How To Adjust Bike Brake

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Adjust The Brake Cables

How to Adjust Bike Brakes | Bike Maintenance

Look at your bikes brake lever assembly and note a barrel adjuster near the connection between the cable and the lever. Turn the barrel adjuster to the right to increase the brake cable tension. Do the opposite if your brake cable feels too tight.

Pro Tip: Turn the barrel adjuster in quarter-circle increments, checking the brake cable tension with each adjustment.

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With the wheel on, look through the top of the caliper with the brakes not depressed and check the alignment of the rotor with the caliper. If it’s not aligned right then loosen the two adjusting bolts and line it up and retighten. If you have a BB& cable brake you can then tighten done the pad to right before it starts rubbing on both sides.

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How Do You Line Up Brakes On A Bike

The first step to lining up your brakes on a road bike is to check if the pads are touching the rim evenly. If not, one side of the brake may be rubbing and need to be adjusted. The brake pad tension can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the brake screw.

The next step is to tighten the bolt holding the brake pad in place. When tightening the bolt, make sure that the brake pad is lined up correctly. You can verify this by squeezing the brake. You should feel a slight push across the rim if one pad isnt aligned properly. If there is a problem, you can loosen the bolt in the rear of the brake and realign it.

If the brakes are not properly balanced, it can cause a dangerous crash. This is why its crucial to make sure the brake levers are aligned properly. Once youve achieved this, you can dial in the brakes to your desired level of comfort.

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How To Fix Disc Brakes

Disc brakeson a road bike, mountain bike, or cyclocross bikemight seem intimidating to work on, but Perejmybida says theyre actually the easiest to adjust.

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If you think you have brake rub, start by loosening the two bolts that mount the disc brake to the frame. Once theyre loose, Perejmybida says to squeeze your brakes so that they engage the rotor. Its now centered perfectly, sowith the brake levers still depressedretighten those bolts. That fixes about 75 percent of disc adjustment problems, Perejmybida says.

Park Tool Disc Brake Rotor Truing Fork
Park Tool Disc Brake Rotor Truing Fork

Rotor still slightly rubbing, but you cant feel it? Dont freak. Almost no rotor is perfectly straight, he says. If its an annoying rub that affects your ride, you can use a rotor straightening tool like the Park Tool Rotor Truing Fork. Set the bike in a stand or flip it so the wheel can spin freely. Look for a wobble, or a gap opening and closing, between the pads to identify if the rotor is out of true. Note the section that needs truing and rotate it away from the caliper. Gently work the tool around the rotor at that section to straighten it if slightly warped. This only works if the rotor is rubbing in one specific spot. If youre unsure if its the rotor or the brake, youre better off taking it to a professional to get it done right. If you do try it yourself, remember that theyre really fragile so be very gentle, Perejmybida says.

Install& Align Brake Pads

A Step

Now re-install the brake pads, with the washers in the same order as they were before. Align the brake pads so the pad face is flat against the rim. V-brake pads are different from traditional pads in that they dont require any toe-in. Both the front and rear of the pad should contact the rim at the same time. Because of this, v-brakes will sometimes squeak when applied. If youve re-surfaced the pads and they are still noisy, you may have to try a higher quality set of pads.

Take a look from the side to make sure the pad is in line with the rims brake surface, and not touching the tire or hanging off the bottom of the rim.

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Tools Needed For Bike Brakes Adjustment

Adjusting bike brakes isnt a complicated process. All you need is a couple of tools and some time. The majority of the tools are easy to find, and probably the majority of bicyclists already have them in their garage however, even if you dont, they are not very expensive. To adjust your bikes brakes, you will need the following tools:

  • Bike wrenches set
  • Denatured alcohol

Start By Loosening The Barrel Adjuster

You have to start with the barrel adjuster first, it is located between the intersection of the brake cable and lever. Now, you have to slowly turn the barrel adjuster clockwise, this will loosen it. Once you do that, the brake cable automatically tightens.

Mostly all the problems are fixed by loosening the barrel adjuster, but there are other measures that you can take if that does not work out. You can check the state of the brake cable by pressing the lever, see that how much it comes close to the handlebar. There are other steps that you can pursue if the cable is still loose.

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Got Disc Brakes Here Are Some Tips

How To Adjust Mechanical Disc Brakes On A Bike

Disc brakes are more common than ever on all types of bikes. Previously only featured on mid- and top-tier mountain bikes, disc brakes are now included on many cheaper models as well as road and hybrid bikes.

There are two main types of disc brakes: mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical means a cable mechanically connects the brake lever and caliper, just like in the rim brakes discussed above. If you can mechanical disc brakes, follow the same instructions if your cable needs tightening.

Disc brake pads, however, are a lot different from rim brake pads. Instead of the rim, they clamp onto a large metal rotor connected to the wheel hub, but most of the logic to make adjustments is the same. If you hear a squeak or metal ringing, this means your pads are rubbing on the rotor. Use the barrel adjusters to make small adjustments and check to see if the pads are worn past the wear line and need replacement.

Hydraulic brakes are best left for seasoned mechanics

If your bike has hydraulic disc brakes, making brake adjustments is a much more involved process. The hydraulic system is completely sealed and a small error can snowball into bigger issues, so its better to be safe than sorry. I am a professional mechanic, and even I have to go slow when working with hydraulic brakes. If your brakes feel off or you notice something wrong, roll into your local bike shop and ask the expert mechanics there to help you out.

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Pull The Brake Lever To Check The Tightness Of Your Brakes

The clearest giveaway that something is wrong with your brakes is if the brake lever is too tight or too loose.

If the lever touches the handlebars, the brake cable is too loose. If you can barely squeeze it at all, the cable is too tight. Ideally, the brake lever should squeeze 1 to 1.5 inches before becoming difficult.

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Brake Hoses Cables And Housings

If you have hydraulic disc brakes, inspect all hydraulic hoses and fittings for leaks. Leaks can sometimes be tough to detect. However, dirt tends to build up where there are leaks, so thats one sign to look for. If you find a leak, take your bike to a shop.

Mechanical disc brakes use cables and housings just like rim brakes. Cables can fray, rust and/or weaken over time. When this happens, the extra slack in the system can cause a slow response when you squeeze the brake levers. In addition, the flexible cable housings that protect your brake cables can break, corrode, clog up or fray over time. Cables should move freely through all cable housings and the guides that hold them in place. If they dont, take your bike to a shop for service.

Adjust The Disc Brake Calipers

How to Adjust Bike Brakes

Press on the brake lever while wriggling the disc brake caliper. Maintain a firm squeeze on the lever while retightening the disc brake caliper bolt.

Spin the bike wheel to ensure there is no contact between the disc brake and the wheel. Sometimes, you may need several attempts before you get the correct caliper position.

Park Tool also has a video you can watch to align the disc brake of your bike.

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Why Is Bicycle Braking Important

Your brakes are essentially what help you stop the bike. Therefore, they are extremely important and must be kept in good condition. Unfortunately, all brake pads are classified as consumable components, which means they will wear out and need to be replaced.

If your brake pad is worn down or starting to wear down, check out some of the options below.

Things To Check Before You Start

Im writing about standard caliper brakes, as used on most of the bikes Ive seen in the last decade. If your bikes brakes are different, this will probably still work, but your mileage might vary.

Check to make sure that theres still plenty of rubber on the brake pads, and that theyre aligned with the rims . If you need new brake pads, your local shop has them, or you can get them here. Also make sure the bolt on the cable length setting is fully tightened .

One caveat: were going to mess with your brakes. Once youre done, make sure that you test them carefully by spinning the wheels in the air and squeezing the pulls, to make sure theyre functioning properly. Do this before you get on the bike. Seriously.

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How To Fix Caliper Brakes

  • Caliper brakes can easily be adjusted using the barrel adjuster near each lever. If the brakes are too soft for that to help, tighten the cable.
  • To fix brake rub, make sure the brake is centered. If its loose, squeeze the brake lever to center it and tighten the bolt that mounts it to the frame.
  • If the brakes are still rubbing, check to see if your wheel needs to be trued.

Start by using whats in place for you already: the barrel adjuster thats at the top of the brake lever on the cable. Just playing with tightening or loosening of this can solve a lot of common issues, Perejmybida says.

If that doesnt work, you can check the bolt where the brake is connected to the frame. When the bolt isnt tight enough, it can cause your entire brake to move as you ride. Similar to disc brakes, Perejmybida says to engage your brakes, and then tighten that bolt so its centered.

If your brakes are too loosemeaning you need to pull the levers way too hard to the bars to get the brakes to engagePerejmybida suggests slightly tightening the cable. Its a simple adjustment: Using an Allen key, loosen the nut and bolt where the cable ends, pull a bit more of the cable through, and retighten.

4 Home Bike Repair Essentials
Park Tool 12-Inch Adjustable Wrench

Tighten Your Brake Pad Bolts Back Up

How To Adjust Road Bike Brakes

Once youre happy with the placement of your pads, tighten the bolts back up with the Allen key. Be careful not to pull your brakes out of alignment as you tighten them back up.

Also, try to balance how much youve tightened the bolt on each side. This will ensure each brake pad is as responsive as the other and they both work evenly, at once.

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How Close Should Rim Brakes Be

When adjusting rim brakes on your road bike, its important to check the brake pad contact. You can do this by pulling the brake lever and checking the pads. You can also adjust the cable length by loosening or tightening the bolt holding the cable to the brake arm.

Rim brakes can be adjusted to be as close as possible to the rim. Generally, you should keep them a few millimeters apart. A new set of pads will need some time to bed into the rim. You should also make daily adjustments to the brake cable to ensure the pads remain fully squeezed.

The mechanical advantage provided by a rim-brake system is inversely proportional to its distance from the rim. A brake lever with too much mechanical advantage will feel hard and will not apply fully. The brake lever will also bump up against the handlebar before applying brakes. The brake lever should be stiff, but not flexy. Some cheap long-reach sidepull caliper brakes have flexy arms, which waste most of the levers motion. When a brake lever is overly stiff, the brake shoes may rub.

How Do I Know I Should Adjust My Brakes

The first part of adjusting brakes is recognizing that your brakes need to be worked on. Its a good idea to visually inspect and test your brakes every once in a while, but you can normally have a solid understanding of your brakes performance simply by riding. Here are some common clues and brake issues that tell you that its time to adjust your brakes.

Problem 1: Im squeezing the brake lever a lot, but it barely slows me down

This frequent issue can come about suddenly or over a long period of time and can be a serious safety hazard. Unresponsive braking can be a liability when you need to stop quickly for unexpected obstacles. Youll need to adjust the brake cable tension.

Problem 2: My brakes are squeaking

Noisy, screechy brakes can still offer plenty of stopping power, but the annoying sound can be a ride-ruining experience. This happens more often with a combination of cheap quality brake pads and rims but can affect any bike. Whether its an irritating sound or a sign that theres something wrong, fixing squeaky brakes is always a good idea. Youll need to adjust the brake pads.

Problem 3: My brakes feel weird or they arent as sensitive as they used to be

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Make Any Small Adjustments Using The Barrel Adjusters

If you need to fine-tune the cable tension after tightening the anchor bolt, you can utilize the barrel adjusters. Just remember that barrel adjusters are for minor changes. A barrel adjuster thats too loose can break off since there arent enough threads engaged to attach it securely.

Dont be afraid to go back and adjust the anchor bolt adjusting brakes and cable tension is a skill that takes time, and some bikes are easier to maintain than others! Be patient and remember that safe and reliable brakes are always worth the extra effort.

How To Easily Adjust Your Bike Brakes

Mountain Bike V Brakes Adjustment

There are many reasons youd want to adjust your bike brakes

  • To replace brake pads/rotors
  • To stop them from squeaking
  • To stop them from pulling and rubbing
  • To tighten/loosen them
  • To clean the brakes and harder to reach areas of your bike
  • To maintain them

Every cyclist should know how to adjust bike brakes and, while all the moving parts can make it look intimidating, its not as complicated as it looks.

This article will teach you the basics of how to maintain, align and adjust your bike brakes.

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