Used Mt Bikes For Sale

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What Is A Mountain Bike

Pro Tips For Buying A Used Mountain Bike

Mountain biking doesnt have much in common with road biking or urban biking at all. Rather than sticking to concrete and smooth roads, youll be in rocky, gravel-filled trails with lots of ups, downs and sharp corners. Riding these trails can be pretty bone-jarring, especially on a bike that isnt suited for it. On top of that, mountain biking trails can be outright dangerous, with the risk of a crash being much more severe.

Therefore, mountain bikes need to be hardcore machines that give you the ability to truly conquer the trail. This means they have strong, thick frames, wide and knobby tyres, and springy suspension systems. All of these features allow you to withstand hard impacts, glide over bumpy terrain, and get all the traction you need.

Two types of mountain bikes

When you shop for a mountain bike, youll notice there are two different types of bikes available. The first type of mountain bike is called dual-suspension or Full-suspension. Dual-suspension bikes, as the name implies, have suspension on both the front and back wheel. The front suspension is called fork suspension because there is a spring inside both sides of the fork that attaches to the wheel.

Who Can Benefit From Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are ideal for any rider who wants to enjoy the benefits of cycling, but without the heavy exertion that comes with climbing steep hills. Theyre also great for extended cycling excursions, as they allow riders to conserve their energy. Whats more, e-bikes offer an eco-friendly alternative to commuting to and from work or school in an automobile.

As Australias number one online marketplace where bike buyers and sellers can come together, BikeExchange is the best place to find your perfect electric bike. Retailers and private bike sellers from across the country list their bikes for sale right here. If you havent had the chance to try out an electric bike, give one a test today. Many people are surprised at how easy it is to ride with the electric assist off, and just how much boost they give when its engaged.

With an electric bike, you can have the best of both worlds: the exercise and health benefits of a traditional bicycle, and the ease and convenience of an electric bicycle. Theres a reason e-bikes are becoming so popular in Australia. Browse our selection of mens, womens and unisex e-bikes youre sure to find a model that fits your needs and budget.

Quick Help

Used Specialized Mountain Bikes

Today, Specialized Bikes is one of the most famous brands on the planet. They were established in 1974 and are four-time winners of the Tour de France. Their road bikes are the most popular among riders, but they also manufacture mountain bikes, childrens bikes, BMX bikes, adventure bikes, and recreational bikes.

Specialized bikes are performance-orientated, yet focus on comfort and cutting-edge technology. Its vast array of models have managed to provide high-end bikes that can compete with the best. Specialized is a leading bike brand in the US.

If you want to own a solid Specialized mountain bike, youve got to go with their pricey brand new ones. But are you really willing to break the bank to get one when you could just get a used Specialized mountain bike at CycleLogik?

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Buying A Used Bike At Bike Edmonton

Appointments are mandatory to buy a bike. Only one patron can enter the shop per appointment, and COVID-19 protocols must be followed.

You cannot e-mail us to book an appointment. We do not sell bikes without appointments, and we cannot bypass the appointment system. Appointments are in very high demand and fill very quickly.

Accessbility: our scheduling software does not work well with screen reading technology. Please e-mail us at or call or text 780-433-2453 for assistance making a booking.

How To Find Your Ideal Mountain Bike

BTWIN 520 Adult Mountain Bike for sale! Hardly Used!

It’s our goal to make finding your perfect ride easy, you can filter your search by riding discipline, wheel size, price, and location. Alternatively, you could refine your search by buying option, allowing you to browse private ads or look at offerings from leading retailers around the country to buy online, in-store or click & collect your bike. If you already know the exact make and model of mountain bike youre looking for, just type the details into the search bar and let our search engine quickly locate it for you.

Not sure where to begin? The infographic below is a great place to get started. Covering the common styles of mountain bikes available, you’ll be able to understand the difference between a hardtail and full suspension, or a trail and an all-mountain bike in no time!

If more in-depth information is what youre after, head on over to the BikeExchange Blog for our comprehensive guide to mountain bikes.

We each have our own preferred riding style, fitness level, and budget. At BikeExchange, whats important to us, is helping everyone enjoy the pleasures and health benefits of riding your bike. It doesnt matter if youre already an avid mountain biker, or havent been on two wheels since you were a kid theres sure to be a mountain bike to suit everyone!

Being our biggest category on BikeExchange, sellers are constantly listing new mountain bikes for sale, so be sure to check back often for the latest additions.

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Colnago C60 Disc Road Bike

Colnago is one of the finest bicycle brands to ever come out of Italy. They have always been a brand known for fine details, ride quality and a successful racing pedigree. The C60, while has been replaced by the C64 as their flagship model, is still a very relevant and awesome bicycle. This full carbon fiber frame set is built up with the tried and true method of using carbon lugs, which Colnago has stood by for decades. Shimano components, including hydraulic disc brakes and wheels top off this work of art. Learn more by clicking that Buy Now button.

What Is Certifirst Warranty What Is The Warranty Period

The CertiFirst warranty is a mechanical break-down warranty, designed to indemnify the owner from unforeseen costs of repairs or replacement of covered part/s in the Vehicle. We accept the responsibility for repairs/replacement as per the terms and conditions specified.

The warranty period shall be for 2 years or a total of 25,000 Km on every vehicle purchased through e-commerce. The said warranty is split into 2 Parts:

Part 1: Comprehensive Warranty covering 1st Year or 15,000 Km with Roadside Assistance.

Part 2: Engine & Transmission Warranty covering 2nd Year or 10,000 Km without Roadside Assistance.

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But Wheres The Best Place To Look

Nowadays, you can purchase mountain bikes online. This is a perfect option for the ultimate customer convenience and even better deals. CycleLogik could be your favorite online buy-and-sell platform when you look for used mountain bikes for sale. It is also a great place to compare the prices of used mountain bikes.

CycleLogiks passion is fueling the biking market. They make it easier to buy and sell bikes online and at brick-and-mortar bike shops through local marketplaces. They support the cycling industry by connecting bike shops and brands with millions of riders and prospective customers.

Whether you need a good mountain bike or the perfect gift for the cycling enthusiast in your life, CycleLogik got you covered. They offer convenient and easy online shopping for people looking for the perfect products from mountain bikes to freestyle bicycles.

Looking for used mountain bikes for sale and buying your dream two-wheeler might just be one of the smartest things you can do, but you have to be careful. To help you out, weve reviewed quality used mountain bikes so you dont trade your PS5 for a potato.

Bikes For Sale Online

How To Buy A Cheap Bike | Buyers Guide To Used Mountain Bikes

BikeExchange is the number one Australian marketplace of new and used bikes for sale online! Our various filters are there to help assist you to easily refine your search.

Not sure where to begin? Either check out our article on Choosing the Right Bike or continue reading for more information on finding the perfect one for you!

Todays marketplace for bicycles is characterised by its ability to satisfy wide ranging demands. Informed consumers know exactly what they want, with companies continually forced to innovate with unique concepts to meet these specific ride demands. The following categories comprise our most popular specialist types of bicycles available here on BikeExchange.

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How Can One Purchase A Second

Purchasing a used two-wheeler on BeepKart is very easy! Follow the steps below to buy a second-hand Yamaha MT 15 bike thats as good as new.

  • Go through the BeepKart website to look at the current available models for Yamaha MT 15 bike, and decide which one is the right fit for you
  • Once youve finalized a bike, visit our yard to take the bike for a spin.
  • Enjoyed your test drive? Great! Its now time to make the payment online.
  • After completion of all the documentation, it usually takes up to 60 RTO working days to transfer the documents to you.
  • Not happy with your purchase? We offer a 3-day love it or return it policy for your bike!
  • Cannondale Supersix Evo Women’s Road Bike

    The Cannondale SuperSix has been a flagship model road bike for over a decade. While it has gone through a few revisions since the start, every SuperSix that has been produced has been one of the best road bikes on the market. This Women’s specific SuperSix is no different as the clean lines, great paint job and parts spec make the $2500 price tag a screaming deal. Rim brakes are not dead and you can help keep them thriving by clicking that “Buy Now” button and learning more about this bike that is offered by The Pro’s Closet.

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    Bmc Alpenchallenge Amp E

    Who needs a do-it-all bike? The BMC Alphenchallenge AMP E-bike ticks many boxes and actually has a bit of an identity issue. Is it a road bike? A cross bike? commuter or gravel? No one really knows, but that’s the fun of it. It can basically do anything sans downhill. Shimano GRX Di2 and a 250 watt motor add to the beauty of this bike and of course the clean lines of the carbon fiber frame help too. The Pro’s Closet has given it an “excellent” rating condition wise, so we suggest you give a look and see if it ticks your boxes.

    What Are The Advantages Of Using A Mountain Bike

    Used Cannondale Mountain Bikes for Sale

    The advantages of mountain bikes boil down to the type of cycling you like to do. If you find yourself more than often on a trail, then a mountain bike is the right choice offering specific features designed for outdoor, off-road, trail adventures.

    Mountain biking offers a unique way to exercise and experience your natural environment in a way unlike any other activity. Suspension is crucial to the experience on off-road terrain, and if youre considering tackling trails or mountainous terrain, then purchasing a mountain bike will be to your advantage.

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    Trek Emonda Alr Road Bike

    This road bike is completely rad. The Trek Emonda ALR is an aluminum frame set that Trek claims is their most advanced aluminum frame ever. All we know is that piling this thing into a curb in your favorite night time criterium race is going to be a lot more fun than with a high end carbon bike. The build on this is a bit whacky but kind of awesome at the same time. A 1x Sram Force group set makes up most of the parts while the real gem of this build is the Bontrager carbon Aeolus wheel set. Click that Buy Now button and make some bad financials decisions. Summer is here, time to let loose.

    When Does It Make Sense To Purchase A Second

    When deciding between buying a new bike and a second-hand bike, the prominent factor that lures someone into opting for the latter is the difference in the price. You can even buy the top-tier Yamaha MT15 second hand bike and save on expenses without worrying about its performance and quality. An added benefit is the reduced insurance premium of second hand bikes.

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    Cervelo Px Triathlon Bike

    If you’re interested in some of the fastest, craziest looking bikes on the market, then you must check out the triathlon section of The Pro’s Closet. This Cervelo PX was recently marked down from a whopping $12,000, but considering the build quality it’s worth every penny. A Shimano Dura Ace di2 groupset with hydraulic disc brakes make up most of the build long with an Ultegra crankset that houses a Pioneer power meter. There is also a CeramicSpeed pulley cage, new tires and brake pads that come with this PX. Right now, The Pro’s Closet is offering free shipping and $250 off using the code “HNY250”. Time to start planning for the summer!

    Where Can I Buy A Mountain Bike Near Me

    Flipping Used Mountain Bikes To Make Extra Money

    You can buy mountain bikes here online at BikeExchange.

    Mountain bikes are our biggest category on BikeExchange, and sellers are constantly listing premium and affordable mountain bicycles for sale, like our Cannondale mountain bikes so you have plenty of options.

    Were nuts about bikes if you havent picked up on it, so if youre not sure a mountain bike is a good fit for you, check out what our electric bikes and road bikes have to offer. We also have a great selection of kids bikes and Trek bikes.

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    How To Select The Right Mountain Bike

    Outside of the two different categories of mountain bikes, there are a few different sizes that youll be able to choose from, as well as different frame materials and tyre types. The wheel diameter measures the three different mountain bike sizes, usually shown in inches. The three sizes are 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch.

    Choosing a size is mostly dependent on the length of your inseam and basically what size feels most comfortable to you.

    There are also a few different types of tyre that you will find on a mountain bike, each intended for different trails. Fatbikes are relatively uncommon but popular for people who often ride on sand and snow they have ultra-wide tyres that make riding on this terrain possible.

    Trail tyres are the most common type you may not even see this listed as a feature or subcategory because they are the standard for mountain bikes. Trail tyres can handle just about everything except snow, sand, and deep mud.

    Finally, gravel tyres are a bit less knobby than trail tyres but still provide great traction on nearly any type of trail. While these tyres were used exclusively on mountain bikes in the past, there is a new type of bike, aptly called the gravel bike, where youll find these tyres more often. Gravel bikes, just like hybrid bikes and commuter bikes, can be used on light, smooth trails but shouldnt be mistaken for true mountain bikes.

    What Happens If I Miss My Test Drive Or If There Is A No

    If you miss your test drive, we will help you reschedule it within the 48-hours reservation window. You can call us on +91 96060 45096 to reschedule the same.

    In case you are not available within these 48 hours, we will refund 100% of your reservation fee back to your original source of payment. You can reserve the vehicle again through our website by paying a refundable reservation fee.

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    What Is A Road Bike

    Road bikes, in their purest form, are highly specialised bikes designed for competing in road races. Theyre used on smooth concrete and need to travel with great efficiency and speed. This means that a good road bike will be light, narrow, and aerodynamic. Compare this to the bulky, heavier frames and knobby tyres that you find on mountain bikes or gravel bikes and the differences become clear.

    Road bike frames are usually made from ultralight materials such as aluminium, carbon fibre, or titanium. These materials are lighter and usually more durable than steel , making them perfect for road races. The gears and brakes found on road bikes, too, are designed to be effective without taking up too much space or adding weight to the bike. Everything about the design of a road bike is targeted at increasing efficiency and speed.

    Road bike wheels are very impactful too, often, one of the most important factors in choosing a road bike is the wheels. The wheels need to be very narrow, decreasing the amount of friction between the bike and the road. Because theyre narrow, they also have to have a high ratio of strength- aluminium, carbon, and titanium work just as well here as they do with road bike frames.

    How Can You Buy Mt 15 Second

    Demo Bike Sale

    You would think that buying a pristine quality second-hand bike is as tiring an experience as buying a brand new bike, but rest assured it’s not! We, at BeepKart, ensure that buying a Yamaha MT15 second hand in Bangalore is a straightforward and transparent process for you. Follow the steps to buy your dream Yamaha bike from BeepKart:

  • Open the BeepKart site and search Yamaha MT 15. Make sure that your location is set to Bangalore.
  • After going through and selecting your desired model, visit BeepKarts yard in Bangalore for a test drive.
  • If you are satisfied with the driving experience on your bike then it’s time to make an online payment.
  • Your bike is ready to be taken home after the completion of payment and all the necessary documents. It will take around 60 RTO days to transfer the documents to you.
  • And in case you change your mind after taking the bike home, we have taken care of that as well. BeepKart offers a 3 day return policy on all second hand vehicles.
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