How To Choose An Electric Bike

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Can An Electric Bike Be Used As A Regular Bike

How to choose an electric bike for HEAVY riders

The fact that an electric bike can be ridden in the same way as a regular bike shows that the correct answer is “yes.” E-bikes are made with pedals and chains so that riders can still use their feet to move forward in the same way they would on a regular bike.

Think for a moment about what would happen if this caused your battery to die. If this is the case, you might be able to keep riding your bike instead of having to push it with your hands.

On some electric bikes, there is a feature that gives you help as you pedal. This might also make it easier to ride a bicycle. When you turn on the option, the bike will give you a little bit more power, making it a little bit easier to pedal and keeping you from getting tired.

How Much Should You Spend On An Electric Bike

Electric bikes range widely in price from $400 to over $8,000. Some people suggest avoiding bikes under $1,000 because they are usually cheap for a reason. There are, however, many bikes immediately above that price point that offer excellent value.

Like traditional bikes, you get what you pay for when buying an eBike. You should expect to pay more for those features if you want the largest battery, the most power, or strong off-road capabilities.

Repair And Maintenance Of Electric Bicycles

Compared to conventional bicycles, electric bicycles with more complex structures can be expensive to repair. But we can solve this problem by purchasing a warranty service.Also, many businesses now offer warranties on new e-bikes. This is usually a full 1-2 year warranty. Batteries and motors may also have a 1-3 year warranty. At the end of this time, you can extend the coverage to avoid risk.

We need to choose the most suitable electric bike according to our budget. An expensive investment may bring a better experience, but that should not overdraw your wallet. We hope the suggestions above will help you make a clearer choice.

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Next Let’s Think How Much Do I Ride In A Day On An Electric Bike

An e-bike will open up new horizons and distances, but will you realistically be able to sit 80 kilometres in the saddle?Simple equation: the bigger the battery capacity = the higher the price of the bike. And, of course, with every e-bike you get a charger to take with you on trips where you’re not sure of the length, so you can simply recharge your e-bike from any outlet if you need to.

At, we have created a simple tool for each model of e-bike, which estimates the realistic range. You enter your weight , choose a route profile and, if necessary, select from the battery capacity offered .

The battery costs about 1/3 of the price of an e-bike, so sometimes choosing a smaller capacity battery can save money without making your e-bike less useful. We always give the battery capacity in Watt Hours , which is the international standard. The most common batteries on the market today are between 400Wh and 700Wh . If you weigh more, choose a higher capacity battery, that’s the only advice we have here. If you want to learn more about batteries, continue here.

Also pay attention to the location of the battery. The trend is to “hide” the battery as much as possible in the main frame tube of the e-bike. Here we distinguish between non-integrated batteries , batteries that are semi-concealed but still visible and batteries that are fully integrated into the frame. It is then often not easy to tell at a glance whether it is an e-bike at all.

Which Electric Cargo Bikes Are There

How to Choose the Right Electric Road Bike

Electric cargo bikes have proliferated in number and you can now see bicycles from Babboe, Cangoo, Vogue, Troy and Urban Arrow zooming around the city.

These bikes have a lightweight frame, which makes it possible to effortlessly transport several children plus pets at the same time. Accessories, such as covers and seat belts, keep everyone onboard safe and dry. In terms of costs, you have to take into account at least 2,000 in the lower segment to 4,000 for well-known brands and their best models. Cargo bikes are durable and in good condition they cost about 25% less than the new price.

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Electric Bike Conversion Kits: Different Types Explained

Russell Burton / Immediate Media

There are a number of ways to electrify your existing bike for assistance up those hills: you can fit a powered wheel, either front or rear you can attach a drive unit to the bottom bracket you can fit a motor above the rear wheel and drive it via friction or, most sneakily, you can conceal a motor in the seatpost.

Whether you ride a hybrid, mountain bike, road bike or even a folder, tourer or gravel bike, it should be possible to convert your bike.

Many can even be fitted by a competent home mechanic if youre feeling handy and have an afternoon spare.

So, what are your options? Lets take a look at the different ways to convert your non-assisted bike into an electric bike.

Understanding The Electric Bike Classes

Electric bikes are classified into class 1, class 2, and class 3. Each denotes the level of motor assistance.

Class 1 ebikes only work when the rider is pedaling and have a top speed of 20 miles per hour. They share the same lanes and paths as traditional non-assisted bikes. In some states, these ebikes are allowed on mountain bike paths.

Class 2 ebikes come with a throttle that works if you’re not pedaling. The top speed is limited to 20 mph. The motor will assist you if you decide to pedal. Plus, you’re allowed to ride them in the same place as analog bikes.

Class 3 ebikes are equipped with a pedal that only works when the rider is pedaling. They come with a speedometer and can reach 28mph. Also, they can carry heavy loads and climb better. The only downside is that they are restricted on most bike paths and mountain bike trails.

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Preferably A Removable Battery

The battery is an expensive and heavy component. It represents 30 to 50% of the price of the bicycle. It should preferably be removable so that it can be removed when the bike is parked outside. An EAB without a battery is of less interest to a potential thief. It will also make it easier to transport the bike and recharge the battery. Note also that if you travel by plane with your electric bike, you will not be able to carry the battery. The transport of this type of battery is indeed prohibited in hold and hand luggage.

Hunter Education And Hunting License

How To Choose The Correct Size Electric Mountain Bike | EMTB Sizing Explained

Even before you can start your first hunt, you have to get a hunting license. Depending on the state you live in, you might even be required to finish hunter education before you can be granted a license.

However, even if you are not required to finish the hunter education, we still recommend you finish it because it doesnt take long, and yet it will help you understand all the rules and guidelines that will help you be a decent hunter right out of the gate.

We have written a short hunting guide for each state so you can check all of the states down below in the footer. A great example is Virginia.

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How To Choose An Ebike: 8 Key Features To Look For

If you’re looking to buy an eBike, there are several things you must consider first.

Electric bikes are increasingly popular. They look and feel like traditional bikes, but they have a built-in motor that propels you forward as you peddle, making them a popular choice for both recreation and commuting.

Electric bikes come in a wide range of styles and configurations. Unfortunately, they are also not the easiest things to shop for. If you’d like to buy a new electric bike, here’s what to look for.

Is An Electric Bike Worth The Money

In short: yes. Of course it depends on what you use the bike for, but there are increasingly fewer disadvantages with e-bikes. Safety is constantly improving, practically they are very useful as you can ride longer, faster and with less effort – while the costs are only getting lower. Finally, manufacturers are following this increased demand for e-bikes by focusing on the production of these bicycles, so that the available designs are often more stylish than those of classic models. Therefore, they are becoming more attractive options especially compared to cars or other vehicles, but even sometimes above traditional push bikes!

Are you looking for more advice? Contact us via the live chat, our bicycle experts are happy to help you. Or take a look at our !

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How To Choose The Best Electric Bike

While electric mobility and the electric bike industry are still relatively new compared to other transportation sectors of the economy, the buzz arounde-bikeshas started to gain traction in the last year and rightfully so. With many people now wishing to purchase their bike, it is essential to understand the basics of metrics to determine the best electric bike to suit you and your needs.

Therefore, to help our readers make an informed opinion before making their purchase, we have put together a blog series that will help our audience to understand, compare and choose their perfect electric bike. Throughout this series, we will compare each of the ten-ish most recognized e-bikes of different categories, based on specified parameters we have created to help you narrow down your search. We have also made the chart, so our readers can quickly compare any e-bike that we have not mentioned in our series.

To start our first blog in the series off, we are going to be defining the parameters to which we will be scoring each of the bikes. Lets get right into it!

How Much Maintenance Does An E

How to choose the electric bike

As with the rechargeable battery, youll have a small number of charges and discharges before the battery stops staying at capacity in the same way. An electric bike rider says, Its like your mobile phone or laptop.

Test ride

the most important part of buying an electric bike is test riding. Trying an electric bike allows you to put aside the reviews and research and answer the most basic demand:

Can I ride my bicycle in the rain?

Most electric bikes are not water-proof, and you can easily damage the battery. In the above, I provide the list of electric bikes, which all are waterproof. I would say you should check your manufacturers recommendations.

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Rockrider Electric Mountain Bike E

, : £999.99

Key features: Cadence sensor, three assistance levels, eight gears, clicker gear shifter, mechanical disc brakes, quick release seat clamp

Weight: 22.3kg

Rider heights: 4ft 9in to 6ft 6in , 4ft 9in to 6ft

Motor: Vision, rear-hub

Pros: Log in or join Which? to instantly reveal

Cons: Log in or join Which? to instantly reveal

Our verdict: Log in or join Which? to instantly reveal

Accessories Available / Included

Accessories for e-bikes can be costly. Therefore, ensure that your e-bike has as many accessories included in the final purchase price is key to avoiding further payments in the future. You must also ensure the bike is universal to accessories, so you are not left with needing to purchase a custom-design one.

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What Are Watt Hours On An Ebike How Long Does An Ebike Battery Last

While wattage describes power, watt-hours describe how much power can be delivered per hour – essential this helps determine the range and how far you can go on your ebike. Typical electric bike batteries range from 250 watt-hours to 1,000 and up. While this gives a general guideline for range, it doesnt give you the exact mileage. The usage of these watt-hours is what defines the range. This will depend on the type of riding and the level of assist or boost that youre using, but 15 WH per mile is a good baseline to calculate range.

What Is The Difference Between An E Bike And An Electric Bike

How to Choose the RIGHT Electric Bike For You | Choosing an E-BIKE

Electric bikes are becoming more popular each year. They are much cheaper to operate than traditional bicycles and there are no emissions from them. They are perfect for short trips around town or for commuting to work. They are also good for longdistance travel.

The main difference between an e bike and a traditional bike is the power source. An e bike uses a battery to power the bike. This battery can be charged using a standard outlet. A traditional bike uses pedals to power the bike. Pedals can also be turned to make the bike go in a different direction.

Another difference is the gear system. An e bike has a gear system that allows the rider to make the bike go in a different direction. A traditional bike has pedals that the rider uses to move the bike forward or backward.

The final difference between an e bike and a traditional bike is the weight. An e bike is much lighter than a traditional bike. This makes them easier to move around.

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Ebikes For Urban Commuters

Electric bikes are ideal for skipping traffic and making the car-less trip to work everyday. Electric commuter bikes are perfect for good exercise, flexible commuting, and to cut down on expenses.

If you’re looking for an electric commuter bike, you might want to think about:

  • whether you want racks, fenders, and integrated lights for maximum commuter benefits
  • whether you’re looking for a speed machine or something more upright and comfortable for cruising
  • whether you need a removable battery for charging at the office or if you’re just going out for day rides

Where Can You Ride E

The universal answer to where one can ride any type of e-bike is on the street. After that, though, things are less clear because laws and regulations are still evolving.

The other key thing to keep in mind about e-bike access is you need to research local rules and regulations for your class of e-bike for the places you plan to ride it.

Understanding e-bike access rules starts with an understanding of e-bike classes:

  • Class 1: The motor kicks in only while youre actively pedaling, and the motor assist stops when you reach 20 mph.
  • Class 2 : Has a pedal-assist mode up to 20 mph it also offers a throttle-only mode.
  • Class 3: Works like Class 1 , but the motor wont stop assisting until you reach 28 mph.

Class 1 e-bikes are the most universally accepted. Thats one reason why they are also the most popular choice. But class 1 bikes arent allowed on all bike paths, especially ones where the speed limit is 15 mph. Some mountain-bike trail systems also forbid all classes of e-bikes, though access is generally beginning to open up for class 1 e-bikes.

Class 2 e-bikes are banned in many places. Any mountain bike trail where motor-powered vehicles are prohibited also wont allow class 2 e-bikes. City streets and off-road vehicle areas are your only sure bet for class 2 access.

People for Bikes, an advocacy group for cycling publishes a state-by-state e-bike guide to help you sort through e-bike regulations around the country.

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Assistance: Levels And Start

Bikes generally offer 3 to 9 levels of support. The control is done from the console fixed on the handlebar. The cyclist selects the level of assistance according to the difficulty of the terrain or the efforts he is prepared to make.

Some bicycles offer assistance when starting: the engine can be activated, even without pedalling, up to a maximum speed of 6 km/h, for starts at traffic lights, on hills or to accompany the bike .

The more assistance levels, the better: the control granularity will be finer and the battery use optimal. Starting assistance is also very practical in town and for storing or pushing the bike. We recommend it.

Where Can I Buy A Momentum E

How To Choose Electric Bike Batteries

We are obsessed with E-bikes, and we want to make buying one as easy as possible. We have a global network of retailers and bike shops where our experts are ready to help you find the perfect E-bike. Find your closest Momentum E-bike retailer here. And if you know what you want already, just order online here.

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Chapter : How To Compare Batteries

The battery in an Ebike is like the gas tank in your car. Learn the new terminology of electric bike batteries and be able to compare batteries on different bikes. Batteries are the gas tanks of e bikes.


  • The key to battery energy is the size of the battery in Watt Hours.
  • You will hear and see other terms like: Volts Amp Hours Watt Hours
  • The formula to understand is Watt Hours is: Volts x Amp Hours = Watt Hours.
  • So, when buying an e bike look for Watt Hours, not just Amp Hours. The Watt Hours tell the total size of the gas tank of the bike.

Things We Learnt Testing E

They all get the basic job done All the e-bikes we tested took the effort out of cycling to some degree, even though we found big differences between the best and the worst. If you’re just looking for something to use to occasionally get from A to B, you don’t need to break the bank to do so.

You get a better electric bike the more you pay, at least when it comes to the lower-priced e-bikes While the cheapest e-bikes still make some hills easier to climb, moving from the £1,000 or less price point up to £1,000 to £2,000 will typically get you a smoother motor. The displays are more informative, showing extra information such as your speed and distance travelled. Cheaper e-bike displays typically only showed battery level and selected assistance level.

Price doesn’t affect comfort Our testers didn’t find any correlation between the price of the bike and how comfortable it was to ride, but they did find the pricier models, in general, handled cycling at low speeds better.

The motor isn’t a replacement for having gears While the motor helps, we found that electric bikes with only one gear didn’t perform as well on our hill tests. If your daily commute or favourite cycling route has some big hills, make sure you get an e-bike with gears.

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