Women’s Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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An Additional Bike Choice: Mongoose Stasis Comp 26

WhyBuy – Liv Embolden 2 Women’s Specific Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Stasis Comp 26-Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle is an affordable choice for a full-suspension mountain bike. It features an aluminum full suspension frame for durability. The front suspension fork absorbs the bumps of the trail with ease.

The 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifter on the Mongoose Stasis Comp lets you climb and descend the toughest trails. The front and rear disc brakes provide outstanding stopping power when you need it the most. The no-slip gears give you the option to execute and navigate even tricky trail situations with ease. Also, the three-piece alloy crank is highly durable.

The alloy wheels on the Mongoose Stasis Comp 26-Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bicycleare durable. The front-wheel releases so you can quickly load and unload the bike. The bike fits in a variety of bike racks for easy transport to the backcountry trail systems. The bike works well for riders who stand at least 53 and above.

Best Womens Mountain Bikes For Beginners

Much like all sports, women are also entering the cycling industry. The womens racing tournaments are gradually picking up speed, which means that every woman might be looking for a great mountain bike. The best womens mountain bikes varies slightly from those of the men, while having the same features, but smaller designs to make them more comfortable.

If you are looking for the best mountain bike, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be looking at some of the top mountain bikes that women from all around the world can buy. Many of these bikes are unisex, with numerous features on the smaller bikes for women. Our small buyers guide will also give you some insight into selecting these bikes. We have touched on some of the best bikes available like the Juliana or Yeti and also added some budget friendly bikes like the Fuse Comp and Scott Contessa.

Full Suspension Vs Hardtail

You can choose between full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes. The first have forks at the front and shocks at the rear, helping a bike cover rougher terrain. Hardtail bikes, on the other hand, have a rigid rear and set of forks. They are also more adjusted to climbing and cross-country riding.

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How Much Should I Spend

Budget is often one of the biggest factors when it comes to deciding which mountain bike to get. While mountain bike prices go well north of £4,000, you can get a perfectly decent bike for a fraction of that cost. There are, however, a few things you should consider.

Whether theyre mechanical or hydraulic, look for disc brakes rather than rim brakes because theyll provide the stopping power youll need, particularly in wet and muddy conditions.

Wed recommend steering clear of full-suspension bikes priced below £500 because they are unlikely to be effective and efficient youre much better off going for a hardtail if this is your budget. Quality full-suspension bikes start to come in at around the £1,000 mark.

Keep some money in your budget aside for kit and components. Most mountain bikes above a certain price point wont come with pedals and those that do may not be great, so having some money spare to get a decent quality set will make a huge difference to your ride. Youll also want to get a helmet, glasses and gloves if you dont already have them.

Theres a detailed breakdown on what to expect for your money in our mountain bike ultimate buyers guide. That said, the following is a good starting point:

Phil Hall / Immediate Media Co

Seat Adjustment Caveat Keep Knee/pedal Position In Mind

Mongoose 26"  Bedlam 21 Speed Full Suspension Women

If youre going to move the seat forward or back, make sure you check your knee-foot relationship. While sitting on the bike, move the pedal into the 3 oclock position. From there, the front of your knee should be in line with the ball of your forefoot and the center of the pedal.

Yeah, I know, its kind of complicated, but your shop sales person should be able to help you set this up right.

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What Is A Womens Mountain Bike

Much like there is no single female body type, theres no single geometry tweak or feature set that differentiates womens bikes from mens or unisex bikes. But most brands agree that the average woman is shorter and lighter than the average man. Women-specific bikes often come in small sizes not offered in unisex versions, including XS and XXS. Some companies, like Specialized and Santa Cruz, think that a great bike doesnt need a different geometry to work for male or female riders. All those brands womens models offer are a shock tuned for a lighter rider and female-specific touch points, like a women-specific saddle, narrower handlebar, and shorter cranks. Other brands, like Liv and Canyon, take it a step further, as they believe women are best served by frames tuned based on empirical research of female musculature.

What To Look For In The Best Womens Mountain Bikes

If you look through the list, it might look simple and easy to find the right mountain bike. While it is not hard if you know what to look for and what you will need, there are a few essential features to keep in mind. These features are not only limited to the best womens mountain bikes but can be used for other top mountain bikes as well.

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How We Chose These Bikes

Every bike on this list has been carefully selected by our test team based on their value, quality of parts , our experience riding similar models, and how the overall package meets the intended buyers needs. Weve put most of these bikes to the test at product launches and on the trails around our home office, sending, descending, hucking, climbing, and just plain riding and enjoying them to determine the best options. Whether you want to go big or spend small, one of these womens mountain bike models is sure to meet your needs, skill level, and budget.

Best Womens Mountain Bike Full Suspension

Our Favorite Full Suspension Bikes Under $3000 From The 2021 Pinkbike Field Trip

Whether you are a Pro or an amateur biker, there is no label for you other than the word awesome when you can get your hands on the best bikes in town. Bike brands like Cannondale, Trek, Liv, Canyon, and Julian Maverick are just some of the best brands of bikes in the market that will give you the pleasure of the best biking experience.

Long gone are the days where women did not have a bike specially designed for women. In this day and age, a growing number of womens bicycles have conquered the market, giving ladies or women the chance to lead the bike lanes with the best mountain bikes for women ever created.

You may fancy a pleasant weekend cycling or adventurous mountain biking on rough terrains while riding on any of the best female mountain bikes, but whatever the case may be, they will give you the best biking days of your life.

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Fit For Smaller Riders: Proportional Geometry And Frame Stiffness Tune

Chainstay length and seat tube angle are matched to the frame size so that every rider, no matter what height, gets the same balance of geometry and handling characteristics. We tailor stiffness for every size to make sure every rider gets the same ride quality. We take out carbon material as the sizes get smaller where less stiffness is needed. Smaller riders require less reinforcement on frames, and that’s remedied with our size-specific frame stiffness tunes.

The Orange Five Diva Pro 2999

The Orange Five Diva Pro is a true trail bike that can do pretty much anything. It climbs well and definitely enjoys descending you certainly wont be under-forked with the Fox Float 32 and 140mm of smooth and tunable suspension. The rear has five inches of travel, as the name suggests, and boasts Shimano SLX/XT Shadow shifters and derailleurs. Theyre tough and reliable just what youll need for serious mountain riding.

The hydraulic brakes are Hope Tech Evo X2 and stem, seatpost and handlebars are from RaceFaces Ride range. Wheels are really well thought out for rider weight and durability whilst keeping the weight down, the Hope Pro II Evo hubs and Mavic XM319 rims are a great combo.

If you buy from the Orange website you can upgrade almost any part or component using their options menu, handy drop-down options appear to tempt you along, you also get accurate pricing as you go. Its mildly addictive! Throw in another £100 and you can even have it in one of the other 9 frame colours Orange offer such as Apple Green or Plasma Blue.

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Last Thoughts On Womens Mountain Bikes

So are womens mountain bikes all just marketing? Yes and no. Some women may really benefit from a womens-specific mountain bike if they have the proverbial short torso and long legs and are relatively short in stature.

BUT this doesnt mean that unisex bikes cant work for them. What it really comes down to ishow a bike feels, what your budget is, what your riding style is, how much you ride, and what kind of components you want.

If youre set on getting a womens mountain bike go for it. Theyre awesome. But know that unisex bikes are a great option for women too.

What are your thoughts on womens mountain bikes? Do you ride a Juliana or Liv? Why? Did you not opt for a womens mountain bike? How come? Leave a comment below!

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Hardtail Vs Full Suspension

Huffy 26"  Trail Runner Women

As explained above, the type of suspension you choose will depend on the style of riding you plan on doing. Knowing your local trail networks and where you plan to ride will also help you to select a bike that will be appropriate for you.

Less technical terrain with lots of climbing will require a lighter bike, like a hardtail mountain bike . Rough and gnarly terrain, on the other hand, should be conquered with a full suspension mountain bike which includes both front and rear suspension.

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Marin Wildcat Trail Wfg 1

From the brand name itself, this Marin Wildcat Trail WFG 1 was designed especially for women. Upgraded recently, it has got a newer frame and updated geometry, so both head and seat tubes are a bit steeper.

Although it only comes in 2 colors, like metallic gray and dark color, which is one of its downsides since you are only limited to two choices, still the designs are excellent. New joiners may like this bike, but aggressive bikers may be more suited for this one.

This bike may not be suitable for short women, but its got an adjustable tube, so you may still be able to work around this beautiful bicycle piece.

Specialized Rumour Expert 29er 3300

Specialized offer a number of womens full suspension mountain bikes and the Specialized Rumour Expert 29er really caught our eye this year. Its a trail bike with, wait for it, 29 inch wheels, but with a slight nod towards XC geometry to give it nimble handling! Weve not had the pleasure in testing it yet but from sneaky previews it looks like a serious contender in the trail bike wars.

Rear suspension travel is 110mm with Fox Float CTD Evolution shock, tuned for female riders, and featuring 3 compression settings: Climb, Trail and Descend, plus ProPedal!

Foxs Float Performance Series 29 fork has CTD damper, rebound and compression adjustment, a lockout to give the maximum tenability, plus it has a tapered steerer tube. The components are noticeably higher quality in this price range, with the new SRAM Type 2 X0 rear derailleur and SRAM X7/X9 gears and Custom Formula T1 S hydraulic disc brakes with reach adjustment. The chainset is a custom SRAM Carbon S-2200, a 10-speed XC double which comes with different length cranks, 165/170/175mm, depending on the frame size.

Our final word on the subject is to spend as much as you feasibly can. You wont regret it and youll get the lightest bike with the best components. So whether youre an XC or a trail rider we hope to meet you shredding some singletrack very soon!

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Women’s Full Suspension Mountain Bikes


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What Are The Most Important Things To Look For

How to assemble Huffy 26 inch Trail Runner Women’s Full Suspension Mountain Bike, Black

As we mentioned earlier, aside from geometry and suspension tuning, women-specific bikes tend to come with women-specific contact points: the saddle, handlebars and cranks.

The handlebars on a womens mountain bike will generally be narrower than on a unisex one, however if this is your first foray into off-road riding, theyll seem much wider than youre used to. The most common size for women tends to be between 740 and 760mm.

The handlebars are wider on a mountain bike in order to offer more control when driving it through flowy descents and into berms. However, its possible for them to be too wide, which will just make the bike feel unwieldy and difficult to control. Its best to try them out for a while first and later decide if you want them to be trimmed down by your local bike shop. As a side note, another difference will be that most womens mountain bikes will feature narrower grips on the handlebars as well, to accommodate smaller hands.

The other most important aspect is the saddle. A women-specific mountain bike will come with a saddle designed for female anatomy, and will most likely be more comfortable than the saddle that comes on a unisex bike. However, this doesnt mean that youll necessarily get on with it.

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Lapierre Zesty 314l 2299

Back to trail bikes for the next price range and the Lapierre Zesty 314L. This is a firm favourite in the Alps and UK, and is part of Lapierres L-Series for women riders.

Were not one for judging a bike on its colour but Lapierre have certainly got the measure of some nice paintjobs without getting all girly on us! The frame comes equipped with Fox Float CTD LV Evolution shock with 140mm travel and Fox 32 Float 150 CTD fork.

That means plenty of highly tunable suspension to enjoy in big terrain complimented by Shimano SLX/XT Shadow gears, Formula RX hydraulic disc brakes and Mavic New Crossride wheelset.

Mongoose Ledge 21 Womens Mountain Bike

Key Features:

If affordability is your priority, then the Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike might be exactly what you need. Dont let its price fool you, though. It might be relatively cheap, but its tough enough to take a beating during rides or minor-to-medium-difficulty mountain trails.

Its frame is steel, which is durable but not as light as aluminum or carbon. Nonetheless, the bike is light enough that portability or maneuverability wont be an issue. Whats more, thanks to the 21-speed twist-shift and steel linear-pull brakes, you have lots of control over speed, stopping, and more.

The front suspension has a limited range of fork travel but performs well on most tracks and trails. The bike comes with 26-inch knobby tires, making basic trail riding easy and convenient. Glossy charcoal color with subtle, colored branding on the tubes lends a classic look to the bike.

Its makers have opted for a step-through frame for easy mounting and riding as a womens model. This Huffy is also available in mens and kids models. At this price tag, the Huffy Hardtail might well be the best womens hardtail mountain bike. However, if youre opting for more extreme rides, it might be a better idea to opt for more advanced and mountain-specific bikes.

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The Best Womens Mountain Bikes

Alright, lets jump into the bikes. There are two women-specific brands at the forefront: . Juliana is the sister company of Santa Cruz and Liv is the sister company of Giant.

Personally, I LOVE Santa Cruz and therefore I love Juliana because they are essentially the same bikes. I havent ridden any Liv bikes, but they get rave reviews and theres a strong Liv community of women riders that you can find all over the country.

If youre new to picking out a mountain bike, be sure to read my post on how to choose a full-suspension mountain bike.

What Size Womens Mountain Bike Do I Need

Mongoose Women

Like shoes and clothes, womens bikes come in different shapes and sizes to fit different people. Mountain bikes generally use one of two sizing systems: either small, medium, large etc. or a measurement in inches, 13in, 15in, 17in etc.

First, look at the manufacturers guidelines, which will provide a recommended height range for each size, or sometimes calculate the best size for you based on a combination of your height and inside leg measurement.

Next, try and give the size youre thinking about a test ride to see how it feels. Some shops will have a demo fleet and many brands host demo events and weekends. If you sit between two sizes, testing is particularly important to work out which size offers the best fit.

Once youve got the bike frame size sorted, you can fine-tune the fit by adjusting the saddle height, handlebar height and width. The better the fit, the better the bike will be to ride.

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