Used Electric Bike For Sale

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A Guide To Used Electric Bikes For Sale

Bintelli Fusion E-Bike Overview – Bintelli Powersports Electric Bike for Sale – Charleston, SC

E-bikes can make the average person a cycling superstar. They allow you to go faster, use less energy, and can handle everything from your daily commute to big adventure rides. Best of all, e-bikes are just plain fun. With the joy and freedom of riding a bike enhanced by the power of an electric motor, its hard not to get addicted.

E-bikes like this Orbea Wild FS mountain bike make climbing a breeze. | Photo courtesy of Orbea

If youre feeling overwhelmed by all of the different types of e-bikes, electric motors, and other technical details, dont worry. This guide will help you find the perfect bike. If youre worried about the expense of e-bike technology, consider buying used. Certified Pre-Owned e-bikes make it easier and more affordable than ever to get a reliable, high-quality used e-bike. If you have any questions, our Ride Guides are always here to help.

Schwinn Coston Ce 275 Step

Power: 250W | Weight: 55.8 lb. or 56.8 lb. | Top speed: 20 mph | Range: Up to 35 miles

Schwinn Colston CE 27.5 Step-Thru
Schwinn Colston CE 27.5 Step-Thru
  • Mechanical disc brakes arent as powerful as hydraulic brakes

It took some time, but one of the most well-known bike brands has embraced the fastest-growing bike category: e-bikes. Judging by Schwinns first offerings, which are appealing, it should have made the move sooner. The Coston is one of several new electric-assist models that offer a lot of attractive features at a low price. This one has a 250W hub-mounted motor and up to a 35-mile range, making it a capable option for commuting, cruising, or exploring. Theres an integrated front light, and one on the battery that makes you more visible when riding at night. Theres also an easy-to-use control unit, 7-speeds, and mechanical disc brakesnice features for the price.

Electric Bike Company Model E

Power: 500W | Weight: 53 lb. | Top speed: 25 mph | Range: Up to 70 miles

Electric Bike Company Model E
Electric Bike Company Model E
  • Add-ons hike up the price quickly

The new Model E is a sturdy, elegant beach cruiser assembled and painted in the U.S. We tested the brands model X last year and it impressed us with its high quality. All Electric Bike Company models are assembled in the U.S., and the attention to detail is immediately evident. Unlike the Model X, this one is sleeker, with an integrated battery. But like that one, its fully customizable and built to order with your options. The Schwalbe Fat Frank tires and steel frame and fork combine to deliver a smooth ride, and the comfortable saddle and retro handlebar beckon you to relax and let the e-assist do most of the work. And despite its weight, the disc brakes help you come to a smooth stop, whether youre dodging squirrels on the bike path or avoiding tourists on the boardwalk.

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Where To Find Used E

At Cicli Mattio you can find used e-bikes according to current availability.We always advise you to choose a retailer like Cicli Mattio that can offer you the right assistance: our team is available to advise you on the size and model best suited to your needs, and to give you the necessary technical support before and after sales.

Visit our website or visit us in shop!Depending on availability, you will be able to find used E-BIKES of the best brands on the market.

The Three Classes Of E

Electric Bicycle USED for Sale

In the U.S., there are three classes defined by the type of assist and how fast the motor will propel you. Most electric bikes are defined as class 1 or 3. Class 1 bikes have a motor that assists while youre pedaling, up to 20 mph. Class 3, also known as speed pedelec, can also have up to only a 750w motor , but can assist you up to 28 mph. Both are allowed in most states and cities without the need for a license. Rare just a year ago, Class 2 models are becoming more popular, especially at lower prices. These models have a throttle that can propel a bike up to, and maintain, 20 mph without having to continuously pedal. Some bikes blur the lines. Aventons popular Pace 500, for example, is technically a Class 3 e-bike in that it reaches speeds up to 28 mph, but it also has a throttle that tops out at 20 mph .

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Get The Best Deals On Electric Bikes At Bike Shop La


Bikes and Hikes LA offers a wide variety of brand new electric bikes for sale. We are open during COVID-19, and all of our e-bikes are available for curbside pickup. Continue reading below to check out a sampling of our NEW E-BIKES FOR SALE:

What Is An E

An e-bike is a bicycle that uses an electric motor for propulsion. A huge range of bicycles fit that description, but a “pedal-assist” e-bike is most common. The Pros Closet and most traditional bike shops carry and recommend this type of e-bike

An Orbea Gain road e-bike climbing with pedal-assist. | Photo courtesy of Orbea

Pedal-assist e-bikes rely on the rider to turn the pedals. When you pedal, the electric motor will engage and assist you with a boost of power. This allows you to accelerate easily, cruise up hills, and use less energy. You control your speed with your feet. The harder you pedal, the more the motor assists you. It feels very similar to riding a traditional bicycle, just enhanced.

E-bikes are divided into classes that denote their level of motor assistance. Figuring out which class of e-bike you want should be one of your first considerations before purchasing:

Class 1: Pedal-assist only. The motor provides assistance only when you pedal, and stops helping at 20mph.Class 2: Has a pedal-assist mode that assists up to 20 mph and also a purely throttle-powered mode.Class 3: Pedal-assist only , but the motor provides assistance until you hit 28mph.

The Pros Closet does not carry Class 2 e-bikes that use a throttle, so this article will focus on Class 1 and Class 3 e-bikes that are pedal-assist only.

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Riese & Mller Packster 80 Vario

Contact: 206-659-1179

Purchased: 2019

Miles: 232

Seller’s Description: Large box bike which is a true hauler, with vario gear. Comes with cargo box, cushion and straps for two kids, BlaQ rain cover, and an upgraded Brooks saddle. Has the option for a second battery, but only comes with one battery.

We bought in 2019 from a family bike shop in Seattle, and mostly used it to ride kids around the neighborhood during the pandemic. The kids are older now and we’d like something easier to park. It performs great on hills and in the rain.

Has always been stored indoors. Offers welcome.

Second Hand & Ex Demo Electric Bikes

Bintelli M1 EBike Overview – Bintelli Powersports Electric Bicycle for Sale – Nationwide Shipping

We have a regularly rotating range of second hand and ex display Electric bikes for sale. Or you can trade in your existing Electric bike and receive credit for a new one! All bikes are refurbished by our in house professional team and delivered nationwide. Please see below for what we currently have available, or contact us for more information on our latest second hand deals.

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What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying An E

The electric bikes for sale on our website come in different shapes and sizes. There are models designed for rugged terrain, while others are built for urban areas. Therefore, you should consider your specific requirements before you place an order.

There are generally three types of electric bikes:

  • Electric Mountain Bikes: These are essentially mountain bikes equipped with electric motors to assist you in powering through steep inclines. They usually have robust frames and powerful disc brakes to help you navigate the unpredictable terrain.

  • Electric Road Bikes: These electric bikes come with lightweight frames and narrow wheels designed to minimize friction and maximize speed. They are ideal for long-distance cycling because the motor can help you conserve energy.

  • Electric City Bikes: These options are ideal for traversing city streets daily. They have comfortable designs and often come with additional features such as lights, storage baskets, and adjustable seats.

If youre getting an electric mountain bike, you should also consider the suspension system since it significantly affects your experience.

Whatever your riding preferences, our electric bikes for sale can cater to your demands. BikeExchange offers a variety of entry-level and high-end electric bikes suited to your budget. Explore our online catalog and order the bike of your dreams today.

Electric Bikes For Sale

In search of electric bikes for sale? BikeExchange is your one-stop online shop for everything bike-related. You can choose from our broad range of electric mountain bikes, electric road bikes, and electric city bikes to suit your riding preferences.

The popularity of electric bikes is growing rapidly in the United States and Canada. These bikes enable inexperienced cyclists to conquer steep hills with the assistance of their battery-powered motors. Their motors are designed to supplement pedaling rather than replace it, so riders can still reap the benefits of exercise without overexerting themselves.

Some electric bikes are also ideal for long-distance cycling. The assistance they provide allows you to conserve energy and finish the expedition. They can even be used as your environmentally-friendly daily commute to work or school.

BikeExchange is the worlds leading online marketplace for all things bike-related. Major retailers across the region take advantage of our platform to list their products on our website at reasonable prices. Explore our catalog of electric bikes for sale to find one that suits your needs and budget.

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Specialized Turbo Levo Comp

Contact: 415-999-0523

Purchased: 2021

Miles: under 100

Seller’s Description: Hi, I am selling my Turbo Levo Comp. It has less than 100 miles on it. It is the perfect bike for me except, because of my balance issues, due to Parkinson’s Disease, I need to get myself a step-through model. I’m so looking forward to getting a bike that works for me. This has been life-changing!

Riese & Mller Load 60

42+ Used Sondors Electric Bike For Sale

* Purchased at TNW

Purchased: 2017

Miles: 11,000

Seller’s Description: Blue 2017 Load 60, rear derailleur, torque version. Well maintained. Recently replaced battery, chain/gears, rear wheel, and brake pads. Comes with cargo cover, kid seats and seat belts, baby car seat carrier, rear cargo rack, low side walls.Selling because we purchased a Load 75.

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When Is It Worth Buying A Used Electric Bike

Choosing a second-hand electric bike can be a good solution mainly for 2 reasons:

  • quality product: you can find top-of-the-range e-bikes at attractive prices because they are second-hand, and avoid having to choose entry-level models because of the price
  • knowing your preferences: by buying a used e-bike you can discover, at a lower cost than a new model, what you like to do on your bicycle… whether you love going uphill, downhill, or if you want to turn your bicycle into your means of transport.

Gazelle Arroyo C8 Elite

* Purchased at TNW

Purchased: 2020


Seller’s Description: This bike has been fantastic. It’s easy and fun to ride. Used for rides with my 1-3 year old son in San Francisco. Works great. There are some scratches and cosmetic wear from general use. Brooks front basket and cafe lock are included. Yepp seat and add-on lock not included. Happy to answer any questions you have.

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How Fast Can An Electric Bike Go

An electric bike can go as fast as you can pedal it. The only component that separates an electric bike from a regular bike is the battery-powered motor that provides pedaling assistance.

People who try electric bikes for the first time usually get surprised at how easy they are to pedal and how much of a boost they get with pedaling assistance. The electric bikes for sale today have motors with power capacities ranging between 250 W and 850 W. The most powerful models can go well over 45 kph, but there are laws in place that limit their speed. In most jurisdictions, 32 kph is the allowed maximum speed for electric bikes.

At BikeExchange, you can choose among an extensive selection of electric bikes. So whether you want a modest 250 W city bike for your daily commute or a mighty 850 W mountain bike for the steepest inclines, weve got you covered. Browse through our catalog to find an electric bike that suits your requirements.

Riese & Mller Nevo Gt Vario Hs

Bintelli Trio Electric Trike Overview – Bintelli Powersports E-Bike for Sale – Nationwide Shipping

* Purchased at TNW

Purchased: 2022

Miles: 1,600

Seller’s Description: . Purchased in February for $7,792.

Bike has been certified by The New Wheel. Notes:1. Conservative service work estimate: $150 2. Bicycle mileage: 1,5783. Battery charge cycles and nominal voltage: 25.4 chargecycles, 40.9 voltage.They noted the brakes had about 40% life left on them. I didn’t replace as that seemed wasteful, but new owner should keep an eye on them.

I fell in love with this bike and wish I didn’t have to give it up, but I found myself doing more hilly dirt trail riding so have transitioned to a bike more suitable for that.

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Giant Momentum Vida E+ Sta

Contact: 415-866-0802

Purchased: 2022


Seller’s Description: Giant Momemtum Vida E+ STA 20MPH in pearl white. Lightly Used, recreational weekend rides! SyncDrive life motor, comfortable upright rider position. 6-sensor technology, Energy Pak 500 Battery, NEXUS 7 RevoShift, SL-C3000-7, Hubs Shimano Nexus 7, SG-C3001-7D rear, Shimano TX505 front, Aluminum frame.

Trek Super Commuter+ 8s

Contact: 916-626-7852

Seller’s Description: Absolutely beautiful, like new condition Class 3 Pedalec E-bike 500 WH.

Meticulously maintained at Trek Midtown in Sacramento, new chain, and pads, all records.

Upgrades include Busch and Müller German-made glass mirrors, Ergon Cork Grips, Side Mount H2O cage, Selle Royal saddle, and premium flat pedals.

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Sourcing Guide For Used Electric Bikes:

Transportation is not just about moving an object from point A to point B, it’s a process of value delivery: sending things all over the country, carrying customers to upper floors or building a warehouse for cargos, all of which require products in transportation. understands your needs, and that’s why we’re providing you with reliable China suppliers,factories and it’s easy to find suitable products whether for construction fields, daily use, or entertainment. Looking for cheap Used Electric Bikes products, electric bike manufacturers and Used Electric Bikes factory directory? Check this category or use the search box above, you will find them all here! We offer you high quality electric bicycle, bicycle and electric motorcycle and make sure they meet your demand. is always the best companion for your business, and ready for further help at any time.

Easy Sourcing

Finding The Right Electric Bike For Commuting Or Hitting The Trails

Sakura Electric Bike for sale in UK

Electric bikes are a convenient method of transportation if you don’t want to use a car. They are also fun to ride in the mountains for those who enjoy mountain biking. You can find both new and used electric bicycles on eBay.

What types of electric bikes are available?

You can choose from city, mountain, cross, trekking, and cargo e-bikes. If you plan to use an affordable e-bike for transportation in your city, then you should buy a city e-bike. These are usually smaller bikes that allow for easier mounting and for storage. Some city electric bicycles are foldable. See the manufacturer’s site for details.

There are some preowned electric mountain bikes, abbreviated as eMTBs, that have pedal-activated power assistance in the bottom bracket. The suspension configuration is usually hardtail or dual. The frames for eMTBs are typically made of carbon fibre or aluminium.

Cargo e-bikes are constructed with baskets, flatbeds, or large racks to make it easy to transport goods. Cargo e-bikes have a longer wheelbase and a modified frame with the intent of improving stability for carrying goods. Some of the more expensive cargo electric bikes have three wheels to assist in a comfortable ride with a heavy load on the bike.

Understanding the motor typesEssential options to look for in electric bikes

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How We Tested These Cheaper E

Our team of experienced testers spent many hours and miles using most of these bikes for their intended purposes. Ive personally ridden and tested many of them to and from work, used them to stock up on groceries and beer, tested their passenger-hauling capability, ridden them on questionable terrain to see how they handle, and run their batteries down to officially see how long they last on one charge. The Bicycling gear team evaluated every model on performance, price, comfort, handling, value, reliability, fun, and overall e-factor to come up with these recommendations that we believe will best serve the needs of anyone looking to add a little pedal assist to their ride.

Rad Power Bikes Radexpand 5

Power: 750W | Weight: 62.5 lb. | Top Speed: 20 mph | Range: Up to 45 miles

Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5
Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5
  • Burly tires add versatility to your ride
  • Bulkier than some competitors folding bikes

Rated as our top value pick among the best folding e-bikes on the market, Rad Powers RadExpand 5 succeeds the RadMini 4, the brands previous folding model, in stellar fashion. Shedding almost 5 pounds and sporting a 750-watt motor, the RadExpand seeks the road less traveled with plush 4-inch tires wrapped around nimble 20-inch rims. A range of up to 45 miles makes this bike worthy of day-long excursions, and it folds up easily for storage or transit. The bike is also outfitted with fenders, a rear rack capable of carrying 55 pounds , and fully integrated front and rear lights, making this machine a more-than-capable city commuter.

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