What Is Mips Bike Helmet

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Does Mips Affect Helmet Size

What Does MIPS Do? | Cycling Helmets, Concussion & Brain Injuries

When MIPS first started introducing its technology into helmets, it was retrofitting the technology into helmets that were already available on the market.

This meant that there was an impact on the size of the helmet because MIPS was adding a 0.5 to 0.8mm layer, which reduced available headspace.

However, this isnt something that typically happens anymore because MIPS now works with brands from the development stage of their helmets, integrating the safety tech from the get-go.

This means brands can now account for the space MIPS takes up and keep fit more true to size.

Final Takeaways: Is Mips Worth It

With the kind of research done on this new protection technology, one thing is clear MIPS helmets are effective in reducing the impact of rotational forces.

However, that doesnt mean you should stop riding your bicycle carefully and drive it the way you want.

MIPS gives you an edge over non-MIPS helmets in terms of safety and protection, and in that context, its worth trying it, especially if you are a hardcore mountain biker.

Happy Cycling!

How Does Mips Work


In short, MIPS works by using a moving layer to prevent rotational impacts from passing onto your brain. But, as you might have guessed, its all a bit more complicated than that.


At its core, MIPS technology mimics your heads own protective structure. Between your skull and your brain is a layer of cerebrospinal fluid, which allows your brain to slide inside your head, protecting it from rotational forces caused by oblique impacts.

MIPS says that while most helmets are designed to deal with linear forces, its systems account for these rotational forces.

It makes sense when you think about any time youve crashed a bike, or even just fallen over. The likelihood of you dropping vertically onto the ground being exposed only to a linear force is incredibly slim there is almost always an angle involved.

Peter Halldin, chief technical officer at MIPS, explains what happens when you fall at an angle and how the MIPS system counteracts the rotational forces caused because of this:

When you fall to the ground, we have the horizontal speed forward and the impact to the ground, and during that impact, there is a tangential force that will lead to rotation of the helmet and the head.

What we actually do with the MIPS system is mimic a fall on ice. So instead of grabbing into the ground and experiencing rotation, its more like we slide on ice and continue in the direction we were supposed to go.

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What Is Mips Bike Helmet And How Does It Work

Before we know what is MIPS bike helmet we should know that wearing a helmet is not merely a legal obligation, but it is, first of all, an essential safety measure for the driver .

According to Istat data relating to road accidents, in 2017, these decreased by 4.2%, but those of motorcyclists and cyclists increased. These data do nothing but confirm that helmets are a fundamental element for the safety of those who drive a two-wheeler and the passenger. Because you must consider that you must protect yourself from non-compliance with the highway code and the distraction of those you find on the road. You should must choose the most comfortable full face helmet for full protection.

Excess speed, failure to use safety devices, and mobile phone use while driving find the causes. Mips is one kind of technology that gives you better safety while bike riding. So we have to know what is MIPS bike helmet and how it works. So, further any questions, lets get started.

Why I Choose Mips Helmets

Smith Optics Axle MIPS Bike Helmet HB16

Both my husband and I wear the MIPS helmets, and when our son isnt testing out other helmets for me, he also wears a MIPS helmet. While the jury is still out on how much safer a MIPS helmet is than a traditional helmet, there are plenty of testimonials from doctors and cyclists who believe that a MIPS helmet helped prevent serious brain injury.

For me, the extra $20 is well worth it to ensure that we are buying the safest possible helmet on the market.

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Bell Revolution Mips Bike Helmet

The Bell Revolution MIPS bike helmet is perfect for cyclists of all ages. With its impact management system, rotational forces are reduced in the event of an impact, providing you with enhanced safety and peace of mind. The visor offers protection from the sun and elements, while the dial fit system ensures a snug, comfortable fit every time. Plus, this helmet complies with the US CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmets making it a great choice for riders of all experience levels.

Bell has been around for quite some time, and you likely have seen them on big box retailer shelves with their lower end products. However if you are on the hunt for a great budget MIPS enabled helmet, they have that too! This may not the be the highest end product on this list, but it does offer a great bang for the buck, especially if you want MIPS.

All You Need To Know About Mips

First Published Jul 1, 2021

If you’ve been in the market for a bike helmet over the past few years, chances are that you’ve heard about MIPS and seen the distinctive yellow liners on the inside of some options that you’ve considered, so what’s the story? What is MIPS technology and why has it become a feature of many helmets? I went to MIPS HQ in Stockholm, Sweden, to find out.

Bicycle helmets inspire strong opinions, to say the least. There are firm adherents who will wear one no matter what, and there are those who think the whole concept is a colossal waste of time. This feature isn’t intended to persuade you one way or the other , it’s to explain what MIPS is all about to those who have decided that they do want to wear a helmet.

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Is A Mips Helmet Necessary

Although technologies like MIPS and SPIN have proven to reduce brain injury incidents in unlike accidents, we can not answer whether a MIPS helmet is necessity or not .You can use a regular non-MIPS helmet and it can keep you safe from multiple crashes and injuries .The summation of MIPS, on the other hand, would give you an advantage, particularly when you are a hard-core cyclist cruising declivitous with a speed of 10-15mph .indeed, although it s not a necessity to get a MIPS helmet at all costs, we suggest you consider it for extra protection and safety .

Mips Seems To Be Obsessed With The Rider Safety

What’s a MIPS bike helmet? | Thousand

Yes, this company is obsessed with rider safety, and we have no doubt! Their certified safety gear ensures that the rider remains safe and injury-free during crashing accidental situations. It is guaranteed that your brain and neck muscles will get harmed on the lowest notes.

Indeed, the company is on the mission to make the safest helmets that endorse life safety, and we think they are pretty successful. They are even working to develop and introduce harmonized helmet test standards.

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Race To Win Or Just For Fun

20 years of research has given us the knowledge of how to make safety systems for helmets. And we got the data to prove it.

Speed. Efficiency. The rush of the road beneath your wheels. Mips focuses on safety for helmets, so you can focus on race days, training days, or just the pure the freedom and fun of riding on the road.

Downhill, enduro, trail, XC. At Mips, we focus on safety for helmets, allowing you to focus on all your singletrack dreams.

Its the most exhilarating way to get across town. Gear up for the streets with a comfortable and stylish Mips®-equipped bike helmet.

For kids, nothing beats the freedom and fun of riding a bike. Start them off right with a high-quality helmet that theyll love to wear every time they ride.

Endura Pisspot Urban Helmet


Designed in collaboration with stunt cyclists Danny MacAskill and Kriss Kyle, this smart looking road bike helmet also boasts high performance with its street cred.

The brand says it’s lightweight so as to cause less of a distraction once on and riding, and the single-hand adjustment system functions in micro increments for a perfect fit.

There are multiple ventilation channels, and if you do work up a sweat, it’s good to know that the padding is fast wicking, antibacterial, as well as being removable for washing.

Two sizes and a couple of colours make finding the perfect one a significantly easier task.

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Are Mips Helmets Safer

Safety. MIPS is, simply put, about safety. MIPS helmets, more than non-MIPS helmets, reduce the risk of concussion and other brain injuries by lowering rotational force. That is, at least, the allegation. There are many factors beyond the control of a helmet manufacturer that can influence concussion rates in athletes. For example, the popularity of football has increased recent years, but so have the protective measures used by coaches to prevent concussions on the field.

However, research shows that MIPS helmets do make players less likely to suffer from traumatic brain injury . TBI is a serious health problem that affects millions of people worldwide and can be caused by a variety of factors: trauma to the head, violence, accidents etc. It is also known as “concussion” or “brain injury”. With modern medicine, most patients recover fully from TBI symptoms within weeks or months however, long-term effects may remain.

Helmets protect the head from impact forces by reducing the amount of energy transferred to the skull through elastic materials such as foam or plastic. This can only be done to an extent, so manufacturers must design their products to resist harmful forces as much as possible while still providing protection against other hazards such as heat or water damage.

Currently, there are two main types of helmets used in sports: hard hats and soft helmets.

About Article Author

How Do I Know If My Helmet Have Mips

Smith Trace MIPS Bike Helmet Mens

A MIPS-equipped helmet appears remarkably identical to a non-MIPS-equipped helmet, with the exception of a thin yellow lining behind the pads that can be seen when you peek inside the helmet. From the exterior, the only indication that the helmet is any different from one that does not have MIPS is a little yellow MIPS emblem on it, which is found on some companies helmets.

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The Minds Behind Mips

In 1996, Swedish neurosurgeon Hans von Holst began to study helmet construction. He partnered with Peter Halldin, researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology, with a goal to contribute to the evolution of helmet technology. As a result, the company, Mips AB was founded in 2001 by Hans, Peter and 3 other specialists in the biomechanical field from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

The company has extensive technological and medical expertise focused on head injuries. They also conduct studies involving injury prediction and the simulation of head and neck injuries using advanced data methods. Mips AB has extensive and profound knowledge concerning head and neck injuries, a result of 20 years’ experience in the area.

Does Every Brand Sell Mips Bike Helmets

Even though the availability of MIPS helmets has expanded in the last few years, they arent available from all brands. Thats because a brand has to run the design of its MIPS helmets through many international standardized tests to launch it on the market successfully.

On top of that, a brand may want to check in with the original makers of the MIPS technology to make sure that any design changes wont affect its safety. Having said that, MIPS helmets are easily available from top brands like Bell, Giro, and Thousand, among others.

Overall, around 120 brands currently produce MIPS helmets for biking, alpine racing, snowboarding, and other physical activities.

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How Do Mips Helmets Work

MIPS has become a high-end and proven technology that brings down suffering reaching your brain or neck. Now, a large number of helmets are infused with this technology.

Whether you are out for mountain biking or skiing and plan to go out for snowboarding, using a MIPS-tested helmet is necessary. This Swedish brain protection company has officially arrived to reduce the number of head and neck injuries during cycling.

What Do Mips Helmets Look Like

MIPS Helmet Technology Explained

MIPS helmets have two layers instead of one like traditional models. The first layer provides shock absorption, while the second layer adds rotational force protection by allowing the helmet to float separately from the skull during an accident, thereby limiting the risk of the impact force being transferred to your head.

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What About Testing Mips Helmets

MIPS Protection tests helmets at a 45-degree angle and focuses on three areas including front, lateral and pitched to simulate falling at an angle. Statistics tell us that most bike accidents occur at about 14 miles per hour, so this is another key factor that MIPS Protection includes in its testing environment. Our MIPS bike helmets undergo standard helmet testing and MIPS Protection tests to ensure youre safe on the road.

Giro Sonnet Mips Helmet

Also love the white camo color, as it’s subtle but adds a little fashion 5
Overall Rating When including price, I have to rate this one of the best MIPS helmets! At only $ for the MIPS version, being a proven quality GIRO helmet, Roc Loc 5 system, it don’t get any better than this! 4.45

The only drawback to this womens-specific helmet is that the straps seem to be of the one-size-fits-all mens size XL helmet. What happens is that even when the chin straps are adjusted to the smallest size, they are still so long that the buckle ended up high up my cheek. Other than this issue, this is a great helmet.

The fit was fine, but a little tighter fit than its non-MIPS counterpart. Cooling and comfort were exceptional and it was very lightweight. I liked the easy adjustment of the Roc Loc 5, but my favorite thing was the cool camo look!

At an MSRP of $$ for the MIPS version , this is a bargain. Its a very well made and very comfortable helmet the best bang for the buck in this test. But, as with the other MIPS helmets, the fit is tighter.

Overall Rating This is a fully featured helmet with added protection at a surprisingly affordable price. I only had a few minor complaints that might work themselves out with more use. 4.39

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Do I Really Need Mips Bike Helmet

Theres no easy answer to this question as its not mandatory to wear a MIPS helmet while riding a bike. Therefore, we cant really say whether you will need this variant of the helmet while riding.

Rather, it would be better to go through the different features of MIPS helmets to check if they meet your expectations. Even though we wouldnt term it as the safer or better option, the meticulous testing done on the helmets does guarantee their quality.

Hence, we recommend them, especially while riding on bumpy trails.

The bottom line is that you should opt for a helmet that comes with adequate safety measures while being comfortable. Also, remember to measure your head to get the right fit, and we prefer lightweight helmets with breathable liners for relaxed long rides.

Until next time, take care, and ride safely!

Benefits Of Using Mips Bike Helmets

Smith Forefront 2 MIPS

It is a specialized technology that fits inside all kinds of helmets. In addition, its primary function is to reduce strain and damage coming to the brain. This respective technology has continuously innovated to make riders safe and push other helmet manufacturing companies to meet these industry-wide standards.

1.MIPS helmets bring down the number of head and neck injuries

It is believed that a high-end helmet technology like MIPS has managed to bring down the number of head and neck injuries. When a rider hits his head, the impact develops a rotational motion right there in the brain and ends up bringing a severe brain injury. However, modern and MIPS bike helmets keep you safe from such injuries.

2.MIPS helmets eliminate the rotational impact

Yes, such helmets definitely eliminate the rotational impact. They extensively protect your brain and skull. The sliding layer inducted into these tested and certified helmets saves lives and reduces injuries.

MIPS-equipped helmets are enclosed by a unique two-layer design. Most importantly, the outer layer is made of impact-absorbing EPS foam. This same material is used in traditional helmets. The inner layer is a low-friction type and manages to sit on the top of the head. If you experience unfortunate crash situations, this premium constructed safety gear can save your life on guaranteed notes.

3.MIPS helmets make your brain stabilize again

4.MIPS helmets mimic the human brain shape

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Our Top Pick Of The Best Cycling Helmets

For all cyclists, aerodynamics versus weight and breathability will need to be balanced according to their priorities.

We’ve hand picked our favourite helmets and highlighted what makes them stand out from the crowd to help you work out what feature is most important for you. If that’s still too hard to filter through, we’ve also included the standout helmet, that we found faultless, so if you’re unsure what to buy, buy that.

It’s worth bearing in mind that we’ve listed the weight of the helmet size that was reviewed, so just do a quick double check of the listed helmet size as it will vary between sizes making the weights not always a comparable factor.

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