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Correct Fit On A Mountain Bike Jersey

Patagonia Men’s Crank Craft Mountain Bike Jersey

Fit can be quite a difficult and personal factor. But the main point is the right sized jersey should not restrict your movement when on the bike. Correspondingly a jersey that is either too tight for comfort or too big can have the same consequences.

It should be long enough to cover your lower back when riding in an active position on the bike like in the picture below.

Many brands will produce jerseys for men and women, the main difference usually being the cut of the jersey and colour options.

Rocking the 3/4 sleeve look

Best Budget Mountain Bike Jersey

Weight: 106g | Sizes: S-XXL | Colours: Yellow, green, teal | Womens version: Yes | Rating: 8/10

Pros: Excellent value for money, soft stretchy fabric, good size range

Cons: Breathability compromised when layered, fabric tends to snag

The Kielder jersey, part of Alturas new gravel and MTB range, is excellent value easily the cheapest on test here and comes in multiple sizes, three colours and a long-sleeve version, although the womens version only comes as a long-sleeve or ¾ sleeve.

The fabric is 100% recycled polyester, and is smooth, soft and feels nice against the skin. Its thin, light and stretchy, which is a good thing as its by far the most fitted jersey here. Altura describes it as relaxed on its website, but that must refer to the styling rather than the cut.

Talking of styling, the Altura logo has a definite Star Trek vibe to it, while this army green colour lets you channel your inner President Zelensky. Not a combo wed normally associate with mountain biking, but it makes a change from looking like a supercross reject.

Theres no awkwardly placed stitching, and being flatlock means its all unobtrusive.

Most of its wicking properties seem to come from the thin, almost mesh-like material, so its not the most effective at cooling when worn under a jacket, but works well on its own.

Keeps You Cool In The Heat And Warm In The Cold

Weight: 215g | Sizes: S-XXL | Colours: Black, grey, khaki, red | Rating: 10/10

Pros: Keeps you warm, dry and comfortable in most weathers.

Cons: Slightly baggy fit, although thats more of an observation than a criticism.

Another quality jersey using DriRelease fabric, this time from the Nukeproof wardrobe and using a cotton mix fabric rather than Merino. It still has a four-way stretch, so it doesnt impede your movements on the bike, and the material does a great job of wicking moisture from your body. And if you dont want to look like a convict, Nukeproof also offers a couple of other colours.

Sizes: 8 16 | Colours: Red or blue | Rating: 9/10

Pros: Lightweight and wicking. Stretch fabric means good freedom of movement.

Cons: Not the trendiest design or fabric.

It just has a little bit of extra length at the rear, so youre not exposed when leaning forward. Were also giving it an extra mark for not being pink or purple. The Madison Flux Enduro Womens Jersey is a comfortable, lightweight jersey that you can easily wear all year round. It also looks and feels great totally recommended. Read our guide to the best mountain bike clothing for women.

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How Much Should I Spend On A Mountain Bike Jersey

There’s plenty of budget models that will cost around $50 / £35. While they’re great value for money and will do the job of wicking sweat away very well, they perhaps won’t be as refined as more expensive models that cost in the region of $100 / £75 or more. That said, as in the fashion world, you can find yourself paying more just to have a more desirable brand blazoned across your chest rather than a jersey that’s actually superior to cheaper options.

Best Mountain Bike Jerseys: Top Rated Tops And What To Look Out For

Thin Blue Line Mens Mountain Bike Jersey

Jerseys aren’t just about looking good. These will keep you comfortable in summer and winter, with plenty of high performance technical features and fabrics, and options to suit all budgets.

The best mountain bike jersey for you will depend on a few factors what discipline you ride, weather conditions, personal comfort and of course personal style. But whatever you go for, rest assured that the following jerseys have been thoroughly ridden and tested by us, so if theyre on here, theyre guaranteed to be good.

If youre looking to refresh your whole riding wardrobe then slide on over to our guide to best mountain bike shorts. Weve also got buyers guides for the best mountain bike waterproof jackets as well as the best riding pants/trousers and best mountain bike shorts.

Rapha Trail Technical T-Shirt

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Mountain Bike Suspension Styles

You’ll also need to consider what type of suspension you want. You can save money with limited suspension, but you’ll have a less comfy ride.

  • Rigid: No suspension. It’s least expensive but least comfortable.
  • Hardtail: A front suspension fork absorbs some shocks, but there’s no rear suspension. These are popular for cross-country riding.
  • Full suspension: Has suspension in front and back making for a gentler ride.

How We Tested The Best Mountain Bike Jerseys

Comfort is key here were looking for discrete, unobtrusive seams and breathable construction. The only way to put these to the test is by riding them for long distances. we also tested all the jerseys with backpacks and hip packs, because its hard to tell if a jersey rides up or chafes until you get on the trails and start pedalling. Recent warmer weathers allowed us to really put the breathability to the test.

Additional detailing like a glasses wipe or zippy pocket for your key also impressed us, but its not everything. Style also placed a decent nod towards style who doesnt want to look good when riding?

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Varied Weather Means Different Mountain Bike Jerseys

As with any type of clothing, demands change dependent on weather and seasonal changes.

During colder or wetter rides a jersey becomes a vital mid or under-layer in conjunction with a more protective outer jacket. Then a thermal or windproof jersey is an ideal choice to retain body heat and also stay comfortable next to the skin.

Most thermal jerseys feature full or half zips and a much thicker textile. Hot weather obviously requires thinner and more ventilated fabrics with most riders opting for short sleeves.

What Type Of Riding Do You Do

Patagonia Men’s Nine Trails Bike Jersey

Downhill , all-mountain/trail riding and cross-country racing all demand different things from your mountain bike jersey.

Downhill specific jerseys are lightweight, airy and very loose in order to fit body armour underneath. The evolution of the DH jersey owes a lot to motocross clothing in both style and fit. A DH jersey might also incorporated reinforced patches in areas that might suffer in the event of a crash.

Other features might include a goggle/glasses wipe inside and a neck shape that avoids interference when wearing a neckbrace.

Enduro or trail riding jerseys encompass the widest variety of styles and technical features. Brands combine features taken from anything from road riding to motocross.

Normally made of thicker fabrics than a DH jersey but normally still incorporating vented or lighter weight panels for moisture management and temperature control.

Cuts can be as simple as basic t-shirt style jerseys to ones that incorporate multi-panelling, multi-pockets and zips for added ventilation.

XC Race jerseys are usually very similar to road cycling jerseys, being very closely fitting to eliminate flapping of material and as to not hinder the rider. Rear pockets are a must to carry spares and nutrition.

A good jersey is perfect for wearing down the gym too

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How Can I Look Like A Proper Mountain Biker

The roots of MTB clothing comes from motocross, with quite a few of the top brands making gear for both. With this, it shouldn’t be a surprise the fluoro MX pajamas complete with massive logos have made the jump across to mountain biking.

While there are people on both sides of the debate, in recent years many brands have adopted a more casual style, with smaller logos and muted colors. However, there is still plenty of MX steeze to go around if that’s your thing, no judgment here.

What Features Should I Look For In A Mountain Bike Jersey

Beyond what we have listed above, the best mountain bike jerseys will often feature goggles or glasses wipes inside the bottom hem of the shirt and a zippered stash pocket situated behind your kidney.

Also be on the lookout for flatlock stitching, which will not only help the seams to last longer but reduces chafing too.

Finally, some jerseys will feature reinforced fabrics around high friction areas like crash points and shoulders where backpack straps sit. This should help increase the jerseys durability and extend its life span.

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Neat Features And Trendy Styling

Weight: 111g | Sizes: XS XXL | Colours: Purple, light grey, dark grey, navy, green | Rating: 9/10

Pros: Subtle, stylish and breathable, comes with repair patches

Cons: No pockets or glasses wipe gets a bit smelly

While not exactly ground-breaking, this Trail Tech T-Shirt shows that Raphas entry to the mountain bike market is carefully considered and well executed weve been impressed with the pieces weve tried so far. On-trail performance is good, the styling brings something slightly different to the table and the post-purchase back-up improves the green credentials as well as improving long term value.

The lightweight fabric blends 68% recycled polyester with 32% virgin polyester and is woven in a honeycomb pattern that is designed to lift the cloth above the skin for better wicking. There are no features such as a pocket or glasses wipe, but this does keep the weight down and the price more competitive. Theres also a four-way stretch that helps with mobility when getting dynamic on the bike.

Rapha also produces a womens version of Trail Technical t-shirt, which comes with a different cut, sizes and colour options.

Types Of Mountain Bikes

X377 Men Cycling Jersey " Catch Up"  Men Cycling Clothing Mountain Bike ...
  • Trail bikes: These bikes work best for all-around riding styles. They’re great for casual riding or if you’re just looking to get into the sport.
  • Cross-Country: Designed for faster riding with less suspension. They’re easier to climb hills with and focus on efficiency for longer rides.
  • Fat tire bikes: With giant tires to improve traction, these bikes are good for sand and snow.
  • All-Mountain: If you don’t want to compromise between downhill speed and uphill ease, consider one of these.

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Are Long Or Short Sleeves Best On A Mtb Jersey

MTB jerseys are available in short, three-quarter length, and long sleeve varieties. Look for a Raglan sleeve, meaning the sleeve starts at the collar and the seam runs down under the armpit. This not only allows for a bit more freedom of movement, but it also moves the seams well clear of backpack straps that might cause chafing.

Obviously, longer sleeves are going to be warmer than short sleeves, but the layer of material over your arms also offers added protection from spikey trailside plants, the ground if you come unstuck and the sun too. For both long and three-quarter sleeve tops if you wear elbow pads, make sure they fit underneath, however, don’t get something overly baggy as it will flap when you ride. And no one likes that.

Best Mountain Bike Jerseys

Launched earlier this year in a new MTB line from high-end bike wear specialists, Rapha, comes the Trail Lightweight T-Shirt. Released as part of their Fast + Light range, while we’re less sure that this jersey actually makes you faster, it is definitely very light and is a great option for hot weather.

Constructed with a microfiber, Polyester yarn on the front panel, and sleeve fronts, the Rapha jersey wicks away sweat extremely well. The dropped back panel and rear of the sleeves are made with a smoother and less wicking fabric though, that we presume gives better sun protection.

The neck is low cut like a t-shirt rather than a jersey and while the overall shape of the garment is really good, you may want to size down as our tester found the medium size came up pretty big on him.

If you’re looking for a summer jersey that won’t break the bank, Endura’s Singletrack Core T is a top option. Made entirely from a checkered, wicking, and lightweight fabric, it does a great job of removing sweat away from your skin whether you’re bike park shuttling or riding dusty loops. The 95 percent recycled, polyester fabric feels light to wear and resists snags on passing foliage.

With Raglan sleeves and a nicely cut V-neck , the fit is great and the close-ish cut is bang on for size. Our test jersey has a limited edition print, but there are four other color options to choose from.

For more, check out our full review of the Scott Trail Vertic LS Jersey.

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A Great Jersey For A Range Of Different Conditions And Temperatures

Weight: 139g | Sizes: XS-XL | Colours: Black, orange, brown | Womens version: Yes | Rating: 9/10

Pros: Doesnt get smelly, great in a range of temperatures, durable, soft

Cons: High price , ¾ sleeves ride up

The Patagonia Merino 3/4 sleeve jersey is one of the best jerseys weve tested. Its good in cool and warm weather alike, doesnt smell even when you dont bother to wash it, and best of all feels supremely comfy next to your skin.

Id also argue that its the most eco-friendly jersey weve tested. Its made from a blend of responsibly sourced merino wool certified to the Responsible Wool Standard and recycled polyester.

Its also extremely durable and hardwearing, easier to repair, and likely to outlast the rest. And despite being merino, you can chuck it into a 40° wash and tumble dry it afterwards although your green credentials will fly out the window if you do.

Great for the environment for sure, but its also really soft next to your skin, and there are no tags sewn in to irritate you or catch on things. In my experience thin, high quality merino like this is way better at wicking away sweat when its hot, and feels much more comfortable than any man made fibre when its doing this, never feeling clammy. The 3/4 sleeves are slightly quirky and arguably unnecessary given they quickly ride up above your elbows, but its the only real fault here.

Stylish With A Huge Range Of Colour Choices

Men Elite XCO Highlights | 2020 UCI MTB World Championships

Weight: 141g | Sizes: S-XXL | Colours: 10 options | Womens version: No | Rating: 8/10

Pros: Lots of style and colour options, easy care, comfortable cut

Cons: Pricy for the spec

The Skyline short sleeve jersey is one of Troy Lee Designs most popular riding tops, and its easy to see why, with a cool, casual style that is equally off the bike as on.

There are 10 different styles for 2022 varying from plain and understated to full-on factory style SRAM-branded race tops, with the older designs currently £10 cheaper.

Previous versions came with a zip pocket at the rear that held a lens wipe. This has since been removed and the lens wipe is now sewn into the back panel. It might seem like a downgrade, but in truth the old pocket couldnt hold a smartphone without flapping about annoyingly, so its no great loss.

Troy Lee has used a fabric that mixes 92% polyester with 8% elastane to give it a four-way stretch. Its not one of the stretchiest jerseys on test, but theres plenty of room in the cut, so it doesnt really matter. Our medium was true to size with the fit of a casual t-shirt.

Theres a slightly dropped hem, flatlock stitching throughout and feels nice against bare skin.

We liked the fit, styling and off-bike potential of the Skyline jersey. The lens wipe is a useful addition and previous versions have proven durable. You do pay a premium for the TLD label though, which considering the lack of performance features, keeps it from the top spot.

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Men’s Mountain Bike Jerseys

Whether you’re taking on short trail ride, intense downhill efforts, or longer enduro rides, our men’s MTB Jerseys strikes the perfect balance between comfort, performance, and style. Bold original Cycology designs in a semi relaxed- but not baggy fit – combined with breathable fabrics to wick away moisture and keep you cool in a range of conditions. Grab a short sleeve jersey for those hot summer rides, or a long sleeve option for extra warmth and protection. They pair perfectly with our men’s range of cycling shorts. The Velcro-adjust waist lets you fine-tune the fit, and the shorts have plenty of storage pockets with 2 open hand pockets and 2 side zip pockets for carrying your smart phone, cards, or whatever else you need. With the stylish fit these shorts are the perfect all rounder short for multiple cycling activities.

With all the ride-friendly, mountain bike tech you could want rolled into a casual-looking v-neck upper our Mountain Bike Jerseys are the kind of cycle gear you can wear just about anywhere at any hour of the day. Furthermore, they combine brilliantly with our socks and caps that you can find in ouraccessoriesrange.

How Should A Mountain Bike Jersey Fit

Beyond just navigating size charts to find the correct size jersey, your riding style will also play a role in how a riding top should fit.

XC whippets will usually err on the side of skin-tight Lycra, and may even wear road-style jerseys to eke out any possible aero gains and use the rear pockets for spares, food and water.

Trail jerseys cover a large swath of riders and can mean anything from casual-looking dry-release t-shirt style tops to full zip garments with a mix of stretch and non-stretch panels and rear pockets. They come in several weights, sleeve lengths, cuts and materials, and some feature zippered pockets and goggle wipes too.

Downhill jerseys are usually made from slightly thicker fabric, have a baggy fit to accommodate body armor underneath, and have long or three-quarter sleeves. Often DH jerseys will also see extra panels of soft fabric devoid of seams around the collar to play nice with neck braces, and may even have reinforcements in high friction areas.

Regardless of your riding style, a jersey should be comfortable in the riding position and should not restrict your movement or bind, which in some cases may make for an awkward fit off the bike. At the most basic end, this should mean a longer rear hem or ‘drop tail,’ and may also influence the placement of seams, moving them away from areas that rub.

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