Turn Any Bike Into An Electric Bike

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Cannot Turn On My Bunch

Turn an old bike into an ebike – cheap & easy IMortor conversion kit

The engine of your Bunch-Bikes e-bike is the most important part of the bike. The motor is the device that will transform the stored power of your battery into energy that causes pedal assistance, but also the ignition of your bike. Accordingly, in case your bike does not start, then you can consider that there is an engine malfunction. If you think that the failure is from your engine, click on this link:

Motor problem on my Bunch-Bikes electric bike

On this article you will have all the major information to remember about the engine of your Bunch-Bikes electric bike. By reading this, you can therefore find out if the ignition malfunction of your Bunch-Bikes comes from the engine.

If your bike was purchased a long time ago, and you do not have the info on the durability of an engine , follow this link to better understand:

After reading this, if you think the problem isn’t with the engine, here’s some other important info.

Do You Need To Add A Tyre And Inner Tube

Popular ebike conversion kits, such as the Swytch kit, fail to provide a trye or inner tube with their ebike kits. Additionally, cheap Amazon kits are supplied without the tyre and tube you need to use the bike you converted to electric.

Again, this is where the easy fit bike kits have an advantage. Each easy fit e bike conversion kit has a new tyre and inner tube pre-installed. Not only does this reduce the time taken to get going on your converted e-bike but, as most typical bike users will tell you, removes that annoying and frustrating tyre change most of us dread.

If your ebike kit doesnt come with a tyre supplied, heres what you need to do.

Install a new tire to the front wheel from the conversion kit. Check if the tyre is directional and if not ensure they have a mounting position to allow the tyre to mount. To switch tyres and tubes youll need both levers and pump. If you want more information on doing this, weve got a link to some video guides on how to remove and install a bike tyre below.

Best Premium: Ebikeling Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit 36v 500w 700c Geared Electric Bike Kit

Courtesy of Ebikeling

Do you want to go farther or faster? You can do both with this setup from Ebikeling, with its 500-watt motor. Ebikeling makes it easy to buy different compatible batteries and other accessories in an a-la-cart way. There are seven different batteries that come in different shapes , so that you can pick the one that suits your bike and needs best.

The double-walled rim and motor are ready to install right out of the boxjust swap them out for your original bike tire. An LCD screen is included to help you stay within your towns speed limit. You can choose between a front or rear mount, as well as a thumb or half-twist throttle.

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Installing The Swytch E

I havent changed a bike tire in a while, and Im not the person you could rely upon fixing things in general, so I was a bit apprehensive. I asked myself several times whether theres some trick I should know about as not to screw things up.

I can now assure you that there is no trick you follow the instructions. I did and finished up in around two hours. Reasons it took so long? Mainly because I was taking my time, being extra careful, and a bit obsessive about placing everything perfectly.

Despite this, the process did prove a bit fiddly. Let me explain.

Firstly, I had to use special spacers for the wheel axel to fit my forks. Keeping those spacers in place while tightening the wheel was a challenge they didnt want to stay put. Eventually, I was able to get everything lined up perfectly and put the motorized wheel on straight.

When fastening the battery mount on the handlebars, I faced another issue. My bike is a special edition, so its handlebars get thicker in the middle too thick for the grips on the battery mount. I was eventually able to fasten the mount but not before making a small custom adjustment. Again, no biggie.

I had really gotten the hang of it at that point, so placing the pedal sensor and cabling was pretty simple, but it took some practice to get the sensor aligned perfectly. I had already charged up the battery, so I gave it a try. The electric motor immediately sprang to life.

After tying down all cables and cleaning up, I took my first ride.

Front Wheel Motor Kit Sizes: Whats Available

Swytch Kit Turns Any Bike Into An Electric Bike

Youll find that all kits cover the three most popular sizes. That is 26 inch, 27.5 inch and 700C front wheel sizes. The wheel size is more important than the tyre width. With your specific wheel diameter you still have a wide range of tyre sizes that can fit to the electric wheel supplied in your kit. For instance, a 700C wheel can accommodate all 700 tyre sizes including 700x25C 700x32C 700x35C 700x40C and so on. So, certainly, with the Swytch kit and the cheap Amazon kits, you only need to order the correct wheel size.

With the easy fit front wheel conversion kits, you need to be more specific when you order. As each conversion kit includes a fitted tyre and tube, youll need to find the tyre size written onto your existing tyre and order a match. That said, tyre widths can be different if youre willing to accept a close match to receive your electric bike kit quickly. For example, the difference between a 700x32C and 700x35C is only 3mm. Can you even see the difference with the naked eye?

Then ofcourse, if it is so important to you that your front wheel and rear wheel have matching tyre sizes but your preferred ebike conversion kit is out of stock then consider this. Buy the correct wheel size with a close match and swap the tyre in the ebike kit for the existing tyre on your bicycle. For UK cyclists hoping to convert a bike to electric, youre back in the game!

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Install The New Wheel To The Bike

When your new wheel is ready, put it back on your bike and connect it to the brake system. Once again, the process should be as simple as reversing the removal process.

For rear wheel replacement, youll also need to adjust the wheel chain to make sure that its a snug fit.

After that, complete the step by closing the bikes wire brakes and rim over the wheel using a lever. If the bike uses disc brakes, reattach the pads and secure the clips with pliers.

Check if the brakes need any kind of mechanical adjustments, such as aligning the caliper or pumping the brake lever.

What Are Bike Conversion Kits

An electric bike conversion kit can be installed on most regular bicycles. The exception is the high-end racing bikes with thru-axle forks. To convert your bike to electric, you must acquire and replace one or more standard wheels. Conversion kit suppliers sell kits that include a battery, motors, LCD displays, and batteries as well as other wires or accessories. After youve finished converting your bike, it can reach a maximum speed of 15.5 mph, which is the legal maximum for electric bicycles in the United Kingdom.

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What Is The Cost Of An Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Now that you know how to convert a regular bike into an e-bike using a conversion kit, the question remains how much will you pay for such a kit?

Typically, an electric bike conversion kit ranges between $300 and $900! This is what youll pay for a basic kit, although you can find much cheaper options, as well as top-shelf units. Note that the range above is for good quality conversion kits that will offer value for your money.

The prices of the conversion kits vary depending on the motor included, and what you plan to use the bike for. Some kits may feature the ability to adjust the control when riding on rugged terrains. Meanwhile, other kits focus on speed, which is ideal for the speed demons who want to test the limits of the bike on long stretches.

So, aside from the price of the conversion kit, you also want to consider the type of motor and the intended use of the bike when shopping for a unit.

In a nutshell, all electric bicycles are essentially regular bikes with a motor and battery added! All other components, including the frame, fork, tires, wheels, grips, derailleurs, shifters, stem, brakes, seat post, saddle, etc. are exactly the same on both a regular bike and an electric bike. The only parts unique to an e-bike are the battery and motor. Just add these to your normal bike, and with a few tweaks here and there, youll be good to go!

Mount The Motor Onto The Bike


With everything in order and going perfectly, its time to secure the motor on your bike by attaching it to the right spot, whether its on the bottom bracket or in the place of the water bottle holder.

This spot is ideal because it keeps the center of gravity well balanced between the back and front of the bike.

If you think the motor is a bit too bulky to fit on your bikes frame, you can install it in the basket on the back or front of the bike. But keep in mind that this might throw you off balance in

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I Want To Turn My Regular Bike Into An Electric Bike How Do I Start

There are plenty of reasons you might want to make your bike electric. Maybe you use your bike for commuting and are tired of getting to the office sweaty, or you might just want to be able to enjoy your rides more .Whether youre looking for an easier commute or bigger adventures, converting your bike to an electric bike can be a big help. Though electric bikes are available for sale, it is often cheaperand maybe even more funto convert a bike you already have. And, thankfully, its really easy to get started.

How Much Would The Conversion Process Cost You

The answer to this question would vary greatly depending on the type of converting kit youre going for as well as its specs.

However, we can estimate the expenses based on the rates of the mid-range converting kit options on the market.

From there, you can expect to pay a little higher or lower depending on the performance and the brand of your conversion kit.

As a rule of thumb, a decent converting kit with 48-volt power would cost you anywhere between $300 to $700, with some premium options reaching up to $1,000.

For a casual rider, a 36-volt kit would be more suitable, which usually costs anywhere from $200 to $500.

Add this to the average price of a good electric bike battery should range from $350 to $500, depending on its capacity.

Dont forget to add the costs of any necessary tools you might need for the project, although that shouldnt account for a significant change in the costs.

Based on these numbers, the electric bike conversion project is expected to set you back anywhere between $650 to $1,500.

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How Does It Work

Built with high-capacity cells to deliver the power you need, time after time.

250W geared hub motor

High-torque motor wheel with no drag so you can cruise freely with the Power Pack on or off.

Sine-Wave Control

Our bespoke sine-wave system uses cutting-edge motor control and efficiency to give you a smooth and quiet ride.

Two range options

Choose from our pocket-sized AIR Power Pack for 15km range, or the larger MAX to get 30km on the road.

Attach The Throttle And Speed Controller

New hand

Most conversion kits on the market are designed so that the speed controller and the throttle are easily bolted on the bike without having to do any electrical adjustment.

Make sure that you check the manufacturers instructions on how to install them correctly on your bike.

The kit should also come with the necessary bolts to secure the speed controller in place. This is usually on the bike frame above the chains.

Pick a suitable spot on your handlebar that makes it easy to reach the throttle, and attach them too.

Some conversion kits will take over the gear shifting process in the bike, so youll also have to remove the shifting cable while leaving the brake cable intact.

In some cases, this step might create some wire clutter. In that case, dont attach them until you mount the motor on the bike and secure loose wires.

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Make Sure Your Bike Can Handle The Conversion

One of the things that most new DIYers overlook is the possibility of the project in the first place. However, if your bike is relatively new and rides well then itll probably be suitable for the conversion anyway.

Since youll invest quite a hefty sum in a conversion kit, you dont want to install that on a donor body thats severely lacking. Make sure that the bike has a nice seat, tires, wheels, as well as decent accessories.

Another thing you want to check in your bike is the frame materials. The most popular materials used for making frames are steel and aluminum.

As a rule of thumb, a bike with a steel frame would be much more durable than aluminum. If you have a steel frame, youll need to carefully inspect it for any signs of rust before starting your conversion project, so you can replace the rusty part beforehand.

Aluminum has the advantage of corrosion resistance, although theyre generally less durable than steel.

Additionally, the newer your bike model, the better. An old bike might require unique tools that you may not find available. Also, although this project might save you the costs of a new e-bike, you still need to have an emergency fund ready for any missing or necessary parts.

Lastly, here are some features and design aspects that will yield the best conversion results:

Make Sure You Get A Battery Charger

E-bike batteries have to be charged regularly and this must be using the charger that is designed to work with the battery.

It is a common mistake for electric bike owners to assume that all electric bike batteries are the same and use universal chargers.

This isnt true, so you should always get your charger from the manufacturer of your electric bike.

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Should I Buy A New Electric Bike Or Convert My Existing Bike


While many people find it easiest and most convenient to simply buy a new electric bike, others might find it more appealing to convert their existing bicycles to electric by adding a motor and battery. This option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately, whether you convert your conventional bicycle or buy a complete electric bike depends on your unique needs, interests, and expectations.

In this chapter, well highlight some of the best methods and products currently available for converting a conventional bicycle into an electric bike. Well also provide a brief discussion of the pros and cons of this type of conversion, especially when compared to purchasing an electric bike.


The seeming simplicity of this type of modification can be a bit misleading, however, since making the change from a conventional hub to a motorized hub is actually a fairly complicated task. To begin with, taking apart and rebuilding wheels is always a challenging project, involving intensive work installing spokes and truing the completed wheel. Similarly, the extra weight of the motorized hub and the additional torque it will generate means that, in most cases, the entire wheel will need to be upgraded to include a rim and spokes sturdy enough to handle a motorized hub. In the end, you would end up with not only a new hub, but an entirely new wheel.

Decide On An Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Teebike turns any bike into an electric bike

One of the easiest ways to make your bike go electric is by using an electric bicycle conversion kit.

These kits usually come with all the strictly necessary tools that you need to make your bike electric, including a wheel with a hub motor, speed controls, and a throttle.

Other kits might also include a variety of accessories to make your electric bike even more advanced but arent necessary, such as LCD screens, gauges, and brake levers.

Make sure that you pick a bolt-on kit that comes with all the needed parts as well as a clear instructions manual to make it easy to install.

There are various types of conversion kits on the market, including front and back wheel types. Both of them will work well as long as they have a wheel thats exactly as large as the wheel you have on your bike.

The choice for a conversion kit depends on a variety of aspects, such as motor power, overheat protection, mileage, and your budget.

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Swap The Tyre And Tube

Firstly, remove the tyre and tube from your current front wheel and then install them on the new wheel from the kit. Make sure to check if the tyre is directional, if it is, ensure that the tyre is mounted so that the cable sticking out of the hub is on the left-hand side when the wheel is installed in the bike otherwise itll be powered in the opposite direction to your direction of travel!

To swap the tyre and tube over, you will need some tyre levers and a pump. If you want to go over how to do these, we have a guide that can be accessed here.

Final points are to do up the nuts on the wheels axle to keep it firmly in place in the forks and to check that the brakes are correctly adjusted for the new wheel. If youre unsure how to do that, we have another guide here.

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