Hybrid Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Fat Cat Xl 500 Electric Bike

Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes I’ve Tested 2022 (Between $1,200 – $2,600)

E-bike Specifications:

  • Speeds up to 20 mph
  • Controller King Meter KM-529 with 5 Level pedal assist
  • Rim Aluminum-Alloy 36 spoke
  • Brakes Tektro 160MM Mechanical Disc Brakes

Fat Cat XL 500 Electric Bike

Owning a fat tire electric bike can be very beneficial to your health since it will encourage you to exercise and have a lot of fun while doing this. The Big Cat XL 500 e-bike is an entry-level model that wont cost you a lot.This model is designed to handle muddy trails, steep hills, snow, and sand terrains since it is powered by 500 W geared rear hub engine that will allow you to conquer those terrains with a top speed up to 20 mph. The great news is that it has a cadence sensor. That means you can pretend youre powering the bike and crank the pedals slowly to keep the motor going or use the throttle.

The most versatile model on this list! Great for off-road and urban roads too!

The 48V12Ah Lithium-Ion battery will provide enough power to the motor to enhance the motor torque and performance. It will hold for about 30 miles before it will need a recharge. The charging time is from 4 to 6 hours, which is usually standard for almost all e-bikes.

The motor is geared with Shimano Acera 7 Gear paired with Shimano 7 speed shifter, allowing insensible shifting between speeds. You can power the battery by slowly cranking the pedals, which will alert the cadence sensor with 12 magnets that will start providing power for the motor immediately.

Fat Cat XL 500 E-Bike

Is A Fat Tire Bike Easier To Ride

Fat bikes are amazingly easy to ride and our customers couldnt agree more. After trying someone with a Drftless for the first time, they often say, I was amazed at how easily it can be mounted. Large tires offer more balance and control, giving a novice rider the confidence to look for more adventure.

Rungu Dualie 3 Wheel Fat Tire Electric Bike

Best 3 Wheel Fat Tire Ebike for Hunting.

If you are looking for a more stable ride, you may want to try three wheels like the Rungu Dualie. It features a huge 1000-watt motor that is really fun to use in throttle and pedal assist.

Moreover, it has an internal AND rear wheel gearing that maximizes power. Most of all, this unusual fat bike sports THREE wheels there are two on the front.

The Rungu Dualie features 4.8-inch ultra-wide Maxxis oversized tires rated for riding on


“Since purchasing this bike I have finally been able to go camping with my friends due to a mobility issue. It is amazing being able to get outside again and to hit the trails.” – Matthew W

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How Do I Choose The Right Fat Tire Electric Bike

Finding the best fat tire electric bike for you largely depends on your riding style and weight. For example, if you’re lighter and plan on using the bike mostly for urban riding and flat commutes, you can get away with a lower wattage bike. A typical output for this type of bike is around 250 watts. These affordable fat tire electric bikes can be a solid value if you need basic transportation in bad weather.

Heavier riders and those who tend to tackle hills on a regular basis will want to go with a more powerful bike. According to electrek, bikes within the 350- to 500-watt range can easily power lighter riders up steeper inclines, and can generally get heavier riders up smaller hills.

You’ll want to step up to a higher 750- to 1,000-watt range for even more power and performance. If you’re looking for even more power and performance, consider a bike with an output of at least 1,500 watts.

Best Electic Fat Tire Bikes Of 2022

Electric Fat Tire Tricycle/Trike, 500W 48V Hybrid Bicycle/E


First up in our list of the best fat tire electric bikes is the Aventon Aventure. This e-bike is highly versatile and can handle extreme off-road terrains like snow, sand, and mud.

The Aventure has powerful electronics, including a 750W motor and 720Wh battery. This combination provides max speeds of 28mph with an average range of 45 miles.

The drivetrain is a reliable Shimano Acera 8-speed setup that pairs with powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. The main issue with this bike is the weight. At 73lbs, this is one of the heaviest fat tire e-bikes weve seen.

If you want more capability in urban environments, the Aventon Aventure is compatible with a range of accessories to make commuting and running errands easier.

Overall, this fat-tire e-bike offers plenty of value for the modest price of $2,000 consider it if you want a bike that functions equally well in urban environments as it does off-road.

MSRP:$4,999Rambo Bikes

Number two on this list is one of the most capable fat tire hunting electric bikes around the Krusader.

Rambo is a newish, popular bike brand, well-favored in North America. Theyve been around since 2015 and the success of their bike sales in that short time is largely due to the high quality and exceptional design standards the brand prioritizes.

  • Suspension fork

This is a high-quality fat e-bike with mid-level components that is suitable for anyone who likes to have the best value on the market.

Folding fat tire electric bike

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Rigid Vs Suspension On A Fat Bike

Rigid fork vs Suspension fork

Depending on how and where you like to ride your bike, fork suspension may or may not be needed.

Fat tires do a great job of absorbing much of the shocks and vibrations you encounter on the road or light trails. However, if you plan on more extreme use like singletrack riding, you may want fork suspension to make it easier to control the bike and more enjoyable to ride.

Quietkat Villager Urban E

Power: 500W | Weight: 50 lb. | Max Assisted Speed: 20 mph | Estimated Range: Up to 38 miles

QuietKat QuietKat Villager Urban E-Bike
QuietKat QuietKat Villager Urban E-Bike
  • Mechanical disc brakes instead of hydraulic
  • Some fat-tire devotees might not consider 3-inch tires fat

This QuietKat may not have the ridiculously fat tires of the companys Jeep E-Bike , but that doesnt mean it cant traverse the backcountry to get you to your favorite hunting spot. With 3-inch Kenda tires, a step-through frame, and a 100-meter coil suspension fork, the Villager is designed to feel maneuverable on all terrain, from smooth and choppy city streets to gravel and grassy trails. The bike also has a relatively light build that makes it easier to handle while dismounted, with a battery that appears smoothly integrated into the frame. QuietKat has several well-considered accessory groupingsthe Anglers Kit, Urban Commuter Kit, and Overlands Kitthat make it easier to get what you want from the bike, whether you plan to ride to work or take the bike on a backcountry fishing adventure, powered by a portable solar-charging station.

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Which Type Of Electric Bicycle Is Best

At Sixthreezero, we offer superior quality bikes made to fit our client’s needs, so it’s not about selling one perfect bike it’s about finding the right one for you! Consider how often you plan to head out, where you may go and any personal comfort factors. Select the model that works for your lifestyle!

Learn More About Electric Bikes:

Choosing The Right Tire Width

Top 5 FAT TIRE electric bikes we’ve tested for summer 2020!

x2.8 Often known as a plus-size tire . Usually found on 27.5 wheel mountain bikes.x3.5 Anything above that width is considered a fat bike tire.x4.0 A standard fat bike tire size.x4.5 Standard fat bike tire width.x4.8 Another standard sizex5.0 The maximum width weve seen so far.

Fat Bike Tire Types Studded Trail Commuter

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What Is The Best Electric Fat Tire Bike

The best Fat Tire electric bikes to dump everything and go everywhere

  • The most popular. Rad Power RadRover Bicycles 5. radpowerbikes.com. $ 1,599.00.
  • Best value. Sondors X. sondors.com.
  • More versatile. Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 1. radpowerbikes.com.
  • Foldable. Aventon Sinch. aventon.com.
  • Fast. Juiced Bikes Scorpion. juicedbikes.com.

Yinzhiboo Smlro Fat Tire E

  • Plenty of power for steep hills
  • Large all-terrain tires are suitable for mountain, gravel and flat roads
  • Lightweight and strong aluminum alloy frame
  • Cons:

    • Too big for riders under 5’5″
    • Some assembly instructions are confusing
    • Built-in horn is quite loud

    Theres no holding back on the YinZhiBoo SMLRO ebike, which has a massive 1000-watt brushless motor. Its ideal for powering up steep hills as well as tricky conditions such as mud and soft sand. You can also cruise over snow-covered trails yet feel steady and in control on paved roads. If youre getting back into shape or havent ridden a traditional bike in ages because of an injury or disability, this powerful machine can help you get back out there.

    Do you want the bike to do all the hard work, or are you craving some exercise? Both are options thanks to three working modes. Alternatively, a hybrid combination lets you and the bike split the effort 50/50.

    As is standard with ebikes, the battery range varies depending on the mode you choose as well as riding conditions and other factors. This one cruises up to 42 miles on eco mode and covers up to 24 miles on full power. You can check the LCD display to view your current mode, battery level and trip mileage.

    According to the manufacturer, the suggested minimum rider height is 55. However, several cyclists note that the bike is quite large and heavy and may be better suited for users who are at least 58.

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    Quietkat Ranger 1000w Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

    QuietKat is another fantastic brand that is doing great work in building awareness for the use of ebikes to assist hunters. The 1000W QuietKat Ranger Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is close in price to the Rambo R750, but it comes standard with a front suspension fork and wider tires, taking the fat tires out to 4.5.

    Why does that matter? It might not sound like a lot, but that extra half an inch coupled with the suspension fork provides additional stability, which comes in handy when you are hunting and your attention is often split between where and what you are riding on and what you are hunting.

    In the power department, the Ranger wont let you down youve got a 750W Bafang hub drive which will push you up to a speed of 19 miles per hour without pedaling.

    The 48V Panasonic cells are built very nicely into the thick frame to avoid getting stuck on passing shrubs, and once again will give you a range of about 20 miles without pedaling – or you could take advantage of the 5 levels of assist, which will automatically respond to your pedaling and provide some extra juice to aid you.

    QuietKat has developed a great range of accessories to support and build upon the solid base provided by the Ranger – we particularly recommend the unique single-wheel trailer for transporting equipment and kills.

    How We Chose The Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes

    NAKTO White 20"  Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Mini Cruiser

    The bikes weve reviewed have been put through a rigorous gauntlet of testing meant to paint a picture of how they accelerate, brake, handle and climb hills in the real world. We also put them through a series of range tests to answer the all-important question of how far you can ride them on a single charge.

    And for us we consider any tire 3 or wider to meet the definition of fat tire, so thats what youll find on the list below.

    To make this list, we evaluated fat-tire e-bikes based on a few key criteria. Mainly:

    This is by no means an exhaustive list of the best fat-tire e-bikes if you survey the e-bike landscape youll see what we mean. Considering how many of them there are out there, a comprehensive list of that sort would be very, very long. What this list is, is a compilation of the best fat bikes weve tested and bikes weve heard about non-stop from our readers, but havent gotten to swing a leg over yet. Know of a bike you think should be on this list? Shout it out to us. Were always happy to look into more options.

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    Diamondback Union 1 E

    Looks like a beast, rides like a powerhouse

    Best for touring & commuting

    • Hydraulic disc brakes
    • 400Wh integrated battery

    Heres a solid beast by Diamondback, a 27.5×2.4 tire 85Nm torque commuter. Although the Union does not have a front suspension, it is still an excellent hybrid.

    Diamondback has a well-established brand in cycling, and they have successfully put out several electric bikes as well. This model may cost slightly above what people want to pay, but with Diamondback, you can trust the bikes durability and quality. The Union 1 is an aluminum e-hybrid with above-average parts and a smooth ride feel.

    Diamondback also has great electric trail bikes on their list that have been quite popular, so this commuter is carrying on the trend.


    The Haibike Trekking has a classical hybrid look, equipped with essential e-bike and e-hybrid components.

    This model falls into the mid-level category with 63mm travel on the fork, Shimano Altus & Avera 8-speed drivetrain, and a mid-drive motor.

    Youll also find hydraulic disc brakes, quick-release wheels, 700x40c wheels, fenders, and lights that are an excellent addition to any urban e-bike. The electronics are also well-made, including a Bosch Active Line Plus motor with 250W of power and a Bosch Lithium-Ion battery.

    We would love to see more bikes at this price range soon, and the Trekking model has helped set the bar for the category.

    Another Electric Fat Bike For Shorter/smaller Riders We Loved

    The Espin Nesta

    At the end of the day the Espin Nesta is just a solid all around performer that can be had at a good value price. Its small but mighty, and riders 52 64 can ride it.

    Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

    Few bikes feel at home off-road quite like the QuietKat Jeep.

    All-terrain e-bikes are something of a new category thats emerging as more companies are equipping ultra-powerful motors on full-suspension frames with larger tires. These bikes often borrow from some of the best mountain bike componentry with sturdier suspension, and crisp shifting. These bikes are capable of handling double track, fire roads, 4X4 trails, and more we often describe it as riding something akin to a light-duty dirt bike.

    These all-terrain bikes when done right are seriously fun for exploring wilder terrain, and the QuietKat Jeep takes the crown for the best weve ridden around on.

    The complementary package is impressive: 750 or 1,000W Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor, Tektro Dorado four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, a reliable Sram 9-speed groupset, and a 150mm GT MRK inverted fork. All of it rolls around on humongous 4.8 CST RolyPoly tires that will roll over almost anything in its path.

    The seemingly endless possibilities of where you can go and what you can do on the QuietKat Jeep is what made it the best electric fat tire bike for off-roading in our minds.

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    Rad Power Bikes Radexpand 5

    Foldable fat tire electric bike

    Weight: 62.5 lbs | Payload Capacity: 275 lbs

    • 20 x 4 fat tires
    • 20 mph top speed

    The Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 electric fat-tire bike is another excellent everyday choice that has a unique foldable design that greatly improves practicality allowing you to go where other bikes cannot, such as public transport.

    The electronics used by the RadExpand are a 750W rear hub motor and a 672Wh battery. Additionally, the RadExpand 5 has a lightweight aluminum frame with a 275lbs payload capacity, 4 off-road-ready tires, a sturdy rear rack, fenders, and even bright lights.

    This bike is the newest addition to Rad Power Bikes lineup and a successor of their popular RadMini folding bike.

    If you want a comfortable 20 e-bike to commute, ride for fun, or run errands around the town, RadExpand 5 wont disappoint you.

    • Range: up to 50 miles
    • 20 x 4.0 fat tires
    • Foldable frame and suspension fork

    Engwe EP-2 Pro is one of the more affordable off-road eBikes with fat tires and plenty of punch where it counts.

    Engwe has optimized this bikes frame geometry to be relaxed and responsive while handling brilliantly both on and off-road. The electronics on this bike are very snappy with a whisper-quiet 750W max power rear hub motor and a 625Wh battery that delivers up to 50+ miles of range.

    Other notable components on the EP-2 Pro are the puncture-resistant 4 fat tires, integrated LED lights, a suspension seat, and mechanical disc brakes.

    Another Electric Fat Bike For Shorter/small Riders We Loved

    Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Electric Bike Review

    The Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5

    The followup to the RadMini that sports a new name, the RadExpand retains a lot of what made the Mini great while adding more comfort, and reducing the bikes weight. Less weight is a plus with folders.

    Check Best Price | Read Full Review | Watch Our Video Review

    While fat tire e-bikes are often used on offroad trails, we dont typically consider fat bikes to be eMTBs or even true trail bikes. We typically consider them to be paved trail riders with some off-road capability. However, the Surface604 Boar Explorer is one of the few exceptions to that rule and would be hard not to include as a worthy trail-style bike.

    The Boar Explorer feels truly dialed in for trails. At around 50lbs, its much lighter than most other bikes on this list, and the 500W motor isnt overwhelmingly powerful but delivers speed in deliberate and meaningful weighs via the equipped torque sensor on this bike. Having that torque sensor on this bike made a huge difference in feeling like it could be relied upon for consistent off-road use.

    The Boar Explorer comes stock with a rigid fork and while many people clamor for the option to have a fork with suspension, it feels like the right choice on this bike. The fork has scalpel-like precision when it comes to handling and the huge Maxxis Colossus 4.5 tires are cushy enough to help smooth out your ride.

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