Government Grants For Electric Bikes 2021

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New Uk Electric Bike Subsidies Could Knock A Third Off The Retail Price


UK government aims to offer a sweat-free alternative to private cars and public transportation

According to recent reporting by the British newspaper The Times, the UK government is looking at subsidies that could bring the price of a new e-bike down by a third.

With more people taking advantage of bikes for transportation, the UK government is looking to add a sweat-free way for riders who commute in their business attire, or older riders, or anyone else who is just looking for an easy way to get around, while also getting a bit of exercise in the process.

This new taxpayer-backed scheme will likely take a similar form to the subsidies available for plug-in electric vehicles, which can reduce their price by up to 35 per cent. The Times reported the UK Government is looking at grants of up to £3,000 in an effort to appeal to potential buyers who may be on the fence.

Cycling UK voiced its support of these endowments, noting that currently, eBikes are the only electrified form of transport where no such relief is currently available.

The final wording of the plan wont be unveiled until Spring 2021, but Transport Minister Chris Heaton-Harris said the government, is developing a national support program to boost the adoption of e-bikes to levels seen in many other countries.

Why Now Is The Right Time For An E

In May 2021 the Victorian government, in response to heavy criticism of their electric vehicle road user charge, announced a $3,000 subsidy for the purchase of an electric vehicle priced under $68,740. This week, NSW has followed up with its own $3,000 rebate and a stamp duty exemption.

The ACT government leads the way in electric vehicle support, with the highest take up of electric vehicles as a proportion of all sales, in part due to financial incentives, such as stamp duty waivers and now free registration and zero interest loans.

One simple and fiscally modest addition to the governments electric vehicle subsidy program would be the inclusion of 2 wheeled electric vehicles. Unlike Sweden, Germany, the UK and France, Australian support for EVs is restricted to those with four wheels. The reason these other OECD countries provide a subsidy for e-bikes and e-cargo bikes is because:

What Do You Need To Know

There are a couple of things that you should know before looking into applying for the E-motorcycle Federal Tax Credit:

  • The top speed To qualify, your model has to be capable of achieving a speed of over 45 MPH. This rules out a lot of electric mopeds and low-powered electric motorbikes.
  • The cost The 10% tax credit is limited to a maximum of $2,500 in rebate. Therefore, if the electric motorcycle is over $25,000, you wont receive a full 10%. Luckily there are multiple Damon HyperSports available for under $25,000!
  • If youre still unclear, check directly with your local government! Besides federal incentives, theyll also have an idea of the different incentives available within your state.

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    Ecargo Bike Grant Fund 2021/22

    £400,000 has been made available by the Department for Transport in 2021 for the purchase of ecargo bikes, to support businesses switching to a sustainable transport solution.

    • Funding covers up to 40% of the total cost of an ecargo bike, up to a maximum of £2,500 for two-wheel models and £4,500 for three-wheel models.
    • Applications will be capped at five bikes per organisation. Larger applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Applications may include more than one organisation. In these joint high-street applications, a lead applicant will be responsible for submitting the application.

    For more information please see the Eligibility Criteria and Code of Practice.

    The application deadline is 14 December 2021. The claim deadline is 14 February 2022. eCargo bikes do not need to have been delivered for the grant to be paid.

    What Ev Home Charging Grants Are Available

    BSA is making a comeback in 2021

    Theres an increasing number of incentives available to businesses and public entities thinking of installing EV charging infrastructure on their premises. You can do this, too! If youre looking to install your own level 2 electric vehicle charger, you take advantage of an EV home charging grant.

    Theres a US federal tax credit that gives EV owners 30% off an electric vehicle charging station, plus installation costs . Like the 2-wheeled plug-in tax credit, this was renewed this year and is set to expire at the end of 2021, while information on the credit for 2022 is currently unclear.

    In the meantime, here are the steps to apply for this grant:

  • Purchase an electric vehicle charging station There are many choices out there, but Charge Point and Clipper Creek are two manufacturers with good reputations.
  • Install the station DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF! Get a qualified installer or electrician to install your station.
  • Prepare your receipts together Save your receipt from purchasing and ask for one from your electrician for the installation.
  • Whip out your calculator Now, the fun part: the math. Complete your full tax return, then fill in form 8911. Youll need to know your tax liability to calculate the credit. Were no CPA, so make sure you get advice from your own tax professional.
  • Now, if youre sitting there thinking, Is it really worth installing an electric vehicle charger at home? Well, that really depends on where and when you plan on charging your EV.

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    Burlington Electric Department Program

    Over in the Green Mountain State, the Burlington Electric Department relies on the Vermont state statute 30 V.S.A. § 8005 to calculate an incentive for its LEV riders. According to The Transportation Research and Education Center, the savings created from the use of an e-bike mostly passed on to the customer through a $200 e-bike purchase incentive. Its important to note that an electric bike in Vermont replaces approximately 10,000 automobile vehicle miles traveled over its 8-year life span. This illustrates just how sizable an impact citizens could make on carbon emissions if they began to adopt electric vehicles en masse.

    Bottom Line: Electric Motorcycle Ownership Continuously Saves You Money

    As you can see, buying an electric motorcycle has become more affordable than ever before. State and federal electric motorcycle incentives are being offered left, right, and center to encourage people to join the EV revolution. These savings dont stop when you turn the key they keep on rolling far into your EV ownership.

    Electric motorcycle insurance cost is starting to fall, and as electric motorbikes get safer, it will continue to do so throughout your motorcycles lifetime. On top of that, batteries are lasting longer, theres almost zero maintenance, and, of course, no gas involved!

    Its time to save the planet, look fly, and save a pretty penny while doing so.

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    Many Programs Available Today

    Ridepanda gives prospective LEV riders the info they need to get the best value from their e-bike, e-scooter, or e-moped purchase, and sometimes that can add up to some big savings. But did you know that the government can actually help you save money on your e-ride, too?

    Its true. There are actual subsidies available for electric bikes, scooters, and mopeds in cities across the country. Why? Because an ever-growing number of state governments and organizations in the U.S. are beginning to recognize the necessity of investing in light electric vehicles to decrease emissions and provide residents with more affordable and accessible methods of transportation. Heres everything you need to know.

    Live In A County That Gives Residents Financial Help To Buy An E

    Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 Review | City E-Bike (2021)

    A few California counties have e-bike rebate or purchase incentive programs. Unfortunately, most dont and many of the rebates are too small to make e-bikes truly affordable. Here are the county programs we know about. Let us know if we missed one.

    • Sonoma County: The utility agency, Sonoma Clean Power, provides discounts of up to $1,000 for qualified customers.
    • Contra Costa County: $150 $300 rebates on e-bike purchases, allocated to different cities in Contra Costa County.
    • San Diego County: Pedal Ahead is a loan-to-own program with up to 400 e-bikes available to residents of Supervisorial District 4. It appears that all the bikes in this program may have been spoken for already.
    • San Diego: This program is not technically a county rebate. Its a purchase incentive through BikeSD and Electric Bike Central that gives e-bike purchasers rebates when they buy an e-bike and ride a certain number of miles.
    • Humboldt County: The funds allocated to Redwood Coast Energys e-bike rebate program have all been reserved. But check their website in case this e-bike rebate is renewed.

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    Bike San Gabriel Valley

    Even on smaller scales, cities and advocacy groups are working together to establish e-bike incentive and safety programs. For example, Bike San Gabriel Valley was awarded $70,000 by the City of El Monte, CA, in a competitive grant process created to kick off an e-bike subsidy program. Revenue from toll lanes helped pay for this initiative, which offers bicycle safety classes and educates residents on the benefits of e-bikes. Unsurprisingly, programs such as these have begun to pop up in numerous cities across the U.S.

    Sb 400 For Clean Cars 4 All Program

    In California, transportation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions it can be blamed for approximately 40 percent of emissions statewide. LEV organizations have been lobbying for years in an effort to get state and local governments to recognize the potential of electric bikes to alleviate the states pollution problems. In late 2019, they scored a victory when Californias governor signed SB 400 for the Clean Cars 4 All Programan amendment that adds electric bikes as a mobility option.

    This means that qualifying residents can now receive vouchers worth up to $7,500 when they replace their gas-powered vehicles with electric bikes. Given that many low-income residents cannot afford new cars, and their only options for public transportation can often be unpredictable and unreliable, government funding for such programs will be a tremendous boon in economically depressed areas. For anyone in need of consistent and affordable forms of transportation SB 400 is a program to take advantage of. This initiative will encourage a greater number of people to choose environmentally friendly electric vehicles instead of cars, thus improving city living for everyone.

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    Enjoying The Freedom Of A Family Ecargo Bike

    Meet Maria, and her one-year-old son Ruairi. Maria was keen to find an environmentally friendly alternative to a car for local journeys. She purchased her family ecargo bike using the interest-free eBike Loan available from Energy Saving Trust. In this video, she talks about the financial and health benefits she has experienced since making the switch to a more sustainable mode of transport, and the freedom that the ecargo bike has brought to their lives.

    Grants For Electric Cycles In France

    BSA is making a comeback in 2021

    Friday 08 October 2021

    There are both local council and central government grants available for the purchase of an electric cycle.

    Whether for work or leisure, there has been a boom in cycling in France since the epidemic, and with it a large increase in the sale of electrically assisted bikes.

    Last month, the French newspaper Les Echoes reported there had been a 29% increase in sales of electric cycles in 2020, in a market now worth 3million a year.

    The price of the cycles varies from around 700 to 3,000 at the top-end. In a recent review of the cycles on the market by the consumer magazine Que Choisir the Starway brand of cycles came top, at around 1,800 each.

    In the combat against urban congestion and pollution and to encourage healthier lifestyles, local councils and the French government have put in place a grant regime for the purchase of an electric cycle.

    A complex set of rules and procedures apply, but if you are prepared to make the effort you could be rewarded with a contribution of several hundred euros towards your new bike.

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    Over 825000 For 36 New E

    The Scottish Government has provided over £825,000 to support 36 innovative e-bike projects across Scotland, with projects for disabled people and rural communities leading the way.

    The latest round of the eBike Grant Fund, delivered by Energy Saving Trust, has successfully delivered 216 e-bikes, 56 e-cargo bikes and 34 adapted cycles to 36 projects across the country.

    This will enable communities and organisations to take advantage of e-bikes, adapted cycles and e-cargo bikes to meet local needs, whilst improving health, air quality and protecting the climate by encouraging a shift away from car journeys.

    The Shapinsay Development Trust has been awarded over £16,000 for 10 new bikes to promote greener travel on the island in Orkney. The bikes will be available for rental by visitors, while residents will have free access for the project duration.

    In Edinburgh, Leonard Cheshire Disability has been awarded over £19,000 for two rickshaw adapted cycles to be shared across eight services. This will offer disabled people more opportunities to keep active through accessible cycling.

    Across four years of the fund, over £2.8 million has been provided to support over 170 projects across Scotland with 996 e-bikes.

    Minister for Active Travel Patrick Harvie said:

    Stuart Robertson Director of Scotland at Leonard Cheshire said:

    Lisa-Marie Muir from the Shapinsay Development Trust said:

    Neil Leckie Senior Programme Manager at Energy Saving Trust said:


    About Energy Saving Trust

    Austin Electric Ride Program

    Austin Energy in Austin, TX has offered incentives for electric bikes, scooters, and mopeds since 2007 and, according to the Transportation Research and Education Center, the program has seen relatively high levels of participation. Dubbed the Austin Electric Ride Program, it offers a variable flat rate dependent on the price of the electric vehicle. For example, an e-bike under $500 would receive a $50 rebate. This offer proved compelling to many Austinites and has since attracted many new LEV riders looking to start riding for less money.

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    Active Transportation Funding For Individuals And Businesses

    We can help you get started with active transportation. The B.C. government supports funding programs to promote active transportation in B.C.

    Want to buy an electric bike ? We can help.

    People and businesses in B.C. can get money back when they buy a new e-bike.

    E-bikes let you go farther, even with a load of groceries or the kids. E-bike riders skip the traffic, stay healthy, and fight climate change.

    How Much Is The Incentive:

    GEN3 The Stride Review | Electric Commuter Bike (2021)

    Save 25%-39% of the bikes price for the Hire Agreement. At the end of the term, the title to thebike can be transferred for 5% of its original R.R.P of the product.

    • The employee saved on NI and PAYE contributions and so can get the bike vat and tax-free
    • Saves 12.8% national insurance costs on the reduced salary, while providing ts staff with a vehicle
    • The company can treat the expenditure as capital expenditure

    Employers recoup the full cost of the bikeand up to 13.8% of its overall value on top.

    You will be given a years worth ofcontract, and your salary will be deducted based on the e-bikes price.

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    Are There Any Electric Motorcycle Grants At The State Level

    In 2022, electric motorcycle incentives differ vastly on a state-by-state basis. However, thats not to say that there arent some states with significant incentives for electric motorcycle ownership.

    For example, California residents can apply for the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project . This offers up to $7,000 off the purchase or lease of zero-emissions and plug-in hybrid electric motorcycles and cars. In addition, the California Clean Fuel Reward rewards those who purchase a vehicle with a battery capacity of 5 kWh for up to $1,500.

    While California leads the way for electric motorcycle incentives, there are other states with similar benefits, including:

    That being said, the ins and outs of every states EV incentive programs differ wildly.

    HyperSport HS

    Ways To Get Financial Help To Buy An E

    As more people turn to bikes for transportation, e-bikes have gained in popularity. They give riders greater range and carrying capacity. For many, an e-bike is a workable alternative to car ownership. But e-bikes arent cheap. CalBike is making financial help to buy an e-bike a top priority in 2021.

    Here are four ways we believe Californians should be able to get financial help to buy an e-bike.

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    Can Do Colorado Ebike Pilot Program

    Why eBikes?

    Household motor vehicle trips are one of the biggest drivers of transportation emissions in the country. According to the US Department of Energy, in 2017 nearly 60% of household motor vehicle trips were 6 miles or less and 75% were 10 miles or less. Trips of these lengths are very doable by bike for most Americans, particularly if completed on an electric bike . Compared to traditional bikes, eBikes allow people to:

    • More easily bike greater distances and across harder terrain

    • Commute with groceries, small deliveries and children

    • Ride at an older age or with mobility issues

    • Set aside worries about arriving sweaty at their destination

    • Reduce their carbon footprint

    Can Do Colorado eBike Fall 2020 Mini-Pilot Program

    In June 2020, the Polis Administration launched the Can Do Colorado Community Challenge to provide resources to local communities and businesses to help safely reopen the economy after COVID-19 restrictions and work toward a healthier, more sustainable future. As part of this initiative, the Colorado Energy Office committed $500,000 toward an eBike pilot that increases access to eBikes for low-income essential workers.

    Can Do Colorado eBike Spring 2021 Pilot Program

    The Can Do Colorado eBike Spring 2021 Pilot is funded in a partnership between CEO, City and County of Denver and the Regional Air Quality Council. CEO awarded five organizations and the City and County of Denver awarded an additional two organizations. Awarded organizations include:

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