Pedal Bike For Under Desk

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Workout Intensity Of A Bike

Under or on Desk Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser with LCD

While desk cycles offer as many as 8 different resistance levels, the nature of their shape and design indicates that they are better equipped for physical therapy, light to moderate peddling and as a means to increase your blood flow and NEAT .

Indoor bikes are designed with the purpose ofwithstanding the most rigorous of spinning classes.

All indoor exercise bikes offer varying degrees of resistance which can be either friction or magnetic resistance. The overall structure and shape of the bike enables any cycling enthusiast to peddle with extra comfort due to adjustable seats and handles.

While both desk bikes and indoor bikes will get the heart pumping, the indoor bike does a much better job of it.

Types Of Bikes Used With A Desk

When it comes to cycling while you work, there are many options. Here are the common types:

  • Independent Under-Desk Bike – This is a separate unit from your chair and desk. It is essentially a set of pedals, a base, and a screen. These are the most cost-effective and work with nearly any existing desk of standard height. They are very portable and can be used whenever you’re seated.
  • Bike and Chair Combination – Bike and chair combinations are great because the unit includes a place to sit which makes your pedaling very efficient and more like riding a normal bike. These, however, pair best with a standing desk due to the generally higher seating position.
  • Bike Desk – Bike desks are an all-in-one device that allows you to work and pedal. Think of a stationary bike with a small work surface for a computer. If your budget allows it, this is one of the best ways to stay active while working.

Yosuda Under Desk Bike Pedal

YOSUDA Under desk bike pedal is one of the best options for home workouts. This smooth pedal system has a minimum height of just 55cms and weighs only around 22 pounds.

You can use this portable equipment to exercise your arms and legs to improve blood circulation and muscle movement. It has a magnetic resistance mechanism that allows you to increase and decrease resistance to set the desired load while you exercise.

YOSUDA also provides free parts replacement for 1 year, so customer satisfaction is guaranteed with this one.

55cms minimum height & 22 pounds weight Large LCD that displays time, distance, speed, and calories Free parts replacement for 1 year

What We Didnt Like The resistance is just moderate

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What Features Should I Look For In An Under

The one thing you already know is that youre interested in cycling while you work. Beyond that, choosing the best exercise bike for your desk for you comes down to your particular wants and needs. Whether you desire something lightweight and portable, compact and stowable, or frill-free and cheap, theres a desk bike for you .

What Things Should One Consider Before Buying An Under

Fitness Cycling Exerciser Mini Pedal Exercise Bike, Under Desk ...

Individual tastes, requirements, and preferences differ when it comes to the ideal expectations of under-desk cycles. Following are some factors that you should consider before buying an under-desk bike:


The first factor to consider when buying an under-desk bike is the ease of assembly. Buying an under-desk bike that you cannot properly assemble defeats the entire purpose of getting it. Thus, you should be on the lookout for pre-assembled under-desk bikes or ones that you can seamlessly assemble. User manuals that come with the bikes could help out in this regard.


Portability is another factor to consider before buying under-desk bikes. For people that are constantly on the move, a foldable under-desk bike that can be easily packed up and carried around will be ideal. Instead of having an under-desk bike at work and another at home, a single portable under-desk bike can be easily folded up and moved from home to work and vice-versa.

Adjustable resistance

Before buying under-desk bikes, you should also consider the resistance level. Ideally, you should buy an under-desk cycle that allows you to change resistance levels on demand. Your choice of intensity may vary at different times. An under-desk cycle that does not allow you to exercise your legs at your desired pace could be a psychological obstacle that dissuades you from exercising. Adjustable resistance gives you absolute control over the intensity of your exercise.

Low noise


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I Want A Desk Bike That Folds Up So I Can Store It When Its Not In Use

When you get right down to it, all an under-desk bike really requires are two pedals. If you dont need lots of bells and whistles and easy storage is your main concern, a folding pedal exerciser is the way to go. Especially If youre getting a pedaler for physical therapy use, a simple, scaled-down design may be all you need.

Searching for an under-the-desk bike that folds? This fully-assembled pedal exerciser doubles as an arm exerciser too. It runs on two AAA batteries and features an LCD display, an adjustable tension knob, and skid-resistant rubber feet for traction and stability no matter where you place it.

Cubii Smart Under Desk Elliptical

Experts Rating: 4-Stars

Pros: High-tech office fitness product that stands out as the only one that connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and integrates with popular wearable devices such as FitBit. Within the category of under desk ellipticals, nothing beats the Cubii. All the other products are basic mechanical devices sold through infomercials and mass merchants and arent designed to last.

Cons: All under desk pedal units require switching to a height-adjustable desk, especially for people with longer legs. If you work at a fixed-height desk, you may need to upgrade to a sit-stand desk to avoid banging up your knee caps. Cubii is at least twice the price of popular competitors that dont have the wifi connection, phone app, and cool looks. All under-desk ellipticals pose some ergonomic stresses on the lower spine, neck and shoulders Cubii is not immune to these issues, which affect all products in this category. If youre susceptible to low back pain or posture-related issues we recommend sticking with a standing desk or walking desk.

Bottom Line: If youre looking at under desks pedals, ellipticals are definitely the most ergonomic and fit under a desk much better than under desk cycles with their circular strokes. As under desk ellipticals go, this is the Cadillac model. And its the only smart unit with a Bluetooth link to your smartphone app and integration with devices like FitBit.

Price: $249

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It Improves Your Posture

We have a tendency to slouch and sit incorrectly most of the time, and that causes a problem with our posture.

It pushes our body into the correct alignment, and then we are forced to keep that perfect alignment due to sitting there for an extended period of time. This means it wont only help your lower body, but also improve your spine as well since it stops us from putting undue pressure on the wrong part of our spine.

What Are Under Desk Bikes

DeskCycle 2 Review – Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser / Elliptical

Under-desk bikes are cycling resistance machines that come with pedals that allow users to exercise while they’re working. They are useful tools for people that find themselves confined to their desks, whether at the office or at home. Under-desk bikes could be the solution to your inability to multitask because they are specifically built to be used with another ongoing activity. Be it you working at your desk or sitting comfortably in your lounge.

When you utilize an under desk bike to your benefit, it will improve your focus as well as help you be more productive! Not only that but you also get to burn calories and keep fit. Think of it as a walk and work kit.

The fact that alternatives like standing desks and sit-stand desks have been suggested as replacements for the traditional working desks is enough reason to show that there is a problem with sitting all day at the desk. Health experts have warned that sitting all day at the desk is not a healthy habit. Apart from the obvious numbness of the feet due to the restriction of blood flow to the leg, other dangers like obesity and diabetes have been associated with the apparent lack of activity that comes with sitting too long at a desk.

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Under Desk Bike Vs Indoor Bike Plus Which Is Better

If youre looking for ways to introduce indoor cycling to your life, 2 extremely popular options worth considering include the under desk bike vs indoor bike. Both are outstanding pieces of equipment which enable indoor movement, so it ultimately depends on what your needs and desires are for the bike you choose.

So which bike is best for me?

The answer to this question will become crystal clear in the below article. I go through the key similarities and differences between desk cycles and stationary bikes. Plus, I have packaged them up in a neatcomparison summary chart so you can determine the best bike for you with just a glance!

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As is customary in all my blogs, Ive added helpful expert tips and tricks, some of which may come as a surprise to you!

Did you know? In a 16-week study where office staff were provided with an under desk bike, 70% of participants held onto the desk bike after the study had concluded.

What Are The Similarities Between Under Desk Bikes And Indoor Bikes

There are 6 primary similarities between desk cycles and exercise bikes:

  • Purpose: Both allow peddling which helps to burn calories and increase activity.
  • Resistance: Both allow adjustment of resistance levels.
  • Monitoring: Both bikes include a display for tracking activity.
  • Motion: Both allow forward and backward peddling .
  • Noise: Once properly maintained, both bikes are very quiet.
  • Durability: Both should last years, and many have a minimum 1-year warranty.
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    So How Do You Make This Work For You

    That partly depends on what your goals are, if it is weight loss you’re looking for then spending more time pedalling will increase your calorie burn, decrease your body fat, and help you lose more weight. It seems that speed is of the essence if you want to reduce your waist size.

    For heart health the total number of minutes spent pedalling, and the number of separate sessions, are important.

    For the overall benefits of weight loss, fat loss, improved physical and mental health and performance at work the message is: do this and do it often.

    Getting the right equipment

    The problem with many mini bikes is that they are too high to effectively use under your desk – and can be too noisy.

    The pedal exerciser used in the study was low enough to allow comfortable pedalling and the researchers point out that this was an important factor in the high rate of adherence to the scheme.

    Unfortunately, the pedal trainer model they used in the experiment: the activeLife Trainer TM, is only available from the US and it costs a whopping $1,490 USD to get one delivered in the UK. Needless to say, we didn’t order one, but here’s the link if you want to take a look

    Of course you could cycle away whilst you’re sitting on your armchair watching TV – which increases the number of suitable mini bike options at lower prices.

    Doing this will provide similar benefits to those seen in the study if you pedal for similar amounts of time, but won’t really help to break up the deskbound day.

    I Need The Bikebut Also The Desk Are There Options That Come With Both Incorporated

    JANSION Portable Folding Fitness Pedal Stationary Under Desk Indoor ...

    If youre starting your exercise-friendly home office from scratch, pick up a bike-desk combo and call it a day. You dont even necessarily have to sacrifice style or functionjust take note of the weight limit of the particular model youre considering to make sure its inclusive of all who will be using it.

    An extra-large cushioned seat, adjustable backrest, swiveling desk, and soft hand grips mean comfort is the name of this desk bikes game. Plus, buying an all-in-one removes the hassle of measuring to make sure your desk is compatible, size-wise, with your bike.

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    Handles Attached To Bike

    There are no handlebars attached to the desk peddlers. This allows you to easily maneuver it around a desk, and it also makes for more compact storage. There is however a carry handle attached to some desk bikes which makes them easier to move.

    All indoor exercise bikes have handles attached to support you while you spin. Handles are usually adjustable to accommodate your height and comfort levels.

    Seat Attached To Bike

    Obviously, there is no seat attached to the under desk bike. The beauty of not having a seat attached means that you are not confined to sitting on the saddle that is provided with regular bikes.

    It alsoincreases the range of areas where you can use the desk peddler.

    For instance, they can be used with your existing comfortable desk chair, kitchen chair or even on a coach.

    That said, if you want a desk bike with a seat attached, there are bike and chair desks bikes which are one of 3 popular styles of desk bike which allow you to sit and peddle while at a desk.

    Indoor bikes have a padded seat attached. This is a usually a higher quality seat because it needs to be comfortable for supporting intense exercise.

    Tip: Gel padded seats tend to be the most comfortable and supporting type of material in bike seats.

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    Sunny Health Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

    Experts Rating: 3.5-Stars

    Pros: Has LCD display with calories, time, speed, distance, etc. You can work both your hands and feet with this device. Uses a magnet for resistance and has a sturdy steel frame. Can be used standing or sitting, and has a top handle for easier transport.

    Cons: Pedal stroke is too high for use with a standard desk requires an adjustable-height desk. Has issues sliding on the floor. Some complaints about a clacking noise.

    Bottom Line: A sturdy steel frame makes this a quality piece of equipment. Add a plethora of positive user reviews and you have a real contender. But theres problems using it under your desk. For one, the circular pedal motion raises your knees higher. Plus, the unit is 14 tall, a couple inches taller than average. You could have trouble fitting it under your adjustable height desk without compromising your ergonomic posture. We recommend an elliptical unit.

    Price: $129.00

    What Is An Indoor Bike

    TOP 5: Best Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser 2020 | Ideal for sport on office

    An indoor bike is a stationary bike which allows people to perform light to intense cycling from the comfort of their home, office or gym. They feature most of same primary features as an outdoor bike, except they lack wheels. Indoor bikes are very popular for cycling classes, which are sometimes referred to as spinning classes. Exercise bikes are ideal for low impact, high cardio workouts, particularly targeting the lower body.

    There are a surprising number ofoverlapping factors to consider when deciding what to look for in a bike, regardless of whether its a desk bike or an indoor bike.

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    Its Easy To Adjust The Tension

    These bikes are easy to use, and that also includes adjusting the tension to fit in with your own physical ability. This was especially true of the Desk Cycle Under Desk Bike Pedal.

    What this means is you can change how hard you work on your bike.

    That means this bike is really for everyone. Whether you want to take things easy, or work those leg muscles a bit more, that option is undoubtedly out there.

    It also means you can change things throughout the day, and depending on what you hope to achieve.

    Helps You Shed Some Weight

    Any form of exercise will help you burncalories. For most people, this is tough as finding the time and money to workout in a gym can be a daunting task for some. Even with the gym membership,youll still reap many benefits from a consistent workout like the one providedby the under desk bike.

    On average, a medium pedal can shade offabout 100 calories a day. For five days a week, youll be burning away about500 calories. This is no small task to pull off given the effortlessness thatcomes with the pedaling. After you get used to it, youll be doing it withoutgiving it a thought.

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    What Is An Under Desk Bike

    An under desk bike consists of two pedals attached to a small machine which allows you to pedal at a range of resistance levels. Under desk bikes are targeted at people who want to increase bodily movement by peddling while sitting. Since desk cycles lack a seat, wheels and handlebars, they are much more compact and can fit under a desk. They are also much more versatile and can be used in areas such as a desk, couch, kitchen table or worktop.

    If youre new to desk bikes, have a look at this complete guide to desk bikes for a quick introduction.

    How Much Do Under

    Portable Pedal Stationary Bike Under Desk Exercise Bike Machine ...

    Whatever your budget is, there is an under-desk bike for you. You can get an under desk bike for as low as $50, and there are premium ones that sell for more than $1,000!

    The final choice ultimately comes down to one thing and one thing only you should buy a product that brings value to your lifestyle, regardless of its price tag. Although, it’s important that you do your research beforehand and there’s absolutely no reason to buy a ridiculously expensive under desk bike. As long as it’s filling your demands and improving your lifestyle, you’re good to go!

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