Harley Dirt Bike For Sale

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An Amazing Find For Any Collector

1978 Harley Davidson MX250

Until now, the frame from the Larry Darr XRTT that was also involved in the crash is one of the first two original XRTT frames that we at Hi-Speed have ever seen and are aware of to exist. Knowing that this bike made headlines around the world at the 1973 Daytona 200 is amazing.

The 1972 XRTT involved in the fire crash has been restored with the very rare, original factory frame, original specialty four-leading shoe Fontana, rare racing Goodyear inner tube and all other parts.

This bike was dealer maintained and owned.

This extremely rare bike includes original AMA News magazine and Cycle Guide magazines with the 1973 Daytona 200 Crash of Mark Brelsford on the cover where he hits this bike of Larry Darr’s. Also includes Autorgraphs and history of the bike and rider . Larry has told his story of his racing career and the point of his near fatal crash.

This sale will also include brochures, enthusiasts, other literature, Brelsfords history and tuner Babe DeMay autographs.

This is a one of a kind! $119,950

Benefits Of A Used Dirt Bike

When youre looking for a used dirt bike for sale in Las Vegas, youll have many options. However, the best option is from BBV Las Vegas. A used dirt bike can be much cheaper than a new one, especially if youre looking at higher-end models. Older models are often better performing than newer ones because they have been through more testing and have had their kinks worked out.

What Is A Used Dirt Bike

A used dirt bike is a bike that has been ridden and used by a previous owner. There are many reasons why someone might want to sell their dirt bike, but the main reason is that they want something different. It could also be because they got a new bike or they need money for something else.

Some people just dont like riding as much anymore and would rather sell their bikes so that someone else can enjoy them. If youre looking for a used dirt bike, then this article will show you where to find them for sale in Las Vegas.

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Where To Find Used Dirt Bikes For Sale In Las Vegas

There are many great places to find used dirt bikes for sale in Las Vegas, especially at BBV Las Vegas. More and more people are purchasing used dirt bikes now than ever. If you have your heart set on a specific model, make sure its available before heading out to look at bikes. This blog will tell you all you need to know and more about where to find good-quality used dirt bikes in the local Las Vegas area.

Welcome Tocycle City Hawaii


At Cycle City Hawaii we are motorcycle enthusiasts, and we are excited to help you experience the fun and adventure that a quality Harley-Davidson® motorcycle can bring into your life! We are proud to serve the Honolulu area, offering the best in new and pre-owned motorcycle/scooter or UTV. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales, financing, service, and parts departments are ready to offer outstanding service at every point, from assisting while you’re making your choice to ongoing maintenance and customization. At Cycle City Hawaii, we value the opportunity to create a long-term relationship with our customers, and we do that by making sure to exceed your expectations.

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Amf Harley 125 Motorcycles For Sale

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Engine 125

Posted Over 1 Month

After sitting for 34 years in the shed due to a broken “intake manifold oil hose fitting screw” this 1976 AMF built in Italy Harley Davidson SXT125cc “Enduro” has been put back to running condition. Everything has been verified and is in running condition to pass inspection, new battery, reconditioned gas tank, new cables and more…. mainly all in excellent original condition with additional high mount front fender and bracket for off road usage. Comes with Owner’s Manual and Parts catalog. Have lost the title many years ago….Make me an offer…..

Trim SXT 125 Enduro

Engine –

Posted Over 1 Month

1972 AMF Harley Davidson 125cc Enduro. 1700k, Does not run, but has good compression, missing one side cover. But besides that the Bike is complete.

Engine –

Posted Over 1 Month

1972 AMF Harley Davidson 125cc Enduro. 1700k, Does not run, but has good compression, missing one side cover. But besides that the Bike is complete.

Engine –

Posted Over 1 Month

This bike is in great condition, recently restored. The bike is currently on display in a museum at the Oldest dealer in Wisconsin. Have pictures of all the steps of the restoration. New pistons ring, brand new wiring harness, rare new Oem throttle cables and original De Lorto carb. Hand made replacement seat cover to exact specs. Everything cleaned but still looks “old” good patina! Down to the orriginal Pirelli tires.

Engine –

Posted Over 1 Month

Engine –

Posted Over 1 Month

Engine –

With Original Reiman Chassis

This bike has been in a collection owned by Scott Guthrie, legendary Bonneville racer, and holder of the most records on a motorcycle at Bonneville including the World Speed Record.

Scott wanted this bike to visually represent the Harley-Davidson XRTT in all its glory and as raced in 1972 and no expenses have been spared.

This XRTT Chassis & Motor has been set up as a tribute bike to Roger Reiman.

When Scott first started to race motorcycles, he formed a friendship with Roger. Scott at that time was unknown and Roger was a very well-known and well-respected personality in the Harley-Davidson world. Roger took time to answer some of Scotts questions about Bonneville as Roger had also raced there.

As their friendship grew Scott became successful at Bonneville in part because of Rogers help.

When Roger was national Champion, he carried the number 5. Before he won his championship, he carried #55. As a tribute to Roger, Scott and his wife Ellen both raced at Bonneville with the #5 on their bikes.

Roger Raced this chassis in the 80s in the Battle of The Twins at Daytona with an XR-1000 motor with Robisons #155. The XR-1000 motor was not sold with the chassis, so the motor was replaced with an accurate 1972 Harley-Davidson Race Motor restored by legendary tuner Carl Patrick.

When this bike became available Scott knew he had to have it for his collection as Roger meant so much to him and to the world of Harley-Davidson Racing.


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Pick A Motorcycle Type

Think about what kind of riding youâll want to do. Different pre-owned motorcycles are built for different purposes, so youâll want to find the features that are best suited for your riding style. Some models will offer faster speeds while others are best suited for cruising. Some excel in crowded, narrow cities and others still are better at long-distance riding. Have a clear picture in your mind of the kind of performance youâll enjoy the most so we can find you a model to match.

Xrtt Mert Lawwill Tribute Bike

New 2022 Pan America Special Adventure Touring Harley-Davidson RA1250S Bike Gauntlet Gray For Sale

This is a rare, unique, custom build with nothing spared

This is a rare opportunity to own a unique piece of Harley-Davidson Racing History.

Bill Werner’s Retirement Bike

This factory assembled XR750 Dirt Tracker was given to Bill Werner upon his retirement from the Harley-Davidson Factory.

This bike was raced by Scott Parker, Rich King and others over the years. It was given to Bill and he had it in is personal collection for years. He eventually sold the bike to a private collector and it was placed on display at the AMA Museum. It then went back to the collector and remained in his collection.

It is now offered for sale for this collector through John Steel

of Hi-Speed.

The bike is the same as when it was given to Bill.

The motor is empty, the cases are of a production year of approximately 200 XR750’s built.

The motor can be completed if wanted.

The sale will include photos of Bill Werner, Scott Parker, Rich King and Willie G, all with the bike.

It will also include some Bill Werner autographed memorabilia from the factory race department as well as various items from Bill.

The number plates have been autographed.

It will also include the stand from the factory.

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Buying A Used Motorcycle

Switching from four wheels to two can be one of the most freeing choices youâll ever make. Thereâs nothing quite like hitting the road on your bike and feeling the wind in your face and the tearing up the pavement beneath your wheels. A great way to find the best value on the best ride is to look for used motorcycles. Here at Sunrise Pre-Owned Motorsports, we offer lots of excellent used bikes, which means youâll just need to find the one that fits you. Stop by our location in Little Rock, Arkansas to start your search.

Chassis With Display Motor

The motor is set up as a display motor and can be

completed if wanted at some point down the road as this bike was

built by John Steel as display at Hi-Speed

The motor parts are from a Grand National Champion #1 Plate Holder

Dual Disc Brake Set Up as rider used in in the 1970s

Late Motor Cases

Everything else on it is as in 1972

Lots of Original and NOS Parts

Calipers, Master Cylinders, Cables, Carbs, Shocks, etc.

Tires are rare / obsolete 1970s race slicks

Stainless Spokes & Nipples for Longevity

The name on the tail and the #1 can be changed to your preference

It is an amazing bike to have on display in your dealership, shop,

museum, private collection, home or office.

This bike has been priced accordingly with a display motor.

The bike is being completed at this time and a $7,000 deposit will hold

this for you until completion which should be in the next month or so.

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Classic Motocross Iron: 1971 Harley

In the late 1960s, the market for small-bore two-stroke trail bikes was exploding. When Harley-Davidson realized that Hodaka was selling 10,000 bikes a year, they decided to jump into the 100cc trailbike market. Since Harley owned the Italian Aermacchi factory, they had them build an Italian-sourced Harley dirt bike. It was called the Harley Baja 100 and was hopelessly tall, short wheel-based, underpowered and ill-handling.

But Harley didnt give up on the Baja 100. They had their race team hire some of the best desert racers in SoCal. The riders included Bruce Ogilvie, Terry Clark, Earl Roeseler, Larry Roeseler and Mitch Mayes. As you would expect, Baja 100s were soon dominating the trailbike class and selling like hot cakes.

Unfortunately, what the customers were buying wasnt what the Harley team was racing. The stock Baja 100 had rigid footpegs, no horsepower, a huge overlay sprocket on the rear wheel , a tank shaped like a lunchbox and a very hard seat. Oh, did we mention stupid handlebars and street-bike grips? The Bajas did, however, have Baby Ceriani forks, abundant ground clearance and racy Italian looks. Harley-Davidsons entry into the offroad market coincided with the arrival of Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki on the scene. It didnt take long for Baja customers to realize that they had been duped. Harley-Davidson tried to enter the dirt bike market twice after that once in 1976 with the rear-forked 250 and again in 1978 with the ill-fated MX250.

See The World From A Harley

Pin by Ron Stanley on VMX

Imagine feeling like youre riding the wind as you feel the freedom of riding a motorcycle. That feeling is exactly why Harley-Davidson manufactures millions of their famous two-wheelers every year, and brand fans still enjoy purchasing pre-owned and vintage bikes along with new models too. There are plenty of reasons why Harley is a beloved brand, and theres a vehicle for every type of rider. Browse eBays listings for bikes in multiple styles from new to used to certified pre-owned conditions.

What Motorcycle Types Are Available?

Some people who arent well-versed in the world of cycling may just think a bike is a bike. However, true aficionados know this isnt the case, and Harley offers a gamut of cycling options for every type of rider, whether you want to just tool around town in a more standard cruiser or hit the road on a long-distance ride on a vintage 1976 touring vehicle.

Accessories are a Must

When you think of hopping on a Harley, shopping for accessories may not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, the brand offers a bevy of extras to make your journey even more comfortable, accessible, and exciting.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Harley-Davidson.

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Bbv Offers Premium Used Dirt Bikes

BBV Motorsports has an extensive inventory of pre-owned dirt bikes for sale that are guaranteed to meet your needs. We personally inspect each and every dirt bike that comes through our doors for re-sale. Whether youre looking for something fun to ride around town or a serious off-road machine for hitting the trails, BBV can help you find exactly what you need in a timely manner. We carry brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Polaris. Along with Yamaha, KTM Can-Am, Arctic Cat, Victory Ducati, and Harley Davidson, among others. We are your source for premium used dirt bikes.

Amf Harley Motorcycles For Sale

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Posted Over 1 Month


Engine 1200

Posted Over 1 Month

Great used condition. Slight crease in front fender. Upgraded exhaust. Good tires & brakes. Unknown number of owners Mileage is unknown. Speedometer works but odometer does not.. Starts first time every time. New battery. New clutches & throw out bearing. Internal oil leaks have been corrected. no oil leaks or smoking. New derby cover. Front forks have been rebuilt. New mustang seat with matching studded leather saddle bags & handle bar pouch. Usual wear for a 40 year old motorcycle. This is a daily rider. All numbers match. spoke wheels are rusty. Has the classic Harley “Potato,Potato, Potato” sound. Classic old bike that turns heads and get compliments every time I ride her. With very little effort this could be a very nice bike

Engine –

Posted Over 1 Month

Engine 125

Posted Over 1 Month

After sitting for 34 years in the shed due to a broken “intake manifold oil hose fitting screw” this 1976 AMF built in Italy Harley Davidson SXT125cc “Enduro” has been put back to running condition. Everything has been verified and is in running condition to pass inspection, new battery, reconditioned gas tank, new cables and more…. mainly all in excellent original condition with additional high mount front fender and bracket for off road usage. Comes with Owner’s Manual and Parts catalog. Have lost the title many years ago….Make me an offer…..

Engine –

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Why You Want To Shop A Used Dirt Bike

If youre looking to buy a used dirt bike, youll find that there are many benefits to doing so. One of the biggest reasons why people shop for used dirt bikes is because it can save them a great deal of money compared to buying new ones. When you shop for used, you can get some amazing deals on some really high-quality bikes.

When shopping for used bikes, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. If youre looking for a bargain and dont mind getting a few dents or scratches, then this is going to be a great option for you. However, if you want something that looks brand new and doesnt have any dents or scratches, then shopping at the local dealership may be your best bet.

There are many different types of people who like to shop for used dirt bikes in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some people like to do their own maintenance and repairs on their bikes, while others prefer having someone else do it for them at an affordable price. Shopping around at different dealerships will give you an idea of what type of deals they can offer as well as what kind of quality they offer with their products.

Hit The Open Road On A Motorcycle

410097 2014 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 48 XL1200X – Used motorcycles for sale

Start Your EnginesA motorcycle is officially on your wish list, but you may not have decided just which bike is the right one for you. Never fear, because eBay lets you browse every type of motorcycle for sale from used dirt bikes to classic Harley-Davidsonsto high-end BMW Motorcycles and Triumphs.

Find Your Motorcycle Make and ModelWhether this is your first motorcycle or youve been riding for years, you may want to start your search by deciding on a make and model. Yamahaand Honda Motorcycles are rugged and dependable. Or what about a zippy motorbike like a Kawasaki, Victory or Ducati? Dont let your head spintake our giant selection of motorcycles for sale one page at a time. Looking for an off-road motorcycle? How about one of the many great KTM models?

Find Your Own PathWhen youre buying a motorcycle, its important to think about what kind of trips or treks youll be taking with it. Is this going to be, more or less, a dirt bike? Are you interested in cruisers? Are you planning on doing a bit of off-roading or is this a sport bike? Sit back and take the time to do your research before committing to a new or new-to-you used motorcycle.

Content is for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by any brands.

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