Tie Downs For Dirt Bikes

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How Does The Lock

How To Tie Down a Dirt Bike

The Lock-N-Load Pro system can be installed in a trailer, truck, or van. The system comes complete with all the parts needed to mount it, including all four bolts. You can also purchase additional mounting plates if needed.

The system is fully adjustable and will adapt to the width and height of your bike. Its a really versatile system that will fit a large range of bikes and motorcycles.

To use the Lock-N-Load transport system, simply set the width that you need, and then roll your bike into the system. Once your bike is in place, press down on the ratcheting jaws until the bike is secure.

The Lock-N-Load Pro works by grabbing your bike by its footpegs, thus securing the front and rear of your dirt bike. The system distributes the loads weight to the front and rear suspension. This will lead to less pressure being placed on your fork seals.

Ratchet The Rear Of The Bike Down

Many people only secure the front of the bike, but the safest method is to secure the back of the bike as well. To prevent the back of the bike from moving around, attach the rear tie-down straps. Ratchet each side slightly, rotating in a circle. You will want to do a little at a time to make sure the suspension is balanced between all four straps.

If you are using cam buckles instead of ratchets, this step will take a little more work. Use your body weight to make sure the straps are as tight as possible.

What To Look For In A New Dirt Bike Transport System

Whichever new mounting method you choose to tie down your dirt bike, there are four things you should consider before you buy it:

  • Youll be safe the whole time you use it
  • The mounting method is durable for heavier bikes
  • Your bike will be secure without a doubt
  • It doesn’t put any unnecessary strain on parts of the bike
  • Its convenient to use
  • And its an actual improvement to what you had before
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    It Can Also Be Used To Provide Power For Other Devices That May Be Needed While The Truck Is In Operation Such As An Air Compressor Or Welding Equipment

    If youve ever been driving and had to stop for a flat tire, you know how frustrating it can be. Not only do you have to deal with the hassle of changing the tire, but you also have to find a way to power your devices. Fortunately, theres a solution: an auxiliary power unit .An APU is a small generator that is typically used to power truck cabs. However, it can also be used to provide power for other devices that may be needed while the truck is in operation, such as an air compressor or welding equipment.There are many benefits of using an APU. For one, it reduces idling time, which saves fuel and cuts down on emissions. It also provides a comfortable environment for drivers while theyre waiting for their load or taking a break. And because its self-contained, it doesnt require hookups to outside utilities.If youre considering adding an APU to your trucking operation, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you select an APU that is properly sized for your needs. Secondly, consider how you will use the APU and what type of maintenance will be required. Finally, factor in the cost of purchase and installation.

    How Do You Install The Lock

    Motorbike Dirtbike 38mm motorcycle tie downs snap hook orange

    Installing the Lock-N-Load Pro is easiest if you have another set of hands to help you out. Here is a step by step set of instructions for how to install the Lock-N-Load Pro into your truck bed.

    The Risk Racing YouTube Channel has a step by step video that shows you how to install the Lock-N-Load Pro system, in case you have any further concerns or questions.

  • Bring your bike up onto your truck bed. Have a friend hold your bike where you want it positioned in your truck.
  • While your friend holds the bike steady, slide the Lock-N-Load Pro into position against the footpegs.
  • Using a pen or pencil, mark the location of the mounting plate. Mark the holes, too.
  • Remove the bike from your truck bed, as well as the Lock-N-Load.
  • Now its time to drill into your truck bed. Drill into the holes that you have marked. Its a good idea to look under your truck bed before you start drilling.
  • Use the supplied hardware for the truck bed mount. Take the 4 bolts and drop them through the holes that you have just drilled.
  • Now go under the truck. You may need to lower the spare tire for this.
  • Locate the 4 bolts, and place the provided washer and locknut on the 4 bolts.
  • Have a friend sit in the truck bed and rotate the bolts from the top.
  • While your friend is rotating the bolts, go underneath to access and secure the lock nuts onto bolts.
  • Now you can install the jaw arms, slide them into the slots on the mounting plate.
  • Raise the jaws
  • You are now ready to load your bike!
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    Load Dirt Bike Into Truck Bed

  • Park on flat groundWhether youve got a loading ramp or not, pick a nice flat surface to park your truck. If you can, back up to a hill or loading dock since this will make the job easier. Finding/building/using a loading dock at your house is great because theyll eliminate the need for lifting your bike into the truck bed. If thats not a possibility, I recommend getting a good loading ramp.
  • Get the tie downs setupBefore loading the bike into the truck, make sure to have the tie downs ready to go. I like to put a tie down on each side of the handlebars so that they stay with the bike while I load it into the truck bed.
  • Get the bike into the bedPut the bike in neutral. If youve got a ramp, setup the ramp and simply push the bike into the truck bed. If youve got a loading dock, push the bike into the truck . And if you dont have either, I hope youve been working out. Lift the front tire into the bed. To get the rest of the bike into the truck, pick the bike up by the swingarm and push the rest of the bike into the truck.
  • Brace the bikeIf youve got a wheel chock- great. Push the front tire into the wheel chock. Otherwise, simply push the front tire into the front-left corner of the truck bed. You should be able to hold the bike upright with one hand.
  • Install The Mounting Plate

    The mounting plates allow the Lock-N-Load systems to be quick release from the truck or trailer floor. Install the mounting plate into your trailer or truck bed. This requires some drilling. After the one time installation, though, transporting your bike will be streamlined and simple.

    To install the mounting plate, you need to drill into the bed of your truck. Drop bolts through the holes and secure with the supplied locknuts. Youll have to get underneath your truck to install the lock nuts and hold them while a helper in the back of the truck tightens down the bolts.

    Installation in a trailer is much easier and quicker as you can screw everything down from the top side. Everything you need to mount the Lock-N-Loads are supplied with your system.

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    How Much Is Best Tie Down Straps For Dirt Bike

    Best Tie Down Straps For Dirt Bike come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays.Because the price range is so wide, you don’t know how much something costs. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as best tie down straps for dirt bike.

    What Factors Should I Consider When Shopping For Dirt Bike Transport Systems

    Tie Down Your Dirt Bike Without Tie Downs!

    Choosing the best dirt bike transport system for you is an important task. You will want a system that is easy to use, safe, and secure. Between ratchet straps, wheel chocks, carrier hitches, and transport systems, there can be a lot to consider.

    When shopping for a transport system, it is essential that you look for a durable system that will be able to withstand the weight and pressure of your bike. Some transport systems are not built sturdily enough, and cannot support the load of every bike built. Check the load ratings.

    The best transport systems will be easy to use, without taking up too much time or effort. If you are going to invest in a dirt bike tie-down system, you will want one that makes your life easier, not more complicated.

    Tie-down straps are effective, but they can take up precious time and can take up extra space in your truck. A good transport system should free up room in your truck or trailer for other gear and equipment.

    When searching for a dirt bike tie-down system, you will also want to keep safety in mind. You will want to invest in a piece of equipment that will keep your dirt bike secure, and prevent any potential accidents.

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    What Alternatives Are There To Using The Lock

    There are a variety of ways to secure your dirt bike for transport. One of the most common ways to secure your dirt bike is through the use of tie-down straps. There are also a few other dirt bike transport systems on the market.

    Another way in which you can transport your dirt bike is through the use of a hitch. A dirt bike hitch carrier will attach to the back of your car, van, or SUV. You can secure your dirt bike directly to the back of your vehicle and you are ready to go.

    Dirt bike hitch carriers can be quick and simple to use, freeing up valuable time and allowing you to get going on the road in a matter of minutes. While hitch carriers may be ideal for some, they do pose some problems.

    Getting You Dirt Bike Into Position

    First off, make sure the ramp is on a level surface before you begin tarmac or concrete preferably. That way, there is a minimal risk of the dirt bike tipping on its way up.

    It can help to position the trailer and ramp on a sloping surface, so that gravity will help to push the dirt bike up the incline. If your dirt bike is heavier than average, this is especially helpful! Another tip is to use a loading dock to help reduce the steepness of the ramp.

    Heres where that friend or neighbor comes in and the more the merrier. Dont be a hero: the more hands you have helping you the easier and safer this stage is. Two is the ideal number: One to hold the dirtbike on the other side of the ramp, to stop it tipping one way or the other, and a second to greet the dirt bike as it enters the trailer, truck bed or van interior.

    Now the dirt bike is in position, its time to tie it down.

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    Mess Of Odd Straps And Cables

    When youre mounting several bikes you end up with a tangled web of straps and cords everywhere. Not only do they limit how you can move about, but by your third or fourth bike you can start running into trouble trying to secure them as you run into the other straps you secured. It would be nice to not have them at all, or if we do have to have them, have a way to keep them out of our way as much as possible.

    How Much Does The Lock

    2 Pc Set 15

    The cost of the Lock-N-Load Pro is $279.99 with the option of 4 interest-free payments of $70. Comparatively, you can order the original version of the Lock-N-Load for $179.99.

    The price is on the premium side of this type of equipment. Especially when you are comparing it to cheap tie-down straps. But for a one time purchase and one-time installation, it can make your life a lot easier and safer too!

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    When Do You Tie A Dirt Bike

    You tie a dirt bike when you need to transport it from one location to another. If youre racing professionally, you must transport your motorcycle to a motocross. Well, this is unless you have a motocross in your backyard.

    However, if youre like most of us who have to travel long trips to a trail system, tying a dirt bike is a must. A simple and effective way to transport the bike is to carry it in your bed truck. You can also opt to use a trailer.

    To ensure safe transportation, the bike needs tying. So, to simply put it, you tie a dirt bike when you need to transport it securely to a trail system and back. Dirt bikes are huge investments and you want to take good care of them.

    The last thing you want is a dirt bike jumping off a trailer or truck bed. Whether its a short or a long trip, you need the bike tied firmly.

    What Are Todays Most Popular Best Tie Down Straps For Dirt Bike Models

    There are many best tie down straps for dirt bike items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every best tie down straps for dirt bike model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.

    Inevitably, certain products will only appeal to particular types of people. Which products are the most popular amongst customers as a whole, you could ask. If you’d want a list, we have one here. Check out our wide range of products that look to be appealing to people of various ages, genders, and places.

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    Attach Your Straps In The Trailer

    The next step is to lay your straps out on the trailer. You will need four straps in total to make sure that your dirt bike is fully secure. Two straps will go in the front of the trailer, and two straps will go in the rear.

    You will want to attach the lower part of the strap to the trailer hooks. Let the slack end of the straps dangle onto the trailer floor so that you can easily grab them once your bike is loaded onto the trailer.

    Make sure the connection points you attach to the straps are at the front and rear of the trailer. If your trailer has sidewalls, do not hook up your straps to those sidewalls. If you have a strap angle of more than 45 degrees, it can begin to compromise the straps efficiency.

    What Else Does Risk Racing Sell

    Best Dirt Bike Tie Down Straps

    Risk Racing sells a variety of racing equipment. They are committed to creating innovative, durable, and effective sporting equipment.

    In addition to the Lock-N-Load transport system, Risk Racing sells durable starting gates that are electronically controlled by the rider.

    The company sells gear and grips, goggles and gloves. Pretty much anything that is dirt bike or racing adjacent, you can find on the Risk Racing website.

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    How To Tie Down A Dirt Bike On A Trailer Without A Chock

    Dirt bike-specific tie-down kits cost a pretty penny. But how to tie down a dirt bike on a trailer without a chock? If you dont have a wheel chock on hand or dont have the budget to purchase new ones? You can tie a dirt bike down on your trailer with these cheap and easy steps that require no equipment whatsoever.

    Can I Transport Multiple Bikes With The Lock

    Yes, you can transport multiple bikes with the Lock-N-Load Pro. You will simply have to install more systems into your truck bed or trailer.

    Once the Lock-N-Loads are installed into your truck bed or trailer, you can mount all your bikes side by side. It is advised to stagger the handlebars in order to fit all your bikes.

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    How Does The Switch Release Work

    The switch release on the Lock-N-Load Pro makes securing and releasing your bike a breeze. To use the switch release, just flip the red switch to lock or release the arm ratchet system.

    Flipping the switch down will lock the bike down while flipping the switch up will cause the jaws to release.

    This easy to use switch release system will save you time and energy that wouldve been spent fiddling with tie-down straps.

    Key Points For Securing Your Dirt Bike On A Truck

    Bike Binderz Motocross/Dirt Bike Tie Down Locking Kit
    • Double-check your trucks owners manual to ensure proper loading and hauling capacity.
    • Using tie-down straps often causes undue pressure on fork seals. Overcompression of the suspension may create fork seal leaks, or your fork seals to be damaged.

    Now that you know how to secure your dirt bike with straps, you might be wondering if there is an easier way. Straps can be messy and frustrating. Attaching, securing, and tightening the straps every time you want to transport your dirt bike can become a hassle. And if you dont roll the straps up every single time then they will tie themselves in knots while you arent looking.

    Luckily, there are ways to transport your dirt bike without the hassle of straps. In this next section, we go through how to secure your dirt bike with a different transport system.

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    Ratchet The Front Of The Bike Down

    When tightening the tie-down straps on the front of your bike, It is imperative that your bike stands vertically straight and immobile.

    Pull, or ratchet, the front tie-downs until the bike is secured vertically. Compress the forks. This will eliminate the travel in the suspension. If the suspension is too loose, your bike will bounce and jostle as you drive. A loose suspension can also release your tie-down hooks, which would be very bad.

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