Women’s 26 Cruiser Bike

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Frame Size And Design

How to assemble Huffy 26 inch Cranbrook Women’s Cruiser Bike with Perfect Fit Frame

Most womens cruiser bikes have a step-thru frame. This means that the top tube of the bike slopes downward and makes it easier to get on and off and to wear a skirt. Taller women may not need this stetp-thru design and may opt for a more traditional style frame instead.

The other thing to be aware of is frame size. Many womens cruiser bikes are designed to be one size fits all. This may be nice if you plan to share the bike with another rider.

That said, we still prefer womens cruiser bikes that come in multiple frame sizes. This helps ensure that the bike you pick has an appropriate saddle height and reach to the handlebars.

Electra Townie Go Step

Looking to haul produce home from the farmers market? Consider the Electra Townie Go! This electric-assist bike has a motor to help you up hills and to carry heavy cargo. Yes, its expensivebut a heck of a lot cheaper than an SUV.

The bike has extra features like built-in lights, an internally-geared rear hub, built-in wheel lock and more. Its easy to carry gear by adding panniers or a bin on the rear rack, and there are eyelets to add a front rack or basket.

Price: $2,599

Cruiser Bikes Are Just $75 At Walmart Right Now

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Just in time for spring, Walmart has marked down the price on a super cute beach cruiser to under $100. The casual bike is perfect for leisurely rides, whether thats pedaling to the beach, lake, park or just circling the neighborhood block or going for an ice cream run.

The Womens Kent 26-inch Seachange Cruiser and the Mens Kent 26-inch Seachange Cruiser are both on clearance online for $98, which is a mark down from $168, and it includes free shipping. However, a Hip2Save contributor found the bikes for just $75 each in store, with the caveat that pricing and availability can vary by store.

The womens cruiser bike comes in a soft blue and the mens bike is silver.

Heres the womens cruiser:

With wider tires and slower speeds, cruiser bikes that were popular in the 1950s evoke summertime fun. For extra charm, add a basket to the front or pop on a bell.

The bike is well-built, sturdy, with a cushy seat and good-sized tires. It rides smoothly and it looks fantastic! one of the five-star reviews says. Another says: Nice single speed cruiser. Was looking for a low maintenance bike and this is it, being a single speed with old school rear foot brakes.

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Different Tire Sizes Though 26 Women’s Cruiser Bike Most Common

Tire sizes for cruisers range generally from 16 inches, to 26 inches. You can purchase wheels that are smaller and larger than this range, but fewer manufacturers make and sell such tires. When choosing tire sizes, it is common to choose a size, based either on height or age. These are the two easiest methods to determine the proper wheel size to purchase.

Sometimes, a rider can avoid having to upgrade his or her cruiser bike frame when purchasing larger wheels. 15 inch bike frames, for instance, can accommodate wheel sizes of 24 inches to 26 inches. In other instances, for example upgrading from 20 inch wheels to 24 inch wheels, riders will usually need to upgrade from a 12 inch bike frame to a 15 inch bike frame. To find the bike frame size when looking at womens beach cruisers, attempt to locate a sticker on the frame with that information, or ask the company for their bike manufacturing specifications.

Why A Ladies Cruiser Bike

Huffy 26"  Nel Lusso Women

A cruiser bike simply gives cycling an entirely new meaning.

Generally, were used to the kind of cycling where you speed up and down the hills to burn as many calories as possible.

In contrast, the cruiser bikes are designed to give you more comfortable, relaxed and more fun rides. This makes them highly popular among women.

Another reason why ladies prefer cruiser biker is the fact that they come with a simple design, making them less prone to failures. In fact, cruiser bikes tend to last longer than the other types of bikes.

Cruiser bikes are incredibly easy to use, making them even more suitable for women. These bikes will not leave you sweating and feeling exhausted after a short ride. This makes the ideal bikes for female cycling enthusiasts. Plus, they can be a good option for commuting from home to school or office.

To get a womens cruiser bike, you dont have to sell your soul. These bikes are incredibly affordable and anyone, including those facing harsh economic times, can find a great bike with limited budget.

Probably the best part youd like to hear about womens cruiser bikes is that they look stylish! This is the single most important reason why all women fall in love with them.

Overall, cruiser bikes are easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to clean, and easy to buy, making them highly popular among women.

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Womens Floral Cruiser Bike


The Kent Bicycles 26 Susan G Komen Floral Cruiser has a sturdy step-thru steel frame for easy on and off. Its perfect for the boardwalk or a neighborhood adventure and with seven speeds, you wont get stuck pushing it up hills. Front and rear alloy linear pull-brakes make stopping easy.

Disclaimer: From January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023, Villy Custom will donate to Susan G. Komen® 10% of the retail sales price for each SGK Custom Cruiser sold, and $20 for every personal customization made to each SGK Custom Cruiser sold, on villycustom.com. Kent International Inc. and Villy Custom are collectively guaranteeing to Komen a minimum donation of $200,000 in 2021, $200,000 in 2022, and $200,000 in 2023 for its Bicycle Sales Promotion.

Best Womens Cruiser Bikes & How To Choose

Whats more fun than a womens cruiser bike? Nothing.

One of my fondest memories is pedaling a cruiser bike thru the narrow streets of San Francisco and out across the Golden Gate Bridge. Equally good days have been spent cruising along the boardwalk on a beach cruiser, or biking to coffee and yoga class.

That said, not all cruiser bikes for women are built equally. In fact, cruiser bikes are notorious for being heavy and difficult to pedal. This is a particular problem for women who tend to be lighter weight than men and therefore need a lighter bike to maintain a decent bike to body weight ratio.

The bikes on our best of list are lightweight , are well built, and also look cute. If youre not sure which bike is best for you or how to pick, scroll down to our comparison chart and tips on how to choose.

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What To Look For When Purchasing Tires

While you want beach cruiser tires of a certain height, you also want to make sure that your tires have treads and are thick enough to go beach cruising with. When it comes to tire treads, you need treads that can withstand beaches. All womens beach cruisers that you see will have treaded tires, as they are a necessity, but treads can vary in depth and ability. Beaches can vary in wetness, and are usually uneven. Unlike biking through the city on flat pavement, you need tire treads that can withstand a constantly-changing surface like the beach.

Make sure that your tires are at least 2 inches in width as well. Fat tires are essential for beach cruising. The larger the tire, the more control you can exert over the bike. The tradeoff is that your bike will be slower and take longer to accelerate, but these results do not matter when beach cruising or beachcombing like the old timers call it, which is slow and relaxing.

Electra Townie D 7d Step

Women’s Cruiser Bikes – 26-Inch Cranbrook | Huffy

The Electra Townie is the best selling bike in the United States. And theres a reason.

The Townie has the look of a traditional cruiser bike but has added features like a 7 gear drivetrain, rim brakes, and an ergonomic saddle. This means that youll actually be able to ride up hills and make it more than a mile before you wear out.

Price: $499

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Columbia Bicycles Streamliner 700c Women’s 7

No products found.

While weve featured some budget-friendly bikes on this list, none of them comes close to the price to quality ratio that comes with this Columbia Streamliner 700c Women’s Cruiser Bike. In simpler words, this bike offers you the REAL value for your money.

The 100% authentic Columbia bike is constructed using quality aluminum material for long-lasting durability.

It comes accessorized with front and back alloy V brakes for the ultimate stoppage power. The Shimano 7 speed gear shifter to help you cruise through various terrains without any hassle.

For optimal comfort, the bike comes with upright geometricswhere both the seat and bike style are built to help you retain an upright posture thats easy on your shoulders and back.

Given the bike comes with 700C aluminum rim wheels, youll all agree that this bike will grant you maximum speed and control as you cruise on various types of terrains.

And yes, you can also go shopping with this bike. It presents you with a super-sturdy steel rear cargo rack that will hold your shopping baskets or panniers. The front/rear fenders and kickstand add convenience to the bike.

Highlighted features:

How To Choose Tires Based On Height

A beach cruiser rider can choose their tires based on their height. However, depending on how tall a rider is, there can be some overlap regarding which tires to purchase. Some tires can work in multiple height ranges. A person who is 5 feet tall, for instance, can use tires that are either 24 inches or 26 inches. While either tire size will do in such a circumstance, the best option is to go with 26 inch tires, especially if the rider is young and is growing.

For individuals who are anywhere from 5 feet and taller, 26 inch tires are recommended. 26 inch tires are great for adult-sized beach cruisers and most pre-teens, who have still yet to grow, are usually at or over 5 feet in height. In this case, purchasing 26 inch tires is a smart investment when it comes to biking around. Although physiologically, women are slightly shorter than men, a 26 women’s cruiser bike will be able to accommodate the majority of adults of either gender.

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How Do I Know If A Tire Size Is Right For Me

The 26 women’s cruiser bike features the most popular tire size in this bike genre. Adults need 26 inch tires due to their age, height, and bike frame size. As such, this size of tire should be the first one you consider when purchasing new tires for your bike. However, while most adult riders will use 26 inch tires, if a rider is under 5 feet and is an adult, he or she may be better off using 24 inch tires instead.

Margaritaville Coast Is Clear Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike

Amazon.com : sixthreezero Women

No products found.

The Margaritaville Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike signs an end to our list of the top-rated womens cruiser bike reviews. Like all the other bikes we featured on this list, this model is designed for casual rides.

The clear cruiser bike comes with a lightweight aluminum frame construction to make it a reliable model for riding across various surfaces and terrains. It also comes with the Shimano 7 speed drivetrain to make the gear shifting task easier than ever before.

Because the bike features front and rear alloy side pull handbrakes, stopping it anywhere, anytime becomes possible and much easier.

We also cant fail to mention the high rise handlebars that work closely with the soft padded seat to give you a more comfortable upright riding position.

The full coverage fenders, convenient cup holder, wire mesh basket, and classy whitewall tires complete this bike.

Highlighted features:

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Womens Cruise Bike Buying Guide For Beginners

If youve never used or bought a cruise bike before, trying to choose the best womens cruiser bike from a saturated market can be a challenging task.

Right below here, well share with you our top TIPS and TRICKS for getting the perfect womens cruiser bike that fits your specific needs and expectations.

Define your ideal bike size

The first thing you should do before setting out to buy a new cruiser bike is deciding which size of bike will work for you.

As youve seen from our reviews above, different bikes come in different sizes, ranging from 20, 24, 26, and 29 inches. The 24 and 26-inch models are the most common.

To know your ideal bike size, you need to know your height. Taller riders should go for the bigger models.

Is the bike durable?

You should also ensure that the bike you want t buy is made of quality materials.

This is because quality bikes are more reliable when it comes to cruising on different terrains and surfaces.

Moreover, theyll last longer than models made with low-quality materials, saving you from the hassle of buying a new bike after every few months.

Most of the high-end cruiser bikes for women are made using steel and aluminum materials.

Coaster or handlebar brake system?

A good number of beach bikes come with the coaster brake system while the rest feature handlebar brake system.

What about gears?

When buying a ladies cruiser bikes, youll come across single speed and multi-speed types of cruiser bikes.

Stylish design!

Whats your budget?

Racks And Child Seats

Do you want to carry gear? If so, you may want to look for a bike with a rear rack.

It is easiest just to look for a bike that comes with a rack, but with most bikes you can add one after the fact as well. If the bike youre eyeing doesnt come with a rack , then make sure it does have eyelets. Eyelets are attachment points on the bike that will allow you to add an after market rack.

We also hear from women who want to use a beach cruiser for biking with their child. This is a point you should pause and consider if you really want a cruiser bike. A simple city bike can be much easier to make work with a child seat.

If you do want to mount a rear child bike seat on your cruiser, the most fool-proof option is to buy a cruiser bike with a rear rack built in and with a weight rating of at least 50 pounds.

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Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Kicking off our womens cruiser bike reviews is the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle. Featuring an incredibly simple design, this single speed bike is ideal for all women from 4 to 6 feet tall. You can cruise it on many terrainsincluding city roads, beach, and other paved paths.

This classic cruiser bike presents you with up to 4-speed options in addition to 2 wheel sizes to fit your specific riding style and preferences.

It comes with a frame designed using curvy steel frame which combine with the aluminum made wheels to make it a highly durable bike that will see you through years of fun cycling experiences. The wheels feature whitewall balloon tires that roll easily and smoothly while cushioning against the bumpstranslating to mind-blowing cycling experience!

To complete your riding comfort, the bike provides you with a wider, oversized seat for softer and cushier rides.

Other features worth a mention include the slick waffle tread tires, wide handlebars with synthetic leather grips, and guard that ensure your pant cuffs dont get caught in the chain.

Ladies with a height of 4ft. 5 ft., 2-inch tall should go for the 24-inch model and 5- 6 ft. tall for the 26-inch model.

Despite the impressive functionality and style, this bike comes at a pocket-friendly price, as part of Firmstrongs mission of making their bikes accessible to everyone.

Highlighted features:

This cruiser bike presents you with up to 3 speed options, 1-, 3-, or 7-speed gear options.

Women’s Cruiser Bike Tires Are Mostly For Adults

Cruiser Bike for Women, Blue – 26-Inch | Huffy

When determining which tires to purchase based on your age, the most common setup is a 26 Women’s Cruiser Bike. A 26 inch tire can be installed on a beach cruiser for riders aged 11 and up. At around age 11, a person will be the size of a small adult, anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5 feet, so it makes sense to use a small adult-sized beach cruiser at that time. 26 inch wheels are mostly used on adult beach cruisers.

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Schwinn Women’s Sanctuary 7

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Schwinn Women’s Sanctuary 7-Speed bike is a lightweight cruiser bike. A 100% genuine product of Schwinn, this bike will let you cruise your neighborhood, bike paths, and go for the leisurely rides youve ever imagined in your mind.

One of the most talked about features of this bike is the Shimano 7 speed rear derailleur . This feature is loved because for how easy it makes the gear shifting task.

The bike comes with lightweight alloy wheels which contribute to the overall light feel of this bike. Besides, the wheels look and feel strong and wide for extra stability that translates to more comfortable rides.

As you head out for an afternoon picnic with this bike, you can count on its rear rack to conveniently hold your snacks, cheese, and other personal items.

The fully padded cruiser seat with huge springs underneath will easily soak all the bumps along your path. The vintage scalloped fenders will ensure you remain dry and clean in case the weather decides to throw temper tantrums at you.

Even with all the bikes great functionality and features, Schwinn didnt forget to make it look stylish. Youll not only ride smooth and feel good when riding this classic bike, but youll also look great!

Highlighted features:

Firmstrong Bella Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle is also an ideal choice for cyclists with a limited budget. Like the previous model, this Firmstrong also falls in the category of lightweight cruiser bicycles.

Highlighted features:

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