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Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier

Motorcycle Motorbike DirtBike Hitch Rack Tow Bar How to Installation Demonstration

Black Widow makes all sorts of motorcycle moving products and that includes more than one type of hitch carrier. Not all of us need to carry 400-plus pound motorcycles on the back of our daily driver. For those folks, the Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle carrier slots in as a lighter, cheaper option that is still rated up to 400 pounds. This carrier will fit any Class III and IV 2-inch receiver. Made from high-strength aluminum, this carrier is about half the weight of its steel counterparts, at a claimed 36.5 pounds. The track itself measures 75.25 inches with a width of 5.5 inches. Also included is an aluminum 47-inch ramp for easy loading. The ramp attaches to the carrier itself when not in use. Like the other Black Widow ramp on this list, the aluminum one also includes an AWD .

Black Widow Hitch Carrier:

The Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier is one of the lightest and cheapest dirt bike hitch haulers you’ll find on the market. The AMC 400 hitch carrier is made of aluminum, can carry up to 400 pounds, needs a Class III or better 2″ receiver, and weighs 36.5 pounds so it’s easy for one person to install into the hitch receiver. The loading ramp can be used on either side of the carrier, and the ramp can be stored on the carrier when not in use. The carrier’s track measures 75″ long with 6.75″ rung spacing, includes a 45.5″ loading ramp, and has a spacer bar adapter for transporting smaller dirt bikes. The distance from the center of the hitch pin to the center of the track is 18 3/8 inches. The hitch hauler is runged which helps with stability, but can make it difficult to get the bike on and off the carrier by yourself, especially if you’re a bit on the short side or your vehicle is on the tall side. The hitch carrier comes with a one year warranty.

The Black Widow is also available as a double hitch carrier that weighs 82 pounds and has a list price of $305. The single hitch carrier is pictured below.

Best Choice Products Steel Anti

Just from its name, we can see that the Carrier attempts to reveal the renowned properties and ability to work, to achieve the best results. Best Choice should definitely be a consideration.

The basic feature of safety is the Anti-Tilt locking device. It helps in keeping the carrier stable and prevent it from toppling or disengagement in the course of the road trip or the journey.

There is also a loading ramp that makes it easier for you to fit your bike or any other items. The loading ramp gives you the convenience of loading and offloading, which means that even in situations where you are on your own, youll be able to work easily.

The material used in the making of this Carrier is heavy-duty steel. Steel is famous for its sturdy nature and rigidity. The Steel Anti-Tilt Motorcycle Carrier will be able to work well because of the strength in its build.


  • Best Choice Carriers are expensive to acquire.

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How Do You Strap A Motorcycle To A Tow Hitch Carrier

All of the dirt bike hitch carriers on this list have numerous tie-down points welded in numerous points. You should always aim to use 4 straps when securing a dirt bike, regardless if its being used on a hitch carrier, truck tray, van or trailer.

Our best recommendation is to use ratchet straps and utilize 2 straps, 1 on either side of the handlebars. 2 additional straps can be used on each rear of the bike, either under the seat or strapped to the footpegs. Do not strap to the brake/clutch levers or any plastics as were only seeking solid objects that are unlikely to move.

Regardless of how tight you strap down your dirt bike, some suspension travel is expected. This can largely be prevented through the use of fork savers which effectively lock your suspension in a pre-determined position.

Editor’s Pick: Joe Hauler Deluxe Cam

500 LBS Heavy Duty Motorcycle Dirt Bike Scooter Carrier Hitch Rack ...

Ive had a Joe Hauler Cam-Loc Heavy-Duty carrier in my garage for many years now. There was a time when I had only owned motorcycles for nine years. The last streetbike I bought was brought home on that carrier, and it has since been used for hauling a dirtbike with the fam in an SUV on many desert trips. Now that I splurged and finally bought a truck, it doesnt get used as often, but I still find fairly frequent circumstances that necessitate keeping it around.

The Joe Hauler carriers are some of the strongest and solidly built carriers Ive seen on the market. The all-welded steel construction hints at the carriers stout build. Also, included is a ramp which can be secured during use and bolted to the carrier when youre on the road. Theres nothing to bolt together once its received. Joe Hauler makes a variety of carriers from single and double carriers designed for dirtbikes, to super heavy-duty products able to withstand any size motorcycle not limited to full-dress cruisers, Gold Wings, etc. The Joe Hauler carriers will fit any Class III two-inch receiver, are powder coated black, and come with a three year warranty. The Joe Haulers themselves go up in weight as their weight ratings increase , and due to the welded construction, require truck freight to ship. Theres a reason Joe Hauler is the brand I keep in my own garage.

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Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Key Features

Weight Capacity

As mentioned above, the maximum weight capacity of any motorcycle hitch carrier will be one of the most important features to consider. If youve got a heavier, bulkier bike, youll likely need a hitch carrier with a capacity of 600 pounds. If youre schlepping a lightweight dirt bike, this will be less of a concern and you can probably get away with a less expensive, less heavy-duty hitch carrier.

Hitch Compatibility

There are five classes of hitches. They go in order from Class I to Class V. Class I and II hitches have a receiver size of 1 1/4 inches. These are used on cars, crossovers, and minivans. Higher class hitches are used on trucks and have 2-inch receivers and higher weight capacities. Most good motorcycle hitch carriers are compatible with all Class III and IV hitches and 2-inch receivers. Some are also compatible with Class V hitches. Double check your specs prior to purchase.

Ease of Use

How To Install A Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier

Installing a dirt bike carrier isnt that hard. Its just methodological. You need to go through the entire process one by one, each step needing finesse and a lot of care. Thankfully, these come with an instruction manual so itll be a bit easy.

But lets walk you through anyway, heres a motorcycle hitch carrier installation guide in 7 easy steps:

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Which Dirt Bike Carrier Is Right For Me

Black Widow’s AMC line is specially-designed for dirt bikes, with the following differences:

  • AMC-400: 1 bike up to 400 lbs., 4′ ramp
  • AMC-400L: 1 bike up to 400 lbs., extra-long 6′ ramp
  • AMC-400-F: 1 bike up to 400 lbs., 4′ ramp, folds up when not in use
  • AMC-600-2: 2 bikes up to 600 lbs. combined, 4′ ramp

Avoid any unpleasant accidents by doing the math! Know your bike’s wet weight and your vehicle’s tongue weight rating.

Best Motorcycle Hitch Racks

Rack ‘n’ Roll Dirt Bike Carrier

Choosing the Best Dirt Bike Trailer Hitch Carrier Rack can prove to be a difficult task to handle, especially in circumstances where you are completely unaware of the market probabilities.

When purchasing this item, it is important that you take a keen interest in determining the ability of the Carrier Rack in withstanding the pressure, especially when the load is heavy in nature.

The best Dirt Bike Trailer Hitch Carrier Rack will be able to facilitate faster or quicker movements. Moving from point A to point B will take you a considerably short amount of time.

Safety is also important. You have to choose the right Carrier Rack. This will greatly help you in traversing difficult terrain, as the Rack will be able to safely hold the load and avoid any chances of accidents or crashes.

When choosing, you have to take great care and understanding. This is because you have to make better decisions with regard to the Trailer properties and the ease of use or portability.

In this article, we intend to take a keen look at the best Dirt Bike Trailer Hitch Carrier Racks and the factors to consider when purchasing the best in the market.

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How Do You Strap A Bike To A Hitch Carrier

Most hitch carriers will have inbuilt tie-down spots, which are welded loops in the carrier enabling you to add clips, hooks and straps. We suggest ratchet straps will ensure any straps are tight, which also allowing for incremental tightening.

Then, you should place any straps around critical locations, to the front and back of the bike such as the handlebars. Be mindful not to attach to moving parts such as throttle and brakes, just on solid bars. On the back of the bike, some suggest tying to footpegs or other sturdy, substantial areas.

Repeat the process for both sides of the bike and carrier to secure into position.

With regular use, straps can rub dirt bike plastics and graphics, so you may wish to put some felt behind the strap where it connects with the bike.

For extra security, you can then find ways to use additional straps to tie to the vehicle such a roof rack or locations on the inside of a pickup bed. Always be careful not to over tighten straps, as while it needs to be secure, avoid over tension. There is a handy video of the installation here.


So there we have it. There are lots of options when selecting a dirt bike hitch carrier to suit your needs. By matching the right product to your vehicle, they can be excellent for saving space, time and money, to get you and your bikes safely from A-B.

If you are looking for a great loading ramp for your truck, make sure to read our ultimate guide to dirt bike loading ramps.

Hitch Hauler Bike Rack

We are warehousing in Denver Colorado for nationwide US shipping with UPS Ground

Rack N Roll is an Australian owned manufacturing company, our goal is to produce the highest quality Motorcycle Carriers in the world !

We are US Trademarked as Rack N Ride Motorcycle Carriers.

All Rack N Ride Carriers are made from high quality Australian steel and aluminum, fabricated using state of the art German Trumpf precision laser and press brake machines.

Everything we manufacture is over engineered and revolves around one man loading in minutes.

All our Carriers are designed for serious off road use.

Trailer Hitch Bike Rack | Best Bike Rack for SUV | Best Towbar Hitch Rack

We have no business other than producing Motorcycle and Bicycle Carriers, proudly manufacturing in Australia since 2013.

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Are Hitch Carriers Safe

Yes, hitch carriers are safe so long as you stay within the limits of your vehicle, the tongue weight and your bike are suitable for the maximum capacity of the carrier. Always do thorough research on your item, contact suppliers, read reviews and watch videos. When it arrives, fit properly and test thoroughly on trial trips near your home or garage, before taking on any actual trips.

Do You Recommend Any Double Dirt Bike Hitch Carriers

450 lb Hitch Motorcycle Carrier Dirt Bike Mount Rack + Free Anti ...

No. While the Black Widow AMC-600-2 Double Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier is a popular product, it weighs too much on the hitch when fully loaded with 2 dirt bikes. This impacts your vehicles handling as the dirt bike situated furthest from the vehicle becomes quite erratic and bouncy on b-grade and c-grade quality roads. To haul more than 1 dirt bike, I recommend a van, pickup or a trailer.

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What To Look Out For When Buying A Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Each hitch carrier has a specific weight capacity, so it is essential to know the weight of the bike youll be transporting.

The next consideration is the tongue weight of your vehicle, which is not the same as towing weight. The hitch capacity is usually around 10% of the towing weight limit. For example, if your vehicles towing limit is 2000lbs, then your tongue weight limit will be around 200-500lbs. A smaller vehicle may not be appropriate for the job.

Dirt bike hitch carriers can be cumbersome and obscure things on the back of your vehicle such as number plates and taillights, which can cause obvious problems. There may also be spare wheels or spoilers attached to your vehicle, in which case a hitch carrier may not be a viable option. In some instances, a dirt bike trailer may be more suitable.

Some hitch carriers racks can hold two bikes, but double the weight means double the load and impacts on your tongue weight allowance.

Another consideration is the terrain youll be transporting the bike along. Driving offroad or on bumpier terrain will impact the movement of the bike, the hitch carrier and the hitch load to your vehicle. All that extra movement can cause damage over time and lead to breakage.


If you are concerned about safety, you could buy a hitch carrier with a far greater load capacity than the weight of your bike for added peace of mind.

Versahaul Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier With Ramp

The VersaHaul Carrier is compact in nature. This makes it easier to carry around, pack or even store. It saves you a lot of space because it is not only compact but also easier to handle.

The Carrier has a sturdy build. This is because of the Steel that is heavy-duty. The Steel additionally makes it heavier. However, it is suitable and the most preferable choice for long-distance journeys or transportation.

When it comes to assembling, the VersaHaul Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier will definitely give you an easy time. In addition, disassembling can be done by a single person with the assurance that he or she will not get tired or fatigued easily.

The long ramp is able to facilitate easier loading. Furthermore, the space of this Carrier can facilitate the placement of Bikes or items totaling to 500 pounds or thereabout. It really is strong and durable.


  • It has a wheel-stop that enhances the safety or security of the Carrier and the driver.
  • The powder-coated steel is able to facilitate the carriage of heavy loads. It also prevents rusting and corrosion.


  • The VersaHaul Carrier is available at a high price.

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Why Choose A Hitch Carrier Over A Trailer

Choosing a hitch carrier over a trailer has many advantages. Firstly it allows your vehicle to be more maneuverable, as there is no cumbersome trailer towing behind. Hitch carriers mean a considerable reduction in your vehicle footprint

There are other problems associated with trailers they can be less stable and get blown sideways in strong wind or other extreme weather conditions. Trailers can be precarious when traveling and lead to more accidents. These risks reduce when using a hitch carrier. Put the necessary checks in place to ensure your vehicle is suitable and choose one that is right for your car and bike.

Other benefits of a hitch carrier include removing the need to mess around with straps, simply rolling your bike on to a hitch carrier is quicker than fiddling with trailer straps. Features like added wheel chocks and wing nuts can hold the bike firmly in place on a hitch carrier.

Hitch carriers are more cost-effective with less initial outlay and depreciation than a trailer. They take up less space in your garage and can be easier to store. Trailers require tire replacements. It is therefore easy to see why a hitch carrier could offer a better option for you, over a trailer.

What You Need To Consider When Choosing The Best Dirt Bike Trailer Hitch Carrier Rack

Volvo Accessories | Retractable Trailer Hitch & Bike Carrier

When choosing the best Dirt Bike Trailer Hitch Carrier Rack, there are high chances that you may encounter difficulty, especially when you are a beginner and you lack knowledge and information regarding the product specifications and performance.

All the same, there is no need to worry. We intend to review some of the factors that influence the choice of Dirt Bike Carriers and the features that you should possibly look out for when searching for the best Carrier for your Dirt Bike.

A number of factors come into play. As much as you are looking for a Carrier for your Dirt Bike, it is also important that you consider other factors such as the type of Trailer for attachment and the ability of the Carrier to work with different weights of Dirt Bikes.

You have to choose the Carrier that is suitable for carriage or transportation. This will give you an easy time as you will be barely struggling to make any changes to the Trailer or the Carrier.

There are a few distinctions in terms of factors. The majority of the factors influencing the choice of Dirt Bike Carriers are the same for all. The distinctions arise in the instance where you intend to travel over long distances or the Bike has additional customization.

It is always important that you conduct a bit of market research before embarking on the purchasing spree. Market Research is important as it gives you a different kind of perspective, in terms of product specification and performance.

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