Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier With Bike Rack

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Best Bundle: Mockins Cargo Carrier With Cargo Bag And Net


Want a single solution that covers all your bases when it comes to hitch cargo carriers? This recommendation from Mockins includes a waterproof cargo bag, a cargo net, hitch stabilizer, and a pair of ratchet strapsin addition to the hitch carrier. The carrier is constructed from heavy duty steel with an anti-rust coating, and has the capacity to hold up to 500 lbs of cargo. Once assembled, the tray measures 60 x 20 x 6 inches and features a simple-to-clean mesh floor.

Attached to the carrier is a hitch hauler with a two-inch shank rise for better ground clearance, and its foldable for when youre not having to use it. Its designed to fit two-inch receivers. The included cargo bag has a capacity of about 15.5 cubic feet, allowing you to store personal belongings without having to worry about weather conditions.

This recommendation is great if you need both a cargo carrier and cargo bag. You wont have to worry about whether or not the cargo bag fits your cargo carrier, since these products are designed to work with one another.

  • Pros/Package includes cargo carrier and cargo bag, heavy duty steel construction, anti-rust coating, mesh floor, includes cargo net and ratchet straps
  • Cons/Cargo net is on the small side, coating isn’t the greatest quality
  • Tow Tuff Cargo Carrier With Bike Rack Review

    Trailer hitches are wonderful things. People tend to think of them only as a way to tow a trailer, but a more common use is carrying additional cargo or bikes with a hitch rack. Here, we review the Tow Tuff Cargo Carrier with an integrated bike rack, an affordable but super sturdy cargo rack that we use regularly for carrying camping gear or bikes. These simple but sturdy racks can make a big difference for family road trips, car camping, and overlanding.

    How To Choose The Right Hitch Cargo Carrier

    There are a few things to take into account when choosing the right hitch cargo carrier for your vehicle. You want to start off by determining what hitch class your vehicle has, especially if you installed an aftermarket hitch. Youll want to make sure the hitch cargo carrier youre purchasing is compatible with your specific hitch class.

    Then youll want to verify your receiver size. Class I and II hitches are 1.25 inches, and Class III and are two inches. See the next section for more.

    Next, determine the type of cargo and how often youll be using your cargo carrier. Do you need a solution that folds up when its not in use? Or perhaps you live in an area that often experiences rain, which means youll want a weatherproof cargo bag to protect your gear. If you believe you wont need to use your cargo carrier that often, then you might want to choose a carrier that is easy to install/uninstall.

    Lastly, make sure you estimate the weight of your cargo and purchase a cargo carrier that will support that weight. Some cheaper cargo carriers will have a lower weight capacity, so keep that in mind if you plan on hauling heavy items.

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    Our Pick: Topeak Explorer

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $50.

    The Topeak Explorer works better with a wider variety of bikes than any other rack we tested. Thats due to the flexible attachment arms and a sizable amount of wheel clearance over the back wheel. Its also sturdier than other models that cost the same because it has three stays on each side to steady the load instead of two.

    If you have either 26-inch or 700c wheels or the recently popular 27½-inch size, chances are the Explorer will fit your bike. However, if your bike has disc brakes, make sure to get the disc-specific version, because youll need the extra clearance around the disc. If you have a mountain bike with 29-inch wheels, get the 29er model .

    Because they can flex, the Explorers flat steel arms can attach to a wider range of bike-frame rack mounts. This design makes finding a proper fit easier compared with models that use stiff aluminum tubing as arms such as the Axiom Journey.

    The Explorer offered 1¼ inches of wheel clearance when installed on our Trek FX 2, which has 700c wheelsthats more clearance than any other rack we tested. That amount of clearance, in addition to the movable arms, gives you more compatibility with a variety of bikes and means that the rack should fit over even the burliest of puncture-resistant off-road tires. Other racks we tested like the Axiom Transit left only a few millimeters between the rack and the tire.

    Crosswing Lightweight 5th Wheel Hitch


    The CrossWing 5th wheel hitch #16600 by CURT gives you the best of both worlds by packing extraordinary strength into one lightweight hitch. With the main body weight of only 60 pounds, it is 65% lighter than most traditional 5th wheel hitches while still offering a 20,000 lb. weight capacity, so strength and muscle are not sacrificed.

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    Promoted Product: Curt Basket

    When it comes to basket-style hitch cargo carriers, CURT has a reputation that is hard to compete with. This particular basket hitch cargo carrier boasts a folding shank , so it can be tilted up and out of the way when its not in use. The shank is also angled up, providing some extra ground clearance.

    When it comes time to load it up, you have plenty of roof thanks to the 60 x 24-inch deck and beefy six-inch tall sides to keep items more secure during travel. It is made from heavy duty carbide steel with a tubular construction that has been finished with both an E-coat and a carbide black powder coat. Rated to carry up to 500 pounds, the bottom of this cargo carrier is mesh, allowing for easy cleanup of debris.

    Installation is fairly easy with this product, thanks to a bolt-together design. This cargo carrier can also be mounted to a front hitch if your vehicle is equipped with one.

  • Pros/Folding shank to save space, 500 lb maximum load capacity, fits most 2″ standard hitch mounts, 6″ tall sides, powder coated finish
  • Cons/Uses a bolt instead of a pin, so removal is a bit slower
  • Always Consider The Bumps When Driving Over Uneven Terrain

    Its easy to lose your cargo when you forget that bumps are felt much harsher when your carrier crosses them. Make sure that your cargo is strapped down securely and when you do stop, check to see whether or not the straps are still tight enough. Also, make sure that no straps are flapping or hanging off or alongside your vehicle.

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    How To Convert Cargo Carrier To Bike Rack

    December 14, 2021 by dustin

    If youve ever wondered how to convert a cargo carrier to a bike rack, youre not alone. Many people struggle with this problem, and a car-mounted bike rack may seem the best solution. However, there are several options available. Choosing the right one will depend on the type of bicycle youll be hauling. For example, if youre planning to carry two bikes, you can choose an adapter that will hold two bikes.

    The first consideration when converting your cargo carrier is the weight capacity of your vehicle. Its usually rated at 150 pounds, and the tongue capacity of your vehicle is 150 pounds less than the bike rack. This means that a car with a GTWR of 1,500 pounds has a 150-pound tongue capacity, but a 40-pound bike rack has a 70-pound weight limit. Therefore, a car with a cargo carrier and a bike-rack with the same weight limit can only carry 110 pounds at maximum.

    There are a few reasons to consider using a car-mounted bike rack. Firstly, you may have limited space. If youre a frequent cyclist, youll need to carry your bicycles and gear on the top of your car. But you can also use your cargo carrier to haul other items such as groceries and bicycles. Having a bike rack with a cargo basket will allow you to haul more stuff and free up interior space.

    How Do You Attach A Bike To A Cargo Carrier

    etrailer | Stromberg Carlson Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Bike Rack Adapter Review

    The first step in loading a bike on a cargo carrier is to determine how much weight you need to carry. You can attach a pannier or handlebar bag to the bike to hold the cargo. If the bike does not have an integrated rack, you can use cargo netting. Once youve determined the amount of load you can safely carry, you can start rigging up the rack.

    When securing a cargo rack, its best to choose a P-clamp with an internal diameter smaller than the frame. Then, tighten the screw until the support is securely attached to the bike. This will prevent the load from moving and will prevent damage to the mounting point. If you dont have a P-clamp, its also possible to use a basket instead. Make sure to purchase a P-clamp that has a smaller internal diameter than the frame.

    After youve chosen the bike rack, you should attach any baskets to it. You should also ensure that the basket youve chosen is compatible with your bikes frame. Many bikes have mounting points on the back or sides that will allow the basket to be easily attached. Choosing the correct bike rack will ensure that you can load heavy items on your bike while touring. A heavy load will cause your fork to break, so you should be careful.

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    Pro Series Amigo Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag

    The Pro Series Amigo is a universal rainproof cargo carrier bag that fits any hitch cargo carrier thats at least the standard large 59 x 18.5 inch size. Its made of heavy, thick material that helps its 15-cubic-foot volume hold its shape, and a closes with a heavy-duty zipper covered with a velcro flap. At 24 inches tall, it can hold items as big as two sets of golf clubs.

    The six included straps and buckles have multiple rows of reinforced stitching to help it hold up to severe conditions and years of use, and they help compress the contents for safe hauling. Nevertheless, like all cargo bags if you are expecting rough roads, you should add a couple more ratchet straps for peace of mind.

    Pro Series also sells this bag branded as a Reese.

  • Pros/Heavy duty, excellent weather protection, six included lash-downs straps
  • Cons/Heavy fabric can make zippering difficult, especially in cold weather
  • Weights And Trailer Hitch Classes

    There are five classes of passenger car and light-duty truck trailer hitches, I through V*. There are a number of specifications for each, but for figuring out which cargo carrier you can use, you only need to worry about Tongue Weight and Receiver Size.

    Tongue weight is how much weight you can press down on your hitch. When towing a trailer, thats only part of the weight because its wheels hold it up, but its 100% of a cargo carriers weight. In fact, because of leverage, if you were to put 500 pounds in a cargo carrier for an SUV that sticks out a long way, you could have far more than 500 pounds TW.

    Receiver size is just the size of the square opening of your hitch and conveniently, thats only going to be either 1.25 inches or two inches.

    Class I and Class II use a 1.25-inch receiver. The TW for Class I is 200 pounds and Class II is 350 pounds. You wont be able to use a 500 pound cargo carrier with a Class I or II hitch because of the smaller receiver and weight limit. Class I and II hitches are designed for things like bicycle carriers and lightweight trailers.

    Class III and up use a two-inch receiver. Class III is rated for 800 pounds TW, so any vehicle with a two-inch receiver will work with any of the hitch cargo carriers here. Class IV is a different style of heavy-duty two-inch hitch that wont mount on any car or most SUVs, and goes up to 1,000 pounds TW, and Class IV is rated for 2,400 pounds.

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    Best Value Maxxhaul Aluminum Carrier

    If youre looking for one of the best cargo carriers on a budget, then the MaxxHaul Aluminum Carrier is our top choice. Youll notice right away that the biggest difference between this one and the others on our guide, is that it doesnt have the sturdy steel construction the others do. However, given how affordable it is, its still quite durable.

    As you can probably guess, its quite lightweight given the aluminum construction. Despite this, it has a 500-pound weight capacity which is just as much as most steel-made carriers! Its also resistant to corrosion, which is obviously important in exposure to the elements.

    The 6-inch side railings help keep your belongings secure, even without any tie-downs. Each corner is rounded out with red plastic end caps, and youll also find two red reflectors to make sure its visible in low lighting. As the basket floor features aluminum bars rather than the wire mesh the others have, theres quite a bit of space where smaller items could fall through.

    Our only other complaints were that it doesnt fold like some others, and the plastic caps could melt if the exhaust hits them just right. However, for this low price, it does the job of transporting equipment quite well.

    • Easy to install

    Pintle Hook And Lunette Ring

    Apex Blue Devil Steel Hitch Bike Racks with Basket Cargo Carrier ...

    A lunette ring is a type of trailer hitch that works in combination with a pintle hook on the tow vehicle. A pintle hook and lunette ring make a more secure coupling, desirable on rough terrain, compared to ball-type trailer hitches. It is commonly seen in towing applications in agriculture, industry, and the military.

    The clearance between the lunette and pintle allows for more relative motion between the trailer and tow vehicle than a ball coupling does. A disadvantage of that is the “slam” transmitted into the towing vehicle with each push/pull load reversal. This becomes a tradeoff between a more secure coupling and a more comfortable towing experience.

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    • Made from high-strength, Class 2 steel, the optional Tesla ModelY tow hitch is priced at $1,000 and adds additional utility in the form of carrying cargo and towing. Hints that the ModelY will.

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    Folding Vs Fixed Carriers

    A folding carrier is a good choice if you use your cargo carrier often. This just prevents the hassle of disassembling and installing it every time to your hitch.

    However, keep in mind that all cars do not allow folding carriers. For vehicles with a rear-mounted tire, you wont be able to fold up a carrier behind them, except when the spare tire is removed. Furthermore, when opening your rear hatch or tailgate, a folded carrier may prevent you from being able to as it could be in the way. If you are only using your carrier once in a while, a fixed cargo carrier is a better option.

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    Keep In Mind That Your Vehicles Length Has Increased Significantly

    Cargo carriers can take up as much as three feet behind the vehicle theyre attached to, increasing chances of backing up into things. With this, you must also keep in mind that your cars rotation space has also increased significantly when turning, and it is necessary to compensate for that. Before heading out on long trips, try practicing at home and getting used to incorporating the added length in your driving and parking styles.

    What To Look For In A Hitch Cargo Carrier

    Volvo Accessories | Retractable Trailer Hitch & Bike Carrier

    If youre an avid camper or happen to frequently find yourself on an adventure, its always a good idea to have some extra space for gear on your vehicle. Hitch carriers are inexpensive and there arent many downsides to expanding your footprint. Listed below are a few things we pay extra attention to before buying.

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    Editor’s Pick: Joe Hauler Deluxe Cam

    Ive had a Joe Hauler Cam-Loc Heavy-Duty carrier in my garage for many years now. There was a time when I had only owned motorcycles for nine years. The last streetbike I bought was brought home on that carrier, and it has since been used for hauling a dirtbike with the fam in an SUV on many desert trips. Now that I splurged and finally bought a truck, it doesnt get used as often, but I still find fairly frequent circumstances that necessitate keeping it around.

    The Joe Hauler carriers are some of the strongest and solidly built carriers Ive seen on the market. The all-welded steel construction hints at the carriers stout build. Also, included is a ramp which can be secured during use and bolted to the carrier when youre on the road. Theres nothing to bolt together once its received. Joe Hauler makes a variety of carriers from single and double carriers designed for dirtbikes, to super heavy-duty products able to withstand any size motorcycle not limited to full-dress cruisers, Gold Wings, etc. The Joe Hauler carriers will fit any Class III two-inch receiver, are powder coated black, and come with a three year warranty. The Joe Haulers themselves go up in weight as their weight ratings increase , and due to the welded construction, require truck freight to ship. Theres a reason Joe Hauler is the brand I keep in my own garage.

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