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Five2ride: The Best Bike Trails Near Las Vegas Nv

Top 3 Mountain Biking Trails in Las Vegas | Presented by The Rob Jensen Company

May 13, 2020

Las Vegas is well known for many forms of hedonism. In case you arent already aware, you can add shredding singletrack to your list of Sin City indulgences. In fact, you could spend a week in Vegas and never have the need to hit the strip if you have your bike with you. If youre such a person and you find yourself in such a place, heres a workweeks worth of rides to keep you cranking.

Little Red Rock Trail

Not looking for a monster epic or continuous opportunities for pain? Tap into the seven miles of the Little Red Rock Trail for some fast intermediate riding, all with the same spectacular west side scenery.

Excellent intermediate trail. Good workout up and sweet downhill. Not too technical but will keep your attention. -Greg Bailey

Las Vegas Mountain Bike Trail Networks

Las Vegas has hundreds of miles of trail, most of which are open to mountain bikers. However, that being said, even though theyre open to mountain bikers doesnt mean mountain bikers should ride them. A lot of trails are hit by motos, ATVs and horse traffic, so its best to avoid those.

Ive tried to highlight the best Las Vegas mountain biking trails and routes that Ive ridden. Ill continue to update this post as I ride more around the area.

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What To Know Before You Go

Before planning your Las Vegas mountain biking adventure, here are a few things to know before you go:

A map or GPS app is essentialSome of the trails around Las Vegas have trail name signs, but most do not. Its essential to have some sort of navigational tool like TrailForks downloaded to your phone. I dont recommend MTB Project for Las Vegas because many of the trails are unsanctioned and therefore not on MTB Project.

E-bikes are thrivingIve never seen so many e-bikes in my life! The Las Vegas e-bike culture is alive and thriving. The only trail I saw that does not allow e-bikes is Ebb n Flow. Other than that, e-bikes pretty much have free range, so charge up!

Do not underestimate the desertEven if you plan your mountain bike trip in the cooler winter months, dont underestimate the desert climate. It can be dry, hot, windy, cold, or all of the above in one day. Pack lots of water and snacks, apply sunscreen, and stuff a lightweight windbreaker in your pack for just in case.

The trails are full of sharp, pointy thingsCactus spines and sharp rocks abound in Las Vegas. Tubeless tires are a must and top up your sealant before you go. A tubeless tire plug kit is also essential.

Rattlesnakes live hereIve never seen a rattlesnake on the trail, but its important to remember that they live here. If you see one, dont freak out. Just give them their space and move on. Rattlesnakes want as little to do with you as you want with them.

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Good Call Mountain Bike Trail

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Boy Scout And East Leg

When youre ready to dial it up a notch, head up Red Mountain Access Road via pedal power or shuttle and try East Leg. Or, head to the top of Red Mountain Access Road and ride Boy Scout. Both Boy Scout and East Leg are gobs of fun and are rated as intermediate trails.

Boy Scout is one of our personal favorites because its features consist of everything we like about riding mountain bikes in the desert: fast corners, challenging but passable technical sections, tough turns, narrow lines, and even a few climbs. When you ride this trail over and over, youre going to get better at mountain biking. You will ride it a little faster, clean a technical section with a bit more flow and finesse, transition to a climb in the correct gear, and so on.

Inner Caldera, West Leg, Girl Scout, Mother

Other intermediate trails include Inner Caldera, West Leg, Girl Scout, Mother, and a handful more. Explore these trails. Have a good time riding in this Southwest mountain biking mecca. Similar to some experts no longer calling Pluto a planet, the IMBA once designated Bootleg Canyon as one of its EPIC rides. Once you visit and ride Bootleg in person, you can judge the retracted designation for yourself.

Downhill Trails

The trails Sidewinder, Snake Back, and Ginger are a few of the advanced downhill trails in the park. These tracks are tough. Theres a reason why all the pictures of the downhill trails only feature the kids. Mom and dad just dont have the skills for these.

Vegas Mountain Bike Tours Home

Vegas Mountain Bike Tours offers a concierge style mountain biking experience that is like no other, but one that is fit for the Las Vegas catered service centered model the city is known for. Las Vegas has tons to offer and it is well known as a travel destination to enjoy the outdoors with all the National Parks and National Monuments with hiking and climbing activities in abundance. Mountain biking has taken off in Las Vegas in recent years and with the global pandemic, it has exploded with more trails to experience the surrounding Las Vegas areas becoming available everyday. Get to enjoy all the outdoors and public lands Nevada has to offer around the Las Vegas area. We are here to show you the wilderness and we know we are treading on ground that is being less and less available, so well respect the nature that we are in. We dont offer e-bike tours, being that we are more of a purist experience, so we dont cater to motorized vehicles. We do offer drone video capture and that is the furthest we will go in disturbing the nature around us. There will be native deer and sheep in some of the areas we will ride in, so we will make every effort to avoid them while delivering the best experience possible in the Las Vegas mountain biking area.

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River Mountains Loop Trail

The River Mountains Loop Trail is a 34-mile loop that connects the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Hoover Dam, Henderson, Boulder City, and the Las Vegas Valley. The trail system is paved and offers scenic views of the Mojave Desert and abundant wildlife. You can connect to this trail at various points throughout Boulder City, Henderson, and Lake Mead Recreational Area.

Lil Daytona To Landmine

Mustang Loop Cactus Slalom (Beginner Friendly) – Las Vegas Mountain Biking Trails

Lil Daytona and the Landmine Loop are located in the Cottonwood Valley/Blue Diamond trail network west of Las Vegas. Lil Daytona is a fun, fast, flowy trail through a beautiful desert landscape with Red Rock Canyon as a backdrop. It connects into Landmine Loop, which is a great intro to mountain biking in Las Vegas. Theres nothing overly technical or difficult about these trails, but they have a bit of everything from chunk to flow and great views of Red Rock Canyon

route recommendation: Blue Diamond Loop

If youre new to Las Vegas mountain biking, this is a great loop to start off with. Theres not a whole lot of elevation gain or loss, but youll get a feel for the sharp rocks, desert riding, and punchy ups that Vegas is known for. Be sure to do Rubber Ducky for a fun surprise!

Customize your ride:

Make it longer:A fun add-on to Lil Daytona for a longer descent is Mustang Loop. After finishing Rubber Ducky, continue on to Beginner Loop to Viagra to Mustang Loop, which will lead into Lil Daytona

Make it harder:Add on The Hurl at the end. This is the most technical trail in the Blue Diamond area. Its more of a badge of honor than a fun trail, but itll definitely add some tech to your ride.

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Lake Mead National Recreation Area

There’s so much to do in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, including hiking, biking, boating, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, kayaking, and more. The park spans across 1.5 million acres of mountains, canyons, valleys, and two lakes. It includes nine designated wilderness areas.

The Historic Railroad Trail near Lake Mead is an easy and dog-friendly path that follows an old railroad track. The path is 7.5 miles in total through five large tunnels. The railroad route used to run from Boulder City to Hoover Dam between 1931 and 1961. It was transformed into a recreational trail in 2015.

Henderson Master Bicycle And Trail System

The city of Henderson itself is home to a sprawling 184-mile trail system. The Master Bicycle and Trail Plan features paved and natural paths that include landmark viewpoints and distance markers. The Henderson bike and trail system is one of the most extensive systems of its kind in the entire state of Nevada.

Henderson trails are measured by difficulty based on the trail surface, elevation grade, and obstacles. Trails are ranked Level 1 – 3. The city’s trail system is open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., and unlit trails are open from dawn until dusk.

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Mountain Biking With The Family At Bootleg Canyon

There are no lifts to get you to the top of the trails. You can pedal, self-shuttle, or get a paid shuttle on most weekends. The graded, unpaved road from the base of the hill next to the restrooms and large parking areas is most commonly used to reach the top of the mountain. If you are going to the start of the downhill trails, you will hike-a-bike for about .25 miles up from where the graded road ends.

Some of the trails at Bootleg Canyon are challenging to say the least. If you are going to ride here with smaller kids, an adult with at least strong intermediate skills needs to pre-ride all the trails you intend to ride with the little ones. There is plenty to keep a young family busy, but it will be best if you plan ahead and make your itinerary based on your groups riding ability.

When you are at the top of the graded road, you can see Las Vegas. While looking at the city, the hike-a-bike trail to the downhill trails is on your left. And, the trail Boy Scout is towards your right.

There are options for getting warmed up when riding Bootleg with your family. To get acquainted with the dirt, take a ride on the trail Desert Cruise and return to the base area on the River Mountains access road/trail.

Get Outdoors In The Lake Las Vegas Resort Area

Best Mountain Biking Trails near Las Vegas, Nevada

Hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails are within 30 minutes of Lake Las Vegas.

Lake Las Vegas is in a unique landscape that features desert, mountains, and lakes. The diversity of the region means there are countless options for outdoor recreation in and around Henderson.

The landscape also provides options for all experience levels. Whether you’re interested in a leisurely morning walk or a strenuous day-long bike ride, there’s something here for you. When you’re hiking or biking throughout the Lake Las Vegas region, be sure to carry along plenty of water and take frequent breaks.

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Tahoe Rim Trail Mt Rose To Hobart Road

Another segment of the THT, this section similarly offers riders with a gorgeous ride of carrying terrain and landscapes and lots of physical challenge. Clocking in at just under 14 miles, this portion features roughly 1,300 feet of climbing and 1,800 feet of descent.

This section takes the rider away from Lake Tahoe a bit and trades expansive views of the lake for idyllic alpine meadows. Taking bikers through the High Sierra terrain, this section offers a longer, more physically demanding ride, while not overwhelming beginners with overly technical stretches.

Riders will have to arrange for a shuttle back to their car or be sure to park a car at each point, as there arent many options for turning this ride into a loop. Youll also want to be on the lookout for wildlife, as this is bear and mountain lion country.

Las Vegas Mountain Bike Trails

Here are a list of the trail network around the Las Vegas Valley. We prefer the trail networks that are in the southwest portion of the Las Vegas area and well start your tour there. There is a greater assortment of trails in that area. We have some downhill in the piney forest area in the Mt Charleston area that is mainly the Showgirl Trails.

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Mountain Biking Las Vegas Nevada

There are miles of mountain bike trails in the area.

Know of a new mountain bike trail not listed here? Please tell us about it here.

Tips for mountain biking in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Trail maps: Explore the map above, and get Singletracks maps on your Wahoo GPS unit.
  • Bike rentals: Check with one of the shops listed above to find rental bikes.

About the best trails

Singletracks members have ranked the best mountain bike trails in Las Vegas, Nevada using our unique trail ranking algorithm. The best bike trails are rated by weighing the following ranking factors: average trail rating, number of members who have ridden the MTB trail, and the number of members who want to ride the MTB trail. Disagree with our list of the top mountain bike trails in Las Vegas, Nevada? Find and review your favorite Las Vegas, Nevada bike trails. Constantly updated.

Las Vegas, Nevada mountain biking news

Winter Gravity Series: Nevada State Gravity Championships Kick Off Bootleg Canyon Winter Series

Best Mountain Bike Trail in Las Vegas?

BOULDER CITY, NV The USA Cycling Nevada State Championships will kick-off the 2018 DVO Winter Gravity Series at Bootleg Canyon MTB Park just outside of Las Vegas, NV January 19 through 21. The first event in the three-part winter series will crown USAC Nevada State Champions in downhill, super-D and dual slalom to the top three in each category/age bracket.

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Union Pacific Railroad Trail

The Union Pacific Railroad Trail stretches 7.3 miles along a railroad track. The long stretch ends at Acacia Park, which features basketball courts, fields, picnic shelters, a playground, dog park, and a splash pad. This trail also connects to the I-215 East Beltway Trail at the northwest edge of Acacia Park.

Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding area are home to miles and miles of trails for hiking and biking. Let us help you plan your trip and find the best places to hike and bike while on your Lake Las Vegas vacation.

Best Time To Plan A Mountain Bike Trip To Las Vegas

The best time to plan a mountain bike trip to Las Vegas are during the cooler winter months. Ive visited in January, February, and November, and the temps were a comfortable mid-50s during the day. It does get cold at night, so if youre camping be sure to bring lots of warm layers.

Late fall and early spring could also be good times to visit, but check the weather before you go to make sure temps are reasonable. Las Vegas does get heavy rains as well, typically in the spring.

I would avoid mountain biking in Las Vegas during the summer at all costs ?.

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Best Places To Eat & Drink In Las Vegas

There are SO many great little places to eat in Las Vegas. Dont think you need to spend an arm and a leg on a meal, either. Many of the smaller, strip-mall ethnic restaurants are very well priced and delicious. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Shang Artisan Noodle: Eat here you will not be disappointed! They make their own noodles and everything Ive tried is outstanding. Their menu is also affordably priced, the service is fast, and theres good parking. We eat here every time we visit Las Vegas.
  • Weera Thai: I loved this little Thai restaurant. The interior decor is really cool and the food tasted authentic and yummy. They also have an interesting cocktail list.
  • Gabi Cafe: If youre looking for some good coffee and a unique setting, check out Gabi Cafe. Its super cute and eclectic and the coffee and baked goods are really good.
  • Lucy Ethiopian: I love good Ethiopian food and Lucy didnt disappoint. The inside is a bit dark and lacking character, but the food is great.

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