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How To Ride A Fixed Gear Bike

Our mission has always been to get more people on bikes. That includes keeping bikes properly maintained and tuned so they spend more time on roads and trails and less time in the garage or at the shop.Taking care of your bike should be simple and seamless. With our new Mobile Service, you can schedule appointments and bike tuneups online to get your road bike, mountain bike, active bike, or e-bike serviced and tuned. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, work, or anywhere in between, our certified mobile bike repair technicians will bring our Wheelsmith Tech Department to you.

Our mobile bike repair technicians offer a wide range of bike services to help get your sweet ride up and running again, wherever you might be. Whether it’s a full-on bike tune up, or a simple wash or brake install, our mobile bike technicians have you covered.

Bike Shops Are Reliable

Kicking things off with the bike shops, one of the main things is reliability. If you opt for a reputable bike shop, you get service mechanics that have been doing things for a good while. They really know their craft. And it’s usually more than one person. So, if your bike requires more than two hands to fix, that won’t be a problem. A shop will also sometimes have extras. These may include coffee while your bike is being worked on, or a discount on new parts if you buy from them. However, there’s one glaring issue here. You’ll need to take your bike to them. Depending on your specific situation, this may or may not be a problem. But if it is, you’ll need to solve it somehow.

Free Flat Fix Clinics At City Slickers Farms

The Crucible Bike Shop is expanding programming outside our studio. Join The Crucible Bike Shop and City Slickers Farms for free education on repairing flat tires.

Free Flat Fix Clinics are scheduled for the first Saturday of the month at West Oakland Farm Park from 12-3pm. The next Clinic is Saturday, October 1.

Please check back often as these dates may be subject to change around holidays and inclement weather.

Have questions about our bike programs? Please contact or call 510-444-0919.

PLEASE NOTE: Proof of vaccination is required for everyone 12 and older who wish to enter The Crucible. Masks must be worn regardless of vaccination status.

Do not come to The Crucible if you are feeling unwell or anyone in your household has been exposed to COVID-19 in the past two weeks. Please refer to our Health and Safety Guidelines if you have any other questions about our studio protocols.

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Why Not Fix Your Bike Yourself Why Is Bike Repair Near Me A Better Option

Critical Cycles Harper Single

A lot of cyclists are actually seasoned riders who have been at it for a while. And many of them do have some basic tools and knowledge at home, so they could fix their bike if it’s something small. However, many of the cyclists actually ride casually. They don’t have a complete box of tools at home, they don’t have years of fixing experience, and they might do more harm than good when trying to DIY things.

But, what could actually go wrong? A bike is nothing more than a set of mechanisms that work together to get you from point A to point B, with some exercise in the meantime. The problem is, if one of those mechanisms doesn’t work well, you’re left with a subpar functioning bike. It’s going to cause problems, it’s going to slow you down, and it’s going to be more of a problem than a solution. What many people fail to see is that it’s a lot easier to mess up your bike than you’d think, which is why searching for a bike repair near me unit is usually the better pick.

To further put things into perspective, let’s take a look at the two main things you’ll need to fix your bike yourself – tools, and knowledge.

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Mobile Repair Services Are Convenient

On the other hand, if you can’t take your bike to a shop, you need a mobile repair service. Such a service will do one of two things. One, they will come and fix your bike right at your home. Or, the second option, they’ll take it, fix it, and bring it back to you. In any case, you won’t have to leave your home . Some services come with a full-on “service van”. This has all the tools that a mechanic needs to work on your bike. The mechanic? He’s the person driving the van, of course, as this is usually a one-man operation.

This is the main reason why people look for a bike repair near me, thinking they’d get mobile service. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. The mechanic comes, and either fixes the bike on the spot or takes it with him to fix. And this is also why we’ve got a pretty large number of mobile options for you below.

The downside here is pretty obvious – there’s usually only one to two mechanics, and availability might be a problem. You might need to wait a couple of days before a mobile service picks up your bike. But if you can’t take it to a shop, not much of a choice, is it?

Looking For A Bike Repair Near Me

When you start looking for a bike repair near me, there is one dilemma you’ll need to solve. Do you go for a bike shop, or do you look for a mobile repair service? While a few years ago it was bike shops only, today you’ve got a host of mobile repair services that truly qualify for the “bike repair near me” idea. Let’s take a look at a few pros and cons for each.

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The Spoke Is Mobile Too

The Spoke launched its Mobile Bike Shop in 2018 – a pop up educational bike shop! With all the conveniences of The Spoke at Laurel Village, but find us out in early Fall and late Spring, Monday through Friday around campus in high traffic cycling areas. Our own veteran mechanics, Coleman and Ed, built this beauty over the summer of 2018 with generous funding from ATFAB. We couldn’t be more pleased or more proud. Check our page, or the Mobile Shop Schedule for where we’ll be next!

Free Bike Programming At The Crucible

How to Start Riding Fixed Gear Bikes

The Crucibles Bike Shop is dedicated to making bike repair and maintenance more accessible to our local community. Our neighbors and community members are invited to stop by the Bike Shop for free bike repairs and maintenance, as well as instruction on how to properly maintain their bicycles.

Please see below for ways you can get involved with our free bike programing.

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Book A Local Bike Repair

Youll need to start by booking a free bike health check online. During this appointment, well assess your bike and give you an estimate for any repairs it requires. We can then either:

  • Complete the repair while you wait
  • Provide you with a full quote within 24 hours and complete the repair within 48 hours, subject to part availability

To get you riding again as quickly as possible, we stock a wide range of bike parts in-store. If the part you need isnt available, we’re able to order thousands more from our range within 24 hours, or straight from the manufacturer within 48 hours.

All cycle repair work is carried out by our professional mechanics and comes with a 12-month guarantee on both labour and parts .

*Your statutory rights are not affected.

What Tools Will You Need

We’re kicking things off with the tools, because that’s actually the easier of the two. When it comes to tools, all you will need to do is go out and buy them. Yes, it’s going to cost you quite a bit, and you’ll still need a place where you would fix your bike. But it’s something you can deal with. So, what are the tools you need?

The first things you’ll need is a set of screwdrivers and a set of hex keys. Most of the mechanisms on a bike, such as the gearing or the brakes, can be adjusted with these two toolsets, so they’re the basic ones. This is why a lot of the multi-tools that you can buy have both screwdrivers and hex keys. Here, you’ll want a variety. Not all of the screws on a bike are the same size, and not all of them are flathead or Philips – so you’ll want to be covered in any scenario. And yes, this will cost you a bit.

That’s not all, though

Next up we’ve got pliers. There are a few different types here, but the most important ones you’ll need for fixing up your bike are pump pliers, long nose pliers and cutting pliers. Combination pliers are a good backup tool to have, too, as they do most of the things these three do. Make sure they’re high quality, because if you can’t grip the screw or surface you’re working with, you might strip a screw, and you don’t want this.

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Knowledge Is Absolutely Crucial

While the tools are something that you can just buy, and you may very well have plenty of room in your home to work on your bike, it’s the knowledge that’s required that makes things tricky. In this day and age, a lot of people seem to believe that you can pretty much learn anything you need to using the internet. And while that is true to some extent, there are some things that bike mechanics have learned over the years of working on bikes that you won’t find online.

A good bike mechanic like you’d find when looking for a bike repair near me is one that knows what to do when things aren’t going according to plan. To add to this, such a mechanic knows how to work on your bike in order not to scratch it up, in order not to strip any screws or ruin other components on your bike.

And here’s the key thing about a good mechanic – if something goes wrong, like a screw not wanting to come loose, or something being damaged from a person who worked on your bike previously, they know how to fix it. Yes, it might cost you a bit since these are unpredictable scenarios, but a good mechanic will fix this and get your bike back in running order rather easily.

It’s not just the knowledge to fix things

Lest we forget, you might have all the tools in the world at your disposal, but do you know how to use them properly? If you don’t, you will end up doing more harm than good, and you’ll have to take your bike to a mechanic anyways.

Preparing Your Bike For Us

Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike Steel Frame Fixie with Deep V Rims ...

Here are some helpful tips on how your bike / part should be prepared prior to us receiving it.

Please download, complete and attach the following booking in form to your bike.

Upon receipt of your bike, we will send you a work ticket.We schedule our work queues on your authorisation of this ticket.Due to the nature of the work, we are unable to book repairs in advance.

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Donate A Bike To Bicycle Recycle

Students, staff and faculty who no longer want their bicycles are encouraged to remove them from campus property by donating it to the DOTS Bicycle Recycle program. Your bike will be refurbished by RecWell bike mechanics and sold to other Terps at a discount. Here’s how you can donate. DOTS also works with a number of local non-profit organizations that will accept non-refurbishable bikes as donations.

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Your Local Bike Store

Whether youre stuck trying to assemble a brand new bike or your existing bike needs a little TLC to maintain its best functionality, Bicycle Doctor House Calls is here to help. Our home bicycle shop has more than three decades of hands-on experience with bikes of all types and brands, and are confident we can get your bike back on track to give you a seamless ride. Whether its a brake replacement or gear repair, tire re-alignment or frame repairs, we have the knowledge, resources and technical capabilities to restore your bike to its truest form and function. More than just your best bike shop for repair in Boca Raton, FL, Bicycle Doctor House Calls also specializes in repairs for scooters. We want you to have optimal mobility, no matter what youre using to get yourself from Point A to Point B! And, when we provide services, youre given the guarantee of more than just our high level of expertise: youre also given the peace of mind that comes with top quality, brand name products. Were the most trusted bike repair service in Boca Raton, FL! Take a look at just a few more reasons people continue to call us when their bikes and scooters need a little helping hand for bicycle repairs at home:

Londons Best Cycle Repair Shops: Where To Get Your Bike Fixed In Your Area

I bought a fixed gear bike! Should you? (Fixie Inc Floater Race)

hat new set of wheels isnt just your ticket around town – its your ticket to a social life, too.

Lockdown 2.0 has sparked a second cycling revolution: sure, the days might be colder and evenings might be darker, but cycling is one of the few ways we can socialise in this brave new outdoor world – so make sure youve got the gear and your bike gets the TLC it deserves.

Dont let a rusty chain get in the way of your cycling date this weekend. The capitals bike mechanics are ready to fix, pump and mend to make sure youre safe on the roads as you whizz around town.

From your local workshop to repairers that come to your door, this is an area-by-area guide.

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Before Shipment Or Drop Off

We require stripped, clean frames for inspections and repair. If you are unable to fully strip your bike, your local bike shop should be able to assist you.

Please clean the part as much as possible. Any bike sent to us in an unacceptably dirty condition will need to be washed at a charge of £20 .

If the damage is around the seat tube or seat clamp area, please include the seat post and seat clamp when sending the bike.

If your dropout is damaged, please make sure you send in your hanger.

Rock N Roll Your Action Plan

First off, every cyclist should own a basic toolkit to deal with possible mid-ride breakdowns. Make sure to include a bike tire pump with a built-in pressure gauge, Torque and regular wrenches, tire levers, spare inner tubes, a tire patch kit, a chain tool and a few extra links, and lubricant.

If and when something goes wrong , be sure to always start with a scrub-down. Trying to tighten bolts on a muddy or wet frame is a recipe for frustration so make sure everythings clean and shiny before getting the wrenches out. Not sure where to start? For inexperienced cyclists, fixing a bike at home can seem outright impossible. Here is Greatists guide to the top five most common bike repairs.

1. Fix a Flat

Droopy wheels? Check the tire pressure before looking for holes. To make sure the tires are inflated correctly, find the intended air pressure range for each tire, which is usually printed on the smooth side of the tire . Use a bike pump with a built-in tire pressure gauge to find the sweet spot. And unless exploding tires sounds like a fun time, avoid gas station air pumps, which are very powerful and can easily blow out smaller bicycle wheels.

If the tires start sagging right away, its time to deal with a puncture. Its a good idea to always travel with a spare inner tube, just in case. Here are six steps to get bike wheels bouncing again.

2. Reattach a Slipped Chain
3. Tighten Up Loose Bolts
4. Loosen a Stuck Seat
5. Wrap Drop Handlebars

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