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Kuat 1 Bike Add On For Transfer V1 Platform Rack

Kuat Transfer v2 Platform Hitch Rack Demonstration and Overview

Hi everybody, Andy here with etrailer.com, and today, we’re gonna take a look at this One Bike Add-On for the Kuat Transfer V1 One Bike Platform Rack. This one bike add-on is gonna let you easily transform your Kuat Transfer V1 One Bike Rack for the 1 1/4 inch and two inch hitches into a two bike rack, and for your reference, I am including the model number of that bike rack on your screen. And this is going to be an easy installation to the base of your bike rack with the included hardware and Allen keys that you see here on the table before me. And I do have this loosely assembled just to kinda give you an idea of what this is going to look like before you put this on the base of your bike rack, so there will be some assembly required when you pull this out of the box before you put this on the base of your rack. Now, the ratcheting hook is going to hold your bike firmly in place by the front wheel. Let me go ahead and go back to my wide view here and just show you real quick here how easily this hook works.

The Popular Kat Transfer Rack Gets The V2 Upgrade

Küats most popular rack, the Transfer received some serious upgrades to move it into the Version 2 or v2 family of bike racks. The new Transfer v2 will continue to come in 1, 2 3-bike options with improved modular add-on ability for all three. The 3-bike even allows a one-bike add-on to carry 4 bikes.

Foot Lever For Easy Tilting And Folding

The spring-loaded foot lever is easily accessible even with your bike loaded. No more crawling through your bike or squeezing between the rack and the vehicle to hit the tilt release lever.

The foot lever lets you tilt the rack down with your bike loaded for cargo area access. It leaves both hands free so that you can lower the rack in a controlled manner. When the rack is unloaded you can fold it up for storage.

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Our Analysis And Test Results

Transfer V2

Kuat is well known for their quality, and often very expensive, bike racks. That’s why we were intrigued by the much more reasonably priced Transfer, a platform hitch model that costs less than half of their high-end models. With a price that much lower we kept our expectations similarly low but were pleasantly surprised by a relatively user-friendly and good-looking rack, albeit in a much less refined package. It does not feel as rugged or quality as its much higher-priced siblings, nor does it come with security features of any kind, sacrifices made to keep the price of this model down. This is a fine entry-level platform hitch rack to be sure, but those looking for high-end Kuat quality will still need to pay the high-end price to get it.

New Features Of The V2

Kuat Transfer V2 1

One of the new features of this version is a semi-integrated bike cable lock. Its is about 7.5 long and uses a locking pin to secure the cable to the rack. The cable is a deterrent to a thief looking to grab and go but easily snipped with cable cutters. Personally, I dont leave my bike unattended for very long since Ive had mine stolen a few years ago while on the rack.

The cable is semi-integrated, meaning theres nowhere on the rack to store it when not in use. Instead, Kuat provides a burlap bag for the tools and cable, but Id prefer to see a retractable cable making it one less thing to worry about losing.

Kuat provides two keys that come on a keychain that doubles as a bottle opener, always a handy item to have around for post-ride libations.

Another new feature is the flatlock hitch cam that expands with the turn of a special Allen key. As the flatlock expands, the hitch becomes stabilized in the receiver. Double-check the flatlock on long trips, as I found it tends to loosen over time. The 8mm security Allen wrench has a unique head, so a thief cant remove the rack unless they have the same head. Just dont lose it, or you wont be able to get it off your car until Kuat sends a replacement.

It was strange that the instruction manual stated to tighten the flatlock hitch cam to 24 nM. But without the same security Allen head for your torque wrench, youre guessing at the amount of force to use.

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Quality Modular Design And Price Make Kuat Racks Appealing

Kuat racks are so appealing because they are affordable, compact for easy storage, and dont weigh a ton. Ranging from $349 to $549 , the Transfer v2 is an affordable option for those riders looking for a quality hitch rack. When not hauling bikes, the rack folds down and close to the vehicle . Also, when off the vehicle, the Transfer v2 stows up against the garage wall taking up minimum space. Or use the optional Rackdock to stow it. Also, as a woman with lower back problems, I appreciate the lightweightat ~40 lbs for the 2-bike versionthe rack is easy to maneuver on and off the car.

Another feature to point out for those with back issues or heavy bikes, the Transfer v2 has an open design, making it easy to load and unload. The center of the rack is an open format allowing you to stand close to the bike when lifting it on or off the rack, thus reducing back strain.

The Transfer v2 has a modular design for 1, 2, 3, and 4 bike options. And as with the first version, it hinges down to enable accessing the vehicles hatch/trunk easier.

Ease Of Removal And Storage

The Transfer is relatively easy to remove and store but like most platform hitch mount racks it suffers a little in this metric due to its size and shape. Attaching and removing the rack is similar to most other racks with a threaded hitch pin and requires a wrench and bending down low to the ground. While tightening a threaded hitch pin with a wrench is quite easy, racks like the Thule T2 Pro XT make this process even easier with their tool-free stinger pin and tightening knob design.

At only 35lbs 8oz, it’s among the lightest weight platform models in the test, just 1lb 8 oz heavier than the Yakima Dr. Tray. It’s also somewhat smaller than many of its competitors, with a width of only 47 inches, so once removed it takes up a little less space in your storage space compared to other wider racks like the RockyMounts MonoRail which is 56 inches wide. Like most similar racks, it’s still quite sizeable and somewhat awkward to store compared to a trunk mount rack that can fold down nice and small for convenient storage.

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Kuat T2aob Transfer V2 1 Bike Add

The Kuat T2AOB Transfer V2 1 Bike Add-On extends your 1, 2 or 3 bike Transfer V2 platform bike rack by one additional bike.


  • Increases carrying capacity of Transfer V2 racks by one additional bike.
  • Add-on is easy to install to existing rack.
  • Secures bike via front tire hook and rear tire strap offering no frame contact.
  • Fast and easy bike loading and unloading.
  • Fits a large range of bike shapes and sizes including child and full suspension.
  • Easy access to vehicle rear cargo area even with bike on.
  • Highly durable thanks to ballistic black powder coating and automotive grade hardware.


  • Wheel size: 18 to 29
  • Max wheelbase: 1270 mm
  • Max bike weight: 18.2 kg .
  • Max tire width: 12.7 mm . APBK Phat Bike Kit required for 3.25 – 5 tires.
  • Carries: 1 bike.
  • Fits: Kuat T201B, T222B, T223B Transfer V2, not T202B or older Transfer V1 models.
  • Compatibility: Will not work with front bike tire rain fenders or recreational vehicles.
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Model: T2AOB

Kuat Nv 20 And Kuat Transfer V2 Bike Rack Review

Kuat Transfer v2 Hitch Mounted Bike rack

On March 1st, 2021, I filled my car with all of my belongings and set out on a 3,266-mile route from Richmond, Virginia to Bellingham, Washington. At the time I had been using the Kuat NV 2.0 for a year without any complaints. With a combined payload of 70+ lbs, I was sure I was putting the rack to the ultimate stress test. It wasnt until somewhere around the border of West Virginia that I stopped glancing in my rearview mirror to ensure my bikes were safe. For every one of those 3,266 miles, the NV 2.0 dutifully carried both my enduro and downhill bike. To my relief, I arrived in Bellingham nine days later with the same number of bikes that I left the East Coast with.

I have thoroughly tested the NV 2.0, relying on it to transport my bikes to every ride for the past two years.

NV 2.0

In hindsight, I was naive to think the NV 2.0 might fail. With the two-bike version having a 60lb rating per tray, this is one of Kuats most capable bike racks. I would have been able to drive the same distance with two E-Bikes, let alone my enduro and downhill bike.

Compatible with a variety of wheelbases, wheel sizes, and tire widths Ive yet to encounter a modern mountain bike the Kuat cant carry.


The trunk of my Subaru Outback has plenty of clearance when the rack is in its lowered position.

The front tire cradle is secure on even the roughest shuttle roads.


The Trail Doc has come to the rescue more than once for last-minute maintenance.


Transfer v2

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Rotating Arm With Ratcheting Hook

The Transfer V2 has a ratcheting hook that grabs your bike firmly by the front wheel – not the frame. It’s perfect for carrying a carbon bike or bike with a custom paint job. To load your bike, simply place the front wheel in the cradle, rotate the arm up and over the wheel, and press down firmly on the ratcheting hook.

Complete Security For Bike And Rack

The Allen wrench has an indentation, so it can only be used with the Transfer. This helps keep the rack secure on your vehicle. You’ll need to store it in a safe place because you’ll need it when you want to remove the rack. You can also use a locking hitch pin for extra rack security.

The Transfer also includes a cable lock that secures your bike to the rack. The 1/4″ thick, braided steel cable threads through your bike’s frame, and locks back into the rack.

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High Security Hitch Rack For Solo Adventures

An unforgettable solo adventure is closer than you think. As an upgrade to the previous version, the Küat Transfer V2 1 Bike Hitch Rack is more solid than ever.

Constructed from automotive-grade 750-hour salt spray hardware, the Küat Transfer V2 gets you to wherever you need to go. A more robust hitch design allows for enhanced stability, as well as a semi-integrated bicycle cable lock as an upgrade to security. With tamper-resistant hitch technology, this one-of-a-kind hitch rack is more secure than ever.

Bring your favorite bike along with you to your ultimate ride destination with the Kuat Transfer V2 1 Bike Hitch Rack. Built to hold up to a 50-inch wheelbase bike and wheels up to 18 inches all the way to 29 inches.


  • -Designed for 1.25″ hitch receivers

  • -Comes with an adapter for a 2″ receiver

  • -Compatible with the Küat Transfer V2 1-Bike Add-On

  • -No-tool install with hand-tightening ball cam system

  • -Includes semi-integrated bicycle cable lock

  • -Tamper-resistant hitch security

  • -More robust hitch design for enhanced stability in tow

  • -Holds up to a 50″ wheelbase bike

  • -Holds wheels 18″-29″

  • -Holds tires up to 5″ with accessory strap + better hook clearance for loading fat bikes

  • -Automotive-grade 750 hour salt spray hardware

Other Versions And Accessories

Kuat Transfer V2 Platform Hitch Rack (Black) (3 Bikes) (2"  Receiver ...

In addition to the 2-bike model of the Transfer we tested they also make it in 1-bike and 3-bike configurations. They also make a 1-bike add-on that can be used with the 1-bike version to expand its capacity to 2 bikes.

Transfer Lock KitPhat Bike KitHi-Lo

The Pivot, $295, is a fold-out receiver arm that allows you to swing the entire rack to provide better access to the back of your vehicle.

NV 2.0Sherpa 2.0Jeremy Benson

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Kuat Improves On An Already Excellent Hitch Rack

In January 2019, I reviewed the Kuat Transfer hitch rack. I liked the rack then but felt the company could improve on a few features. Fast forward, and Kuat addresses many of my suggested improvements, plus more in version 2. For a full rundown of features, view Kuats video, but a few of the key enhancements include:

  • Increased the wheelbase length from 47 to 50
  • Holds a wider selection of wheel sizes from 18-29
  • Accommodates more fat bike models with tires up to 5 with accessory strap
  • Increased length of J-arm for better clearance of the hook that holds the front tire
  • Semi-integrated bike cable lock
  • Flatlock hitch cam used to secure the rack with an 8mm security Allen wrench needed to remove it

Kat Transfer V2 Key Upgrades:

  • More robust hitch design for enhanced stability in tow
  • Tamper-resistant hitch security
  • Semi-integrated bike cable lock system
  • Larger wheelbase with the capability to fit a bike up to 50 in length
  • Holds wheel sizes from 18 to 29
  • Holds tire widths up to 5 with accessory strap, previously 4.5 as well as better hook clearance for loading fat bikes
  • All 2 options come with a flatlock cam for 2, and the 1.25 will be equipped with a ball cam
  • Automotive-grade 750-hour salt spray hardware
  • Available in Ballistic Black Power with Black Anodized accents

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