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List Of Kids Friendly Bike Trails


Our love for bike parks made us do research on the bike parks that you and your kids would love. Even so, we can only do the much you see on our own. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you have something to add.

In this case, just contact us through our contact form. Brag about that bike track, trail, or park in your neighborhood, or one you recently visited in Bay Area. Ours will then be simple we will add it to our list and spread the thrill. You would have saved parents a hassle and made sure a kid is out there smiling and staying active.

Whether you want your kids to scoot using their balance bikes or enjoy nature, getting the best bike trail counts. Bay Area has scenic and safest bike trails albeit being populated by big streets and cities. You will find a lot of paved paths and killer bike parks in the east and south Bay Area. We have done a comprehensive coverage, in this article, and all you need to do is gear up yourself and your kids and get rolling!

Popular Road Rides Near Concord

Those heading out for a spin on thinner tires will have no shortage of scenic roads to ride around Concord. The undisputed crown jewel of road rides in the East Bay starts just a 20-minute drive from downtown: the summit of Mount Diablo. This 12-mile climb ascends nearly 3,600 feet to the top of one of the Bay Areas highest peaks via the parks South Gate Road. Meanwhile, the lesser-known Morgan Territory Road ride offers a gentler climb which starts at the northern edge of Mount Diablo State Park and crosses through Morgan Territory Regional Preserve. This quiet, winding road clocks in at 15 miles and climbs 1,460 feet before offering up a thrilling descent .

Another local favorite, the Carquinez Loop travels 24 miles around the Carquinez Strait with two long bridge crossings over the water and incredible views the entire way. Several portions of the loop take advantage of car-free cycle paths making for an even more peaceful experience.

Fairfax Rides Continue To Inspire

Today, the town that sits in the shadow of Mount Tamalpais is home to the official MTB Hall of Fame, and some pretty far out trails. Totally rugged, rough and riveting, the fire roads above town truly capture the essence of MTB. Even though the tracks have been softened by timeand the tires of riders who have come to pay reverence over the yearsthe downhills will still humble you. Plummeting down MTBs ancestral home should be on every mountain bikers bucket list.

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The Wiggle To Golden Gate Park

Type: Road

Golden Gate Park.

If you dont mind riding with traffic, the gentle, zigzagging bike route known as The Wiggle is a great way to take in the city, as it avoids San Franciscos famously steep grades. Starting in the Mission District at the intersection of Market and Duboce Street, simply follow the green bike signs tagged with the number 30. The route snakes through the Lower Haight District to join up with another bike path at Panhandle park that will lead you into Golden Gate Park. From there, make your way west at your own pace through the green spaces 1,017 acres of lakes, meadows, museums and gardens to the historic Dutch Windmill on the Pacific coast or the Park Chalet Coastal Beer Garden for a post-ride pint.

San Mateos Sawyer Camp Trail

Mission Peak

The Sawyer Camp Trail is a favorite recreational space in the Bay area. It is also a multiuse bike trail. It is a chance for your kids to interact with other kids and families. It features a 6-mile paved trail that begins from the shores of Crystal Springs Reservoir and ends at San Andreas Lake.

While you take on the trail with family or kids, you will pass through the San Francisco Watershed lands. The place is also breathtaking, oh my! It is the best you can ever wish to explore.

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Lake Cunningham Bike Park

Sitting on an 8.5-acre piece of land, the park is one of the largest in California. It presents seven different riding zones including:

  • Beginner pump track zone

The bike park prides itself of 45 distinct features to challenge young riders. These features are fabricated by experts in fabrications and are safe.

Even though you have to part with some parking fee, the excitement in your kids faces after the experience will cover up for every penny.

You can get a year-long parking pass of $30. It has an admission fee. You can choose to rent helmets, pads, bikes, and scooters at a price.

See What San Diego Is All About On Cowles Mountain

Cowles Mountain is a technical challenge, and best of all, its right in the city. A 5.4 mile loop with a max 25% grade, this will get your lungs and legs pumping. The climbing starts immediately and seems not to end, but remember that every foot gained in elevation will be one you get to descend. The mental challenge comes from figuring out how to maneuver around railroad ties, rock gardens and well worn switchbacks.

Nothing really beats Lake Tahoe for scenic riding in California. by Jeff Moser licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

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Bay Area Trails & Conditions

Grab your mountain bike and hit the trails. There are dozens of opportunities to ride in and around the Bay Area. Check out the information below to plan your next trip. Make sure to stop by one of our locations for the gear you need to make the most of your experience. Our staff could offer up some advice based on hands on experience or pass on what other riders have shared.

Want to ride but dont own a mountain bike? Allow us to help you find the perfect one.

Mountain Biking At Briones Regional Park

Finding my flow | Mountain biking Crockett Hills Regional Park

A quick 15-minute drive from downtown lies the peaceful open space of Briones Regional Park, where mountain bikers will find more than 35 miles of trails. The park offers primarily intermediate to upper intermediate trails, with the Briones Crest Trail Ride, the Lafayette Ridge Trail, and Old Briones Road Trail taking the cake as the must-do rides.

After smashing the trails, knock back a few cold onesand a burger to reward all that climbingat E.J. Phair brewpub right by Todos Santos Plaza.

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Mountain Bike Repair Guide

The best mountain bike trails in the san francisco bay area â mountain. Lapierre downhill suspension. Giant bike hardtail mountain fathom 2021 bikes mountain bike repair guide

The Best Mountain Bike trails in the San Francisco Bay Area â Mountain. 9 Images about The Best Mountain Bike trails in the San Francisco Bay Area â Mountain : 2021 Giant Fathom 29 2 Hardtail Mountain Bike in Black, 2021 Polygon Syncline C5 – Carbon XC Mountain Bike | Bikes Online and also 9 Great Touring Bikes – Classic, Adventure, & Expedition Bikes.

Directions To China Camp

Exit Highway 101 at North San Pedro Rd. and stay to the right towards the civic center . Merge onto N. San Pedro Rd. and continue through the residential area until you wind around the point and can see the bay. Soon you’ll see the China Camp sign and the Campground entrance gate and booth on your right. You can pay to park in the campground parking lot, or park outside and pay your trail use fee.

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Mountain Biking At Mount Diablo State Park

Less than 20 miles south of Concord, this sprawling state park encompasses the namesake peak along with the surrounding woodlands and boasts some of the best mountain biking in the East Bay. Of the more than 60 miles of trail open to mountain bikers in the park, the Mount Diablo Summit Trail, Oyster Point Trail, and Diablo Ranch Trail stand out as some of the most fun and rewarding rides.

After pushing it out on the singletrack, head back to Concord for a well-deserved pint at the Hop Grenade taproom downtown or Epidemic Ales, the offbeat, dog-friendly craft brewery at the north end of town.

The Best Bay Area Mountain Biking

Skeggs Point (Suggestion 5)

Theres a good chance that affiliate links are scattered throughout this post. If you click on one I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you and Ill definitely be using it to buy bike gear.

When I worked briefly as a Backroads Trip Leader, I was based in Berkley, CA. Berkeley may sound like an ideal place to live especially when you dont have to pay rent but as someone who thrives on mountains and open spaces, the concrete jungle of the city was far from ideal . So when I was not leading trips in Wine Country or in Yosemite, I was out exploring the Bay Area mountain biking scene.

Surprisingly, though, despite the fact that Marin County is considered the birthplace of mountain biking in the US, there really isnt a whole lot of singletrack around the Bay Area. Both the NIMBY movement and urban sprawl have done a great job to curtail mountain biking singletrack around San Francisco.

That being said, there are a few fun places to ride that offer great views and good flow if youre willing to seek them out. Im still exploring the networks around the Bay Area, but here are the best places Ive found to ride to date.

Discover the best Bay Area mountain biking for great views and an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life

***Important: There have continually been armed bike robberies in Bay Area mountain biking networks, particularly Wildcat Canyon and Oakland Hills. Please do not ride alone. Ride with a group and have a phone with you.

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Inch Of Rain = Day To Go Bowling

Before we jump into the best mountain biking trails near San Francisco to ride in the winter, lets talk about the rain for a second. As any seasoned resident of the Bay Area knows, the storms that roll off the Pacific are HUGE! Its easy for a single storm to dump oodles of precip. If theres a downpour that drops more than an inch of liquid, its time to hang up the bike for the day. How come? Well, when the trails are super wet, your tires can damage or ruin the routes, creating ruts and holes that nobody will find fun.

Where Is The Best Mountain Biking In The Bay Area

I’m headed to San Francisco to visit my buddies, and I want to do some mountain biking while I’m there. What are the must-ride trails in the Bay Area?

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Hidden trails are as abundant in the Bay Area as pimple-faced social media moguls are on the Internet. But keep in mind that the hills of Marin County are basically the birthplace of mountain biking. Before you tackle the under-the-radar rides, be sure to make a pilgrimage to some of the classic Bay Area spots. These three should be first on your list.

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Without Further Ado The Downieville Downhill

When we say downhill, we mean downhill. Home to the world-renowned Downieville Classic Race, this sweet, loamy 15 miles is comprised of 85% decline and drops 4,000 feet in elevation. Indisputably, it is one of the best of its kind in the West.

Just you and the wildernessand some of the best drops in California! by Perfect Zero licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

Then theres the Third Divide. This trail is all about speed. Most riders consider its 3 miles the highlight of the show with smooth, ripping singletrack. On top of that, the area is blessed with refreshing rivers and swimming holes. After all those technical bits youll be craving a dip.

Downieville is the Golden States gold nugget. You know downhills are going to be good when the word down is in the name.

Best Downieville Conditions I’v…

What put Kernville on the map are adventure sports. Cant find it? Head to the Sequoia National Forest where the surrounding Sierra Nevadas drop into the Kern River valley, and youll see: loads of mountain biking and paddleboarding await. Once youre out there, its just you and the wildernessand some of the best plunges in California!

San Diego Was Made With Mountain Bikers In Mind

Skeggs Mtn Biking – Best Trails in Bay Area!!

San Diego pretty much has two seasons: warm and warmer. And neither is ever too hot. The city typically gets less than 12 of rainfall per year, so this means theres months and months to get out and enjoy all the well-maintained trails.

When youre here it might feel like everyone rides. The San Diego Mountain Biking Association has 1,000-plus members who steward the land and play a huge part in advocacy. Lets put it this way: theres even a Yelp page for the best trails in the area.

With such great ridingand viewsat Cowles Mountain you wont want to come down. by David Foltz licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

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Arastradero In Palo Alto

When it comes to a good option before or after work, theres nothing better than Arastradero. What this city-maintained preserve lacks in big climbs, it more than makes up in mountain bike access. In fact, ALL trails within the park are open to cyclists. This means you could literally combine an assortment of different routes to create a ten mile ride without riding the same trail twice. If you do hit up the classic Arastradero loop, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Acorn Trail, Woodland Star Trail, and Woodrat Trails. Each of these offer up tasty singletracks that are pleasant going uphill and down.

Note: Due to its high clay content soil, the City of Palo Alto normally closes the Arastradero trails for 3-5 days to let it heal. One can find info here: City Of Palo Alto Trail Status.

Just because old man winter has shown up, it doesnt mean you have to put the bike away. On the contrary, this is the time to work on your skills, and these three trails will make sure you keep pedaling all the way into spring.

If you have a New Years Resolution to get better at mountain biking this year and have more fun in 2022, be sure to check out our list of clinics coming up in the Bay Area and surrounding locations.

The Best Campsites In Washington

Theres something for everyone on a Washington camping trip you can choose from spending time on the beach, in the mountains, or somewhere in between. Nicknamed the Evergreen State, this getaway state is home to more evergreen trees than nearly any other state.

And, in another sense of the word, Washington is evergreen due to the endless, constantly changing activities, from backpacking to canoeing. It seems like theres always an undiscovered cove waiting for you.

We have rounded up a list of some of the best Washington campsites, each with different attractions and accommodations. All you need to worry about is getting your adventure van ready and hitting the road!

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Mount Tamalpais From A Different Perspective

Mentioning Mount Tamalpais when talking about best mountain biking in San Francisco is technically cheating. That said, this 11.5 mile ride takes you along the Coastal View Trail, with seaside vistas to rival the backpacking in Big Sur, and ends near Muir Beach, thus combining stellar views of the bay before dropping you right down into the Bay City itself.

The Golden City is a true urban jungle. Whether you want to go wild on the surrounding mountains or stay close to the heart of the city, bring your bike on your next visit.

Mt Diablo MTB – Down Hill from …

Visitors love Santa Cruz for its iconic boardwalk, heavenly weather and beaches to match, but we think its the MTB trails that deserve all the hype. If you came to chill and catch a tan, but still want to fit in a workout, Santa Cruz has gorgeous mellow rollers along the coast. For advanced mountain biking aficionados, get your tires dirty on the technicals snaking through the areas famous redwoods. From beginners to pros and everyone in between, Santa Cruz has something for you.

Halton District School Board

Mount Tam (Eldridge Grade and Lagunitas
  • Boyne Public School
  • Anne J. MacArthur Public School
  • Brookville Public School
  • Bruce Trail Public School
  • Chris Hadfield Public School
  • Guardian Angels Catholic School
  • Holy Rosary Catholic School
  • Lumen Christi Catholic School
  • Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School
  • Our Lady of Victory School
  • St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School
  • St. Peter Catholic School
  • Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School
  • St. Benedict’s Catholic Elementary School
  • St. Scholastica Catholic Elementary School

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Scream Your Lungs Off On Mr Toads Wild Ride

This 20 mile loop is accessed off the TRT and features downhill singletrack madness that deposits you right at South Lake Tahoe. Theres over 3,300 of climbing but you get to enjoy it on the other side. Count on lots of big drops and sections of rocks and more rocks, so dont forget your helmet. And bring snacks and extra water!

Gone are the days when Lake Tahoe was just a weekend getaway for skiers in the winter. Today the area welcomes MTB riders of all skill levelsespecially when the snow melts.

Back in the USA and mountain bi…

Situated in the middle of the San Bernardino National Forest and about 100 miles east of Los Angeles, Big Bear Lake is Southern Californias biking capital. It wont take long for any visiting biker to understand just how special the area is. The temperate weather ensures a long season while the local resorts and the National Forest Service have done much to maintain the trails and build outstanding facilities.

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