Thule Hitching Post Pro 4 Bike Rack

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Review Of The Thule Hitching Post Pro Hitch Bike Rack

etrailer | Thule Hitching Post Pro Hitch Bike Rack Review – 2021 Toyota Venza

Randy: Hey, guys! It’s Randy here at Today, we’re taking a look at a four bike rack from Toule. This is their Hitching Post Pro. This is an extremely popular bike rack. It’s recommended by our experts all the time for customers that are looking for a very high-quality rack that is cost effective. This fits the bill really well.

Toule does an exceptional job with designing and testing their racks to help ensure that you’re not going to have any issues with them what so ever.Keeping this one pretty basic keeps it at a cost-effective price, so it’s going to give you an excellent way to transport four bikes, get it to your favorite spot, whether it’s going to be friends heading out to the park, you and the family heading out to the park, maybe going out camping. It’s going to keep us from having to put them up on our roof or try to pile them in the back of the van, or pile them in the back of the truck.Now, if you’re new to bike racks, this is what’s considered a hanging style bike rack. So you can see, we’ve got out bike that’s hanging down from our dual cradle arms here. We also offer platform style racks.Now, to get a four bike platform style rack, it’s usually much more expensive and it’s generally going to be a lot heavier so those are two things to keep in mind. But platform style racks are what we recommend for use with carbon bikes.

Review Of The Thule Hitching Post Pro Hitch Bike Rack On A 2020 Toyota Rav4

How’s it going RAV4 owners Today on your 2020 Toyota RAV4, we’re gonna be taking a look at the Thule Hitching Post Pro 4 Bike Rack. What you are taking a look at here is one of the most popular bike racks here That’s for a lot of reasons, it’s just a really convenient and simple to use bike rack with a lot of the features that people have come to expect in bike racks. For starters, we have our anti-sway cradle here, which is gonna help cut down on that movement between bikes. So they’re really not clanging into each other while you’re going down the road. And more importantly, not hitting your RAV4.

Another great feature about our bike rack is the cradles themselves, which do pivot so that they can accommodate different styles of bikes. And here on the inside, we have grooves to accommodate our cables, so your brake lines are not gonna get smashed up against your bike while you’re going down the road. That’s really gonna help preserve those brake lines and the finish on your bike. Our three straps secure our bikes into place by the top tube. Now, as with all hanging-style bike racks, we do not recommend you use carbon-fiber bikes.

The pressure from the straps can tend to crush that a little. But right now we’ve got a aluminum frame bike. So we’re all set. And we go ahead and remove our straps, which are rubberized to make ’em stretch and get a nice fit. And then unlike some other bike racks, I find this one’s actually pretty easy to get your bikes off of.

Review Of The Thule Hitching Post Pro Hitch Bike Racks On A 2021 Subaru Forester

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today on our 2021 Subaru Forester, we’re gonna be taking a look at the Thule Hitching Post Pro. One of the big questions that we get asked all the time in regards to these hitch mounted bike racks is if you’re still gonna be able to have access to the back of your Subaru. And this one does fold down out of the way and allows us to do that. Come down here to the pin and clip, pull that out. And this one actually folds down quite a bit a lot more than others that I’ve seen.

And so it really is gonna give us a ton of space to open up our hatch and get whatever we might need in and out of the back of our Forester. So my first impression of the rack on the back of the Forester is I think it’s gonna look great. And it’s gonna be just as versatile as your Forester and it’s really simple and easy to use. So the way it’s gonna hold your bike down whenever you’re going down the road is in three different spots here. So we’re gonna have two straps here along the top tube and a strap down here.

This is gonna act as an anti-sway strap and that’s gonna help prevent that side side movement. That way your bikes aren’t banging into each other as you’re going down the road. But that being said, I talked about the simplicity. So let’s show you how the rack actually works. We’ll pull our bike off.

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Thule Hitch Post Pro 4


Mounts to: Find 40mm version here

The 934PRO Thule Hitchin Post four bike carrier bolts securely to a 50mm square tow hitch socket. It has simple and effective design and plenty of clearance to deal with spare wheels mounted on the rear door of an SUV.

Class leading clearance from the back of the vehicle.

Simple pull pin tilt mechanism to provide access to the rear of the vehicle.

Top folds down to help with storage and to reduce the over hang when no bikes are being carried.

The Hitching Post bike racks simply bolt onto the tow hitch using the supplied bolt and spanner. Alternatively the STL2 Snug-Tite lock can be supplied as an optional extra.

Bike Racks For The Whole Family

Thule Hitching Post Pro 4

Thule Apex XT is a hanging hitch bike rack that can carry up to 5 bikes. This secure bike rack keeps bikes stable on the trip, and fits a range of frame styles and sizes. Perfect for a bike vacation with the whole family.

Thule Apex XT Swing 4 hitch bike rack has all these perks and more! This bike rack provides access to your trunk with the bikes still loaded.

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Thule Hitching Post Pro 4

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Right now, etrailer is offering the Thule Hitching Post Pro 4-bike folding rack for $171.42. Compared to Academy Sports+Outdoors price of $199.99, you save $28.57.

This hitch-mounted rack carries up to 4 bikes and has dual arms for excellent bike support. The arms fold down into storage when not in use, and offer anti-sway arms with no-sway cages. The cages include gently cushioned frames for secure and proper bike holding. The tilting mast allows for easy access to your cars rear cargo area by simply pulling a pin at the base of the rack and tilting the rack away from your vehicle.

This rack has 1-1/4 x 1-1/4 and 2 x 2 trailer hitch receivers, but can only carry 2 bikes if using the class 1 trailer hitch.

This item qualifies for free shipping and could sell out at any time!

Review Of The Thule Hitching Post Pro Hitch Bike Rack On A 2019 Toyota Rav4

Rob: Rob here at and today you’re going to be taking a look at the Thule Hitching Post Pro four hanging style bike rack on a 2019 Toyota Rav 4. Our Hitching Post Pro is going to allow us to take up to four bikes to and from the trail. It’s a hanging style, so we’ll have three points of contact. We’re going to have two on the cross tube here, and we’re going to have another one of the vertical support. The one on the vertical support is going to act with the anti sway to prevent the bike from moving too much and causing that bike-to-bike contact.Let’s go ahead and pull our bike off so we can take a closer look. The strap’s here should be rubber coated and we see we just stretch them and pull them loose.

The anti-sway is going to be the same thing. We’ll just move everything out of the way and pull our bike off and set it aside.With the straps out of the way, we can get a good look inside the cradles. The cradles themselves are going to be made out of a nice material so I don’t have to worry about any scratches or abrasions. You’ll notice that it’s going to have these channels in there. These channels are specifically for our cables to run through if we have brakes that are on the outside of our frame.

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