Wall Mounted Bike Racks For Garage

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Best Home Rack: Gear Up Oakrak Floor

Cool Bike Rack Wall Mount for Bicycle Storage in Garage

The GearUp OakRak Floor-to-Ceiling Bike Rack is easy to assemble, looks good and is a great way to store up to four bikes inside your house or flat where they’re safe and sound. What makes the OakRak stand out is the nicely-finished wooden construction that makes it more like a piece of furniture than the usual workshop/industrial rack.

Made in the USA from American red oak, the OakRak comprises an assembly of interleaving wooden beams that brace between your floor and ceiling, so if you’re renting you can install it without drilling holes in the walls. The vertical parts are held together with threaded studs and furniture nuts. Thickly coated steel hooks attach to the sides and you hang your bikes from them.

Assembly is straightforward, with clear instructions. Everything screws together with the supplied 4mm Allen key, except for the top piece for which you’ll need a crosshead screwdriver.

Our Pick: Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two

*At the time of publishing, the price was $56.

Despite the fact that there are many optionsboth for possible bike-rack locations in an apartment and types of rackswe believe that the Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand is the best choice for most people who need to store one or two bikes in a small apartment. If you have one relatively unobstructed patch of wall thats wide enough to fit a bike lengthwise , this is the rack that you should go with. The stand is simple to set up, it is lightweight yet sturdy, and its arms can be adjusted and repositioned to suit any frame shape. Its also very low-impact: According to the assembly directions, you have to drill only one hole in the wall.

At first glance, the main components of the stand look barely capable of supporting one bike, let alone two: The steel tubing is a little over an inch in diameter, and you connect the segments with simple Phillips head bolts. The arms arent attached with bolts or screws or any hardware at all, thoughyou slide the twisty end of each arm onto the stands frame, and once youve moved the arm to where you want it, the friction provided by a plastic sleeve ensures that the arm stays in place. The other end of the arm is flattened and covered in rubber so your bikes frame wont slip or get scratched.

Rad Cycle Mighty Rack Two Bike Floor Stand

Best for Two Bikes

For the price of one high-quality one-bike rack, you can get yourself a two-bike rack in the form of the RAD Cycle Mighty Rack.

Thanks to its heavy-duty tubular steel construction, this bike rack can store up to 2 bikes. The best part? You wont have to stress yourself to do that.

You roll your bike into the rack and it will safely store your bikes facing the same direction as each other or alternately. This simple design means that anyone can use it, including children.

As an added bonus, RAD gave this bike rack a black and glossy powder-coated finish for optimal weather- and rust-resistance.


Easiest to Modify

The Ibera Easy Utility Bicycle Stand is the best garage bike rack for maintenance and repairs.

This utility stand is unique from other bike racks. It supports bikes by its chainstay, so the bike is steady and stable. Also, it keeps the rear wheels off of the ground to free up movement.

This design makes it easier to do routine maintenance. This includes changing tire tubes, repairing and fixing tires, installing kickstands, adjusting the brakes or drive train and many more.

Because of its minimalistic design, this rack is also great if you want to display or showcase your bike.

This DIY-friendly bike rack is perfect for bike professionals and those who maintain their own bikes.


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Organising Your Bike In The Garage With Steadyrack

Investing in a bicycle rack is a great way to organise your garage and free up more space. Theres no time like the present to untangle your bikes, get them off the floor, out of your entryways and onto the easiest, most convenient bicycle garage storage rack on the market.

The truth is, not all bike garage storage solutions were created equally. Were proud of the fact that no bike wall mount or rack on the market to date can claim all of the space saving benefits Steadyrack bicycle racks can. Why? Because we spent many years and countless hours designing, creating, and patenting an ultimate bicycle storage solution for the garage that would also suit all types of spaces.

Forget ceiling mounts, bike stands, awkward hooks and other bike storage systems, because our garage bicycle storage racks will be the only rack youll need from this day forward. With a patented 160-degree pivot feature on all our bike mounts for the garage, allowing for an efficient, space-saving, and completely accessible solution for those narrow or tight spaces.

With free shipping to a wide range of countries and regions, order yourself and the family a Steadyrack bike rack today!

Pivoting Bike Racks For The Garage

Best Garage

One of the most useful things about our swivel bike racks is the way it opens up space for other items, like your car! The most frustrating thing for bicycle owners with one or more bikes, is the fact that often your bikes are leant against the wall in the garage, meaning you cannot park your car, or struggle to do so without damaging your bikes. With our swing away bike racks, you can pivot your bicycle close to the wall, opening up tons of space to park your car easily, and get out of the car without a bike falling on you from a hook, or stepping on one thats laid on the ground!

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Gear Up Lean Machine Gravity Rack Buy Now For 5999 From Tredz

Gravity racks are very handy if you have a spare clear interior wall to store two bikes. The feet sit out just beyond the centre of gravity of the bikes, so the whole structure is stable as long as nothing shoves it too hard.

The arms are coated to protect your bikes’ paintwork and can be moved independently so your bike ends up level and looks tidy.

Is It Okay To Store Bikes In A Garage

Of course! A garage is an excellent place to store your bikes. This is even more true if you do choose to use a garage bike storage rack to keep them organized and out of the way inside the garage.

They will be better protected from the elements and even from potential thieves if they are inside opposed to outside.

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Bike Storage Solutions: Decisions To Make Before You Buy

Do you want to keep your bike inside or outside?

If rolling dirty bikes through the house is frowned upon, you may want to go for an outdoor solution. As garage break-ins are not uncommon, some sort of secure shed may be the ideal solution to your problem. There are a few insurance approved secure outdoor sheds on the market like those from Asgard, but they don’t come cheap. Some of their models are also police approved, and can come with handy shelves to store riding gear and spares.

Do you want to put screws in your walls?

If you’re opting for indoor storage, you need to decide if you’re willing to drill holes in the wall. If you’re comfortable using power tools, simple bike hooks or something like a Steadyrack will allow you to make good use of your wall space. If not, a freestanding pole-type rack that runs from floor to ceiling might be the ticket. Alternatively, there are some clever looking pieces of furniture which can act as stands as well, but these are anything but compact.

Do you want to make a statement of your bike?

Some options allow you to hang your bike on the wall, or display it in the centre of the room atop a purpose-designed piece of furniture. Of course, this needs to be approved by other members of your household and generally requires you to pay adequate attention to your bike cleaning routine.

Do you want to have the bike locked up in position?

Steadyracks Patented Swing Away Swivel Feature Has Revolutionized The Bike Rack Industry

Wall Mounted Bike Rack That Hold Up To 6 Bikes! | Set By Step Installation!

One of the unique features of Steadyrack Bike Racks is its patented swivel feature. Our swivel bike racks have revolutionized bicycle storage, making it easier than ever before to store bikes in tight spaces, or fit more bikes where there isnt much room. Other bike storage solutions hadnt gotten the swing out bike rack right, so we knew we had to fill this gap with an innovative, easy solution for bicycle owners!

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Vertical Bike Storage On The Wall

Best for Roomy Garages, Storing More than Two Bikes, Small Kids Bikes

On-wall vertical bike storage allows you to store the most bikes while taking up the least amount of wall space. Bikes are hung vertically , so you need to have enough floor-to-ceiling space for the length of the bikes. But you also need to have enough space for those bikes to stick off of the wall and into whatever room youre storing them in.

If you have a tight 2-car garage and are trying to park both your cars inside, this style of wall mounted bike rack is not for you. Its probably also not your best bet for indoor bike storage either, unless you dont mind bumping into those bikes sticking off of the wall!

While kids cant usually remove their own bikes from vertical bike racks, this style of bike storage is a great fit for balance bikes as well as any size kids pedal bike.


  • Difficult for kids to hang and un-hang their bikes by themselves

Bike Hanger For The Wall Of Your Garage Apartment Or House

If youre looking for a bike hanging system suitable for the wall or your garage, apartment our house, then our Steadyrack bike hangers are the answer. In a world where space is becoming valuable and more limited, particularly in built-up cities with a higher population density, it can be difficult to find or create extra floor space.

Our vertical bike hangers allow for more space where space is limited. Simply install them on a wall in your home, apartment, or garage, and because of their incredible features such as the unique 160-degree pivot functionality, youll be able to create space, whilst safely hanging and protecting your bike.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

According to one very tall Amazon customer, if you ride a large bike , you might not be able to fit two bikes of that size on this rack. His workaround was to pair one of his bikes with one of his wifes much smaller bike on the rack. Also, those accessory hooks are easy to dislodge if youre moving the rack around the room.

Topeak Dual Touch Bike Stand

I built these Wall mounted Bike Racks for my garage. 2x6 wood ...

MSRP: $180

Fits Wheels: 12 and larger

Capacity: 2 bikes

Topeaks Dual-Touch Bike Stand is a sleek, minimalist design that keeps the focus on your bikes, not on a clunky rack. The concept is interesting, and quite simple: its a black anodized aluminum pole that is pressure-set between the floor and ceiling . No mounting hardware, and no damage to any walls required!

The Dual Touchs rack arms are highly adjustable to fit flat and sloping top tubes, and bikes sizes from kids to adults.

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Omni Bike Rack For Garage Wall

MSRP: $70

Fits Wheels: 12 and larger

Capacity: 5 bikes

Easy to install and easy to use, the Omni Bike Storage Racks simplicity is what makes it great. With hooks that can move to adjust the spacing between bikes, as well as optional hanging attachments for tools, etc., the Omni is similar to FastTrack, just not quite as customizable.

If youll just be hanging bikes, the more budget-friendly Omni wall mounted bike rack is a solid choice. If you think youll need to store a variety of garage treasures, we recommend the more easily-customizable Rubbermaid FastTrack instead.

Buyers Tips For Bike Storage Racks

Purchasing and using a bike rack will almost certainly make bike storage so much easier. It gives you easy organization, easy access, and a safe place to keep your bike or bikes up and out of the way.

As you shop for the right bike rack, keep in mind that the most important thing is the number of bikes you need the rack to be able to store.

You will also want to think about the width of your tires compared to what width the bike rack will accommodate. After you choose a rack, remember to pick a good retailer to purchase it from as well.

Well-known and trustworthy retailers such as Amazon are great for fast shipping and great customer service. It wont be long before youre enjoying the convenient satisfaction of seeing your bikes neatly displayed out of way on the wall.


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Cycloc Endo Buy Now For 3970 From Mantel

The Cycloc Endo continues the marque’s penchant for stylish, yet practical solutions for keeping one’s pride ‘n’ joy indoors without flouting health and safety regulations, detracting from the décor or inducing acute domestic disharmony.

The Endo is a hinged hook that cantilevers to accommodate different rim and tyre diameters and will support bikes with tyres up to 2.3 inches in its generous, rubberised channels, defending walls from unsightly marks.

Types Of Bike Storage

This Bike Wall Rack is a Game Changer for storage

There are several styles of bike storage on the market to choose from. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll touch on them all briefly below.


Freestanding or floor racks are among the simplest of all. These racks rest on the floor of your storage space, can often be easily moved to various locations, and don’t require drilling holes into your walls. Bikes are typically easy to access, and you can usually roll them into and out of the rack with no lifting required. Most floor racks/stands support the bikes by the front or rear wheel and hold them horizontally, so they still take up a fair amount of floor space. The Feedback Sports RAKK, BirdRock Home 3 Bike, and Simple Houseware 5 Bike are examples of this kind of rack. The Bike Nook Bicycle Stand is a unique freestanding model that supports the bike vertically.


Wall-mounted bike racks, hooks, and hangers are a good option for optimizing storage space. Wall-mount racks come in two basic styles that hold your bikes either vertically or horizontally. These racks typically require that you drill holes into your wall to mount them, and you will need to locate a stud for adequate support and have some tools to complete the task.



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Garage Bike Rack A Buyers Guide

With the right bike rack, planning, and organization you can ensure that your garage is free of clutter and your bikes are kept well out of the way and protected against any damage. However, there are a few things to consider when investing in a bike rack for garage storage, such as the type of storage, budget, and the number of bikes to name a few.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our lead bike storage tester is the Senior Mountain Bike Review Editor at OutdoorGearLab, Jeremy Benson. In addition to storing a variety of bikes at the GearLab office for testing, Benson and his wife own eight bikes between them, which they keep in their garage at home. An avid cyclist for the past three decades, Benson has stored bikes in his home and storage spaces in every way you can possibly imagine. Over the years, he has come to appreciate the organizational benefits of quality bike storage solutions to protect his investments in his expensive toys while also keeping his garage and home tidy.

After extensive research of the most popular and highly regarded bike storage options on the market, we chose a diverse selection for side by side testing and comparison. During our two-week test period, we assembled, installed, and used each bike storage rack/hanger with a variety of bikes. We followed assembly instructions and drilled countless holes in the wall to install hooks and bike hangers. With a seemingly endless supply of bikes on hand, we loaded and unloaded each rack countless times with mountain, gravel, and cruiser bikes to examine the ease of loading/unloading, as well as frame, wheel size, and tire width compatibility.

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Why Weight Capacity Matters With A Bike Wall Mounted

Before bikes are hanging its important to take into account a racks weight capacity so that you have an idea of just how big, how many, and how heavy your bike sits.

Ideally, for a multi-rack, a stronger weight capacity is better as it is intended to hold more bikes.

Even with a proper wall stud spacing, the bike weighing capacity also indicates if holding the maximum weight required is possible.

Your bicycle wall mount needs to have the fixings and joints to handle it, so keep that in mind and also inspect the area youll be mounting on for solid timber or concrete fixing points.

How Do I Store My Mountain Bike In My Garage

Easy Hang Load 30 Kg/66 Lb Heavy Duty Vertical Bike Rack for Mountain ...

Just like other bikes, mountain bikes can be easily and safely stored on a wall mount bike rack within the garage.

Mountain bikes tend to have wider tires, though, which may limit your options slightly more than if you had more narrow tires. Fortunately, there are still several great bike rack options that accommodate wider bike tires.

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