Where Is Sturgis Bike Rally

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When Is The Sturgis Bike Rally This Year

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2021 live impressions from the motorcycling mega-event

The 2022 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally dates are Friday, August 5 Monday, August 15. Hundreds of thousands of rallygoers attend each year, with celebrity appearances throughout the week-long festival.

All of these motorcycle enthusiasts hit the open road for a motorcycle ride or two or three or dozens. But dont let this massive gathering of motorcyclists change your plans. South Dakotas Black Hills offers plenty of open spaces for everyone.

Dont Let A Motorcycle Rally Make You Afraid

Dont automatically stereotype motorcycle enthusiasts as involved with motorcycle clubs or gangs. During the Sturgis Bike Rally, you will run into all types of enthusiasts chances are you are just as safe as anywhere.

In fact, during the rally, Sturgis and neighboring communities step up their police patrols, simply due to the increased volume of traffic and visitors. You actually may feel and be safer.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attendance ranges from 400,000 to more than 850,000, all wanting to experience what this area offers some of the best scenic rides in the United States.

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Nd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: August 5

From U.S. Census Bureau History: Sturgis, SD, and the Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally:

The city of Sturgis, SD, was founded in 1878 by merchants establishing businesses just beyond the gates of Fort Meadea military outpost established to protect Black Hills mining settlements, particularly the area around Deadwood, SD. Originally named “Scooptown” , the settlement was renamed to honor Fort Meade’s first commander, General Samuel D. Sturgis and his son James Garland Sturgis, who died at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, alongside Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer, June 25, 1876. Sturgis became the county seat of Meade County in 1889. More recently, the city has become internationally famous for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The annual rally in Sturgis got its start in 1938 when local Indian Motorcycle dealership owner Clarence “Pappy” Hoel and eight other motorcyclists raced one another in front of a small group of spectators on August 14. Except for a brief hiatus during World War II, it attracted a growing number of motorcycle enthusiasts as the rally added races, hill climbs, and concerts. Today, the South Dakota Department of Transportation estimates that 500,000 or more people attend the seven-day event in Sturgis, making it one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world.

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The Ultimate Guide To Attending The Sturgis Bike Rally

Dubbed the largest gatherings of motorcycle enthusiasts in the world, the Sturgis Bike Rally is an annual motorcycle riding event that attracts motorheads from all over the U.S., if not the world. If you love to ride and want to meet some like-minded folks, this event is not to be missed.

It takes place in the Black Hills of South Dakota with fast access to some of the greatest landmarks in the country, including Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse National Memorial and the Devils Tower Monument. You will find dozens of rugged trails to explore, great live music, and all the motorcycle booths you could ever want. All the major vendors and aftermarket sellers will be there, making it a great place to stock up on motorcycle accessories and gear.

The rally is sure to keep you busy regardless of how long you plan on staying. If you plan on attending this years rally, you need to bring all your gear to start riding as soon as you arrive, including safety gear, motorcycle helmet communication for riding in groups, and other must-have accessories. You also need to find a place to stay and figure out how to get your motorcycle to the rally, so you can join in all the fun. You dont want to show up without a bike. Learn how to prepare for the Sturgis Bike Rally to make 2022 the best year yet.

Is Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Family Friendly

Kahr Firearms Group to Attend 79th Annual Sturgis Bike Rally

Sturgis isn’t really kid friendly, but it can be if you want it to be.

For a family friendly version of the Rally, you’ll want to avoid nighttime activities when things tend to get wild. You’ll also want to steer clear of hotels that host a lot of attendees because rally-goers frequently like to party late into the night.

Even a campground with a lot of motorcycles can keep you and your kids up if there’s revving late into the night.

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What Is The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

A rally is the name given to a gathering of enthusiasts.

One of the largest rallies in the world, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is also known as Sturgis Bike Week. It is a 10-day motorcycle rally held annually in Sturgis SD, extending into the Black Hills, Rapid City, Mount Rushmore and beyond.

The August rally offers motorcyclists, who ride Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycle and BMW motorcycles a chance to get together, share their love of riding and experience the beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

When Should I Come And How Long Should I Stay

When you come and for how long depends on how long you can put your life on hold to attend, how long you can afford to attend, and what you want out of your trip.

Theres so much to do and fear of missing out may compel you to stay the whole time, but dont forget to leave room for some of the rides you can take far beyond Sturgis.

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The World’s Largest Biker Party

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a must-see event for any motorcycle enthusiast. Thousands visit Sturgis, SD and the surrounding area the first week of August every year to experience exciting events, great live music, and unforgettable riding. From the Black Hills to the Badlands, to Hulett Wyoming, Spearfish Canyon and the Devils Tower, every motorcycle ride blow your mind. Dont forget the majesty of Mount Rushmore and the awesome natural beauty of Custer Forest. Our Sturgis Motorcycle Shirts celebrate the amazing rides and unforgettable experiences.

Looking for the ultimate motorcycle experience? Then you need to head to Sturgis, South Dakota for the Motorcycle Rally. This epic event draws thousands of riders from all over the country for a week-long celebration of everything motorcycles. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just getting started, there’s something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!

How To Prepare For Your Trip

80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally sees 160,000 vehicles enter town

Now that you know what to expect from your trip, its time to start planning all the details. If you plan on participating in some of the events mentioned above, visit the rallys official website to reserve your spot. These events tend to be extremely popular with attendees, and space will fill up fast.

If you are a vendor or would like to promote your products or services at the event, visit the Become a Sponsor page to learn more.

Most people will plan on attending the rally for a few days or a long weekend, but you can stay for the full ten days if you really feel like immersing yourself in all things motorcycle. The sooner you start planning your trip, the better. Use this guide to find everything you need to attend.

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Are Helmets Required In South Dakota Or Neighboring States

Harley-Davidson recommends that you always wear a helmet, but in South Dakota, motorcycle helmets are required only for riders under the age of 18. After that, all helmets are off! Or on, it’s up to you.

Meanwhile, neighboring states have different laws. In North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Montana, riders under 18 years of age have to wear helmets. In Nebraska, all riders have to wear helmets. While in Iowa no one has to wear a helmet at all.

From Deadwood To Keystone With Limited Parking

The Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway is surrounded on three sides by the historic mining communities of Deadwood, Custer, Hill City and Keystone. Each offers a host of unique shops, excellent dining, and attractions.

Step back in time with these Old West towns in the Black Hills and its surrounding areas, but be aware that the parking may be limited during the Sturgis Rally. We love visiting Deadwood and walking its Main Street to check out the long line of parked motorcycles But remember, no matter how tempting, do not touch or get on any of the motorcycles.

SheBuysTravel Tip: Motorcycle enthusiasts usually are quite friendly and respectful to families. Just like us, they also have kids, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers. Treat them with respect, and theyll treat you with respect. And, just as you wouldnt touch a strangers car without asking, dont touch the bikes!

Be friendly, yet still as cautious as you would be around any other strangers. Dont be intimidated when a group of motorcyclists rides near you, sits at a table in a restaurant where youre dining, or walks by you. Really, we are regular people who love road trips and exploring the beautiful scenery of Sturgis, the Black Hills, Badlands, and nearby attractions.

FinallyHave fun! Make sure you buy a T-shirt as this may well be the best people-watching road trip ever.

Have you been to Sturgis? What advice would you add to our list?

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Rally Impact On Community And Nationwide

The City of Sturgis has calculated that the Rally brings over $800 million to South Dakota annually. The City of Sturgis earned almost $270,000 in 2011 from selling event guides and sponsorships. In 2019, the Rally generated $628,116 for local charities. In 2020, the rally provided 21% of the city’s annual revenue.

There were 187 individuals jailed at the 2020 rally. Approximately $250,000 worth of motorcycles are stolen annually.

Rally-goers are a mix of white-collar and blue-collar workers and are generally welcomed as an important source of income for Sturgis and surrounding areas. The rally turns local roads into “parking lots”, and draws local law enforcement away from routine patrols. Furthermore, the large numbers of people visiting the town and region served as a model for the state of Oregon in preparation for the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, given the expected impact on emergency services.

The Lakota Indian tribe in coalition with other tribes has protested the large amount of alcohol distributed at the event so close to the sacred Bear Butte, but also acknowledged that income from the event was important to the region and also benefits some members of the tribes.

There have been a few deaths at the Rally.

Our Special Rally Amenities

The 2020 Sturgis Rally 2020 Is Still Happening  Despite COVID
  • Paved Entrance and Park Roads!
  • Heated Pool and Hot Tub Spa!
  • Quiet park so you get a good nights sleep!
  • Beer-Wine-Daiquiri Garden
  • Delicious Pizzas and Free Popcorn!
  • Breakfast and Dinner specials all week long!
  • Fresh Coffee, Breakfast, and Dinner at the Pavilion!
  • Top Rated Restrooms and Shower facilities in the Black Hills!
  • Free lift gate for easy access in and out of your truck!
  • Shade, Grass, and Lots of tall trees at the foot of the Black Hills!
  • Pizza, Sandwiches, and food served all day until closing at the Beer Garden!
  • Far enough from the Interstate noise for lots of quiet, but less than 2 minutes away!
  • Da Bus Shuttle to and from Sturgis every 30 minutes for those that dont want to drink and ride!

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Motorcycles Food And Music Make South Dakota Come Alive At The 83rd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the holy grail of motorcycle events. Attended by 500,000 riders who make the pilgrimage to the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota every August. The rally has been around since 1938 and ever since has been one of the countrys top events for riding enthusiasts. Prepare to get stoked with carefully-curated events for the ride of your life for the 83rd Sturgis Rally.

Ride with a Local, Discovery Ride, and the Annual Mayors Ride, all around the picturesque landscapes of South Dakota.

Ride, eat, rock out, repeat. Celebrate your love for motorcycles with almost half a million other passionate riders at this unique 10-day event

When Is The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

In 2015, the city of Sturgis proclaimed that the Rally’s start date will be Friday before the first full week of August and end on the second Sunday.

In 2016, the city council even passed a resolution that said the Rally would start the first Friday of August!

With the dates set in stone, the city and all the participants can gear up for an event that usually attracts 500,000 people yearly while generating $800 million in revenue!

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Sturgis Bike Rally Revs Back Bigger Despite Virus Variant

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. Crowds of bikers are rumbling their way towards South Dakotas Black Hills this week, raising fears that COVID-19 infections will be unleashed among the 700,000 people expected to show up at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The rally, which starts Friday, has become a haven for those eager to escape coronavirus precautions. Last year, the rally hardly slowed down, with roughly 460,000 people attending. Masks were mostly ditched as bikers crowded into bars, tattoo parlors and rock shows, offering a lesson in how massive gatherings could spread waves of the virus across the country.

This year the 81st iteration of the rally is expected to be even bigger, drawing people from around the U.S. and beyond, despite concerns about the virus highly contagious delta variant.

Its great to see a party of hundreds of thousands of people, said Zoltán Vári, a rallygoer who was settling into his campsite Tuesday after making the trek from Hungary.

See How The Largest Biker Party Is The World Began

Kentucky Bike Rally in Sturgis gets underway

The very first Sturgis motorcycle rally was held on August 14, 1938. The event was organized by the towns motorcycle club called the Jackpine Gypsies who bought and developed large tracks, hill climbs and field areas where the rally would be held.

Pappy Hoel Founder of the Sturgis Rally!It was Clarence Hoel or “Pappy” who was credited for founding the event when he bought a franchise of the Indian Motorcycle Company in Sturgis during 1936. After that, he organized the Jackpine Gypsies.

During the first few years, the Sturgis motorcycle rally focused on racing and stunts, testing the participants various riding skills, courage and stunt creativity. By the 1960s, the rally action expanded with hill climbs and motocross. Audiences saw more daredevil maneuvers like the half-mile track racing, ramp jumps, head-on automobile crashes and board wall crashes, the reasons for the tremendous popularity of the event today. The only time that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was not held was in 1942, at the height of World War II.

Today, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally continues to reap the support and attendance of both participants and motorcycle fans all over the United States and in some parts of the world. In 2015, a record 739,000 attended the rallys 75th anniversary, including entire families who came with their RVs and rode the few last miles to Sturgis on their motorcycles.

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Sturgis Rally 83rd Anniversary In 2023

When planning ahead for a Future Sturgis Rally make sure you check out the list of Concerts and Events! If you can’t make it to Sturgis 2023, see all the action as it happens on the LIVE Sturgis Webcams. If you are able to come, plan your rides using our ride maps which showcase some of the best rally crusing throughout the Black Hills. And if you need a place to stay for the rally, look no further – we’ve got lists of Private Rental Homes, Hotels Homes and Campgrounds – so you can find just what you need!

Make Rush No More Your Rally Headquarters

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Our property is located just a minute from the highway yet secluded & far enough away to enjoy the peace and quiet!

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Things To Do In Sturgis

Sturgis is known all over the world for its amazing biker culture. Good times, biker bars, and world-class bikes are all waiting for you. Go on a ride around some of the picturesque destinations that have made the Black Hills a riders dream: Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, and Devils Tower, to name a few. Sturgis is practically synonymous to motorcycles, so there will be lots of motorcycle-focused attractions and entertainment. Head over to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame, filled with vintage, rare motorcycles while offering a glimpse into the fascinating world of motorcycles.

Bottoms up: visit Belle Joli Winery, an amazing local winery with a view. Down a few pints at The Knuckle Saloon, a brewery that doubles as a museum. Have their famous Knuckle Sandwich before leaving.

Shop for memorabilia at the many souvenir shops, and unwind at the Harley-Davidson Rally Point.

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