Youth Dirt Bike Protective Gear

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How Much Are Troy Lee Designs Body Armour

Best Kids Dirt Bike Protective Gear: Tips for parents

We then wanted to get a bit more specific and only look at Troy Lee Designs products that are listed in the Body Armour category.

The average price of the 19 products that match this search was £95.34, with the cheapest coming in at £30.00 and highest price was £195.00. With the average being £95.34, Troy Lee Designs UPL 7855 HW Long Sleeve Shirt comes in above average.

1 products that meet this search were more expensive than Troy Lee Designs UPL 7855 HW Long Sleeve Shirt and 16 were cheaper.

Your Guide To Essential Dirt Bike Gear

I didnt grow up riding dirt bikes and Im guessing many of you who stumbled upon this article probably didnt, either. Luckily, its never too late to start.

But, starting is often the hardest part of the whole process. When I started riding dirt bikes several years ago, I found out there are so many different pieces of gear and I didnt exactly have a full understanding of what I should be looking for and the why associated with the various options.

So let’s cover the basics and then dive a bit deeper into the essential dirt gear. Right out of the gate, Ive said it before and Ill say it again, protecting your noggin should be your top priority so thats where we’re going to start.

Best Kids Elbow Guard Troy Lee Designs Youth Elbow Guards

In the category Best Kids Elbow Guard, we have selected the Troy Lee Designs Youth Elbow Guards which are manufactured according to international safety standards and at $24 is a great value for money products for protection for the younger off-road riders.

The elbow guard is made from strong polyethylene and the padding is a ventilated foam for comfort and airflow.

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Knee And Elbow Guards

Knees and elbows often take the brunt of a fall when off-roading on dirt bikes and ATVs and we all know how painful a knock to these body parts can be! Fortunately, manufacturers of protective gear for the off-roading community have realized the need for these knee and elbow guards and have produced gear to protect these extremities.

Many injuries in a fall while off-roading can injure the knee or elbow and this type of injury can keep you away from your favorite outdoor activity for weeks while you heal up.

To prevent both minor and significant injuries to both knees and elbows while off-roading, it is recommended that you invest in quality protection for these areas.

Roost Guards Chest Protectors Body Armor

Best Youth Dirt Bike Gear [2022] Top Kids Motocross MX Protective Gear

Roost guards and chest protection share a lot of similarities but they also have some differences.

Roost guards are most commonly used by motocross riders and this type of protection provides light coverage for the chest and the back. And while theres always exceptions to the rule, generally speaking, roost guards are a bit more low-profile when compared to chest protectors. As the name implies, a roost guards main objective is to protect you from roost and various debris being shot at you from the rider ahead.

Chest protectors, often referred to as body armor or armored rigs, typically offer more coverage and are generally used by trail riders who encounter more obstacles: trees, rocks, roots, logs in the middle of the trail. The terrain simply isnt as clear and smooth as what you typically find at your local MX track.

Chest protectors generally offer adjustable bicep and forearm armor paired with chest protection and coverage around the ribs. Thats another nice benefit for any dirt rider. I cant tell you how many times Ive taken a handlebar, a tree, or a rock right to the ribs. If youre crash-prone like me, that additional coverage might come in handy.

Brandon’s picks: Body armor

Excellent protection Very breathable Low profile

While were on the subject of braces , lets keep building our kit and talk about knee braces and knee guards.

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Youth Dirt Bike Neck Brace

There is some controversy around Neck Braces. I will let you do your own research and make a decision on if you want your child to wear a neck brace or not.

Here are some quality Neck Braces for Kids:

  • Atlas Broll Kids Neck Brace
  • Atlas Tyke Youth Neck Brace
  • EVS Youth R4 Koroyd Neck Brace
  • Alpinestars Youth Neck Support
  • Leatt Youth GPX 3.5 Neck Brace
  • Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace
  • EVS Youth R4 Neck Support
  • Leatt Youth GPX 5.5 Neck Brace

The key with all of this is to allow our kids to get out have to fun and be safe while doing it. I hope this list helped you in your journey. Feel free to reach out with any questions that you have. I am happy to help!

Alpinestars Dirt Bike Gear For Kids

Alpinestars have opted out of the Junior dirt bike helmet race altogether. Despite this, the famous racing brand still has something to say when it comes to those throwing their leg over a dirt bike for the first time. The Alpinestar range is one of the few that has a full range of armour. .

There are budget and high-end junior gear sets in the Alpinestars product range. In keeping with the theme of starter gear, we have chosen to feature the affordable Braap range here.

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Youth Dirt Bike Riding Pants

Wearing dirt bike riding pants is very important while riding a dirt bike. Your kids should never ride their bike with just shorts on. Riding Pants will protect their knees and legs when they fall. Dirt bike pants also have a leather patch on the inside of the legs to combat heat.

The most important reason to wear heavy pants while riding is that if your bike isnt electric then your kids will burn their legs on the pipe. When the bike falls over it will typically fall so that their leg is pressed upon the pipe. If they are wearing shorts it will burn their leg.

If they have heavy pant it wont burn their leg. I have burned my leg a little just getting on and off the bike if I had shorts on.

You can get away with a good pair of heavy jeans but having a pair of dirt bike pants will offer better protection and make for a better experience for your kids. We dont want our kids to be stressed out or scared about burning their legs on the pipe.

I recommend the following pants:

  • Fly Racing Youth Pants
  • ONeal Racing Youth Pants
  • Seven Racing Youth Pants
  • Troy Lee Youth Pants

Youth Dirt Bike Apparel And Gear From Mx Gear

Dirt bike protective gear guide for beginners

At MX Gear, we understand the importance of high-quality protective gear, especially when it comes to younger riders. With our passion for riding and years of experience, were always happy to help new riders and seasoned pros alike.

Were excited to help if you have questions or need advice picking out the most appropriate motocross gear for your child. For more information about the best youth dirt bike gear on the market, reach out to our team today.

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Average Price Of Body Armour

Next we wanted to look at how much you can expect to pay, on average, for Body Armour.

We found 224 in the Body Armour category over at Chain Reaction Cycles. We looked at the average price of the products within this category and found the average is £83.38, making it above average at £175.

Its sometimes helpful to look at how much the prices can vary. Especially when setting yourself a budget, or when trying to understand just how much you could spend on Body Armour. We found that the most expensive product currently available was £449.99, whilst the cheapest we managed to find was £5.00.

With 224 products available we worked out that 14 cost more than Troy Lee Designs UPL 7855 HW Long Sleeve Shirt and 207 were cheaper.

Youth Dirt Bike Jersey

Jerseys are really good for riding in the heat. They do offer some protection. It is important that they have a long sleeve on so they dont get scratched while riding. Overheating while your kids are dirt biking is also something to watch for. Dirt Bike Jerseys are cooler than a standard shirt. Make sure you keep them hydrated when your kids are dirt biking when its hot.

I recommend the following Dirt Bike Jerseys:

  • Fly Racing Youth Jersey
  • ONeal Racing Youth Jersey
  • Seven Racing Youth Jersey
  • Troy Lee Youth Jersey

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Final Tip: Getting Your Kid Excited To Wear Protective Gear

The best advice I can give any parent about actually getting their kid to wear the protective gear is to get them excited about wearing it any way you can! Having matching gear can help with that tremendously. That why its no mistake that the gear I recommend on this page all goes together really well!

If your son hates putting on goggles, for example, hell be much more likely to actually want to put them on if its part of a matching outfit. Thats what finally got my son to wear all his protective gear!

Price Of Troy Lee Designs Upl 7855 Hw Long Sleeve Shirt GOHINSTAR Children Protective Armor Chest Back Spine ...

So the first aspect of price that were going to look at is the price of Troy Lee Designs UPL 7855 HW Long Sleeve Shirt.

We run regular scans across the web to find the best prices for the products that we review, from a range of cycling retailers. The best price we managed to find Troy Lee Designs UPL 7855 HW Long Sleeve Shirt was over at Chain Reaction Cycles where the price was £175 in our latest search.

Based on this price weve scored it 8.7 out of 10 for price.

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Alpinestars Junior Dirt Bike Boots

Where other manufacturers have a comprehensive collection of junior dirt bike helmets to offer, Alpinestars has chosen to manufacture an impressive array of junior motocross boots. The Tech 3 and Tech 7 designs are heirloom products, drawing directly from the successful adult ranges. Youth sizes are available in the tech 7 and both youth, and Pee Wee in the Tech 3.

The youth boot ranges are manufactured with the same quality materials as the adult boots. The designs are just as aggressive too. Young riders are bound to be impressed by both. Lets see what each brings to the table.

Alpinestars Tech 3 Kids:

The Tech 3 Kids are the Pee Wee entry level boot. This is a product designed to be affordable, safe and comfortable. Creating a pee wee boot which is functional and comfortable, is a challenge. Alpinestars has delivered a product that looks exceptional and maintains a high level of performance despite its size.

  • Extended microfibre gaiter for unparalleled protection
  • Soft polyfoam ankle protection with shock absorption
  • One-piece injection moulded foot shell with integrated steel shank
  • Premium level safety certification to EN 13634:2010

Best Kids Knee Guard Alpinestars Youth Sx

For the category Best Kids Knee Guard, we have chosen the Alpinestars Youth SX-1Off-Road Motocross Knee Protector which is a lightweight protector made from breathable material and designed to allow maximum ventilation.

The hinge for the protector plates allows for a good range of movement. The knee protection is provided by impact-absorbing PU foam.

This knee guard is priced at around $90 and is great for the younger riders.

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Cost Of Troy Lee Designs Products

At Chain Reaction Cycles we found 213 products from Troy Lee Designs, of which 19 were in the Body Armour category.

For now though were looking at Troy Lee Designs branded products in all categories. The average price of these products was £75.08 making this product above average.

Youll also be interested to know that the cheapest Troy Lee Designs product we found was £10.00 and the highest price we could find from them was £500.00.

Of the 213 from Troy Lee Designs, 19 were more expensive than Troy Lee Designs UPL 7855 HW Long Sleeve Shirt and 192 were cheaper.

Alpinestars Junior Braap Gear Sets

Dirt Bike Safety Gear Video

The Braap range offers another superb value for money gear set for the new junior rider. Comfort and safety are the key design factors of the Braap products.

Alpinestars Junior Braap Pants:

Alpinestars have a solid reputation for producing industry-leading racewear across many track disciplines. When it comes to junior motocross, the Braap products are no exception. Braap pants are hi-tech and contemporary. They feature pre-shaped leg profiling, stretch panels, built-in padding and reinforced section for durability.

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Youth Motocross Guard Pads For Chest Knees And Shoulders

When it comes to youth dirt bike gear, many parents might not think about buying chest protection and knee guards for their children. However, these protective pads are very important for keeping kids safe while theyre riding!

Chest pads help protect kids from getting injured if they hit the handle bars, or fall off their bike and land on their chest. Similarly, knee guards help protect their knees from scrapes, bruises, or worse, in the event of an accident.

Dirt Biking Goggles For Kids

When your kid is first learning to ride, having a good pair goggles isnt super important. It is REALLY important to protect your childs eyes from stray objects. The front tire of a dirt bike can spin up rocks back into your face. However, once they start riding faster, longer and with other people, good goggles quickly become very important. They will protect your eyes from dirt, dust, bugs, sun, and other random stuff. Having a bug fly into your eyes while riding is very distracting and annoying. Not being able to see because you are riding behind some other dirt bikes on a dusty trail is very annoying. Protecting your eyes from stuff hitting your eyes is always a good idea.

I recommend the following youth dirt bike goggles:

  • 100% Youth Goggles
  • Oakley Youth Goggles

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Dirt Bike Gear For Kids

If you’ve managed to pass on the love of dirt bikes to your children we congratulate you! As you know we think dirt bike riding is the best hobby you can invest in and the younger you are the easier it is to get riding. It’s adventurous, at times exhilarating, and overall it’s just plain fun. If you’ve been riding for a while you know getting some seat time on a dirt bike involves more than simply buying a bike at a local dealer and taking it out on back country roads the following weekend. Once you’ve chosen the right bike for your son or daughter the next step is to shop for youth motocross gear.

Troy Lee Designs Upl 7855 Hw Long Sleeve Shirt Reviews

Fox Racing Raptor LC Youth Off Road Dirt Bike Motocross Chest ...

Reading reviews is an amazing way of getting a good feel for a product without actually being able to try it or see it first.

There are two different types of reviews, and we also recommend reading both.

1. Expert reviews In the cycle industry there are loads of really reliable trusted resources for expert reviews. For example if youre looking to buy a new bike, BikeRadar Bike Reviews are great.

2. Customer reviews these are probably your best resource for information. Theres no finances or influence involved, theyre purely just honest reviews from customers that have bought and used the product. The reason we love customer reviews so much is because no matter if their view is good or bad, theres a very good chance that it will be honest and unbiased.

Our best advice is to head over to Chain Reaction Cycles and read the Troy Lee Designs UPL 7855 HW Long Sleeve Shirt reviews there.

Based on what weve seen in terms of reviews for Troy Lee Designs UPL 7855 HW Long Sleeve Shirt, it really does look like a great buy. So for the review score, weve scored it 9.9 out of 10. The average review score for all products in the Body Armour category at Chain Reaction Cycles is 4.2 out of 5.

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Fox Racing Youth Motocross Boot

Just like the adult range, Fox has made sure your budding dirt bikers can pick a boot that suits their style. The Fox Comp Junior range has a model for Enduro/Trail, Motocross, and a miniature Pee-Wee that looks just like the ones mum or dad wears.

We love that Fox has kept a full range of the boot. Different riding styles demand various features. Being a primary point of contact makes the dirt bike boot an essential component in the learning process.

Fox Youth Comp features:

This motocross variant is a direct descendant of the adult version. With TPU shin plates, proprietary Activelock buckle system, toe cap and calf guard, protection is guaranteed.

  • Youth fit sizes
  • Internal steel shank for improved stability

Fox Youth Comp 5 Features:

For all-day comfort and trail protection, the Comp 5 Junior has the same extended leg and buckle system that the adults get.

In addition to the standard comp materials the Comp 5 junior offers:

  • Soft-touch, straightforward closure aluminium buckles
  • Plastic shin plate
  • Intelligent removable sole design to extend growth potential

Fox Racing Junior Gear Sets

The Fox 180 range is a well designed, comfortable to wear and seriously good looking entry-level range. Combining modern performance materials with thoughtful design features, 180 provides any junior with a healthy start to their dirt bike riding experience.

Fox 180 Kids Dirt Bike Pants

Any Fox Racing fan will tell you that brand offers a no-compromise approach to their gear. Fox 180 Junior Pants utilise RAP shaping. Make sure your junior starts the way they should, with these high-performance products. 600D polyester, stretch panels and generous heat protection panels ensure that the pants will continue to perform as a young riders skills grow.

  • Mix and match styling to suit other Fox Racing ranges.

Fox Dirt Paw Gloves

Again, Fox Racing makes a tactical decision in streamlining their junior motocross range to just one model. The Dirt Paw is a popular choice with adult riders and sits smack in the middle of the dirt bike glove pricing points. This is a smart move by Fox. The Dirt paw offers ample protection for either a novice or competitive rider. These gloves are specifically designed to sit alongside the 180 products.

The Dirt Paw glove will give junior riders both confidence and feel. The design allows the bike to feedback all the essential information they will need to control a dirt bike.

  • Mesh finger panels for flexibility
  • Silicone fingertip grips for improved lever control
  • Hook and loop wrist closure

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