Lithium Battery For Electric Bike

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Position Of The Battery In/on The Bike’s Frame

How to maintain Lithium batteries for electric bikes – Easy!

The position of an e-bike’s battery pack in its frame also goes a long way in determining the types of use cases it might be suitable for. Electric bikes with removable batteries fitted to open locations on their frames are at greater risk of suffering water damage than those with well-hidden battery compartments.

Water can easily trickle into the battery compartment of an electric bike whose battery pack sits at the top of its down tube and erode its contacts. The same can be said about batteries that are attached to an e-bike’s seat tube.

I personally feel like the battery design with the most protection against ingress from water is one that allows the battery sit at the bottom of the down tube as shown in the video below.

Two e-bikes that fit this description include the Ride1Up 700 and the Aventon Level 2.

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Understanding Lithium Ion E

Before we look at some of the best e-bike lithium ion batteries and how they compare, its important to understand certain terms and measurements that are commonly used when talking about these kinds of batteries.

  • Amps Short for amperes, amps is a unit of electrical current. Higher numbers of amps typically result in a more powerful and physically bigger battery pack.
  • Volts Volts, voltage, or V, in simple terms, refers to the speed or flow of electrical energy from the battery.
  • Watts Usually shortened to W, watts or wattage is arguably the most important power-related measurement to look at when examining bike batteries. Its calculated by combining volts and amps, and it tells you how much power your bikes battery is capable of emitting.
  • Ampere per hour Shortened to Ah, ampere per hour tells us the capacity of a lithium ion battery, showing how many amperes of energy can be discharged each hour. You often see this shortened to mAh, or milliampere per hour. The higher the number, the bigger your batterys capacity.
  • Watt per hour Shortened to Wh, this is another measurement of power over time. It gives us an idea of how long a bikes battery can last.

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What Size Is Best For An Ebike Battery

Just as every bike and rider is unique, so is an e-bike battery. The best size e-bike battery for your ride depends on many factors, including the size and weight of the bike and your typical riding routes.

A smaller battery is faster, efficient and slightly cheaper. But it might not offer the power and performance you actually need for more demanding tasks, such as off-road rides on your electric mountain bike.

Take an entry-level battery, such as a 36V 10Ah battery, and compare it to a beefier 48V 15Ah battery. The 36V battery weighs less but doesn’t have the larger amount of power or riding range as the 48V battery.

While the 36V battery is more practical and economical on lighter folding ebikes, the 48V battery offers more bang for your buck if you’re a larger rider or have a heavier electric bike. This is especially true if you frequently ride up long, steep hills, or transport cargo on your electric beach cruiser bike.

How Long Will An Electric Bike Battery Last

36v 10ah Silver fish electric bike battery 36V Electric bicycle lithium ...

The useful life of an electric bicycle battery depends on the type of battery, the charge cycles and discharge rates, and the environmental conditions in which it operates. A typical 36V electric bike battery using lithium-ion cells can last up to about 8 years. Keep in mind that if you do any modifications like an ebike speed hack or add a USB port, this will affect how long the battery lasts.

However, fast charging, extreme temperatures, and deep discharge cycles can drastically alter the expected battery life.

In some cases, an e-bike batterys battery monitoring system electronics will break down before the battery itself. BMS circuits are sometimes mounted externally to the battery pack, where road debris, moisture, or frost can damage them.

Chargers can also fail more frequently than battery packs.

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Electroridetm Ultra Hp 37v 21ah

  • Powerful BMS and Cells: Continuous current 65A or 5C.
  • Instantaneous Current: 100+A up to 10C.
  • Compact Battery Pack Size: 7.5″ X 5.3″ X 3.1″
  • Unbelievably Light Weight: 8.4 lbs! Specific Energy ~ 192 Wh/kg
  • Life Expectancy: 3+ years. Up to 7 years if used gently
  • Really Long Range: Up to 37 miles / 74+ miles **
  • Fast Charger: 6A, 2-3 hours max charge time
  • Cell Type: Latest High Current LG or Samsung 18650 3000mAh
  • Cell Combination: 10S7P
  • Manufacturer is ISO9001 Certified – Series of high standards adopted. worldwide, originated by United States Department of Defense.

Create A Safe Charging Station

As mentioned above, theres a risk of fire with all large lithium batteries. Its smart to designate a safe place to charge your e-bike batteries. Outside or in the center of an empty garage floor are two good options. Make sure the location is dry.

Here are some specifics regarding e-bike battery maintenance:

  • Its worth repeating: use thechargerthat came with your bike battery.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby that works on battery fires in case of emergency.
  • Pay attention to how long the battery is on the charger. Smart chargers sense when the charge is complete and turn off. As a backup, unplug the charger when you arent using it.
  • If your charger isnt a smart charger, pay close attention to the time while its charging. Unplug it when the charge is complete.
  • You cant go wrong with charging the battery after each use.
  • If you store the battery for several months, charge it once each month when its not in use.
  • Turn off the e-bike after every use. If the power switch stays on and the battery hasnt been charged in a while, it may fail. Some battery systems have auto-shutoff features to prevent over-discharging and extend the electric bicycle battery life.

Never charge a battery if you think its damaged. Never charge it unsupervised inside a building. Always buy your battery from a reliable vendor and charge with care.

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Everything You Need To Know About Types Of E

When purchasing an electric bicycle, the battery is one of the most important components. The battery determines how long the bicycle can be used without recharging, the distance it can travel, and how heavy and/or light it weighs.

Its also one of the most expensive parts, so be sure to pay attention to the battery when youre making an e-bike purchase.

How Do I Know Which Battery To Get For My Electric Bike

Project: Upgrade Electric Bike to Lithium Batteries #1

Whether you’re buying a backup battery or want to upgrade, you need to get a battery that’s compatible with your ride. You’ll need to stay within the recommended range to avoid potential issues.

Most manufacturers sell lithium-ion batteries, which are popular due to their affordability and low maintenance over time.

According to the University of Washington’s Clean Energy Institute, lithium-ion batteries have a low self-discharge range of 1.5 to 2 percent per month. This low rate means a longer shelf life. They’re also relatively easy to dispose of as they don’t contain cadmium.

As you shop for the best battery for your electric bicycle, you’ll notice several numbers. Some of the most important include watt-hours , amp-hours and volts. Many manufacturers also list the amps, although this isn’t the same as amp-hours.

Watt-hours combine voltage and amp-hours to determine how far you can ride on a single charge. Amp-hour ratings suggest a perceived capacity, or how long the battery can operate over a specific amount of time.

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Shop By Ah From Batteryspecialistca

  • Now:$16.99Was: Our maintenance-free sealed lead acid batteries with absorbed glass mat technology offer outstanding performance withstanding high current output and deep cycling. Excellent resistance to vibration, shock, chemicals and heat. Lower self-discharge…MSRP: $36.29Decrease Quantity of BW1229 – 12 Volts 2.9Ah -Terminal F1 – AGM Battery – HX12-2.9 – BW1229TIncrease Quantity of BW1229 – 12 Volts 2.9Ah -Terminal F1 – AGM Battery – HX12-2.9 – BW1229TPrice:

Runner Up: Qzf 48v 1000w Ebike Battery

  • Locks securely onto the frame
  • Secure base connection eliminates bad contacts
  • Durable plastic shell won’t overheat
  • Cons:

    • Warranty is only 1 year
    • May not work with some popular brands such as Shimano and Bosch

    Get more miles out of each ride with a versatile backup battery. This QZF lithium-ion battery fits a wide range of motors from 250 to 1,000 watts, making it well-suited for entry-level rides and premium ones.

    There are several variations of this e-bike battery. This particular model is a 48V 13AH 1000-watt powerhouse that will extend your road and trail adventures. Its been upgraded with a more secure base connection to virtually eliminate bad contacts.

    When youre spending this much money on a second battery, you want to make sure it will last. This one will last over 1,000 charging cycles, or 5+ years with normal use. It also dissipates heat better than the last model for longevity.

    This battery can keep you cruising between 45 and 85 miles, depending on factors such as weight and riding conditions. Other versions offer different ranges. An integrated light alerts when the battery is running low. Youll need to set aside up to eight hours for the battery to fully charge.

    An included key secures the battery to the frame for peace of mind. 5V 1.5A USB charging socket to keep your smart devices juiced up on the go.

  • Indicator lights show battery status
  • Lasts over 1,000 charging cycles
  • Waterproof construction offers protection during rain
  • Cons:

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    Electroridetm Ultra Hp 52v 30ah

    • Powerful BMS and Cells: Continuous current 65A or 5C.
    • Instantaneous Current: 100+A up to 10C.
    • Compact Battery Pack Size: 9.6″ X 5.3″ X 4.5″
    • Unbelievably Light Weight: 15 lbs! Specific Energy ~ 192 Wh/kg
    • Life Expectancy: 3+ years. Up to 7 years if used gently
    • Really Long Range: Up to 72 miles / 140+ miles **.
    • Fast Charger: 8 Amp, 2-3 hours max charge time
    • Cell Type: Latest Panasonic Cells
    • Cell Combination: 14S10P
    • Manufacturer is ISO9001 Certified – Series of high standards adopted. worldwide, originated by United States Department of Defense.

    Yose Electric Bike Battery

    Hailong Down tube electric bike lithium ion battery 36V 14AH bafang ...


    WHY WE LIKE IT: This Yose battery has an impressive lifecycle, which will suit people seeking a lasting solution. The device comes with convenient features such as a charging connector and battery life LCD.


    • Battery indicator is sometimes faulty

    The Yose electric bike battery is recommended for bikes with motors ranging in power from 100W to 1000W. This battery is available in models of 13Ah 38V and 13Ah 48V. It has a universal base that attaches to an extensive selection of bike frames. With a smart BMS, this battery offers protection against short circuits, overcharging, and overvoltage. However, the battery level indicator on this model is sometimes misleading.

    This Yose electric bike battery has a safety lock to ward off intruders. An LED indicator on this unit enables monitoring battery status easily. A power control switch helps to save energy. This Yose battery has a black color scheme, blending in easily with bike frames. The battery has an upgraded connector with water-resistant qualities and efficient connectivity. It maintains up to 75% capacity after the first 1000 charge cycles, so its built to last.

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    What Is The Lifespan Of An E

    There are several factors that affect the lifetime of a battery such as:

    • environmental conditions: temperature during charging & discharging

    • charging rate: how fast or slow your battery is charged

    • charging voltage: what voltage the battery is charged to

    • depth of discharge : what voltage the battery is discharged to

    The list above isn’t exhaustive but, in general, batteries decay as a function of time in the charged state. Period.

    Here’s an example:

    Day 1: You get your new e-bike and charge it up to 100% and go on a bike ride. When you come home, you charge the bike back up to 100% and you’re excited to ride it again soon.

    Day 2 – 364: Life get’s in the way and you still haven’t been out on your bike since that first ride.

    Day 365: One year later, it’s the perfect day for a bike ride and you finally have some time on your hands. You head to your basement, unlock your bike, and excitedly turn it on. 80% charge. What? You clearly remember charging your bike to 100% last year before moving it to the basement!

    The truth is, we can’t beat thermodynamics. I’ll say it again: batteries decay as a function of time in the charged state.

    Table 3 from Battery University

    Manufacturers also tend to overrate their batteries and will make claims about certain batteries having a lifetime of at least 1,000 cycles.

    Sixthreezero Battery For Electric Bikes

  • Fits most popular sixthreezero bikes
  • 250-watt batteries last up to 1.5 hours per charge
  • Get up to 40 miles on pedal assist mode with the 500-watt battery
  • Cons:

    • Limited to single options for each battery
    • Exclusively for sixthreexzero bikes

    Power your electric bike with this sixthreezero ebike battery. Choose between 250- and 500-watt batteries depending on which one works best with your bike.

    The smaller 250-watt battery has a 36V and 10.4Ah rating, which is plenty for most rides around town. Pair the battery with a bike such as the AroundtheBlock 250W Electric Cruiser Bike to keep the momentum going for hours.

    Each 250-watt battery lasts up to 1.5 hours per charge. You can cruise up to 15 miles on full electric and 15 to 30 miles on pedal assist mode.

    Theres also a 500-watt battery. This e-bike battery packs a more powerful punch with 48V 10.4Ah for maximum performance. Pair the battery with a bike such as the EVRYjourney 500W Electric Hybrid Bicycle to confidently ride up steeper hills and enjoy longer outings in the saddle.

    With a more powerful 500-watt battery at your disposal, you can cruise up to 20 miles on full electric and up to 40 miles on pedal assist mode.

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    Which Battery Is Best For An Ebike

    Every battery comes with its own set of numbers to give you a better idea of how much power, performance and run time you can expect on your rides.

    However, these numbers aren’t concrete. Just because a manufacturer suggests a certain range, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should expect those same numbers.

    Every bike and rider is different. Realistically, numbers will vary from one rider to the next. Factors such as terrain, bike and rider weight, and even weather conditions can influence how long your battery lasts with each ride. A fat tire electric bicycle, for example, will likely require a larger battery than a more compact step-thru e-bike for commuters.

    Stay Away From Extreme Temperatures

    How To Make 48V 60Ah Lithium ion battery pack for Electric Bike

    Extreme hot or cold temperatures will hurt performance. Lithium batteries like cooler temperatures. If you want to extend your electric bicycle battery life, dont let it get hot. Warm is alright, but hot to the touch is bad.

    The recommended temperatures for storing your batteries are between 32 and 77. Extreme temperatures, over 104, should be avoided. The lithium powder inside the battery cells loses electrical resistance when it heats up. Warmer temps make the battery discharge faster. Youll have to charge it more often.

    Cooler temps are better. Your battery will last longer. Thats because the lithium powder increases resistance in colder conditions. Maybe youve heard recommendations to store camera batteries made of lithium in the refrigerator. Manufacturers advise this to prolong the life of the battery.

    Storing an e-bike battery in the fridge is hard. Instead, keep it in as cold a place as you can. But, remember to warm the battery to room temperature before you charge it. If you charge a frozen battery, it can damage it.

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    They Are Easier To Store

    Extreme weather temperatures affect an e-bike battery’s ability to store a charge. This is why bike experts advise riders to store their e-bikes indoors and at room temperature when it’s very cold outside.

    Electric bikes with removable batteries offer more practicality in such situations than those with batteries locked inside their frames. With the latter, you’d have to store the entire bike at room temperature to make sure it doesn’t get affected by bad weather.

    This might not be easy for someone who stays in an apartment with very limited storage space.

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