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How To Make Exercise Bike Seat More Comfortable

Review YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Bike – Cycle Bike Ipad Mount Comfortable Seat Cushion

Okay, here are the best of the best ways of making that stationary bike seat comfy. There are four options for you:

Do padded bike shorts help? Yes, yes they absolutely do.

Im always been used to wearing a pair of padded shorts when I go out on a bike ride. I was quite surprised when I first go into exercise bikes and found that other spinners didnt really know about them, despite suffering from sore behinds and chafing on inner thighs. These are the exact issues that shorts with padding are designed for!

These womens shorts are a great example of what Im talking about . The outer lycra/spandex extends to just above the knee area so its the fabric that rubs together, and not tender inner thigh skin. Its the gel padding on the seat that is really where these shorts deliver. The padding gives great cushioning for your sit bones the ones that most of your weight rests on when youre on a bike saddle and can get the most bruising. I would never cycle on an exercise bike or outdoors without a pair of these.

Gel Seat Covers For Spinning Bikes

Theyre also great where hygiene is a concern hey, theres a lot of sweaty butts that have been on those bike seats!

If youre wondering whether to go with padded saddle vs padded shorts then Id recommend that you start with padded shorts first. Ive found these to be the most comfortable to use on the bike and less prone to having the padding slipping around as you shift position on the bike.

How To Make Exercise Bike Seat More Comfortable: 5 Tips

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

The stationary bike is a must-have for everyone who works out but cannot do it outside. Since it is efficient, people like incorporating it into their routine. However, there are times when the spinning bike seat hurts, especially for a woman. Most of the complaints are that it hurts my bum and becomes a distraction during a workout.

When you want to change your bike seat but calling professional help is not an option, you can always do it yourself!

Here are things to consider to know how to make exercise bike seat more comfortable for a better workout experience.

Buy A Comfortable Pair Of Cycling Shorts

You may be able to get away with wearing any old pair of leggings to certain workouts, such as Pilates or yoga. However, indoor cycling requires a specific kind of shorts, experts say. The bib shorts are the choice of experienced riders, as with the suspender style. They are far more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. And dont cut off circulation to your gut, Brodie says. Because not everyone will feel comfortable exercising in skintight attire, he suggests throwing a pair of basketball shorts on top. Just make sure they have either a drawstring or a good waistband to keep them from falling down.

Danielle Girdano, a certified master personal trainer, recommends investing in a pair of gel-padded shorts. Foam will break down too easily and quickly due to sweat and pressure. But gel will hold up much longer and provide for a much more comfortable ride, she adds.

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Ylg Oversized Comfort Bike Seat Comfortable Replacement Bike Saddle

Replacing the narrow and hard stock seat of your exercise bike with a YLG oversized comfort exercise bike replacement seat will enable you to go through your spin session much more comfortably.

This YLGs patented extra comfortable seat comes with an adaptor. This adaptor makes it fixable on any spin bike.

For long-duration spin sessions, you need a seat that has a shape that fits perfectly with the shape of your glutes, offers enough support without affecting leg movement. This wide arched exercise bike replacement seat from YLG is designed to deliver you the same.

To offer you extra comfortable rides, this seat has a dual rubber ball suspension that deals with the jerks and adds stability to your spinning session. This along with the 7cm thick high-density memory foam and fused gel padding offers you the maximum comfort that a bike seat can offer.


  • Can fit almost all spin bikes
  • Shock-absorbing rubber ball suspension
  • Contoured and wide seating surface
  • Easy to install
  • Thick memory foam pad with fused gel
  • Waterproof and scratch proof surface


  • Not suitable for outdoor bikes

Best Exercise Bikes To Shop

Maxkare Exercise bike Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike with LCD Monitor ...

We highlighted stationary bikes that cost less than $700, focusing on those with great customer reviews. All the bikes feature aluminum or steel frames and have belted drive systems, which are designed to operate very quietly. They also have adjustable handlebars, seats and resistance knobs so you can customize your ride to your specific needs. We looked for stationary bikes that can hold at least 270 pounds to account for a wide variety of body types as well as bikes that have water bottle holders. Although many of them dont come with warranties at this price point, we made sure to highlight those that did.

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Is A Wide Bike Seat More Comfortable

Wide bike seats are considered to be more comfortable than narrow ones. Nonetheless, your bike seats width needs to match your sit bones. Considering that comfort is relative, youll need to check out various bike seat widths before buying your indoor bike. In addition, a bike seat thats too wide will impact your movement and can create more discomfort than a narrow seat would.

Nordictrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

Price: $$$

If youre looking to splurge on a stationary bike, consider the NordicTrack New S22i Studio Cycle. While the bike is pricey, its high quality steel build, smooth ride, and extensive workout selection make it a worthy investment.

It not only boasts a massive library of on-demand spin classes but also a collection of global workouts that allows you to simulate rides almost anywhere around the world. Plus, it has incline options ranging from -10%20%.

It also includes controls to adjust the incline and resistance throughout your ride and even has a 22-in. touchscreen that rotates, making it easy to take your workout from the bike to the mat.

Purchase of the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle includes a 30-day family membership to iFit, which is the NordicTrack interactive training platform.

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Is There A Cheaper Alternative To Peloton

While Peloton had some significant price drops earlier this year, permanent prices on its flagship products are back up, likely due to company instability. The OG bike originally sat at $2,195, dropped down to $1,895, to $1,495, and finally down to $1,195, but now is back up at $1,445.

Similarly, the Bike+ went from $2,495, down to $1,995, and back up to $2,495 since it’s 2020 release. These prices, of course, are on top of the monthly membership fee that was hiked up to $44/month as of June 1, 2022.

Peloton’s connected fitness equipment was more worth it when the prices were lower earlier this year, but now that they’re back up, there are way more stationary bikes on the market than just Peloton, meaning there’s pretty much one for every budget.

When shopping for an indoor bike, decide what type of cycling experience you want. Are you looking for a studio-style bike with an attached screen? Do you want to be able to stream interactive workouts directly to your bike? Or are you looking for something cheaper that can use your own device for workout streaming? The driving question here is which app or site you want to get your workouts from, or if you just want a bike to pedal indoors while watching TV. Bikes without connected monitors or membership-based fitness programs tend to be hundreds of dollars cheaper than those with flashy screens.

Best With Optional App: Stryde Bike

DMASUN Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary, Comfortable Seat Cushion Review
  • Videos not as polished as other options

  • Requires assembly

While the initial purchase of a bike may cost less than a year of spin classes, many exercise bike companies require an app-based subscription to get started. The Stryde bike, equipped with a 22-inch tablet, offers users access to over 500 guided classes via the Stryde app or they can opt out of the membership for a more budget-friendly workout. Users can watch streaming services, check email, or access the internet during their workout instead.

Crafted with powder-coated steel, the bike features a durable frame with a 350-pound weight capacity, and a five-year warranty. We like that the dual-sided pedals have SPD clips for those with cycling shoes, but also include toe cages for anyone wishing to ride with their go-to athletic shoes.

Price at time of publication: $1,895

Style: Indoor cycling | Resistance: Magnetic system | Product Weight: 135 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 pounds | Dimensions: 50 x 24 x 46 inches

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Best Affordable Exercise Bikes Options Under $350

Shop these affordable stationary bicycles available on Amazon.

There are plenty of reasons why bicycling inside might be a more convenient – and safer – choice. Unpredictable weather, busy schedules and busy roads. Spin classes are fun, but sometimes youre just not in the mood for the super-enthusiastic instructor and blaring music. If youre looking to take your workout to the next level and boost your mood and fitness through a quick indoor workout, an affordable exercise bike might be the best choice for you.

Exercise bikes are a popular way to keep fit while staying at home. Many even offer virtual fitness classes which is a great way to get the feel of group exercise without the expense, travel and hassle of heading to the gym. Keep in mind though, these bells and whistles come with a hefty price tag and arent necessary to get in your workout.

Below weve rounded up some of the most affordable and best-rated stationary bike options that are easy on the wallet.

1. Amazon Bestseller, YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Bike $309.99

Rave review: I always wanted to buy a stationary bike and Im very happy with my decision to purchase this one. Its very well built with a solid frame and easy to assemble and operate. Its also easy to move around so I can take it out to my deck when the weather is nice. Now my mom is falling love with this bike and she is on it almost every day!

2. Sovnia Stationary Bike $349.99
7. $169.99

Best For Total Body Workouts: Schwinn Fitness Airdyne Ad6 Exercise Bike

Courtesy of Best Buy

  • Louder than other options

Just because a bikes primary function is to work your legs doesnt mean you cant activate your arms, core, and back at the same time. This upright fan bike from Schwinn gives you a tough total body workout in just a matter of minutes because you move the handlebars in addition to the pedals. The 26-blade fan is paired with a single-stage belt drive to deliver a quiet, smooth, and challenging workout experience.

Its heavy-duty, commercial-grade construction can support a maximum capacity of 300 pounds, and the progressive wind resistance technology makes it an excellent tool for elite athletes and beginners alike. CrossFitters swear by this style of bike for high-intensity interval training.

Price at time of publication: $499

Style: Upright | Resistance: Progressive wind based on work intensity | Product Weight: 113 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Dimensions: 55 x 26 x 53 inches

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Youre Not Giving Your Butt A Rest

One of the nice things about road cycling is that youve usually got built-in breaks throughout your ride. You come to traffic stops, you put one or two feet on the ground, and you take your butt off the saddle. This rests your rear and allows you some time to air out and dry off all things that will lower your chances of saddle sores.

When cycling indoors at home, though, there are no natural breaks. You can keep going for as long as you want, and even when you take a breather, you might just sit straight up on the saddle, pedaling lightly with your arms at your sides while you cool off.

Not only are you not giving your butt a break, but youre also putting even more weight on the saddle by sitting upright and pedaling lightly. When you ride hard and face resistance from the pedals, that puts pressure on your feet instead of your buttocks.

The solution? Take breaks the right way when youre cycling at home. Get off the bike and rest your butt like you would if you were on the road.

How Can I Turn My Bikes Seat Into A More Comfortable One Without Investing A Hefty Amount

Exercise Bike Stationary Indoor Cycling Bike

Firstly, you need to ensure whether the bike is working on the appropriate settings or not? Sometimes due to inadequate settings, you may experience discomfort while riding. Wear a proper workout dress to stay easy throughout the session, and you can also use an additional cover on the seat. If the saddle is too uncomfortable, change it immediately before it starts exerting pressure on the back.

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Why Are The Seats On Exercise Bikes So Uncomfortable

A bicycle is one of the best pieces of equipment you can acquire to invest in an indoor exercise machine.

Cycling can provide various health and fitness benefits, and an indoor bike allows you to exercise even when the weather is unfavourable.

On the other hand, most folks have a sore and painful bottom following an exercise bike session. What causes this to happen?

  • You incorrectly adjusted your seat.
  • You are exercising with too much pressure on your hands.
  • You are not using the proper equipment.
  • You’re having an issue with bacteria.
  • Best Overall: Sunny Health & Fitness Sf

    • Heavy duty flywheel for stability

    • Easy to customize fit

    • No digital display

    • No “smart” features

    What do buyers say? 85% of 500+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

    This indoor cycling-style bike checks all the boxes on our list in impressive ways which is why its our top overall pick. The heavy-duty, 44-pound flywheel keeps the bike stable during vigorous exercise so you dont feel any wobbling mid-ride. It has an emergency break feature that stops the wheel immediately and the high-durability steel frame construction supports a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.

    The bike uses a magnetic resistance mechanism that is easy to adjust mid-ride and requires virtually no maintenance over the lifetime of the bike. It also features a fully-adjustable seat, moving forward, backward, up, and down to give you the best fit. The bike comes equipped with four-way adjustable handlebars and caged toe pedals for a secure ride.

    Price at time of publication: $700

    Style: Indoor cycling | Resistance: Manual knob | Product Weight: 136.5 pounds | Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 pounds | Dimensions: 48.5 x 24 x 53.5 inches

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    Is Peloton On Amazon Prime

    Peloton recently stepped up its game to counter the competition by striking a deal to sell the Bike, Guide, and Peloton branded accessories and apparel at Amazon. The is now live, and offers Prime delivery for the Peloton Guide and accessories, and scheduled Prime delivery for the bike â a huge development for Peloton delivery times, which were months-long at the height of the pandemic. The Bike+ and Tread are still only available directly from Peloton.

    Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat

    Schwinn IC4 Seat Not Comfortable?

    Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat

    Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat

    • High Mileage, Waterproof, Carved/Standard Bicycle Saddle.
    • Weatherproof nylon cover that works flawlessly in all conditions.

    Some of you might not intend to invest too much into bike seats. But, don’t worry. We have brought you some low-cost comfortable seats.

    This saddle here comes from a popular British cycling brand and is from their Cambium range. These bikes are suited for high mileage riding and provide superior comfort to the riders where the cost is nominal for everyone who doesn’t want to invest much in bikes.

    The Configuration:

    The vulcanized natural rubber and the waterproof nylon seat cover at the top surface are designed to give maximum durability during your entire cycling session in any weather conditions.

    When one of our team members was riding on this bike seat, she noticed that the waterproof design of this saddle makes it suitable for day-to-day commuting. Since the seat has a center cut section to the top with a carved saddle design, it provides anatomic relief, offering perineum comfort to the long-distance riders.

    The additional feature it includes is the shock-absorbing capability, which is useful when you are riding on a bumpy road. The fiberglass reinforced backplate has loops built for saddlebags and other accessories.

    Why Should You Get The Brooks All-Weather Bike Seat?


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    Tonbux Comfortable Bicycle Seat

    Unlike most of the spinning bike seats we have mentioned in this buying guide, the TONBUX is more of a traditionally shaped seat with a narrow and long nose. This padded bike seat for spinning is designed to offer you maximum comfort without coming in the way of pedaling movement.

    The seat is heavily cushioned on the overall upper surface. The cushioning thickens further on the backside of the seat. Along with better cushioning for your comfort, the seat has a central vent to keep your crotch area cool. The padding and the heat-dissipating vent together keep you comfortable for long-duration sessions.

    The seat features double ball shock absorbing to keep you stable and protect you from vibrations. The seat is made using scratch-proof microfibre for durability.


    • The fasteners provided with the seat are a little weak

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