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Giant Bicycles: A Brief History

WhyBuy – Liv Embolden 2 Women’s Specific Mountain Bike

Founded in 1972, the Taiwanese company started out as an original equipment manufacturer, producing bicycles to be sold under other brand names, such as Schwinn. The first Giant-branded bikes came onto the market in 1981, first in Taiwan and then in Europe, North America and elsewhere around the world.

Giant went on to create iconic models, like the Cadex 980 road bike in 1987 and the ATX One DH downhill bike in the late 90s. Other innovations have included the Compact Road design of the late 90s and OverDrive tapered head tubes in 2006.

Giant 2018 Mountain Bike Range

Mountain bikers have a similarly expansive number of options: competitive cross-country riders will be interested in the Anthem full-suspension XC models and XTC hardtails, while trail riders will want to look at the Trance and Stance lines of full-suspension bikes or the Fathom hardtails.

Finally, downhillers have the choice of Reign and Glory bikes.

Its Not Particularly Light

I will start by saying the Trance X 29 2 isnt exactly what youd call light. For our Medium test bike with the tyres setup tubeless, it clocked in at 15.02kg on the Scales Of Broken Dreams. That is kinda chunky. Though not totally unexpected given The Fattening weve witnessed amongst the trail and enduro market over recent years, with brands choosing to spec big-stanchioned forks, wide rims and burlier tyres. On top of that, as frames get longer and slacker, of course theres more material there too.

In the case of the Trance X, theres quite a lot of mass to be found in the wheelset, which is made up of basic Shimano MT410 hubs, straight-gauge spokes, brass nipples and Giants own AM rims. Confirmed weight for the relatively basic hoops is a DH-worthy 2.46kg. Thats heavy! If you owned this bike and wanted to throw money at an upgrade, you could drop a serious amount of weight by going to a lighter wheelset.

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Types Of Mountain Bikes

  • Trail bikes: These bikes work best for all-around riding styles. They’re great for casual riding or if you’re just looking to get into the sport.
  • Cross-Country: Designed for faster riding with less suspension. They’re easier to climb hills with and focus on efficiency for longer rides.
  • Fat tire bikes: With giant tires to improve traction, these bikes are good for sand and snow.
  • All-Mountain: If you don’t want to compromise between downhill speed and uphill ease, consider one of these.

This Is Where You Go To Get Away From It All

Buy 2016 Giant Tempt 2 Womens Hardtail Mountain Bike

Giants off-road bikes cover the range and the mountain ranges. An in-house suspension system dubbed Maestro is designed to deliver efficient power transfer to the rear suspension. Maestro utilizes four pivot points and two linkages to create a floating pivot point that reduces pedal bob and enables the rear wheel to travel vertically.

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If youre into speed and cross country riding, Giant offers the full suspension Trance and Anthem bikes. Hardtail options like the Fathom and XTC open the door to novices as well as season racers who want to throw it down for podium appearances or simply pedal away the stress from a long week.

Giant is far from exclusive the high-end mountain biker. With an excellent entry-level hardtail in the Talon and the full-suspension Stance, riders on a budget can easily hop on a quality bicycle and enjoy hours of ripping it hard on trails knowing theyre pedaling a dependable bike that is made to go the distance.

Enduro and downhill riders will be pleased with the Giant Reign and its 170mm travel suspension system designed to put you in full send mode.

If youre into dirt and bikes, Giant has a ride for you, regardless of the style of riding you prefer.

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Giant Talon 3 29er 2020 Mountain Bike Review

Get a feel for the trail with this aluminium hard tail made for aspiring single track riders. It features stable fast-rolling 29-inch wheels so you can push the pace on climbs and let loose on the descents. One of the more affordable bikes in the Giant range, we took a look at the Giant Talon 3 29er, the lowest of the 3 Giant talon 29er options.


Available in both 27.5in and 29in wheels the Talon perfect fits the gap from the entry level bikes up to the middle of the hard tail range. More stand over and an overall more confident stance makes the overall geometry a bit more compatible allowing it to push the limits further. Still only tipping the scales at £475 you can get your hands on a talon through the bike to work scheme, along with some gear. Available in six options, 1, 2 and 3 for both size wheels. The frame of the Talon is a lightweight aluminium that offers great stability for any rider.

Built on a lightweight ALUXX aluminium frame that features classic hard tail design plus the balanced riding characteristics of larger diameter 29-inch wheels Talon 29er is a great choice for XC terrain. The frame geometry is specifically designed for its wheel size and a 100mm suspension fork. Its a confident ride thats perfect for ambitious riders who want to take their off-road skills to the next level.


The Features:


The Verdict:

How To Choose The Right Giant Mountain Bike

Giant mountain bikes vary in category, suspension, and frame material. The company also manufactures electric mountain bikes and womens mountain bikes, so you have to consider several factors when it comes to choosing the best Giant mountain bikes for you.


The first thing you should take into account is what type of Giant off-road bikes suit your riding style. Giant mountain bikes are grouped into five categories:

  • Trail Mountain Bikes: These bikes are ideal for those who take their daily dose of singletrack. They are equipped with lightweight frames and high-volume tires that offer superior traction and speed on the trail.

Giant offers full-suspension and hardtail trail mountain bikes with decent travel to help you navigate rugged terrains. You can also choose between aluminum and carbon for the frame material, depending on your budget.

Some full-suspension models have a flip chip that lets you adjust frame geometry on the fly to take on technical terrain. These bikes are designed for aspiring singletrack riders who want to pick up the pace on ascents and rip it up on descents.

  • Enduro Mountain Bikes: These trail rippers let you relish every steep ascent and thrilling descent. Their progressive geometry puts you in a prime position to conquer all types of singletrack. They also provide superior handling on technical terrain to help you maneuver the roughest rock gardens with ease.


Electric Mountain Bikes

Womens Mountain Bikes

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What Is A Womens Mountain Bike & How Do They Differ From Mens

A womens bike is any bike a woman rides

Trek Website

To be honest, theres not a whole lot that sets a womens mountain bike apart from all the unisex bikes on the market.

Sure, some brands do have slightly different frame geometry which Ill talk about below and others set their womens bikes up with lighter suspension tunes.

Lets take a look at the main differences between womens and unisex bikes:

How Giant Bicycles Compare To Trek Bikes

Our Top 10 Highlights From The 2020 Giant & Liv Mountain Bike Range

Comparing Giant Bicycles and Trek Bikes is a little like comparing Ford and Chevrolet vehicles. They are both respected brands with great reputations. But you will still have thousands of people voting for one brand over the other, and visa versa. There are some slight differences between the bikes that could help you decide whether you prefer a Giant bike over a Trek bike.

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Last Thoughts On Womens Mountain Bikes

So are womens mountain bikes all just marketing? Yes and no. Some women may really benefit from a womens-specific mountain bike if they have the proverbial short torso and long legs and are relatively short in stature.

BUT this doesnt mean that unisex bikes cant work for them. What it really comes down to ishow a bike feels, what your budget is, what your riding style is, how much you ride, and what kind of components you want.

If youre set on getting a womens mountain bike go for it. Theyre awesome. But know that unisex bikes are a great option for women too.

What are your thoughts on womens mountain bikes? Do you ride a Juliana or Liv? Why? Did you not opt for a womens mountain bike? How come? Leave a comment below!

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Women’s Bikeswelcome To The Home Of Women’s Cycling

Liv is a dedicated women’s cycling brand and proud sister brand of Giant. Committed to women since day one, Liv creates women’s bicycles and cycling accessories for all riding disciplines made from the ground up, specifically for female cycling. The no-compromise approach to women’s specific bike design delivers a range of bikes that offer the best riding experiences. Find your Liv dream cycling machine today.

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So Do You Need A Womens Mountain Bike

Any mountain bike you buy these days is going to be an amazing bike, women-specific or not. Many womens mountain bikes do have a few women-specific features , but I just want you to understand that women dont need to ride a womens bike.

There are so many great mountain bike options out there, so try not to put yourself in a box. Keep your options open and try to really dial in what is most important to you when it comes to a new bike.

That being said, womens mountain bikes can be optimal for certain cases.

Choose a womens mountain bike if:

  • Youre on the shorter side and need an extra-small bike
  • If you have a particularly shorter torso and longer legs
  • You like being part of a womens mountain biking movement
  • You love the color!

I really like this article by racer and Juliana ambassador Alex Pavon about why she believes womens mountain bikes are making a big difference in the sport. It has nothing to do with the bike, but rather the fact that womens bike brands elevate female athletes and give a brighter spotlight on women riders.

Why It May Be Harder To Find A Bike Right Now


Ever since terms like shelter in place, stay at home, and social distancing took root in our daily lexicon, weve had to find alternative forms of entertainment that dont involve large crowds, indoor activities, or risky situations . More people have caught on to the idea that outdoor escapes like hiking, running, and bike riding are safe, sanity-saving ways to get out and do somethingaway from others. This has led to a surge in bike sales and, thus, a depletion of stock. Thats a good thing, because it means more people have discovered bikes. But its also frustrating if your goal today is to place an online order for a shiny new bike only to find out that you may have to wait weeks or even months to get it. If you see something on this list that catches your eye, and you hit the out-of-stock roadblock, patience , perseverance , or just being proactive might be the way to go. Well keep our eye on inventory and update links as often as we can.

Whether youre a road racer, mountain bike lover, or Sunday spinner, Giant makes bike for you. Here are our 14 favorites from the brand.

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Is Giant Better Than Trek

The best way to know if you think that Giant is better than Trek is to find out for yourself. Look at both, ride both and feel both. It will come down to personal preference, riding style and affordability.

They both offer a variety of quality bikes to choose from, and with Giants motto of Ride it. Race it. Dont worry about it, as well as Treks motto of Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good, you really cant go wrong with either brand.

Tcr Advanced Sl 0 Disc

Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc
Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc
  • Lighter and more aero than previous TCR Advanced
  • Tubeless-ready carbon wheels
  • Integrated seat mast means you need to use a hacksaw to lower your saddle
  • Cockpit isn’t as cleanly integrated as other top models

At first glance, the 2021 Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc might not appear much different than its predecessor. But a closer look reveals that this ninth-generation TCR has been completely redesigned to be both lighter, stiffer, and more aerodynamic. This new version is one of the best all-around bikes currently available. Its insanely light and has a beautiful balance of stiffness for superb pedaling efficiency with just the right amount of lateral flexion for hard cornering. SRAMs wireless RED eTap groupset aids a clean look, although the cockpit isnt as aero or fully integrated as other similar bikes. The Cadex carbon rims are tubeless ready, and laced with carbon spokes, and the SRAM RED crank is fitted with a Quarq powermeter.

  • Shimano Ultegra 2 x 11-speed drivetrain

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Giant 2018 Road Bike Range

For road cyclists, Giants range includes aero race bikes such as the Propel, lightweight race bikes such as the TCR Advanced, endurance-focused models such as the Defy Advanced, entry-level all-rounders such as the Contend, and triathlon-TT models such as the Trinity Advanced.

Theres also a selection of drop bar gravel bikes including the alloy-framed Revolt and AnyRoad models, and versatile cyclocross models such as the TCX Advanced.

If youre up for some adventure or touring but want flat bars, consider the ToughRoad range, which comes with custom front and rear pannier racks.

Mountain Bike Suspension Styles

LIV Tempt 3 Women’s Mountain Bike

You’ll also need to consider what type of suspension you want. You can save money with limited suspension, but you’ll have a less comfy ride.

  • Rigid: No suspension. It’s least expensive but least comfortable.
  • Hardtail: A front suspension fork absorbs some shocks, but there’s no rear suspension. These are popular for cross-country riding.
  • Full suspension: Has suspension in front and back making for a gentler ride.

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Everyday Bikes For Everyone

From the sporty and nimble Giant Fastroad to the Giant LaFree E+ urban pedal assist commuter, Giant has a range of bikes designed to make living, and getting around, in the city a lot more fun.

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The Giant Fastroad, with its electric pedal assist siblings, is a flat-bar road bike with all the speedy attitude and capabilities of a true road bike, but the city friendly handling and management that comes with the flat handlebars.

Getting from Point A to Point B can, and should, be fun. The Giant Escape offers classic bike experience with an exceptional price. Able to be mounted up with racks, fenders and more, the range of Escape bikes are a blast to ride.

Additional pedal assist bikes such as the Giant Roam E+ and Giant Explore E+ have opened the door for more people to enjoy riding bikes and are making the world a little healthier and the air cleaner in the process.

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Why Buy A Liv Bike

No matter which Liv bike you choose, every bike is available with a lifetime frame warranty, free home delivery or click and collect and fully assembled by a local Liv authorised retailer, no matter the price point. There’s also a wide range of finance options starting at just £500, so you can spread the cost with flexible monthly payments.


What Are Giant Mountain Bikes Famous For

Buy 2016 Giant Lust 1 Womens Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Giant is renowned for staying at the forefront of innovation and performance in mountain biking. The brand helped popularize technological changes that have shaped mountain bikes as we know them today. Its proprietary adaptable rear suspension system revolutionized off-road ridingimproving traction, acceleration, cornering, and braking. Giant is also the first major bicycle company to mass-produce carbon bikes.

Giant bikes are undoubtedly among the best on the market. Order one of our Giant MTB cycles now!

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