery, adjustable geometry, and new lower-priced models like this $8,750 model. This bike just plain works with suspension performance and handling ideal for all-around trail riding. The Heckler rides predictably and surefooted on challenging and fast terrain. It has quick enough handling to respond when the trail suddenly made an awkward turn and with precision to confidently ride fins and ridges barely wider than the bike’s 2.4″ wide Maxxis tires.

  • Long range
  • Exclusionary pricing

The Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL carbon e-road bike weighs around 27 poundshalf the weight of many e-bikesand therefore feels more like a zippy, responsive road machine than anything else weve tested. For its owners, it also makes every ride a no-drop ride: Its magnesium-cased SL 1.1 mid-motor puts out up to 240 watts of assistance, which cuts out at 28 mph, and the 320Wh internal battery offers up to 80 miles of range. Thats enough speed and range for spirited group rides with the fastest of the pack.

Electric Bike Jargon Buster

2022 Giant Reign E+ Is An Absolute Weapon!

Assist level

How much additional assistance your motor gives you as you ride. Most ebikes will have multiple levels to switch between as you ride, depending on the terrain . Some will be able to automatically switch support level up and down, depending on where youre riding or to conserve your battery levels. More power means less range.


Short for Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle, this is the official legal term often used by the UK government to describe ebikes.


Output for an ebike motor is typically measured in watts. Thats a measure of the maximum power it can produce.

Watt hours

Ebike battery capacity is measured in watt hours or, in other words, how many watts a battery can put out and for how long. So if a 250-watt motor was fed by a 250Wh battery and run at full power, the battery would drain in an hour. In practice, your motor doesnt run at full power much of the time, so your battery will last longer than this.


For eMTBs, in particular, torque is also an important figure. It measures how much turning force a motor will put in, something that helps add to your own effort especially when climbing hills.


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Momentum Lifestyle Electric Bikes

Momentum is a newly-established brand, founded by Giant. It makes so-called Lifestyle bicycles intended for casual, everyday use. If youre an urban commuter looking to ride their car less, Momentum is a brand you should look into. These are also great bikes for recreational rides around the block, through the park, on bike paths, or for losing weight.

At the moment, Momentum manufactures three electric models called:

  • Transcend E+

According to the info on the website, momentum was founded with a clear mission: To help you move through life with happiness and ease.

The three model lines available at the moment roughly cost between $2,100 and $2,800, which puts them in the entry-level to mid-range category. They include both step-over and step-thru frame variations, so theyre suitable for male and female riders.

Something they have in common is Giants SyncDrive mid-drive motors, hydraulic disc brakes, and a relaxed upright riding geometry. This makes them ideal for older riders, as well as those riders who dont cycle too much but want to feel good when they do.

Momentum e-bikes are neither very lightweight, nor too fast , but they look pretty and get the job done with ease. If you want a no-fuss e-solution, look into this Giants sister company.

Value For The Moneyare Giant Electric Bikes Too Expensive These Days

Giant is one of the biggest, if not the biggest bicycle manufacturers in the world. Thats true for electric bicycles as well. Big-name brands are usually more expensive than small ones because they sell you both the bike and the branding. But is that true for Giant as well?

Actually, compared to some other big cycling brands like Trek, Specialized, or Canyon, Giant is a lot less expensive overall. Thats possible because Giant does the entire production and development process in one place, which allows them to cut costs, reduce overhead, and lower production times.

Therefore, even though you can definitely find cheaper e-bikes out there, Giant electric bicycles are not overly expensive. They offer pretty good value for money. Plus, buying from a big brand means that, in case your bike has a manufacturing defect, you will 100% get a replacement or a refund. Thats not usually the case when purchasing cheap bikes off Amazon, even though you save at first.

Whats unique for Giant is that its e-bikes are fitted with proprietary technologies, such as SyncDrive motors and EnergyPak batteries. These are fitted on high-quality frames that are also built in-house by Giant. Therefore, all parts are compatible and work well as a package.

Ultimately, if you want an e-bike from a reputable and recognizable brand that offers good bang for the buck, you should probably get a Giant e-bike if there is one that fits your needs.

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Everything From A Single Source

While many other bicycle manufacturers usually buy individual components and then put them together to form a complete bicycle, Giant also prefers to develop its own products. Of course, this applies above all to the frames. But Giant also designs and produces other important components such as the stem, saddle and seat posts as well as rims and tires themselves.

Since standing still means going backwards, Giant is constantly developing the technologies required for this. These include new types of aluminum alloys, better carbon fibers, which are woven and manufactured in our own factories, and many other advanced developments.

Incidentally, there are many good examples of how Giant doesnt just focus on racing and the professionals when it comes to researching and developing new technologies. One of them is the so-called grow technology. This is a technique that can be used to adjust the size of the manufacturers childrens and youth bikes. Which ultimately extends the life and service life of the wheels and saves money.

Best Electric Road Bikes

Giant Lafree E+2 20MPH 2021

Russell Burton / Immediate Media

If you enjoy riding on roads, but want a bit of help to keep your speed up or to get you up hills, there are a number of electric road bikes out there from well-known brands.

Many motors and batteries can be unobtrusive, too, so its less than obvious that youre riding an ebike. Fazua, Mahle ebikemotion and Bosch are motor systems to look out for.

You may not be adding a lot of extra weight either because the lightest road ebikes are touching 11kg.

Russell Burton / Immediate Media

However, with many road riders achieving speeds on the flat of 15mph or above, you may feel that youre carrying dead weight around with the motor cutting out at that top assisted speed.

It will conserve battery, though, and with careful use you can get significantly more mileage out of an ebike system than the typical 75km quoted range, so more ambitious, longer excursions will be within reach.

Meanwhile, if youre interested in riding a wider range of terrain, there are an increasing number of electric gravel bike options out there. With wider gravel bike tyres and more grip, theyll help you tackle the rough stuff.

Pros: Fast for road riding and lightweight

Cons: Extra weight for no gain if youre riding over 15mph

Scott Addict eRide Premium

Russell Burton / Immediate Media

  • £8,349 / $9,299 as tested, now £8,999

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Excellent Design By Giant

The fact that Giant plays in the top league with its bicycles in terms of innovation, technology, quality and design is also reflected in the numerous awards that the company regularly receives. For example, Giant was able to win several Eurobike Awards in a row and regularly receives further prizes and awards for its many different bicycle models.

Convincing Cycling Experience For Everyone

For Giant, however, it is not primarily about developing the lightest bicycles or winning races in professional sports. But to improve the cycling experience for everyone, regardless of whether they are professional or recreational cyclists. This is also reflected in the wide range of different bicycles on offer.

Whether trekking or city bikes for everyday tours, childrens and youth bikes for beginners, classic racing bikes, professional racing machines and triathlon bikes for professionals or modern e-bikes and pedelecs. Giant is represented with its own models in almost all areas and price segments and the brand name stands for particularly high quality and reliability.

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The Three Classes Of E

After determining which style of bike is right for you, the next major consideration is which class of e-bike best fits your needs. In the U.S., there are three classes defined by the type of assist and how fast the motor will propel you. Most electric bikes are defined as class 1 or 3. Class 1 bikes have a motor that assists while youre pedaling, up to 20 mph. Class 3, also known as speed pedelec, can also have up to a 750w motor , but can assist you up to 28 mph. Both are allowed in most states and cities without the need for a license.

Rare just a year ago, Class 2 models are becoming more popular, especially at lower prices. These models have a throttle that can propel a bike up to, and maintain, 20 mph without having to continuously pedal.

Some bikes blur the lines. Aventons popular Pace 500, for example, is technically a Class 3 e-bike in that it reaches speeds up to 28 mph, but it also has a throttle that tops out at 20 mph .

State Bicycle Co 6061 Ebike Commuter

Best Budget E Mountain Bike?! Giant Talon E+ 29 3 Review!

Power: 350W | Weight: 39 lb. | Top speed: 20 mph

  • Only available in black
  • Lights not included

Around the Bicycling offices, we like State for its practical, no-nonsense approach to designing bikes. As a result, the brand’s bikes consistently perform well in our ride testing. The only problem, until now State hasn’t had an e-bike. For its first entry into the heavily contested commuter e-bike category, State introduced a bike that is decisively practical and no-nonsenseright down to the name and color.

From across the street, the plainly named 6061 eBike Commuter doesn’t look all that different from other State 6061 models. But get up close and you’ll find an LG 36V10Ah cell Lithium battery neatly hidden in the frame’s downtube powering the 250W rear hub motor. To keep maintenance easy, State equipped the eBike Commuter with a singlespeed drivetrain . The bike rolls on 700c wheels with thick, 45mm wide Kenda e-bike tires and stops with cable disc brakes front and rear. The 6061 eBike Commuter isn’t big on features or color optionswith three sizes offered and matte black being the only colorbut if you’re after a good deal on a sleeky bike, this is a great new choice.

Best Beach Cruiser E-Bike

Power: 250W | Weight: 66 lb. | Top speed: 20 mph

  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Messy cables
  • Controller lacks features

Great Parts at a Great Value

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