Marlin 5 Trek Mountain Bike

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Youll Find All Types Of Trek Mountain Bikes For Sale

Trek Marlin 5 Mountain Bike | Is it a good value?

Your local Trek retailer , may only carry a limited Trek mountain bike selection. At BikeExchange, you can normally find dozens of Trek mountain bikes for sale from retailers all across the United States.

Our broad selection increases your chances of finding the right bike at the right price many Trek mountain bike prices have been discounted by the retailer. Use our robust search engine to pinpoint specific models or peruse the many product descriptions at your leisure. Shop around the clock via your computer or mobile device. A huge bike market is always available at your fingertips!

Beefy Bontrager Wheels And Tires

Last but not least, the beefy Bontrager wheels and tires are some of the first things you will notice on your Marlin 5. The 13.5 and 15.5 sized frames come with 27.5 wheels, whereas all larger frames come with 29 wheels.

The wheels are Bontrager Connection. They have 32 spokes, so they are quite strong, and theyre double-walled which means they can withstand some beating.

The Bontrager XR2 tires are 2.20 wide on 27.5 wheels. However, when it comes to 29 wheels, the rear is narrower at 2.0.

These wheels and tires are a bit heavier than ideal, but once you get them going, theyll take you wherever you direct the handlebars.

Trek Marlin 5 Vs Marlin 6

The first difference has to be the cost, the Trek Marlin 5 comes is quite a lot less than the 6 – this makes it an ideal first trail bike for those new to mountain biking, or those on a budget.

Having said that for trail riders looking to spend a bit more money, you do get a durable fork, a 2x drivetrain – including a better groupset and you even get a lighter bike!

One thing I do like with the Trek Marlin 6 is that there is the option to have either a man’s frame or a women’s. Whilst I find that women can ride men’s bikes, it’s nice to have an angled top tube.

You also get more options to customize certain features, so if you fancy a different wheel size, then the Marlin 6 can cater to that.

The standout benefit would be the upgrades with the fork – the fork on the 6 is a fair bit lighter than that on the Marlin 5. This reduces the weight of the bike, making biking trails or the commute easier.

Equally, the fork has a lockout and preload function so you are able to completely lock the fork to increase how efficiently you pedal – making your adventures easier!

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Suitable Types Of Mountain Biking

  • Trail riding without excessive TTFs. Trail riding is a beautiful introduction into the sport if you focus on multi-use paths , bridleways and other tracks that require no technical skills. The Marlin 5 is an awesome bike for that, with the appropriate riser bars, mounts and dropper post.
  • Singletrack, doubletrack and bike parks: These cover many types of trails in one. Make sure to pay attention to the color coding since they determine the level you and your bike will need.
  • Downhill : The excellent hydraulic brake system is very suitable for downhill rides and riders. But here too, pay attention to difficulty levels and do not push it to extremes, despite the high durable nature of the Trek 5.
  • Cross Country : In some cases, cross country can be enjoyed if you forego the possible jumps. The bike it otherwise suited as a hardtail with 100mm front suspension and the corresponding mounts. Cross Country tracks range from fire roads to more technical singletracks.
  • Your everyday commute: The high levels of comfort and stability of the Marlin 5 mean that you can even use this bike on your commutes as well!

Set Your Budget But Dont Go Too Low

Trek marlin 5 mountain bike

Entry-level bikes still need to adhere to proper safety standards and it is a mistake to think that since you are just going for simple rides, that 60 dollar bike from the supermarket will do. They always compensate in quality to get the price that low. The frame will usually be heavier and made from inferior steel.

The individual components will be of lesser quality as well and unless you plan on sticking to paved roads only, you will probably be replacing all of them within months, perhaps even weeks. For a good quality entry-level mountain bike, you will be looking at a minimum of around 400 USD but will still pay below 750 USD.

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Lightweight Alpha Silver Aluminum Frame

Trek Marlin 5 has the same Alpha Silver Aluminum frame seen on all bikes from this lineup. It is characterized by a versatile head tube angle of 69.5 degrees. Thats a good compromise between steep and slack geometry. That means this bike will perform well in most conditions, including climbing, descending, and cornering.

Light, durable, and comfortable Alpha Silver Aluminum frame is Marlin 5s biggest selling point, seen on other more expensive bikes from Treks MTB lineup.

All cables are internally routed which makes them last longer and improves the overall appearance of the bike. Riders can add a rear rack and a rear kickstand, which would make Marlin 5 ready for daily commutes as well.

You can get Marlin 5 in four modern and attractive colors: lithium grey, volt green, and azure. Theyre beautiful!

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Will My Bike Have A Curved Top Tube

Smaller frames have a top tube that dips down as it approaches the seat tube. This design makes for a lower standover height, which is good for shorter riders because it allows them to straddle their bike more easily. Larger frame sizes have a straight top tube because taller riders with longer legs typically dont have the same issues with standover height.

Is Trek Marlin 5 The Right Choice For You

Trek Marlin

Now youre probably wondering if this bike will make you happy or not. If youre purchasing it as your first mountain bike or you dont have very high aspirations when it comes to trail riding, Trek Marlin 5 should meet your demands.

We especially like it because its good at more than one thing.

Trek Marlin 5 is not strictly a trail-specific bike that would feel sluggish in all other settings. Its equally efficient on both paved roads and dirt roads.

However, its wide tires, massive wheels, and capable hydraulic disc brakes still make it more suitable for riders who plan to spend more time in forests and on mountains than on smooth city streets.

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Springy Sr Suntour Fork

Marlin 5 is equipped with a low-ranked SR Suntour XCT 30 fork with a coil spring. This fork is quite heavy but beginner riders without too much off-road experience will like it because it provides plenty of comfort.

When it comes to adjustability, just the preload function is available, so you can dial the fork to your liking and ensure a more comfortable ride and better responsiveness.

Its important to note that the 13.5 frame size comes with 80 mm of travel, whereas all other frame sizes have 100 mm of travel in the fork.

Tips On Buying The Best Entry

I have made some good and bad bike choices and I didnt actually start out as a mountain biker at all, but did miles of road cycling a day.

It was part of my life from a very young age. But the off-road experience became appealing once I started to travel and there were slightly more interesting trails available than the ones we have in Belgium.

Since this is a good entry-level bike , let me offer you some tips on what you need to keep an eye out for in buying your first or all-round mountain bike for trail adventures!

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Quality Frame And Fork

The essence of Trek Marlin 5 is the Treks famous Alpha Silver aluminum frame that has a sleek design and very comfortable geometry, suitable for different types of riders. This frame features internal routing that protects your cables from external factors and adds to the bikes clean looks.

Marlin 5s frame is available in SEVEN sizes, so theres absolutely no chance that you wont be able to find the perfect one for your height. The SR Suntour XCE 28 fork is basic, but it provides 100 mm of plush travel. This fork has a coil spring which makes it a bit heavy, but it comes with a preload function, which is a nice plus.

Best Feature: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

trek marlin 5 mountain bike in CO14

The feature that will make all Marlin 5 owners happy is the hydraulic disc brakes. This is the biggest improvement compared to the cheaper Marlin 4 which comes with mechanical disc brakes.

Hydraulic disc brakes present a major increase in stopping power and precision. They require less strength input from your fingers but offer more braking power output.

Trek has gone a step further and equipped the 13.5& 15.5 frame sizes with short-reach brake levers to accommodate short riders with smaller hands.

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Who Is Trek Marlin 5 Best Suited For

Like any other bicycle out there, Trek Marlin 5 will not be a good buy for everyone. This is an entry-level machine mainly intended for beginner riders and those who do not take cycling too seriously.

Trek Marlin 5 should be shortlisted by beginner riders who are looking for their first mountain bike to commute or explore the dirt roads in their area.

If riding a bike is a weekend activity or a mode of transportation for you, then Marlin 5 will meet and exceed your expectations. Youll be able to cover thousands of miles on it without any upgrades and explore farther than before. However, if your idea of cycling is to hit trails as hard as you can and test your skills and limits, then you should save a bit more money and invest in a bike that comes with slightly better components.

Trek Marlin 5 Quick Overview

Marlin 5 is characterized by an excellent off-road-ready aluminum frame, cushy front suspension, burly wheels and tires, hydraulic disc brakes and a lot more.

Its one of the best-valued models from the Marlin series, offering multiple improvements compared to the lower-priced Marlin 4. Some of these are better brakes, better hubs, and a better bottom bracket.

Its an entry-level bicycle, most suitable for beginner riders who plan to do a little bit of everything and too much of nothing.

Key Specs:

  • Tire Size: 27.5 / 29 x 2.20
  • Weight: 13.97 kg / 30.81 lbs

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Verdict: Worth The Money

To the right buyer, Trek Marlin 5 is definitely worth the money. This is a lot of bike for just $720, specifically when it comes to the components. The hydraulic disc brakes increase the value of the bike, as well as the high-quality aluminum frame.

However, if you value every cent and you dont intend to tackle steep hills or ride in wet weather, you can save and get Trek Marlin 4 with mechanical disc brakes and slightly lower-ranked hubs and bottom bracket.

Trek Marlin 5 Review: Conclusion

2021 Trek Marlin 5 – Women’s mountain bike review and ride

The Trek Marlin 5 s an excellent little all-rounder that provides fun for beginners, children, and everyday thrill-seekers looking for everday adventures on a great bike.

While not fit for more extreme off-road experiences and riders, the Marlin 5 is a great bike as a budget option, combining high quality trail worthy designs with some surprising design choices you will usually only find in more expensive models.

Do you need the perfect gift for your outdoorsy child or are you looking for a nice bike that handles the commute as well as a weekend outing? Then Marlin 5 is perfect for you.

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Is Marlin 5 A Good Buy

Comparing the money you need to invest and the value you get out of this bike, anyone can conclude that Trek Marlin 5 is an excellent buy. For around $550, you get a high-grade aluminum frame thats light, nimble, and durable. Its even found on some much more expensive Trek bikes.

The drivetrain is entry-level, but the brakes are powered by hydraulics which is the best setup you can get right now. For this amount of money, thats a bargain. Therefore, all in all, if youre the right type of rider for Marlin 5, its a purchase that will put a long-lasting smile on your face if you go forward with the buy.

On Which Terrain Does The Trek Marlin 5 Perform Well

We have to keep in mind that the Trek Marlin 5 is an entry-level machine so it isn’t designed to be ridden by an expert rider, taking it on challenging trail riding.

Saying that the Marlin 5 is capable of rougher terrain and it works well as a trail bike. I’d always suggest that you check what the difficulty levels are before you hit the trail.

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Trek Marlin 5 Alternatives

If you are looking for other quality hardtails in the same pricing category, the Vilano Ridge 2.0 Mountain Bike and the Tommaso 2018 Gran Sasso 29er are excellent options. The Vilano is an excellent entry-level option and the Tommaso will suit the entry-level as well as the intermediate rider. So, consider the last one if you are looking to grow as a mountain biker but dont want to make a switch to another bike too fast.

Another option to consider is the closely similar Trek Marlin 6 which weve also reviewed.

Shimano Drivetrain And Components

Trek Marlin 5 27.5"  Hardtail MTB Bike 2017

Another positive aspect of Trek Marlin 5 is that the entire drivetrain is composed of Shimano parts. Sure, they are entry-level quality, but they offer more than enough in terms of performance and precision for the average beginner trail rider. In total, Marlin 5 has 21 gears on a 3×7 drivetrain and comes with Shimano Tourney front and rear derailleurs. However, the shifters are Shimano Altus, which is one quality class higher than Tourney.

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Review Of Trek Marlin 5

Trek Marlin 5 is an entry-level trail bike perfectly suited for beginner riders and enthusiasts who need a dependable two-wheeler to hit the trails or commute on a daily basis.

BEST FOR Beginner trail ridersFEATURES: Shimano components, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 100mm travel, 21 speeds

Dont Underestimate The Value Of Frame And Wheel Size

Frame size matters greatly for your comfort levels, whether you are trail riding or just biking for commuter purposes. Always consult the size chart that accompanies the bike. That being said, do try the bike before buying or exchange it if it doesnt quite fit well after buying online.

Nowadays, the 27.5 inch wheels are among the most popular in use. The 29 is popular with some, though it doesnt fit every type of person. The biggest perk about 29 wheels is that they can increase grip and stability on some trails , but can be too heavy for some grips.

Also, note the knobs on the wheel itself, rougher terrain will benefit from from the more pronounced knobs while speeds will increase with a smoother design once on less aggressive trails. Think carefully what type of trails you will be hitting.

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Why You’ll Love It

  • It’s a real mountain bike that’s also perfectly suited to daily commutes, rides around campus, or just getting from A to B on any surface
  • Rack and fender mounts make it easy to accessorize, so your mountain bike can double as a rugged commuter
  • Smaller frame sizes have short-reach brake levers that make it easier and more comfortable for riders with smaller hands to brake confidently
  • Like every model in the Marlin family, it’s backed by Trek’s lifetime warranty
  • Precise Hydraulic Disc Brakes


    The star of the show on Trek Marlin 5 is definitely its Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. We are always pleasantly surprised to see them on bikes that cost this little, as hydraulic discs are a rare find in this price range.

    Thanks to its hydraulic disc brakes, Trek Marlin 5 is a bike that performs well in all weather conditions and on all types of terrain.

    Compared to all other types, hydraulic brakes output the most power and provide the most precision. Trek has even gone so far as to install short reach levers on the two smallest frames 13.5 and 15.5 .

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    Next: Think About The Right Gear

    When setting a budget for a mountain bike for everyday adventures, it is easy to forget you need more than just the bike itself. Keep some room for these items selected for your ride comfort as well as ride safety. This list does not include safety items for more hardcore trails such as knee and elbow pads.

    Wide Variety Of Flexible Buying Options

    Multiple buying options are available when your purchase a Trek mountain bike at BikeExchage. Depending on the product and retailer these can include:

    • Purchase online and make arrangements to pick up your Trek mountain bike at the shop.
    • In-Store: Make direct contact with the store by phone or email and make your own payment and collection arrangements.

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