Hooks To Hang Bikes In Garage

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Hornit Clug Pro Buy Now For 2599

How to hang bike hooks in the garage.

The Hornit Clug Pro is an enhanced version of the original lightweight, simple bike storage solution, above, now with added Fidlock magnetic winch for additional security. It is simple to install and easy to use.

The original Clug does a great job of holding a tyre, but it’s not foolproof if a bike gets knocked the wheel could be pulled out, or if a tubeless tyre or latex tube loses air the wheel could end up falling out. The Pro essentially ties the wheel in place, using a fabric cord held in place by Fidlock’s magnetic winch. It works incredibly well, with the magnet that feels like a ratchet in use being strong enough to hold fast , but very easy to pull open to release when you want to remove your bike.

Whether the Pro is worth the extra £11 over the standard version without a Fidlock is more difficult, but it does add extra security, especially useful if you are at the lower end of the tyre width range and also in the event of a tyre deflation. If simplicity and looks aren’t important, there are much cheaper options for storing your bike, but where space is at a premium, or looks matter, the Clug Pro is a brilliant solution, with little to fault. The Fidlock function adds cost on top of the standard Clug, but for many, the extra security and reassurance this provides will be worth it.

Hanging By Both Wheels

In my two-car garage I have exposed framing overhead however, there isnt enough room to park cars and hang bikes above them. To solve this problem, I screwed four 2 x 4 upright posts to the rafters 8 feet apart. I then made two 8-foot 2 x 4 hook boards. I attached the hook boards on top of the uprights with the hooks facing down. This gave a place to hang the bikes upside down overhead just barely clearing the car roof. The two boards with the hooks are placed 40 inches apart, which places the hooks in the center of the inverted bicycles front and rear wheels.

If you build bike hangers like this, first try lifting bikes to the height of the hooks to make sure you can do it. You have to be able to hold the bike overhead long enough to get at least one wheel on a hook and then push the other one in place. If this is hard to do, dont use this type of bike rack or you could drop a bike and hurt yourself, the bike or the car.

Gear Up Lean Machine Gravity Rack Buy Now For 5999 From Tredz

Gravity racks are very handy if you have a spare clear interior wall to store two bikes. The feet sit out just beyond the centre of gravity of the bikes, so the whole structure is stable as long as nothing shoves it too hard.

The arms are coated to protect your bikes’ paintwork and can be moved independently so your bike ends up level and looks tidy.

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The Right Hook For Bike Hanging

The best hook for hanging bicycles are these heavy duty storage hooks by Impresa . I like them, because they have a wider mouth than others. This makes it easy to use on any bike regardless if they have a wider or narrow tire.You can easily install them into a wall or ceiling as long as there is a stud or wood wall to screw them into. Theyre made of heavy duty galvanized steel so theyre going to last, and they have a soft coating on the outside to protect your bike.

You wont need to worry about your precious bicycle getting scratched! According to the manufacturer Impresa, each individual hook can hold 100 lbs so you wont need to fret about the bike ripping them out of the wall.

If you want some guidance on installing bike hooks for storage watch the video below. It will show how easy it really is.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo Free Standing Bike Rack

Garage &  Bike Hooks

The freestanding bike rack from Delta has a number of benefits. The walls wont be harmed while storing two bikes horizontally. It can be moved at any time with ease.

The frame cradles can be tilted inward or outward and raised or lowered to fit almost any frame design. Everything from balancing bikes to childrens bikes and adult bikes might be stored.

Although this standing bike rack is suitable for use indoors or in the garage, we like it for indoor bike storage, so it could easily be added to the list below.

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Get Creative With Ceiling Storage

Horizontal bike storage is also a great way to store bicycles if you have a small garage. For starters, you can hang your bikes from rafters or beams using chains, rope, or even fishing lines attached through holes in their frames.

This suits lighter bicycles that are easy to lift, but you should use heavier-duty hardware if your bike is on the heavy side. Just make sure the hardware is strong enough to hold up your bike!

Just remember that although it is great for saving space in your garage, hanging bikes from rafters or beams is just a temporary storage solution. How long? Again it depends on how heavy your bicycle is and what kind of joists youre using use common sense when making this decision!

But if youre looking for a more durable bike storage solution, you can opt for one of those gliding ceiling racks designed for storing more than two bikes. This is great if the only available garage bike storage space available is directly above your car or vehicle.

Indoor Bike Racks Freestanding

We recommend a bike storage column or telescopic rack if you need to store two or more bikes but dont want to attach any hardware to the wall. Bike storage columns, which are pressure-set between the floor and the ceiling, occupy the same amount of space as horizontal wall storage but can only be installed in rooms where the ceiling is low enough to support the column.


  • Nice for renters because it doesnt require mounting any hardware to the wall
  • Both inside and outside of the garage
  • Moveable from one location to another


  • Restricted to spaces within the height range of the column
  • Typically, this method cant accommodate too many bikes.
  • Typically only accommodates larger kids bikes
  • Kids may find it challenging to raise and lower bikes on their own.

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The Amazing Bike Hook

An inexpensive, highly versatile and easy-to-use bike-hanging device is the bike hook. The photo shows the two commonly available types of bike hooks. The ones I prefer and buy at The Home Depot for about $3 each, are the oversized ones on the left in the photo. Theyre taller, wider and more thickly coated than the smaller ones available at almost all hardware stores for about $2 each . Both support any bicycle easily.

These hooks can be screwed into anything that will hold the weight of a bicycle. You can hang a bike from its front or rear wheel on one hook. Or hang a bicycle upside down from both wheels with two hooks.

The rubber coating on the hooks prevents any damage to your wheels, whether the rims are steel, aluminum or carbon. However, if there are stickers on the rims even a makers logo decal its best not to rest the decal on the hook. The weight of the bike can scrunch or tear some decals. But it wont hurt the wheels otherwise.

Tip: If youre interested in something more advanced than the simple bike hook for example, a hanger that lets you swing your bikes almost flat against the wall a company with many versatile options is Delta Cycle.

Will Suspension Forks Be Ok If The Bike Is Stored In An Upright Position

Installing Bike Hooks for Vertical Storage

Yes. Undoubtedly. In fact this is the best way to store any bike with suspension forks.

All suspension forks have stanchions that slide in and out of the fork legs . To make these movements super smooth, the fork legs are full of oil. To stop the oil spraying everywhere every time you compress the forks there is a rubber seal fitted at the top of the fork legs. This will have a foam seal fitted behind it to hold the oil against the stanchions.

When a bike is stored horizontally on the floor, the oil drains out of the foam seals. If left for a long time the seals dry out and shrink. This stops the forks working properly and can damage the stanchions. That can be expensive, especially with mountain bike forks that can cost £800 or more.

If the bike is stored vertically on the wall, the forks are tilted backwards. This means that the oil in the forks runs backwards and pools against the foam seals. This keeps the seals properly lubricated and stops them drying out.

Another benefit of some wall mounting bike racks is that there is space between the bikes to store lots of other gear. That’s a bit like even more ‘free space’ because it would otherwise be wasted, hidden behind the handlebars. GearHooks have a range of separate hooks for bike stands, track pumps, tools, spare wheels and other parts.

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Garage Hooks For Overhead Storage Of Heavy Items

Modified: September 22, 2022

Keep your garage organized with these functional and innovative garage hooks! Get to learn how they can help maximise garage space.

We love to collect things. Whether its a comic book, stamp, sticker , we want them with us, especially if they have sentimental value. And where do they usually end up? In our garage! But our garage is not just a place where we keep such collections. We also use it to store our bikes, boats, and hardware tools. Since we tend to dump a lot of things in our garage, it gets cluttered easily. Stay organized with these functional and durable garage hooks!

But were not talking about those small pegboard hooks. What we recommend are overhead garage hooks. They are much more durable, and you can even hang a mountain bike or a large boat on them. Using them is a great garage storage solution thatll help utilize wall and ceiling space.

The Weight Of The Bike

The weight of the bike is a big issue in hanging your bike. Different bikes have different weights. You should remain concern about your wall and ceiling also so that you can determine about bike hanging capability.

Here you should not hang a heavyweight bike in your ceiling. You can hang that on the side-wall of your garage.

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Best Overall Bike Storage: Feedback Sports Velo Hinge Buy Now For 2500 From Torvelo

The secret sauce of the Velo Hinge is its ability to hinge your velo . The plastic-covered hook folds out from the wall plate, your front tyre rests on the plate, and the whole thing swings from perpendicular to as far over left or right as your handlebar will allow. The resultant bike or pile of bikes then only protrudes as far as the widest handlebar you have in your fleet.

If you need to store multiple bikes, whatever the size, type or number, up to 22.7kg in weight, the Velo Hinge has you sorted. As your fleet grows/changes, simply remount the hook and bumpers to suit. It’s probably the last bike wall hook you’ll ever have to buy.

How To Hang Bikes In Your Garage

The Best Products To Help You Hang Bikes In Your Garage

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Bicycles can take up a lot of needed space when stored on the ground in a garage. To solve this problem, consider hanging bikes from the ceiling. Heres how:

  • Purchase heavy duty, plastic coated hooks from the home center to support the weight and prevent scratches on your bike.
  • Locate the ceiling joist in the space above the garage where you plan to hang the bike by finding them in the attic and transferring these measurements to the garage wall, or by using a stud finder on the garage ceiling.
  • Drill a pilot hole slightly smaller than the threads on the screw hooks and install one of the hooks.
  • Measure the distance between the wheel centers on the bike and drill and install a second hook that distance from the first one to support both wheels of the bike in an inverted position.
  • Repeat this process to hang more bikes.
  • You can also add ceiling hooks attached to a chain and horizontal pipe for overhead plant storage.
  • Watch this video to find out more.

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    What Are Some Features Of Bicycle Storage Hooks

    When selecting wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted bike holders, some options include:

    • Horizontal wall mounts

    Some storage setups allow you to store bikes vertically while others allow bikes to hang horizontally. There are also setups with multiple hooks for hanging more than one bike. Be sure to attach the bike-hanging hardware securely to a load-bearing wall or ceiling to ensure that it can support the extra weight.

    If You Dont Have A Stud Wall

    If its hard to find or access the studs in your wall to screw the hooks into or you dont have a stud wall you can usually put up a hook board. This is a piece of 2 x 4 lumber .

    You screw the bike hooks to this piece of lumber. Since youre not forced to follow the stud spacing, you can use narrower spacing and perhaps fit one more bike. Use 14 inches between hooks. Once the hooks are in place, simply attach the hook board to the wall at the preferred height, and youre good to go.

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    What Were Looking For

    Wall-mounted versus freestanding: According to Andrew Crooks of NYC Velo , the best bike racks are one of three kinds: wall mounts, floor stands, or tension poles that reach from floor to ceiling, with the two latter styles requiring no wall drilling to install and better suiting those who move a lot or like to change up their décor. Weve included expert recommendations for all three types, including minimalist and maximalist options because while some may wish to make their vintage Schwinn a living-room focal point, others may wish to simply save as much space as possible between rides. We also included options that hang bikes by both their wheels and their frames.

    If you think you want to store your bike on a hook or wall mount, all of our experts remind us that the higher you put it, the more effort it will take to hang up your bike and take it down. So if your bike is superheavy, it may be better to position the hook or mount lower. Crooks adds that any mount or hook designed to hold a bike is only as safe as the wall youre mounting it to, so its worth double-checking that your walls have studs, beams, or something beyond drywall as an anchor.

    How To Hang Bikes From Garage Ceiling

    Easy way to hang your bike in a garage without a rack or pulley system

    I recently moved into a smaller house than I am used to. The house has only one garage, and because of this, I had to find alternative places for a lot of my possessions. I found some great guides about space-saving: How to hang bikes from garage ceiling- A step-by-step guide. I will share the information in the post.

    Bikes can be hung on a garage ceiling using a single hook with the bike vertically or using double hooks to hang the bike in a horizontal position. For high ceilings, experts suggest that pulley systems are used to hang a bike this is done for safety reasons.

    While I was researching this topic, I was very impressed with the information I found. It turns out that there many ways to hang bikes from a garage ceiling. I will be sharing a step-by-step guide from experts in the field on how to get it done with you.

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    Best Ways To Hang Bike In Garage

    In this portion, Ill instruct you to hang your bike in the garage. There are some best ways available to do so. All you need to do is that you can pick one method and follow the entire steps to hang your bike in the garage. Here are the main three options for hanging bike in the garage:

  • Hanging Bike on Garage Ceiling
  • Hanging Bike On Garage Wall
  • Hanging Bike on Bike Rack
  • How Durable Is This Hang Bike Hooks Garage

    Your financial situation will determine how much you want to spend on the hang bike hooks garage. It should last at least three years if you have a limited budget. Contrarily, there is no need to be concerned about maintenance costs. As long as the initial expenditure is reasonable, both per unit and over time.

    You should purchase a high-quality item to avoid issues of this nature because your wallet cannot withstand repeated mistakes.

    These fees are reasonable as long as they are reliable and your income is not excessive. In all other circumstances, it ought to be fine as long as the cost reflects the quality and offers customers a reasonable value for their money.

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    I Dont Have A Garage Can I Store Bikes Outdoors

    If there arent any garage bike storage options available, you can store bikes outdoors, but doing so has its own set of challenges.

    If your house has a spacious yard or garden, an outdoor bike rack attached to a wall or fence is the best way to keep your bike protected from weather and wildlife damage.

    How you attach the rack depends on how sturdy the wall/fence is .

    You can also keep it in an outdoor storage shed thats large enough.

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