Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike With Gears

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Things To Consider When Shopping A Best Beach Cruiser Bike

Best Electric Beach Cruiser For Women | Beach E-Bike

To ensure that you get the right cruiser bike, youll need to consider everything from your specific riding uses to what kind of components youll be needing.

Some of the factors that you must consider when choosing a cruiser bike:

  • Research if the bike is equipped with single-speed or multi-speed. The number of gears available on the bike allows you to either limit yourself on a smooth surface or go off-road.
  • While frames made of steel are sturdy but need more maintenance, aluminum frames are lightweight and far less stressful during commuting.
  • The type of brake – coaster brake or handbrake.
  • Check for front and rear fenders since they help keep the sand, water, or dust from spraying on the rider.
  • The seat is something that you should never compromise on. Padded with sufficient spring action, a wide seat offers an upright-seated position for the rider, which also renders comfortability.
  • And, of course, your budget.

If you read our complete guide to cruiser bikes, you would understand that these bikes were actually the inspiration and imagination behind what would eventually become a mountain bike. But thats it.

While a cruiser is versatile, they are not as adaptable as a road bike, or a mountain bike is. Road bikes have several key characteristics that make them great for fast and long-distance riding.

So, if you plan on riding your cruiser for miles each day, you may want to look at the hybrid bike reviews instead.

Specs Of Sixthreezero Around The Block

  • Wheel size: 26 Inches
  • Foam grips
  • Size: 26″ / 1-speed

Alloy wheels with the high number of spokes helps provide added strength and durability to the wheel set. The alloy rims come in various colors, depending on which color scheme you go with, giving the bike a more unique and custom look. So if you looking for custom cruiser bikes for beach then this is for you.

The bike saddle includes plenty of cushioning, while also providing wider coverage. Over-sized springs under the rear of the saddle help to make it even more plush. Matching handlebar grips help to give the bike a more cohesive aesthetic.

Electra Townie D 7d Step

The Electra Townie is the best selling bike in the United States. And theres a reason.

The Townie has the look of a traditional cruiser bike but has added features like a 7 gear drivetrain, rim brakes, and an ergonomic saddle. This means that youll actually be able to ride up hills and make it more than a mile before you wear out.

Price: $499

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Beach Cruiser Bike Size Chart

You can ride a bike of any size but that doesnt mean it will be easy, comfortable, or fun. For your everyday needs, a cruiser bike that is the right size for your body is going to provide you with the most enjoyable experience.

Cruiser Bikes are most commonly sized by the wheel diameter. Often, youll see that a cruiser bike is either 20, 24, or 26 in size. This means that the wheel diameter is 20, 24, or 26. The most common and popular size is the 26 size cruiser bike. This is because 26 size cruiser bikes are the size that fit most adults.

Another size consideration is the size of the frame. While cruiser frames can come in a variety of sizes, the most important measurement is the wheel size.

Consequently, 26 beach cruisers are intended for women between 51 and 62. If you are a female under 51, the 26 cruiser bike will probably be too large for you. Therefore, you may consider a smaller sized 24 beach cruiser, which is more suitable for a woman between 43 and 53. If you are taller than 6, you might need an extended frame.

Nearly all cruiser bikes can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of body sizes, lengths, and types. The handlebars almost always move up/down and tilt down/up. The seat also easily moves up/down and can tilt down/up. Making seat and handlebar adjustments are the two most critical adjustments to getting a good fit on a cruiser bike.

Wheel Size

Schwinn Huron And Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

Womens Beach Cruiser Bike With Gears

Make riding to the beach, neighborhood, or simply hitting the trails interesting with this cruiser bike. This is a womens bike that is designed to help you enjoy every ride. You can choose three drivetrain options which include single-speed, three-speed and seven-speed options. The following are other great aspects that I love about this bike.

Steel Frame:

When buying a bike, you need a model that will last for many years. This is why this cruiser bike is equipped with a steel frame that is durable and provides you with comfort when riding. The frame also has a fork that offers comfortable rides. On top of that, it also has lightweight alloy rims that are strong and durable.

Comfort and Ease of Use:

Since this is a single-speed bike, it is easy to use as well as to maintain. In regards to comfort, this bike has a padded saddle, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your buttocks for longer rides. It also features handlebars that offer an upright riding position to enhance your riding comfort.


It is packed with intuitive rear coaster brakes that provide reliable stopping power. You can be confident of safety on the road because the brakes cannot let you down when you need to stop. The bike also features retro fenders that keep you dry and clean throughout your rides.

Note: This bike is available in 5 different colors and 17 inches frame.

Highlighted Features:


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How To Find The Right One

Finding the right beach cruiser is tough because most of them look so good! However, focusing on your personal needs and the bikes components and accessories is a good place to start to narrow down the search.

First of all, consider what kind of riding you will do and how often you plan to ride. This will help you determine whether or not you need more gears, more powerful brakes, or even an e-motor.

Then, think about what kind of frame you would like. There are options with step-through and step-over frames, which means getting on and off the bike will be more or less difficult.

Also, do you need any of the common accessories seen on the best cruiser bikes? These include fenders, a rear rack, a front basket, a kickstand, a bell, lights, a dynamo hub, and so on.

The more accessories the bike comes with, the higher its price will be. So, if you dont really need them, its better to keep things simple. Though, fenders and a bell should be a must on all bikes, in our opinion.

Lastly, we know this might not be a popular opinion, but dont disregard the looks either. If you like how your bike looks, youll ride it more often and feel more confident when out and about!

Types Of Beach Cruisers

Let’s start by exploring the five types of beach cruisers out there to see which is the best style for you:

Classic Beach Cruisers

These are the foundation of all beach cruisers, and perfect for any rider. They’re known for their oversized frames, balloon tires, wide saddles, extra wide handle bars, single speed drivetrain, and coaster brake wheels. Combined, these make for a simple, comfortable, and affordable bike that’s easy and safe to ride.

Classic cruisers are great for leisurely rides, learning how to ride, and customization. Their single speed drivetrain is great for cruising flat surfaces for miles. Moreover, its large tires, upright seating position, and wide handlebars give new riders more control over their bike compared to road and mountain bikes. And because of their simple design, they can be created into a show bike or even a motorized bike with ease.

If you’re looking for a bike for casual riding or you want to build a custom show-stopping bike, a classic beach cruiser is the best option.

Commuter Beach Cruisers

These are an improvement over the classic style cruisers, and great for long distances. Commuters have the same makeup as their classic counterparts, but with three big improvements:

  • Multi-Speed Drivetrains: This style lets you change gears to help you ride up hills and inclines easier than single speeds.
  • So if you love cruisers but need a bike you can take from point A to B to C and back, you’ll want to go with a commuter cruiser bike.

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    What Are The Best Cruiser Bikes With Gears For Women

    May 15, 2017

    At sixthreezero, we do our best to help everyone get on the bike of their dreams. For a lot of cyclists, that means finding a leisure cruiser for casual weekend journeys around the neighborhood. We have models for both men and women. Womens bikes are created similarly to mens models, but they have frames that accommodate shorter stature and feature an easy-mount design.

    Get ready to get on the road by learning the basics of cruiser bikes.

    What is the best women’s cruiser bicycle?

    First things first: despite their label, womens bikes arent just for women. Shorter men may feel more comfortable on a womens cruiser, just as tall women often prefer a mens bike. Some tall kids may even like a womans cruiser. So what is the best women’s cruiser bike? The best womens cruisers focus on comfort, safety and convenience. They have wide seats, strong tires and a rack where you can affix a basket or other carrier. The best womens cruiser bicycles are also lightweight, so theyre easy to transport and navigate.

    Electra Townie Go Step

    sixthreezero Women’s Cruiser Bike Fitting

    Looking to haul produce home from the farmers market? Consider the Electra Townie Go! This electric-assist bike has a motor to help you up hills and to carry heavy cargo. Yes, its expensivebut a heck of a lot cheaper than an SUV.

    The bike has extra features like built-in lights, an internally-geared rear hub, built-in wheel lock and more. Its easy to carry gear by adding panniers or a bin on the rear rack, and there are eyelets to add a front rack or basket.

    Price: $2,599

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    Fat Tire Beach Cruisers

    Fat tire cruisers

    Fat cruisers look extra bad-ass. Tires range from 3.0 to 4.0 wide on both 26 and 24 wheels. Some of them are all about the look. But like other fat bikes, a few of these cruisers exhibit so much flotation that they can actually be ridden on sand. They are heavy, slow and not practical for everyday use.

    Huffy 26 Nel Lusso Women S Cruiser Bike

    Huffy s 26 internet Lusso is a democratic, upright positioned, single-speed cruiser with a simple coaster braking system. This trendy, classic, vintage manner cruiser, comes in pale amobarbital sodium with complementary color cream-colored tires, cupholder, and a entire bicycle seat, jump supported, easy spill seat. This bicycle is perfective for commuting or amateur, flat surface tease, offering a smooth pedal organization with the still of a infantry bracken. The motorcycle comes with a front, handlebar basket, and rear buffer bicycle single-foot, making carrying items a breeze. The color-matching fenders protect riders from road debris and dirt. The internet Lusso carries Huffy mho Limited Warranty. The net income Lusso is less expensive when compared with other single-speed cruisers. Despite requiring a higher leg swing upon mounting, it is smooth and comfortable to ride over flat surfaces. The single-speed makes hills unmanageable. But the basket and fender rack give up for transporting items. The bicycle only comes in blue with cream-colored components. Huffy 26 Nel Lusso Womens Cruiser Bike: Check Price On Amazon !

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    Beach Cruiser Tire Sizes And Widths



    • On cruisers, tires usually start at a width of 38c.
    • Maximum widths peak at around 50c.


    • 2.125 is a popular width.
    • Widths generally vary between 1.75 and 2.15.
    • 24 tires are often used on dragsters and fat bikes with 3.0 tires.

    20 and 16

    • These sizes are used on kids cruisers with widths from 1.75 to 2.15.

    What Is The Best Brand Of Cruiser Bikes

    Womens Beach Cruiser Bike With Gears

    Women’s cruiser bikes come in at different budgets and there isn’t one standout brand.

    Schwinn does a fantastic range of women’s cruiser bikes that have plenty of features – many of which will appeal to different people.

    Huffy is more of a budget brand but they offer a great riding experience and have good customer service.

    You also need to think about what is important to you and what your budget is. There aren’t any bad women’s cruiser bikes out there. Take a look at my reviews above and it will hopefully steer you in the right direction to find the ideal bike.

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    Racks And Child Seats

    Do you want to carry gear? If so, you may want to look for a bike with a rear rack.

    It is easiest just to look for a bike that comes with a rack, but with most bikes you can add one after the fact as well. If the bike youre eyeing doesnt come with a rack , then make sure it does have eyelets. Eyelets are attachment points on the bike that will allow you to add an after market rack.

    We also hear from women who want to use a beach cruiser for biking with their child. This is a point you should pause and consider if you really want a cruiser bike. A simple city bike can be much easier to make work with a child seat.

    If you do want to mount a rear child bike seat on your cruiser, the most fool-proof option is to buy a cruiser bike with a rear rack built in and with a weight rating of at least 50 pounds.

    Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike

    Schwinn sanctuary 7 cruiser bike is what you need if you are looking for comfort, durability and smooth rides. This bike comes from the Schwinn brand, which has been around for a very long time since it makes some of the most loved bicycles around the world. This specific model comes with numerous features that we shall break down below.

    Seven Speed Derailleur:

    The bicycle has a Shimano seven-speed derailleur at the rear which has SRAM twist shifters. This offers the user with exceptional performance as it keeps the bike’s simplicity.

    Rear Cargo Rack And Comfortable Seat:

    Unlike the Firmstrong Bella bike, Schwinn sanctuary 7 comes included with a rear cargo rack. You can use the rack to hold a few items that are essential to take with you on your rides. On top of that, you will get a padded seat with springs on this model. Regardless of the distance that you want to cover, you will continue to be comfortable throughout your rides.

    Excellent Design:

    The bicycle has a steel frame construction to offer you a longer serving bike. The bike also has steady handles that will keep you riding at an upright position so that you don’t get exhausted bending while riding. Furthermore, it features aluminum alloy rims which are not only lightweight but also strong.

    Full Fenders:

    Note: This bike is available in red color and there are two frame sizes for you to pick : 16 inches, 18 inches .

    Highlighted Features:


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    Why Beach Cruiser Bikes Are Perfect For Women

    Women love the beach. They love to feel the sand between their toes, the sun on their skin, and the sound of waves crashing against the shore. And what better way to experience all of that than on a beach cruiser bike? These bikes are perfect for women because they are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry and transport. Plus, they have low gears, making them easy to pedal even when youre walking.

    They have full upright seats, which means that they will not leave you feeling exhausted or sweating after a ride making them ideal for female cycling enthusiasts. The handle is upfront so that you do need not to lean much during riding. The tires are thick so that they can endure the debris on the road. The handlebars are upfront and can be adjusted to make paddling easy.

    Along with comfort, comes style, and look. Cruiser bikes have a classy look. The curved frames and the bright colors make it stand out from the regular bikes. You can easily customize these bikes to make them look stylish. Be it for a recreational ride on the beach, a morning exercise, or a long ride, these bikes take riding to the next level. In addition, cruiser bikes are also versatile as they can be even used for commuting from home to the office or school.

    Can You Get A Good Workout On A Cruiser Bike

    What Are the Best Cruiser Bikes with Gears For Women?

    Yes. The great thing about women’s beach cruiser bicycles is that they are incredibly comfortable. These bikes are designed for it, so if you want to spend a long time in the saddle, then a beach cruiser bike is the way to go.

    One thing to note is that with women’s cruiser bikes, you won’t be able to take on monster hills. They’re simply not designed for that. But if you want to put in the miles on flat terrain or use this as a city bike, then it’s perfect.

    At the end of the day, if you’re burning calories, you’re working out!

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    Specs Of Huffy Men’s Classic

    • Frame: Steel
    • Item weight: 41 lb
    • Additional features: Rack, basket, cupholder, fenders, adjustable seat, and kickstand

    The Huffy Classic is one of the few budget level cruiser bikes that manages to include not only a number of features, but solid performance an exceptional looks as well.

    The Claasics extra features are what really makes it stand out. In addition to the fenders and luggage rack, the bike includes a front basket, and even a handlebar mounted cup holder. A black saddle and matching handlebar grips help to round out the luxury beach cruiser look.


    If you’re looking for a fully-equipped cruiser bike that places a large emphasis on style as well, the Huffy Classic is a great choice. For a reasonable price, you get about as much bike as you possibly can, and youre sure to get a few second glances from it.

    We delve deeper in the unique design of this affordable bike, along with many of it’s great features in our Huffy Nel Lusso review.

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