Proform Carbon C7s Bike Review

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Best Proform Upright Bike

Best Peloton Alternative under $500 – Proform Carbon CX Review

Though ProForm has trimmed back their offerings in the exercise bike category, their conventionally styled 8.0 EX is a very solid contender when it comes to value for dollar. A smart and easy to use console can link with iFit should you choose to add the additional monthly subscription, but on its own the bike includes 30 pre-programmed workouts that make the most of the $599 bikes 25 resistance levels.

For added convenience, the console has built-in cooling fans, and a pair of 2-inch speakers to boost the sound output of your smartphone or tablet while pushing through your workout routine. The bike also has heart rate monitoring via its handlebar grips, and boasts one of the more comfortable seats in the category. If youre looking for comfort and convenience on a budget, its hard to go wrong here.

Taking The Proform Carbon Cx For A Spin

If Im being honest, I saved this bike review for last when I went out to the Garage Gym Reviews headquarters. One of the bigger reasons for that is the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 disappointed me with its instability and poor constructionyou can read my full ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 review here.

But I was pleasantly surprised by the ProForm Carbon CX. It has the same weight capacity and is made with the same materials as the Studio Bike Pro 22, but I had a much steadier ride on this one. Just as I did on the Pro 22, I had fellow product tester and GGR fitness writer Caroline Lubinsky try out this bike and she agreed it was a much better experience.

I could also feel a significant difference between the minimum resistance and the maximum, which wasnt the case for the Studio Bike Pro 22.

The 28-pound flywheel was quiet and smooth, but it definitely didnt have as much momentum as heavier flywheels closer to the 40-pound mark.

It should be said that this isnt a bike for advanced athletes or serious cyclists. There are 16 digital resistance levels that are controlled via the LCD display, and I think if youve been cycling for a while youll find the maximum setting to be similar to climbing up a very steep block. That is, its certainly a workout, but give it a few seconds and youll get used to it.

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C How To Turn Off The Music On Ifit

To completely turn music off, simply tap the screen within a workout, then tap the Music On Music Off icon to turn music off. You can always turn it back on anytime you decide.

Alternatively, you can make volume adjustments> When you click the volume, 3 options should appear on your screen: master volume, trainer, and music. Just slide the music all the way down as much as you like, and you shouldn’t be able to hear it.More ADVANCED Option: Block in your router. If you have You can blacklist at your router, for no music and no title box appearance on the screen. IP address for is if this is the way you want to go.

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Proform Carbon Cx Review 202: The Best Budget

By Anthony O’Reilly

We test and review fitness products based on an independent, multi-point methodology. If you use our links to purchase something, we may earn a commission. Read our disclosures.

When most people think studio bike, they probably think of something thats not exactly budget-friendly. And yeah, generally speaking, youre going to get what you pay for and youll be sacrificing some quality on a more affordable option. But that doesnt mean you cant find good fitness equipment at a price your wallet can agree with.

Our ProForm Carbon CX review proves that, by showing you how this affordable exercise bike delivers where it matters most. Well discuss some qualities it lacks, compared to more expensive options, and why despite those missing characteristics, its still one of, if not the best Peloton alternative for those on a budget.

How Much Does Ifit Cost

Under the Proform Plus+ Program iFit membership COSTS JUST ABOUT $1 PER DAY. For most Proform, NordicTrack and FreeMotion equipment, the first 30 days of an iFit subscription is included a $39 Value. Going forward you can opt to continue iFit membership on a monthly or annual basis or cancel. If you pay for iFit annually, the cost is 396 saving you $72 or 15%. Otherwise, you can pay the regular monthly $39 cost for iFit which is about a dollar a day.

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What User Heights Are Able To Use This Bike

Recommended height for riders to be between 411 to 65

Adjustments to the saddle can be easily made forward or aft 4 to be closer or further from the handlebars as well as the saddle post can be raised or lowered 13 vertically to suit your height. The handlebars can also be raised or lowered to suit your riding position preference. Later we provide saddle options to swap out over the one that ships with your bike.

The saddle can be adjusted for both vertical and horizontal adjustment, plus the handlebars can also be raised or lowered to suit your riding position preference

Proform Carbon Cx Vs Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Magnetic Exercise Bike

Better Value?

The ProForm Carbon CX and Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Magnetic Exercise Bike have many of the same features: magnetic resistance, similar flywheel weights , four-way adjustable seat, comes with dumbbells, and a basic LCD display.

Sunnys bike, though, has a slight edge in two areas. Firstly, the Classic version is under $450 , and it has micro-adjustable resistance. They dont tell us how many resistance levels it has, but having been on both I can say the maximum setting on Sunnys felt more difficult.

That said, the Sunny Health bikes cant connect to any fitness app. The ProForm Carbon CX connects to iFIT, which means you can access thousands of cycling and other fitness classes with it. Plus, the iFIT trainers can connect to your bike and control the resistance for you.

Both are great bikes, but if youre looking for versatility then we say go for the ProForm. If youre just looking for a great bike at a reasonable price, go for Sunny.

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Are There Any Workouts In Spanish

YES, there is search by language to find iFit workouts in Spanish 9 other languages that currently include: English, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Italian and Norwegian.

Closed Captioning is now available in English, Spanish and Russian.

To turn closed captioning on or off during a workout, tap the screen during a workout > toggle Closed Captions on or off at the bottom left-hand corner.

Final Verdict Of Our Proform Carbon Cx Review

Pro-form Studio Bike Limited Review

The ProForm Carbon CX might not be the most impressive exercise bike on the market, but at $600 it has some impressive featuresmainly, iFIT compatibility and automatic tension control. Its also a very solid bike, and if it can support someone of my height and weight, then Im sure it will be good for most home gym owners out there looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness.

I could see how dealing with the LCD display could get annoying over time, but again theres probably three pieces of technology in your house that you can use instead of it. And since youre saving money on the bike, you can replace the seat and pedals with something a little nicer and make it your own.

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Proform Tour De France Road Series

ProForm came out with the TDF series quite a few years ago and has continually worked to improve the design and overall function of this indoor spin bike. One element to the TDF that we really like is the rear positioning of the flywheel. Moving the flywheel to the back of the bike gets it out of the way of dripping sweat and moisture that can quickly lead to corrosion. Another great design element to the TDF series is the V-shaped engineering. This allows for a wider range of users to adjust the bike and fit comfortably on it. As the seat and handrails are raised, the bike automatically allows for more space between the seat post and handlebars, accommodating the reach of a taller user. Read more about the TDF and TDF Pro by checking out their individual reviews below.

How Many Users Are On The Family Account

You can have up to a total of 5 individuals with separate usernames. The primary user sends an email invite to up to 4 other members to set up their own individual iFit profile that tracks workout statistics and settings separately. This makes iFit interactive training super-good value for a family or any shared living situation where you have multiple people wanting to use the bike or other iFit connected fitness equipment.

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Can I Cast To My Big Screen Tv From The Studio Bike Pro Console

Not directly. But you can use the Just Ride Mode which disengages from iFit, and watch a nearby TV or use a tablet positioned over the screen to stream their own app content. There is also the NEW iFit TV app that allows you run iFit workouts on your TV. The iFit app is currently available for , Apple TV, Android TV, and Google TV. Roku is also available to use.

Proform Carbon Cx Exercise Bike Highlights

While the ProForm Carbon CX is one of the less expensive options on the market, and still provides a lot of the necessities for a solid at-home session, it doesnt have a lot of the high-tech features that some high-end indoor bikes have. You can use the tablet holder to stream through your own device, but once your free year of iFit is up, youll have to pay $39 per month to keep taking classes on the ProForm Carbon CX. For its price tag, this bike is definitely a great option for those who dont find advanced features on their fitness equipment absolutely necessary.

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Who Is The Proform Bike Best For

The ProForm bike series features a range of products to suit people at different fitness levels, from beginners to athletes.

A ProForm bike may suit people looking for a moderately-priced home exercise bike with similar features to high-end competitors.

These bikes may also suit people looking for smart exercise equipment. All ProForm bikes can connect to the online fitness subscription service iFit, which allows users to:

  • access live or recorded classes
  • work with trainers

Can You Swap Out The Proform Studio Bike Pro Pedals For Clip

For more power Studio Bike Pro bike pedals can be swapped out for clipless SPD or Delta Look pedals. Above Are Tiem Cycling Shoes found on Amazon – see below for links

a. YES, you can switch out pedals for clips-in ones so you can ride with clipless bike shoes. We recommend Shimano PD-ME700 SPD pedals which support SPD clips-in. Easy to replace, the Proform Studio Bike Pro pedals use 9/16 standard pedal thread, as does the Proform Studio Bike Pro 22. To change to clip-in pedals simply unscrew the ones on the bike and screw in the replacing clip-in pedals. The Shimano PD-ME700 SPD are one option, and they work well. You can or shop there for other brands of pedals.

IMPORTANT INSTALL TIP: Remember to line-up each pedal for left and right as they each thread in opposite directions. Thats right, there is a pedal for the left and one for the right-hand side.

Some Shimano pedal models support a clip-on cleat on one side and have a toe cage type on the other side which is great if you are sharing your Spin-Bike with riders who prefer the cage style or just want to use sneakers to ride. The Venzo Shimano SPD Pedals with Toe Clips & Straps are very popular. Also, check out the Wellgo E229 Shimano SPD CompatiblePedals. Some other pedals we like are listed below and can also be found at Amazon.

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With A Sleek Design And An Appealing Price

We receive free products and receive commissions through our links. See disclosures page.

The ProForm Carbon CX is a solid exercise bike with some noteworthy perks. Along with the free year of iFit, this indoor bike has a tablet holder that swivels 180 degrees, silent magnetic resistance that makes it ideal for home gyms, and an interchangeable seat, so you can customize your ride. What truly makes it a great find is its price tag ProForm keeps the cost low since most of the technology you need comes from your personal tablet instead of the bike itself.

There are certainly cheaper exercise bikes on the market that consumers could buy. And on the other end of the market, there are also many high-end studio bikes with added tech that the ProForm Carbon CX simply doesnt sport. But the Carbon CX rides the middle ground of the bike-spectrum quite well with its appealing price point, and enough add-ons and customizable options to keep things interesting.

Best Proform Recumbent Hybrid

Take a look at the Studio Bike Pro By ProForm

ProForms top recumbent hybrid is called the Hybrid Trainer Pro. This full-body trainer works as both a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine with moving arm bars. Available for just $699 online, it offers low-impact exercise on a small budget. The Hybrid Trainer Pro now has 20 preset workouts and is iFit-enabled. Data are shown on an LCD, and a watts meter helps you easily stay on target for fitness goals. A tablet computer holder makes it convenient to use iFit or access your other apps during workouts. recommends this bike-elliptical only to smaller shoppers because of its 17 stride. This makes it most comfortable for adults under 53. Also worth noting is the rather light 15-pound drive. The more you weigh, the less natural the biking exercise will feel. We prefer the specs on ellipticals by Sole Fitness.

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Proform Bike Customer Reviews

At the time of publishing, ProForm has a rating of 2.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. Customer reviews on the BBB website give the brand an average rating of 1.41 out of 5 stars.

Positive reviews state that the companys products are sturdy, easy to assemble, and user-friendly. Some reviewers also mention finding the iFit subscription useful for workouts.

The negative reviews mention poor and unresponsive customer service and a complicated returns process. Several customers report experiencing delayed shipping and receiving a delivery with missing or defective parts.

ProForm manufactures several exercise bikes for at-home use. The company categorizes the bikes into the following four series:

Does Proform Studio Bike Pro Work Without Ifit

Yes, a Studio Bike Pro and a Studio Bike Pro 22 can be used standalone without iFit. Resistance adjustments can be made manually via touchscreen, by pressing one-touch side quick-access adjustment buttons on the console.

However, if iFit is included with your bike tryit, we definitely think you will like this approach to fitness especially the destination trainer-led workout rides and series rides are excellent and fun to do very engaging!

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Giant Road E+ Profrom $4999

Engineered with purpose-built geometry, excellent weight distribution and integrated power, Road E+ Pro keeps you going strong on busy commutes and any road riding adventure you can imagine. The SyncDrive Pro motor can reach 170 rpm cadence and has a powerful 80Nm of torque output. New this year is the integrated compact 375Wh EnergyPak.

The Proform Studio Bike Pro

Im not hatin or anything, but is it me, or does this bike look exactly like the Peloton?

I mean, I get it the Peloton is still the gold standard when it comes to these streaming bikes and to be fair, the Peloton looks great, but come on ProForm, you gotta differentiate yourself a little dont ya?

The Studi0 Bike Pro even has the same red accent around the drive train

Moving on, ProForm is a popular home fitness brand known for offering fairly affordable equipment and for their price ranges, they have some of the best machines out there.

ProForm is owned by ICON Fitness, the same parent company that owns NordicTrack- this is why ProForm machines are also compatible with iFit.

When it comes to indoor cycles, ProForm has 3 to choose from- the Studio Bike Pro 22, the Studio Bike Pro, and the Carbon CX.

The Studio Bike Pro were here to talk about today falls right in the middle in terms of price and features.

Speaking of price, if you purchase through ProForm directly, its free with a 3 year iFit subscription .

Signing up for 3 years of a streaming service is quite the commitment, but I have to admit, it still sounds like a pretty good deal.

I mean, iFit alone costs $39/month anyway, so as long as you stick with it for 3 years, you are essentially getting a free bike.

If youre not sure about that, you can also purchase through without the iFit commitment .

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Steps: How To Access Privileged Mode

Go to the settings mode > go to maintenance > then in the space below the options, in the empty white space. Tap the same spot 10 times. Wait 5-7 seconds Tap the same spot 10 more times. It will then pop up that “privileged mode is enabled” If you do it again, it will disable privileged mode. When you enable it, you can drag down from the top and get access to the menu bar > go into android settings. You can also swipe up from the bottom and get to the default apps – it has a browser, camera, iFit admin, and the iFit cardio app.

The following steps is equipment running on Android 5.1. Through the Android browser you can navigate to Login and then click on your name and click help center. Search for APK and open first article. Then look for click here to download NetFlix app. Go to downloads and click the downloaded file. Next click the install prompt and you are ready to watch NetFlix. Watch thisYouTube video for complete steps on How to install Netflix on your Proform Studio Bike Pro or Studio Bike Pro 22 with Android 5.1. Referenced is NordicTracks S22i Bike and X22i/X32i treadmills butthese steps also work on ProForm.

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