Is The Peloton Bike Plus Worth It

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Peloton Bike+ Payment Options

peloton bike plus worth it | No Fluff Review

Peloton offers either a pay-now option or pay over 43 months with zero interest. Repayments start at £54 a month for the Bike+ basics package. Do note, however, all Peloton Bikes require you to have some form of their membership in addition to the cost of equipment, the main one being the All-Access membership, but more on that later.

What Are The Differences Which One Is Better

After spending a few weeks exercising on each bike, I personally feel that the Peloton Bike offers better value.

Its cheaper, its been around for a while and its almost the same bike minus a large rotating screen and two woofers. If you are looking for something that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, youd prefer the less expensive Peloton Bike.

But if you already own a Peloton Bike, then you can get the Bike Plus on Rebate for a reduced price. This might make it a more appealing purchase for hardcore Peloton fans.

You Never Have To Calibrate A Peloton Bike Plus

Recently, I had to recalibrate my original Peloton bike. I wrote about calibrating a Peloton cycle here. TL DRits a total pain in the ass, and not always a perfect science. With the Bike Plus, you really dont have to worry about calibration. Because the bikes computer handles it with the push of a button.

So if the idea that your bike might change how it feels or rides over timethus needing a calibrationand that freaks you out, definitely go with the Bike Plus.

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Is The Peloton Bike+ Worth The Extra $1000 Cost

The original Peloton Bike price has been lowered by $400, bringing the lowest price yet at $1,495. When you compare this to the Peloton Bike+, there is now a whopping $1,000 difference. I have written about some of the differences between the two bikes before, and now I want to analyze some of those differences further to see if the value is worth the extra $1,000 cost for the Peloton Bike+.

Quick Verdict Of The Peloton Bike+

Peloton Bike Plus Screen Wobble

My rating for the Peloton Bike+: 5 STAR!

The Peloton Bike+ is the polished Lamborghini of indoor bikes. A very high-quality, smooth operating and technologically-advanced fitness tool to turn at home training into something magical.

My Peloton Bike+ is my favourite shiny toy that I get excited to wake up and use each and every morning not just for cycling, but for strength work, yoga and meditation via the membership.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a Peloton Bike or Bike+ yourself, here’s my referral code that will get you £100 of accessories FREE with your Bike purchase: 6F5UTJ

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Is The Bike+ Worth It

Upon posting the Bike+ to social media and sharing it with friends, the most common question I received was: Is the new bike worth it?

The answer: It depends. I know, this is an unpopular answer, but stick with us. Rephrase the question to: Is the new bike right for me? Aside from being realistic about how often youll use the Bike+ and everything it has to offer , you should ask yourself these questions.

Peloton Bike+ Review Setup

Still, before we received our Bike+ review model, we were very aware of the hype surrounding this spendy bit of kit. Usually, when something is super hyped, its either because its exceptionally bad to the point of shocking , or its utterly amazing and deserves every bit of praise that it gets.

Thankfully, the Bike+ falls into the latter category. From the Peloton-emblazoned delivery van to the brand reps that carry the bike up three flights of stairs before guiding you through the installation process so you can get spinning within minutes, the set-up experience is swift and painless.

If youre adjusting the bike to accompany your or someone elses height, this is very straightforward and will be a piece of cake for those who are familiar with setting themselves up at a spin studio. To adjust the saddle and handlebars to your own riding position, you need to simply twist and loosen the height adjustment knobs on each side and choose your preferred height. Theres also a lever at the back of the saddle to tweak the fore and aft if required.

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Whats My Opinion Of The Peloton Classes Online Via The Bike+

  • Great instructions for the best technique

  • Huge variety of music, level, length and objectives in class.

  • Great stream quality

  • The ability to change the mix between music and instructor is nice for music led rides.

  • Always something on the live schedule throughout the day I fancy taking

  • I love to stack my classes

Overall Peloton offers the best online platform Ive ever tried in regard to quality, variety and user experience.

How Much Should I Spend On Peloton

Peloton Bike: Is It Worth The Hype?!

If Peloton sounds appealing then you’ll want to decide how much to spend. That $39 monthly fee for the app part is a must, but how much kit do you want with your bike? And are you someone who needs a push to know how to stay motivated to workout at home?

There are the Bike and the Bike+ options. The first, Bike, is for cycling mostly. The second, Bike+, also includes weights and other workout kit so you can follow along to general fitness classes, off the mat.

The difference between the two options are basic. Bike comes with a 21.5-inch touchscreen and Bike+ has a 23.8-inch touchscreen that rotates so you can see it while working out on the mat. Bike+ also has a better audio setup with four-channel speakers rather than two. The other difference on the Bike+ is auto resistance adjustment – a bigger deal – so you don’t need to move the knob as you workout, it will adapt as the instructor changes it in the video. There is also Apple GymKit integration for those that want it.

So, Bike starts at $1,495 and Bike+ starts at $2,495. Then you can add more money for shoes, weights, pads, mats, bottles and more. The top-end option for Bike is $2,035 and for Bike+ it’s $3,035.

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Is The Peloton Bike Worth The Money

Because my husband and I financed the bike, we pay a total of $97 each month$58 for the bike plus $39 for the membership. Split between the two of us, that comes out to $48.50 each. After 39 months when the bike is paid off, it will just be the $39 for the membership. So as long as Peloton stays in business and we can maintain access to all of the live and on-demand classes, we should be good.

Compared to what we were spending on the gym and classes prior to purchasing our bike, we are actually saving money. The monthly cost of Peloton is much less than the $84-per-month gym membership my husband cancelledand its also much less than what I was paying for SoulCycle when I was going around eight times per month, which came out to $264 .

A closeup of me riding the Peloton bike.

For us, owning a Peloton reduced our fitness costs, but that may not be the case for you. The bike is an investment, and depending on how much money you have to spend, how much money youre already spending on fitness, and how likely you are to use the bike long-term, it may or may not make sense for you.

Even though I haven’t continued to use the Peloton as much as I thought I would, my husbands commitment to it makes the monthly price we pay worth it. I also plan to use it much more moving forward, especially when we eventually move and I am no longer within walking distance of a barre studio, making it great to have in the years to come.

What Is The Difference Between The Peloton Digital Membership And The Peloton All

The 2 key differences are:

1. The digital membership is intended for an individual, , who doesnt have a Peloton Tread or Bike and who wants to use their own equipment to enjoy the library of classes. The digital membership is £12.99 per month.

2. One of the many great things about the Peloton Bike and Bike+ is the live in-ride stats for cadence, resistance, output, power zones, calories, heart rate and much more which can only be logged with the all-access membership.

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Delta Look Clips Only On Original Bike New Bike+ Has An Option For A Clip

  • There are several advantages to using clipped pedals. They keep your feet firmly planted in the pedal which reduces the chances of pedal strikes .
  • Cycling shoes allow the rider to pull up at the top of the pedal rotation which engages glutes and hamstrings for more balance musculature
  • Delta LOOK cleats are wide and allow for more float in your ankle and knee joints which reduces strain on the joints for a natural feeling pedal stroke.

Original Peloton Bike Is Now Much Cheaper Than The Bike Plus

Health &  Fitness Reviews, Features, and Deals

In case you missed the announcement, Peloton is now selling the original bike for $1,195, down from $1,895. However, the Original Bike has a $250 delivery and set up fee.

Meanwhile the Bike Plus is $1,995, down from $2,495. So, you can get the Bike Plus for $500 less than it used to be.

Finally, the Bike Plus comes with free shipping, delivery and set up. So, in essence, its a $250 additional savings over the original bike.

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Whats Going On With Peloton

Business boomed for Peloton in 2020 and early 2021, owing in large part to changing workout habits prompted by the pandemic. In May 2020, the company reported 66% revenue growth and a 64% increase in subscribers. In September 2020, Peloton expanded its fleet with the introduction of the Bike+. Peloton Guide, the companys two-way video strength-training experience, debuted in spring 2022, and the Peloton Row, a connected rowing machine, launched in the fall.

But demand for the companys equipment has waned, in part due to shifts in consumer behavior as the pandemic evolved. Peloton replaced CEO John Foley in February 2022 and announced that it would lay off 2,800 employees globally. Most recently, the company cut 500 more employees and disclosed plans for showroom and warehouse closures. It also increased the price of its Tread treadmill and the Bike+.

Well keep a close eye on developments and what they might mean for current Peloton owners and those contemplating taking the plunge.

Key Features: Bike Vs Bike+

While both bike models look similar and feature the same great classes and social features , the Bike+ differs from its popular predecessor in a few key invisible ways: This bike is buttery smooth and crazy silent. One turn of the pedals and I marveled, whoa, out loud. To be clear, the original bike is not loud, but the new bike is exceptionally quiet but for the sound of clipping in and out.

Aside from a few minor design tweakshidden wires, a raised logo, slightly modified water bottle and hand weight racksthe most visually notable difference is the larger 23.8-inch rotating screen . Two inches may seem insignificant, but the larger size feels more immersive and holds your attention away from the unlimited distractions in your home that threaten to sabotage your precious workout time.

The larger screen also makes off-the-bike workouts, especially boot camp-style classes or post-ride stretching, easier to follow along with from a distance. The rotating neck allows you to set up your mat and weights next to the bike and swivel the screen for easy viewing.

Bike+ also boasts improved audio features, including front-facing speakers and rear-facing woofers for a booming, immersive, and high-quality experience. The prior bike only has rear-facing stereo speakers. Youll be both taken aback and impressed by the audio if you can use it, but this feature is likely best-suited for those who have a home gym or basement/garage option.

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Which Is Of Better Quality

Thats a tough question. I closely examined both the bikes. They look exactly identical. The frame is made from the same carbon welded steel. The parts and components, everything is the same. That said, the Bike Plus is definitely more stable. I compared the Peloton bike to the Expresso bike, and pitched it against the Schwinn IC3 and IC4, but the Bike Plus stands out in terms of build quality.

There have been a few complaints about the Peloton Bike being wobbly. In comparison, the Bike Plus is as steady as a rock.

Peloton Bike Vs Peloton Bike Plus: Verdict

I spent a month riding the Peloton Bike Plus (and LIKED it)

Which bike is best for you really depends on your budget, and whether youre bothered by the little extras that come with the Peloton Bike Plus. The main selling point in our eyes is the rotating screen, which really is a plus when doing strength classes, but if you dont mind standing behind your bike, or doing strength classes on a tablet or your phone via the Peloton app, dont let this put you off.

If you are an avid Apple Watch user, being able to hold your best Apple Watch up to the camera to seamlessly connect to the Peloton Bike Plus is a cool feature, but whether its worth the higher price point is a personal preference.

Either way, the magic of Peloton is in its classes, and both bikes offer access to them. We liked both bikes enough to rate them highly on our best exercise bikes page and found both to be brilliant home workout tools to help you reach your goals. See you in the saddle!

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Quick Thoughts Compared To A Smart Bike:

If youre a frequent reader of this site, then you may be wondering if a Peloton bike is a good substitute for a smart bike, such as a Wahoo KICKR Bike, Tacx NEO Bike, Wattbike ATOM, or Stages Bike. The most simplistic answer is: Probably not.

The more complex answer: Does your marriage depend on this decision?

Despite the because its cool hate on Peloton from some cyclists, Id argue that the average Peloton workout is probably going to make people more fit than the average Zwift ride . Which doesnt mean theyll make them a better cyclist, it just means theyre likely going to burn more calories. The reality of Peloton workouts is that many of them are largely designed to leave you drained each time. Its mostly high-intensity . Peloton has gotten better in the last few years at offering a wider variety of workouts though, to the point where you can create a more balanced schedule.

The problem is, that the Peloton Bike makes for a less than ideal Zwift, TrainerRoad, or similar platform setup even with power meter pedals and those apps running on secondary screens. You dont have gearing, so you have to adjust the resistance knob to compensate for it. And it wont automatically change the resistance Now, Ive done many Zwift and TrainerRoad sessions on the Peloton bike. And its totally functional, just not ideal.

Inversely though, theres simply no better experience for Peloton classes than a Peloton bike.

Peloton Bike+ Review Verdict

Theres a lot to consider when buying a Peloton bike: the initial price, the ongoing subscription costs, if you have space in your home, if youll use it regularly enough to justify a purchase, and so on. However, such concerns will likely melt away as soon as that bike lands on your doorstep .

Thanks to its super robust construction, beautiful design with attention to detail, ease of use and comfort, we dare anyone not to become instantly obsessed with the Peloton Bike+. The premium experience it delivers is kind of magical, and as a result, weve used it almost daily over the past few months. We cant get enough.

Theres a reason why Peloton is happy to provide a 30-day free trial with free delivery for newbies: the brand knows that as soon as a Bike+ virgin places their bum on that saddle, theres no going back. An epic piece of home fitness equipment with an immersive top-notch platform to back it up. Believe the hype: the Bike+ is the best exercise bike you can buy right now.

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What I Didnt Like

I wish I could say that my butt got used to the seat, but it never did. One critique I have is that the seat could come with a pad. I do have some built-in padding on my butt , but the pain I felt didnt go away no matter how many rides I did.

My biggest complaint was the difficulty of locking my shoes into the bike. At first, I put the shoes on and then tried to lock them into the bike. This entailed a lot of pressing down into the locks and the pedals spinning because I couldnt get the lock in just right. Then I decided to keep the shoes locked in and put my feet into the shoe while they were attached. This proved to be challenging because the pedals would move unless I used one hand to press the stop button on the bike. So I was constantly bending over, feeling soreness in my back from this motion, and feeling frustrated getting on and off the bike.

In a perfect world, Id love to have an easier way to get my feet in and out of the shoes on the bike. But of all of the Peloton diehards that Ive talked to, I seem to be the only one that had this problem with the Peloton shoes.

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