Maui Haleakala Sunrise Bike Tour

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Bike Down Haleakala Reviews

Complete Mt.Haleakala Sunrise & Bike Tour 2016 Maui, Hawaii

“BEST EXPERIENCE HANDS DOWN ! I highly recommend this company and I truly recommend the tour guide free experience. Which is what this company offers. It’s such an easy ride down sloping 99% of the time so gravity does the work, not you. Anyone can truly do this, Whether you are in shape or not, don’t be scared it’s doable. Also the tour free experience allows you to enjoy the towns, the farms, and make as many photo stops as you’d like. The driver explains the entire route on the way up, you go in a van. So there’s NO WAY to get lost if you pay attention while the driver is explaining the do’s and dont’s. Bring cash so you can pay at the shops and tip the amazing drivers. They even stored our luggage for us! Very warm and inviting business. I will definitely do this again with this same company.”

“Ive done the ride with a few companies, and this was the best experience by a stretch, and thats saying something because we keep coming back because its always been a great experience. The price is right. Our guide up the mountain was informative, funny, personable, and helpful. The equipment was a game changer when compared to the other companies its top notch and very well kept. In short, you cant go wrong with this crew.”

Sunrise At The Crater

Awesome! Staff is excellent. The explanation of geology, flora, fauna enroute to the crater was excellent. Great information in terms of safety talk. Equipment was top notch in terms of wind/rain gear, helmets and good quality bikes. The ride is easy and fun and best of all, you take it at your own pace this is not a group ride down the mountain. Guides provide map and directions that are easy to follow and you can stop and take photos along the way as much or little as desired as you are at your own pace. Its all downhill except for 4-6 small rises, so its mostly a braking ride. Highly recommend.

sbcountyCA | TripAdvisor

Guided Summit Sunrise Bike Tour For Group Of 8


My fiance wants to book a guided bike tour of Haleakala with all the guys attending our wedding. Preferably something in the morning like 8 am. Hotel pick-up is not needed since they have rental cards. Now, do you recommend any company that’s good? Also, maybe potentially provide a group discount?

He was originally thinking of doing a self-guided tour, but since we have people that are older in the group and haven’t biked in a while, he thought that having a tour guide might be helpful or in case something happens and someone needs assistance.

He’s not the best at trip/vacation research and it looks like its going to be $1800 that we have to cough up since self guided tour is out of the question. I have my father sick with cancer and don’t even have time to properly research and vet companies. I’m too OCD and will take me a while. So I figured, I would ask for some recommendations from you guys.

Thanks a million!!!!!!!!

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My Dad and my Aunt did it when I was a teenager. Mom and I followed behind them in the van. I am confident that is when my anxiety began. It was terrifying and I was just watching it from the van. My Dad told us afterwards it was the scariest thing he had ever done. Many times his tires skidded as the went around corners

More than age, I think it is the no current experience biking that would be more concerning. Besides the fact the entire enterprise is just not the greatest idea in the first place )

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Haleakala Sunrise Best Self

If you have questions about this tour or need help making your booking, wed be happy to help. Just call the number below and reference the product code: 104589P5+1 855 275 5071

Maui Mountain Bike Tours

Mountain Riders

Self-guided Haleakala Downhill Bike Tours are an excellent choice for those who prefer to set their own pace. After meeting in Paia Town at 7 am, guests will be treated to snacks and drinks before being driven to the biking starting point at the 6,500-foot entrance of Haleakala National Park. Guests can then take the 26 mile downhill bike ride at their own pace, stopping as often as desired for photos, drinks, shopping, food, or just a little R& R. This self-paced Haleakala biking option is available for guests at least 12 years of age and with a minimum height of 410, but not recommended for complete beginners. Learn more and make a booking online or at 808.518.2785.

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Haleakala Sunrise Best Guided Bike Tour With Bike Maui

If you have questions about this tour or need help making your booking, wed be happy to help. Just call the number below and reference the product code: 104589P8+1 855 275 5071

The Morning Of The Haleakala Sunrise Tour

Many of the reviews mentioned planning this tour as early into the trip as possible since subsequent jet lag and travel excitement would render sleep rather useless. Plus, with a 2:45am pickup time from our shuttle, we knew that we were going to be in for a long morning. The shuttle arrived to pick us up from our hotel at 2:45am on the dot. We picked up several other couples for the same tour and one woman who was incredible boisterous for a 3:00am trip. Go figure, group trips.

We arrived at the bike shop and were quickly outfitted in winter clothes for the sunrise summit. They encouraged us to grab extra layers to avoid the cold and wind gear for the strong winds at the top. They were right. Definitely grab the extra layers.

Everyone was divided up and put into shuttles to take us to the top. For those that get easily sick, this ride is very slow and winding, taking approximately 2 1/2 hours from Kahului as the bus makes its way along the 37 miles of Haleakala Highway, also known as Crater Road. Even though its dark and impossible to see, the swaying motion may cause those prone to motion sickness to feel extra nauseous. I would suggest bringing Dramamine with you for the bus ride, if necessary.

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Is The Maui Haleakala Sunrise Bike Tour Dangerous

This bike tour is an unforgettable adventure for any experienced rider. Riders must be confident and comfortable riding a bike under the following conditions:

  • Sharing a road with vehicles for
  • Traveling downhill for 24 miles and 6500 vertical feet
  • An average gradient of 5-6%
  • With switchbacks and winding road
  • Certain stretches of the road have no bike lane or shoulder

If you are a bike rider that is comfortable riding on the road with cars at a fast, downhill pace, you will be fine. But, with all things considered, there are risks involved.

If A Haleakala Sunrise Tour Is A Must You Can Still Join Us And Save Money

Shore Excursion – Haleakala Bicycling at Sunrise | Maui

Catch the famous Maui Haleakala sunrise on your own with a $1.50 online sunrise reservation fee through the National Park website AND a $30 park entrance fee per car . The online sunrise reservations are VERY hard to attain as sunrise is very popular & crowded. They sell out far in advance and even their 2-day batch release can sell out in less than a minute. Remember you will need to wake up around 1-2am to get up the volcano in time and it will be VERY cold so dress warm & bring layers. We suggest doing sunrise a different day than your bike ride so you can experience the park afterwards. However, you can do it the same day as your bike ride. Plan to leave no later than 7:20am to get back down to our bike shop in time for your bike ride. It takes about an 1 hour 30 minutes to come down and reach our shop in Paia. Once you arrive in Paia, Park your car for the day and we will shuttle you up for your bike ride. We unfortunately cant meet riders up on Haleakala. All riders must check-in down at our shop.

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Haleakala Sunrise Tour Bike In Maui

Haleakala Sunrise Tour Bike in Maui Your tours begins with hotel pick-up and well transport you to the 10,023 foot summit of Haleakala National Park. During the spectacular guided van tour to the Summit of Haleakala your Maui bike tour guides will provide clients with a history of Haleakala, its geology and an explanation of rare plants and animals only found on Maui. Upon arrival at the House of the Sun Visitors Center, clients will be escorted to the rim of Haleakala Crater and allowed to view into the worlds largest dormant volcano. Your Maui bike tour proceeds to the 6,500 foot level of Mt. Haleakala. This is where our Maui sunrise bike tours clients are expertly fitted to their individual bicycles, given helmets, adjustments made etc. We then begin your Maui Haleakala downhill bike ride, continuing down through the switchbacks, Haleakala Ranch, and Kula. This fun and exciting one of a kind Maui sunrise bike tours continues through the towns of Makawao, Paia and down to the Pacific Ocean ending at Paia Bay Beach Park.

What Should I Wear On The Bike Tour

You can wear anything that will make you feel comfortable. However, closed-toed shoes and helmets are the only mandatory attire. Gloves, windbreakers, and windproof pants are highly recommended. Keep in mind that the temperatures in the early morning can be quite brisk and, when combined with the downhill speeds, you may find it chilly.

Jackets, sweatshirts, jeans, leggings, long-sleeved shirts, and the like are all safe options. Dressing in layers is always a good idea.

Check the weather before your tour and dress accordingly.

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Maui: Haleakala Guided Sunrise Bike Tour

Your journey begins with a panoramic sunrise view of Haleakala Crater, in the Haleakala National Park, a once in a lifetime experience. After sunrise, bike down from 6,500 to the historic town of Makawao , on paved roads with only 400 yards of peddling.


  • Spectacular Maui sunrise from the top of Mount Haleakala
  • Continental breakfast
  • Experienced, friendly, knowledgeable drivers & guides
  • Memories that will last a lifetime
  • A no host stop in Makawao after the bike ride
  • Helmets, gloves, jackets & rain gear
  • Worksman Custom Cruiser Bikes equipped with special heavy-duty hub brakes
  • Your bikes will be adjusted, you will be briefed on road hazards, signals to follow from your guide, safety features, and then youll be on your incredible journeydownhill.


How Dangerous Is The Haleakala Pre

Haleakala Sunrise Best Self

We dont like to say that the bike tour is dangerous, but rather adventurous. As a rider, you have to be confident in handling yourself on a bike under certain conditions, including:

  • Sharing a road with vehicles
  • Traveling downhill for 24 miles and 6500 vertical feet
  • An average gradient of 5-6%
  • Switchbacks and winding road
  • Certain stretches of the road have no bike lane or shoulder

If you are not or would not be comfortable traveling on a bike in this situation, then this may not be the tour for you. You dont have to be a professional bike rider to be able to enjoy the tour, but you do have to be able to control your bike. Remember, you are going to be heading downhill for many miles at a fast pace and you will have cars next to you. If none of this concerns you, you will be fine. As with most outdoor adventures, however, there are risks involved.

What should I bring with me?

Aside from extra layers of clothing, you may want to bring:

  • Sunglasses and/or prescription glasses

You can bring a backpack with you that will be stored in the van. This will carry all the necessary items you may need and can easily store additional layers of clothing or any purchases you make along the way.

What is included in the bike tour?

Aside from the fun experience and the views, there are a few things that are included in the bike tour. These include:

  • Bicycles that are designed with drum brakes to handle the downhill ride.

What should I wear on the bike tour?

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Maui Haleakala Sunrise Bike Tour

$229.00 Online Special! Retail $248.96

Our Mountain Riders Maui Sunrise Bike Tour is our most popular tour and the availability is EXTREMELY limited!

The Maui sunrise bike tour begins with a guided van tour to the summit of Haleakala National Park. Along the way Mountain Riders tour guides provide you with a history of Haleakala, its geology and an explanation the of rare plants and animals only found on the island of Maui. Upon your arrival at the summit, you will be escorted by your guides to the rim of the crater where you will view the spectacular Maui sunrise.

The Haleakala Maui Sunrise Bike Tour then proceeds to the 6,500 foot level or the entrance to Haleakala National Park. At the bike staging area you will receive a comprehensive safety briefing from your Mountain Riders bike guides and then begin your 26-mile bike ride down the slopes of Haleakala. Haleakala is the worlds largest dormant volcano. Your bike journey proceeds through the Haleakala Ranch and continues through the upcountry community of Kula.

The downhill Maui bike ride continues through the town of Makawao , past pineapple fields, and continues down to the Pacific Ocean ending in the town of Paia. Included in the Maui Sunrise Bike Tour is a tour of Haleakala National Park. The tour is provided by Valley Isle Excursions .

The Downhill Bike From Haleakala

But this is where our tour took a turn for the worst.

While reading Trip Advisor reviews, one of the recurring themes in many comments was that the bike tour would be at the mercy of the worst rider. I read this repeatedly in my research, but I erroneously assumed that, due to multiple disclaimers stating this was not a tour for those who were uncomfortable on a bike, people would simply self-select. I was wrong. We, unfortunately, were on one of these tours.

The ride itself is a challenging descent, featuring an overall grade of 6%. A van rides behind the group of riders, radioing with the guide to block traffic from behind and guide oncoming traffic. With so many blind corners and sharp turns, this was an almost necessity.

Our group totaled 12, with eight of the members being on a group trip themselves. Before we started our journey, our guides reiterated numerous times to treat the ride like that of a motorcyclelean into corners and allow the bike to steer you. Do not attempt to oversteer your bike. Do not brake quickly.

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What Are The Restrictions For Bikers

It is our goal to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience on this sunrise bike tour. For that reason, we have certain restrictions in place for your safety. If you have any questions or concerns about the below restrictions, please feel free to contact our office at 808 877-4944.


  • Must be a competent, experienced, and confident bike rider. You should be able to get on and off the bike safely, keep it under complete control at all times, and be able to maneuver the bike through 180-degree turns, as well as at speeds of 18-25mph.
  • A minimum of 12 years of age. Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Must not be pregnant.
  • The maximum weight is 300 lbs due to bike manufacturer capacity.
  • A minimum of 410 tall.
  • Closed-toed shoes only. No exceptions.
  • Capable of engaging in activity at higher elevations.
  • Not currently taking medication that may cause drowsiness or fatigue.
  • Must sign, understand, and acknowledge all risks involved in this tour.
  • Need to sign an acknowledgement of risk form.
  • Required to view Leave No Trace Video.

What should I bring with me?

Aside from extra layers of clothing, you may want to bring:

  • Sunglasses and/or prescription glasses

You can bring a backpack with you that will be stored in the van. This will carry all the necessary items you may need and can easily store additional layers of clothing or any purchases you make along the way.

What is included in the bike tour?

Is The Haleakala Sunrise Bike Ride On Maui Worth It

Haleakala Sunrise Downhill Bike Ride in Maui Hawaii [4K]

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If you are looking for the best things to do in Maui, this sunrise bike tour down Haleakala is likely one in a long list of best Maui activities from Google. While it is an incredible experience, we would recommend for experienced ridersonly. Many more Maui travel guide activities can be found in our travel section.

My husband and I have a large map of the United States in our house that has specific pins for all of the National Parks that we have visitedsome together, some separate. So, it seemed to reason that visiting Haleakala National Park while we were on the island of Maui in Hawaii would be high on the list of things to do. Both of us consider ourselves to be fit, able-bodied individuals, who generally avoid tourist activities. This especially includes group trips. But, a frequent search of Maui continually brought up the sunrise at the top of Haleakala as a must-do activity in Maui. Consider us intrigued. The logistics of actually reaching the summit in time for the 6:45am sunrise? That was slightly more murky.

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